LeBron James Kids: Were His Real Sons in 'Space Jam 2' ?


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Does Michael Jordan make an appearance in Space Jam 2?

Jordan turned down an opportunity to star in a sequel The results prompted immediate talks for a Space Jam 2—and while Jordan was rumored to be along for the ride, he ultimately wanted no part in a sequel. ... However, Jordan did go on to make a special appearance in 2021's Space Jam: A Legacy, starring LeBron James. BiographyHow 'Space Jam' Became a Winning Career Shift for Michael Jordan

Is Michael Jordan in the New Space Jam movie?

The new 'Space Jam' movie has a priceless, unexpected cameo from 'Michael Jordan' Warning: Major spoilers ahead for "Space Jam: A New Legacy." The "Space Jam" sequel, out Friday on HBO Max and in theaters, has a funny cameo fans will love. INSIDERThe new 'Space Jam' movie has a priceless, unexpected cameo from 'Michael Jordan'

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Sorry, Space Jam fans. But those weren’t LeBron James‘ kids in Space Jam 2. But that doesn’t mean that the Los Angeles Lakers player’s real children aren’t stars in their own right.

Space Jam: A New Legacy, which premiered on July 16, 2021, stars LeBron as a fictional version of himself. The movie, which is a sequel to 1996’s Space Jam and is a mix of live-action and animation, follows LeBron as he teams up with the Looney Tunes to win a basketball game against digital athletes to rescue his son, Dom, from an evil computer A.I.

In the movie, LeBron has three kids: Xosha, Darius and Dominic “Dom.” Each of his Space Jam kids is inspired by his real-life children. His IRL daughter Zhuri inspired Xosha (played by Harper Leigh Alexander); his eldest son Bronny inspired Darius (played by Ceyair J. Wright); and his youngest son Bryce inspired Dom (played by Cedric Joe.) The NBA star’s Space Jam wife Kamiyah (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) is also inspired his real-life wife, Savannah James, whom he married in 2013.

In an interview with Cheat Sheet, LeBron revealed that his IRL family visited the set of Space Jam 2 several times to make sure the fictional versions of themselves were accurate. “My whole family stopped by set a few times,” he said. “They’re just like wow. My boys are 16 and 14. They only care about how cool that the person that’s playing them in the movie looks. ‘Dad, does he look like me? Is he wearing my hair style? Is he dressing the right way? I don’t want somebody playing me and not being me.’”

He also revealed that the movie cast specific actors who looked like his family members. “Yes, we cast actors that kind of looked like my family,” he said. “We changed the names but I got an older son, a younger son and a daughter and a wife in the movie.” Though he wanted the actors who have a physical likeness to his family, he didn’t let any of his real-life family members have a part in casting. “I didn’t let ‘em because it would’ve took too long,” he said. “I said, ‘Dad gotta go to work.’”

Still, the actors were so accurate that LeBron joked that he “almost” took them home with him. “I almost brought my fictional family home one time,” he said. “As long as I don’t bring the fictional wife home, I was good.”

So who are LeBron James‘ kids, Bronny, Bryce and Zhuri? Read on for what we know about LeBron’s real-life family who inspired his Space Jam family.

Bronny, whose full name is LeBron Raymon James Jr., is LeBron and his wife Savannah’s eldest child. He was born on October 6, 2004. Like his dad, Bronny is a basketball player and is on the basketball team at his high school Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles. Bronny, who also plays soccer, has competed with various Amateur Athletic Union teams, as well as Jr. National Basketball Association teams. Like his father, Bronny is also tall. He stands at 6 feet 4 inches and plays both  point guard and shooting guard positions.

In July 2021, Bronny was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the time, LeBron revealed that Bronny’s real passion isn’t basketball but video games.  “Bronny plays video games all day,” LeBron said. “I mean, he loves basketball, he plays basketball, loves being a big brother to his little brother and sister. But video games is his thing.”

He continued, “When he got on the cover, I was like, ‘You know I was younger than you, right?’ And then he did some research—all these kids got all these phones, which we didn’t have when I was growing up like that — he was like, ‘Dad, no, you were actually six months older than me. Now I’m the youngest guy in the household on Sports Illustrated.'”

