Lewis Hamilton receives online racist abuse after British GP win


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Is Max Verstappen OK After Crash?

Max Verstappen has been released from hospital after being given the all-clear following his crash in the British GP in a collision with Lewis Hamilton. Sky SportsMax Verstappen released from hospital after checks in wake of high-speed Lewis Hamilton collision

Why is Verstappen out?

SILVERSTONE, England, July 18 (Reuters) - Red Bull's Formula One world championship leader Max Verstappen crashed out of the British Grand Prix on Sunday after colliding with Mercedes title rival Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap, with the race temporarily halted. ReutersHamilton penalised for Verstappen's race-ending crash

Did Lewis Hamilton get a penalty?

Hamilton was given a 10 second penalty but took it during a pit stop when running second and came back on to the track in fourth place. "Regardless of whether I agree with the penalty I just take it on the chin," he said. FirstpostFormula 1 2021: Lewis Hamilton wins British GP despite 10-second penalty for colliding with Max Verstappen

Why did Lewis get a penalty?

Race stewards at the British Grand Prix have given Lewis Hamilton two penalty points on his superlicence after finding the Mercedes driver guilty of taking Max Verstappen out of the race at Silverstone. Hamilton and Verstappen collided at Copse while battling over the lead. racingnews365.comStewards give Hamilton penalty points for Verstappen clash

Lewis Hamilton has been targeted with online racist abuse hours after winning the British Grand Prix for the eighth time.

Hamilton claimed victory by overtaking long-time leader Charles Leclerc late on in front of 140,000 spectators at Silverstone.

The 36-year-old recovered from a 10-second time penalty for a huge first-lap crash with title rival Max Verstappen on a dramatic afternoon.

Racist messages including 'monkey emojis' and other racial slurs were sent as replies to a post by the Mercedes team on Instagram celebrating Hamilton's success.

Sky Sports News has contacted Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, for comment.

Seven-time world champion Hamilton has consistently been outspoken against racial inequality throughout his career, most recently voicing support for Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho, after they missed penalties in the Euro 2020 final and as a result were subjected to a torrent of racist abuse on social media.

Hamilton has been a high-profile voice in the fight against racism and called for tangible action to create a more diverse and inclusive society.

Hamilton has said he is personally committed to helping put the recommendations into action and, in an interview with Sky Sports F1 at the British GP, said of the idea of his commission: "It's all been about understanding. So I was asking a lot of questions for a long, long time, for years. Why am I one of the very few people of colour here? There was never a good answer, no one ever knew.

"So it's great to see what Formula 1 are coming out with [scholarship programmes for underrepresented groups were announced this week] and I know the FIA will be following with something soon.

"But that's kind of pre-emptive, that's not done with this research, so now they'll have these findings to be really able to back up and make sure that it's sufficient so we are really getting to the root of the cause and making real tangible changes."

For more information, please visit: www.skysports.com/againstonlinehate

If you see a reply to Sky Sports posts and/or content with an expression of hate on the basis of race, sex, colour, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, age or class, please copy the URL to the hateful post and screengrab it and email us here.

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Horner calls Hamilton win 'hallow victory' - blasts 'dangerous' move

F1i.com 18 July, 2021 - 11:01pm

Red Bull team Christian Horner blasted Lewis Hamilton for his "dangerous and unacceptable" move on Max Verstappen on the opening lap of the Sunday's British Grand Prix.

Hamilton clipped the rear right of Verstappen's Red Bull on the entry to Copse as the pair were dicing for the lead after the start.

But the contact sent the Dutchman heavily into the barriers while Hamilton was able to continue, although the race was red-flagged shortly after the incident.

After the rtace was restarted, the Mercedes driver was hit with a 10-second penalty by the stewards, a deficit he overcame to pass race leader Charles Leclerc just two laps from the checkered flag and take his eighth British Grand Prix win.

But a livid Horner called it a "hallow victory".

"Max has incurred a 51g accident. Lewis Hamilton is an eight-time world champion, he shouldn’t be making maneuvers like that. It’s unacceptable," said the Red Bull team boss.

"Thank goodness, the biggest result for us today is that he’s uninjured, he’s having to go to hospital for [precautionary checks.]

"I hope Lewis is very happy with himself, he stuck a wheel up the inside in a corner you just know you don’t do that. You just don’t stick a wheel up the inside at Copse, in that corner, in those circumstances.

"He was nowhere near ahead, it was contact, left front to right rear, and the speed they’re travelling, it’s one of the fastest corners in the championship.

"Lewis has got more than enough experience to know that’s unacceptable and, as I say, I'm just very disappointed that a driver of his calibre should make such a move.

"It’s dangerous, he’s put a competitor at risk, it looked desperate and thank goodness he was uninjured. Max is in hospital getting himself checked out.

"I don’t care what Lewis has to say, have a look on your own analysis, draw your own comparisons, for me, that’s a hollow victory."

Red Bull motorsport boss Helmut Marko was equally upset with Hamilton's maneuver and went as far as to demand that the seven-time world champion be suspended.

"You can't do that with the normal sporting code," the Austrian told Sky Germany. "I don't know what the maximum penalty would be, but such dangerous and reckless behaviour should be punished with a suspension or something."

"If a competitor massively touches our rear wheel with his front wheel, then that's no longer a racing accident in the fastest corner of the course. That is negligent to dangerous behaviour."

A firm rebuttal came from the Mercedes camp and from Hamilton himself, who laid the blame for the crash firmly at the feet of Verstappen.

"Then they are all blind," said Marko. "The replays showed that quite clearly. He went into our right rear wheel with his left front wheel and sent Verstappen into the barrier."

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Button: 'He's angry and emotional seeing his friend and driver in the wall'

GPblog 18 July, 2021 - 11:01pm

Button went on to add that it's tough to really decide a definite answer on who was at fault, concluding with, "Max left enough room, but at that speed, it's difficult to get around the corner on the inside. He had to back out and missed judged the apex which is fair enough because he's coming at such a speed from a new angle. It's a difficult one to have a definitive answer on who was wrong. I get the penalty because he put someone in the wall but it's a tricky one."

Fellow Sky Sports analyst Damon Hill agreed with Button but added that Horner's comments on Hamilton's victory being "hollow" were far from true, stating that, "he scored a fantastic victory today, I don't agree with Horner how it was a hollow victory."

Hill went on to explain that Horner's comments are hard to agree with due to the similarities in incidents from today and Charles Leclerc against Sergio Perez a few weeks ago in Austria. "The problem Horner has now is what happened with Leclerc. It was a similar move, almost identical. Hamilton didn't understeer as much, but Leclerc knew he was there and had to run wide because he knew he lost the corner and couldn't turn in.

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