At a press conference with reporters after the 2021 NBA All-Star Game, LeBron revealed that one of his “long-term goals” is to play with Bronny in the NBA. “That’s definitely one of my goals, but that’s a long-term goal,” he said. “My son right now is in high school and enjoying what being a teenager is all about. But that would be pretty cool to go on my resume.”

Bryce, whose full name is Bryce Maximus James, is LeBron and Savannah’s middle child and second son. He is two years younger than Bronny and was born on June 14, 2007. Like his dad and older brother, Bryce also plays basketball. In 2020, the Twitter account Slam HS Hoops tweeted a video of Bryce playing basketball with the caption, “Bryce James was IN HIS BAG last season.” LeBron retweeted the tweet hinting that his middle child is even better at basketball than people have seen. “he was! Only the beginning,” he tweeted. In May 2021, LeBron celebrated Bryce’s middle school graduation with a photo of him and his mom. “CONGRATULATIONS to my guy guy Bryce Maximus on graduating middle 🏫 . 🎓🎓🎓. HS up next! Proud of you kid! Keep going to the🔝. #JamesGang👑,” he captioned the picture.

Zhuri is LeBron and Savannah’s youngest child and only daughter. She was born on October 22, 2014. In an interview with Cheat Sheet in 2021, LeBron revealed that Space Jam 2 got her daughter into Looney Toons, which was she too young for when the animated characters were first popular. “My daughter is super excited about it,” he said. “She’s too young to know about the original toons but now because of her dad she’s getting back into it.”

In an interview with Access Hollywood at the time, LeBron, who took Zhuri with him to the premiere of Space Jam 2, called her “the greatest thing” in his life. “My daughter is the greatest thing in my life, along with my boys. So, whenever she smiles, it don’t matter what I’m doing—It makes me happy,” he said.

Savannah, whose maiden name is “Brinson,” and LeBron married on September 14, 2013. The couple met in their hometown of Akron, Ohio. LeBron was a basketball and football player at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. Savannah was a cheerleader and softball player at a rival high school. When LeBron was 16 years old, he asked Savannah on a date to a basketball game and then to dinner at an Outback Steakhouse. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Savannah said she knew LeBron was special when she forgot her leftovers at the restaurant and LeBron brought them to her. “I’d totally forgotten about them, and he brought them to me. I think he just wanted another excuse to come and see me,” she said. In 2018, Savannah started a furniture line with American Signature called Home Court. She also founded a mentorship program called Women of Our Future.

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Lizzo debuts bold new NEON GREEN hairstyle

Daily Mail 16 July, 2021 - 10:01pm

By Gabriella Ferlita and Millie Payne For Mailonline

Lizzo was seen sporting a bold new hair colour on Thursday.

The 33-year-old debuted a futuristic neon green hairstyle on her Instagram Story, sharing videos as she travelled to a private screening of LeBron James' 2021 movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy,

She swapped out her famous raven locks for the funky new 'do', which she wore long and waved with a middle parting. 

Wow: Lizzo, 33, was seen sporting new neon green locks on Thursday as she travelled to a private screening of LeBron James' 2021 movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy

The star was seen living it up with a group of friends at the intimate venue, where she was heard on her Instagram story calling the event 'all mine, mine'. 

Lizzo (born Melissa Viviane Jefferson) matched her make-up to her bright green 'do, rocking a bold beauty look courtesy of celebrity artist Alexx Mayo, who used products from Lottie London on the popstar.

The beauty pro used shades from the brand's Lottie x Laila Loves Neon Palette on Lizzo's eyes, adding a layer of the Eco Glitter for a fun sparkly finish, before completing the look with the popular Stamp Liner Wing Edition. 

Lizzo cut a casual figure in a white crop top and patchwork mom jeans, whilst jazzing up her ensemble with plenty of accessories. 

Futuristic: Lizzo sported matching neon green eyeshadow, black eyeliner and glitter brows for the movie - (right) - her usual look 

Performer at heart: The singer proved she didn't need the stage of a headlining concert to flex her vocal skills, as she filmed herself singing the theme tune of the film alongside her gal pals en route

The starlet added a touch of bling with diamante drop earrings and an 'L' necklace.   

The performer proved she didn't need the stage of a headlining concert to flex her vocal skills, as she filmed herself singing the theme tune of the film alongside her gal pals en route. 

Earlier this month, while hanging out with a group of friends onboard a yacht, the Tempo singer and company broke out in a semi-synchronized dance wearing a baggy brown sweater over a bikini. 

Living it up: The star was seen living it up with a group of friends at the intimate venue, where she was heard on her Instagram story calling the event 'all mine, mine'

Celebrate good times! This comes as Lizzo celebrated the 4th Of July holiday in style by partying it up with friends in a yellow animal-print bikini onboard a yacht

A model post: She also leaned down with her hand on her shoulder to show off her backside

And with the sun glaring down, the Detroit, Michigan native was sure to work up a sweat, which led to her stripping down to a yellow, animal-print two-piece for the next portion of their impromptu routine.

Once she stripped out of the sweater, Lizzo upped the party level ante and went two-fisted by holding a mimosa in one hand and a shot, seemingly of tequila, in the other.

She kept her grove going for a brief moment, then shot down the tequila in one go, and backed it up with a health gulp of her bubbly cocktail of champagne and orange juice.  

After triumphantly slamming down her shot glass, Lizzo picked up where she left off and danced along to the hip-hop beat with her curly raven tresses flowing to the bottom of her back.

With her friends cheering her on, the Grammy-winning musician shook her hips back and forth for several moments before grabbing her camera phone and lifting it up into the air in a playful frenzy.

Making sure her fans see all of her: In this pose she jumped a step to give a sold view of her behind while on the yacht

Shake your booty: The Tempo singer and company broke out in somewhat synchronized dance while wearing a baggy brown sweater over her bikini

Do a little dance: The Michigan native had boundless energy as she moved along a steady hip hop beat with her gal pals following along

Once she stripped out of the sweater, Lizzo (born Melissa Viviane Jefferson) upped the party level ante and went two-fisted by holding a mimosa in one hand and a shot, seemingly of tequila, in the other

Things appeared to be much calm when she resumed her series of selfie posts with a shot of herself and the ocean water in the backdrop.

It's at this point that Lizzo began to turn the camera on a few of her gals pals.

The party then transitioned to the jacuzzi, where Lizzo snuggled up next to one female friend who she dubbed, 'My wife.'

By this time she had refilled her mimosa glass to the rim and took a couple of healthy sips just inches from the camera.

The camera was then turned on another lady friend who appeared to dose off in the jacuzzi. Eventually a couple of young men joined the ladies in the jacuzzi, all while sipping on beers and cocktails.

She means business: Two-fisted, Lizzo danced to grove before downing her cocktails

Party girl: She kept her dance grove going for a brief moment, then shot down the tequila and backed it up with a health gulp of her bubbly cocktail of champagne and orange juice.

Selfie: The Cuz I Love You gave a look at the ocean when she lifted up the camera for a selfie

Living the life: With her friends cheering her on, the Grammy-winner shook her hips back and forth for several moments and then lifted the camera up into the air in a playful frenzy

As the day gave way to night, her social media focus turned to the amazing display of fireworks that she headlined: 'Juneteenth Pt 2,' which was a reference to June 19, the date when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 to take control of the state and ensure that all enslaved people be set free. 

Lizzo took a brief time out to take a few bites of the snacks laid out on the yacht. 

Not letting up in their enthusiasm, the evening ended up with the ladies showcasing their best twerk moves as the guys looked on or joined in on all the action on the dance floor.                   

TGal pals: hings appeared to be much calm when she resumed her series of selfie posts

Tying one on: The singer and rapper kept the drinks flowing through the afternnon

Exhibitionist: She mugged for the camera as she took sip after sip of her mimosas

Rockets in air! As the day gave way to night, her social media focus turned to the amazing display of fireworks that she headlined: 'Juneteenth Pt 2

Revving it up: Lizzo took a short break to grab some snacks during the evening

More fireworks: The ladies put on a twerk exhibition during the nighttime festivities

Grinding: Some of the guys got in on the ladies' twerking dance of

Bangin': Lizzo has been known to enjoy the rewards of her success by partying it up on a yacht

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Opinion | New "Space Jam" sequel is a soulless, brainless, overlong HBO gimmick

NBC News 16 July, 2021 - 04:16pm

Only one thing could possibly make me nostalgic for the old “Space Jam,” and that is “Space Jam: A New Legacy."

As it opens, the new “Jam” rehashes parts of the old one: Like the 1996 film, it starts with a childhood version of its basketball player-star practicing. In the original, this is young Michael Jordan, shooting hoops after he’s supposed to be in bed. In “A New Legacy,” we get LeBron James, a much more likable screen presence, playing a Game Boy at hoops practice and getting scolded by his coach.

So far, so good: The original “Space Jam” was an 88-minute commercial for Jordan’s enormous self-regard (and various Happy Meal tie-in toys), and so Jordan’s character could seemingly do no wrong. In “A New Legacy,” James actually allows the screenwriters to give him a role (and he’s a better actor than Jordan), so we see his character take that early reprimand to heart and try to discipline his middle-schooler Dom (Cedric Joe, who is admittedly terrific) like a coach, rather than a father.

Director Malcolm D. Lee seems to want this to be a movie about learning to be a better dad. But this whole project really has no reason to exist without a fire hose of product placement, so the father-son reconciliation must take place inside an obligatory multiverse composed of stale inside jokes. Providing those is a programming algorithm at Warner Bros. Entertainment that has developed sentience, prefers to be called Al-G Rhythm and is played by Don Cheadle. (I want to emphasize that this all takes place in the world of the movie. I don’t know the name of the real-life sentient marketing computer that must have greenlighted “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”) Al-G wants LeBron to allow himself to be digitized and inserted into the studio’s intellectual property library.

When LeBron wisely rejects this idea, Al-G gets mad and forces him into the metaworld of The Serververse, where all the Warner Bros. Entertainment properties live on their own little planets. All, that is, except the "Looney Tunes" characters, who have been spread out among several of the worlds: Granny and Speedy Gonzales (now just called Speedy) hang out in “The Matrix,” Yosemite Sam plays piano in “Casablanca” and Daffy Duck causes disasters that Superman has to stop. Foghorn Leghorn, wearing a long white wig, whooshes past the screen atop a “Game of Thrones” dragon.

This is pretty clearly an advertorial for the company’s streaming service, HBO Max. Warner and Disney in particular seem to spend far more time and money acquiring and maintaining old movies, TV shows, comic books and cartoons than they do developing new ideas for those forms. Now they are looking for ways to break down the walls between those forms, both as a way to create new metasequels, like “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” and as a way to get audiences used to the idea of buying a subscription rather than paying an artist.

This isn’t a new idea for a movie. It’s not even a new idea at Warner Bros. Entertainment: The studio’s “The Lego Movie” (and its spinoffs) and “Ready Player One” do exactly what “Space Jam: A New Legacy” does — “The Lego Movie” even does it pretty well. Disney did it with “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” among others.

It’s not a fundamentally dumb or evil idea, but for it to work, all this, ugh, “intellectual property” would have to be something other than window dressing. In Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” comics, for example, characters from Victorian literature and beyond meet, fall in love, betray one another and die tragically. At one point, Paddington Bear is revealed to be the failed experiment of H.G. Wells’ evil scientist Doctor Moreau.

The movies, cartoons and TV shows from bygone eras aren’t here to do anything; they’re on display like Christmas toys in a shop window.

This sort of blasphemy is the only thing that can make a movie like “Space Jam: A New Legacy” work. What if Neo from “The Matrix” decided to kill Al-G Rhythm and break out of the Serververse? What if Yosemite Sam killed all the Nazis in Rick’s bar? What if LeBron’s enemies on the court weren’t just generic monsters but some of the genuinely shameful things from old, memory-holed Superman and Bugs Bunny cartoons? Or better yet, the misguided heroes themselves?

Maybe it wouldn’t work, but we’d at least have a more interesting movie than this one, which is dull and doesn’t work. The movies, cartoons and TV shows from bygone eras aren’t here to do anything; they’re on display like Christmas toys in a shop window or title cards arranged in a checkerboard across your laptop screen. (Don’t you want to watch “The Matrix” now?) Somehow, “Space Jam: A New Legacy” manages to both promote and insult great movies and cartoons by trying to make them part of a crummy, halfhearted promotional multiverse based on the Warner Bros. Entertainment organization chart.

It’s particularly galling when we catch a glimpse of a character antithetical to the whole schtick. Rick and Morty — from Adult Swim’s hilarious cartoon about a mad scientist who creates and destroys entire universes for petty, selfish reasons — even make a quick cameo. They left quickly. I understood why they had to go: They didn’t want to get eaten. For all its preening and stupidity, even the original “Space Jam” wasn’t trying to absorb every other form of entertainment.

Sam Thielman is a reporter and critic based in New York. He is the creator, with film critic Alissa Wilkinson, of Young Adult Movie Ministry, a podcast about Christianity and movies, and his writing has been featured in The Columbia Journalism Review, The Guardian, Talking Points Memo and Variety. In 2017 he was political consultant for Comedy Central's "The President Show."

LeBron James: ‘I’m Nobody Without The Support Of My Queen Savannah’

Yahoo Lifestyle 16 July, 2021 - 11:11am

The cast of Space Jam: A New Legacy showed up and showed out at the Los Angeles premiere on July 12. The new spin on the beloved Looney Tunes basketball-based adventure flick sees living legend LeBron James take on the role originally portrayed by legend Michael Jordan. The new iteration follows James and his son Dom (Cedric Joe) get trapped in digital space by a rogue AI G. Rhythm (Don Cheadle). In order to get home, James and the Looney Tunes must beat the A.I.’s digitized champions on the court.

James is experienced, somewhat, having acted before with a few cameos as himself in 2015’s Trainwreck. But, taking on the lead in a part real-life, part animated film is a whole new challenge. However, he was up for the challenge, telling HelloBeautiful’s Sade Spence how he was able to do so.

“Just being patient with the process. The movie process and also basketball [is about] being patient with the process,” James said before sharing how his wife Savannah helped him through it all. “I’m nobody without the support of my queen — without the support of my two princes (LeBron “Bronny,” Bryce) and my princess Zhuri. We are a royal family and we support each other in whatever we do,” shared James.

“We all support one another and they, they are the rock to my success and I just try to give it back to them, in any way, shape possible,” he said. Speaking on supporting Black women he added, “Our Black queens will always prevail no matter what and I’m here to represent for ‘em.”

The Malcolm D. Lee-directed film also stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Don Cheadle, and newcomers Cedric Joe and Ceyair J. Wright. Zendaya voices Lola Bunny.

Watch James’ full interview, as well as, chats with the cast, crew, and celeb attendees on HelloBeautiful.com

Space Jam: A New Legacy bows July 16.

You can see it on the big screen or watch at home.

LeBron James shouted instructions non-stop during his son Bronny's basketball game, even cursing when they were called for a foul.

'Space Jam: A New Legacy' isn't the same movie from the 90s, and while that's a bummer, it's a great story for a new generation.

The funny cameo comes at a crucial moment in LeBron James and the "Looney Tunes" cartoons' basketball game against the evil Al-G Rhythm.

The "Space Jam" sequel follows LeBron James as he and his fictional son Dom (played by Cedric Joe) get stuck inside a computer server universe.

Walmart has everything you need to start building a new Space Jam legacy of your own, from school supplies and toys to bedding and fruit snacks.

The LeBron James Outfits will be added to the game beginning on July 14.

Crocs teased a new "Space Jam: A New Legacy" collection on Instagram today.

"His father would be very proud," Deborah Lin said of Gandolfini's son Michael playing a young Tony Soprano in "The Many Saints of Newark."

The two (extremely!) accomplished actors briefly appear as Warner Bros. executives and then never return. That's all, folks.

Mark Wahlberg shared details about the 11,000-calorie diet he went on in order to gain weight quickly for his role in the upcoming movie "Stu." A nutritionist explains why eating that much is "not a good idea."

Elizabeth Hurley took to Instagram to show off a pic of herself sporting a blue swimsuit.

Bindi Irwin took to Instagram to share photos of her daughter, Grace Warrior.

The actress shared a stripped down selfie from her Santorini vacation.

A swimsuit-wearing Carrie Underwood is all smiles as she poses with a fish while spending the day on the lake with her family.

Five performance modes plus three heat settings equals sweet relief for your feet, ankles and calves.

Score nearly 25 percent off this sanity-saving gizmo.

The 23-year-old tennis star is the subject of a new Netflix docuseries.

The 33-year-old singer is having the last laugh.

Space Jam space jam 2 LeBron James

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