Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Prix after high-speed collision with Max Verstappen


CNN International 18 July, 2021 - 11:07am 14 views

Did Lewis Hamilton get a penalty?

British GP 2021: Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton has been handed a 10-second time penalty for causing Max Verstappen collision. The Briton will serve that in the pits before his first stop commences. News18British Grand Prix 2021 HIGHLIGHTS: Lewis Hamilton Wins British GP, His 8th Victory at Silverstone

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says that Formula 1’s sprint qualifying was much like previous 2021 grands prix, once he fell behind Max Verstappen.

Despite having free tyre choice and a lower fuel load than in longer races, Hamilton said it was reminiscent of other circumstance when he’d trailed his championship rival this season.

“[It was] very much the same as the last races in terms of just following behind Max,” Hamilton explained. “[Friday] was a more enjoyable day in terms of qualifying.

“It’s very hard to follow, naturally, in this car. So it wasn’t the most exciting, but hopefully it was for the fans.”

Sebastian Vettel says drivers are the wrong people to judge whether the sprint qualifying session worked in an F1 weekend because they will always prefer a session with racing action than not.

“I think it’s not so much us, you should go out and ask the people what they think.

“In the end, we do this format for them. So ask the people at home and ask the people in the stands if they liked it. I think for us, we like racing, so free practise is not as exciting as a race [so] you have your answer.”

Kimi Raikkonen started the sprint qualifying session 17th and was able to make up four places over the to claim 13th on the grid for tomorrow’s grand prix.

He was one of five drivers, including Valtteri Bottas and Fernando Alonso, who opted to gamble on using a soft tyre for the session. However, Raikkonen said he didn’t believe it had provided a major advantage off the line.

“It’s always a bit better but I doubt that there’s a lot between the two tyres at the start,” he said. “It’s more if you get it right or wrong, it’s so easy to get it wrong.

“I got some damage on the floor, I think it was at the beginning of the race. But we tried to fight – we were a bit to slow on the straights but we made some improvements, obviously.”

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Notable posts from Twitter, Instagram and more:

— Sergio Pérez (@SChecoPerez) July 17, 2021

It was the closest thing to traveling through time. Driving the Ferrari 375 F1 with whom @ScuderiaFerrari won the 1st GP at Silverstone in 1951 is an unforgettable experience #BritishGP @Formula1 @Ferrari pic.twitter.com/3ROhxxJWnk

— Marc Gené (@marc_gene) July 17, 2021

Due to causing a collision, @1JessicaHawkins receives a 20s time penalty, moving her down from P10 to P16.#WSeriesSilverstone 🇬🇧 #WSeries #F1 pic.twitter.com/y43omW2oNE

— W Series (@WSeriesRacing) July 17, 2021

"'It affected my preparation a lot, not just physically but mentally too because I didn’t know if I would be able to drive and that was really difficult,' said Pourchaire. 'I was unable to play any sports. All I could do was a little bit of cardio.'"

Horner: "It was at Silverstone and his first race, here was a guy who had done no junior racing at all and had jumped straight into Formula 3, which in those days was considered a big step up, and suddenly he is running at the front and winning races."

Russell: "Lewis is without a doubt, you know, obviously probably the greatest of all time and still is going incredibly strong. If Lewis wasn't on the grid, we'd be missing out on one of the best drivers of it. So it's just great to have him stay in for another couple of years."

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There was a lot to be said about whether trialling F1’s sprint qualifying format worked:

It was strange. It sort of worked and failed at the same time.

I think the potential is there, It didn’t really work, but it’s just held back by these cars struggling to follow. With the 2022 cars, it could be really good. It’s a format that needs close racing, being tried by cars that struggle to race closely.

There was a good risk v reward element where bravery came in and mistakes could be brutally punished. Arguably there was more to lose than gain.

But perhaps controversially, I think it was actually too long. (Again, based on these cars, the 2022 cars could well change that entirely)

Drivers just ended up being fairly cautious, getting stuck behind slower cars who jumped them on the opening lap, then when they got past, they were totally out of touch from the cars in front with not enough time to catch back up.

And on the flip side, the drivers that did some ballsy moves in slower cars, threw softs on etc and gained multiple places ended up having that risk not really rewarded because they had to hold on too long and ended up losing most the places again anyway. In reality, the first few laps were pretty good, the last seven or eight laps ended up being fairly irrelevant as a spectacle.

It’s not a disaster, and will be good to see if they refine it in further trials.

Happy birthday to Wizardofoz, Icemangrins, Bill Niehoff and Gruntr18!

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People love the build up of qualifying, so this gives them twice of that, while retaining a sprint race which doesn’t ruin qualifying and gives drivers a genuine reason to fight for points.

Also by putting FP2 after sprint qualifying it gives teams a real chance to frantically alter cars after seeing what didn’t work in the sprint race.

I agree. My only gripe with the sprint race is the qualifying aspect of it. A secondary “Little Prix” race in select weekends would be cool I think. They could have it on a Friday. The grid to that mini race could be determined by the classification of the previous Grand Prix.

Yeah, that could work too and would be a lot simpler. Good idea.

@carbon_fibre good point. They could have around 8-10 sprint races on Fridays at overtaking-friendly circuits and a mini sprint championship which is separate from the WDC and WCC. Points may be awarded to all positions and extra constructors’ prize money so that overtaking a rival is of some value. As long as it has no role to play in the ‘core aspect’ of a GP- quali and the race- it is acceptable.

@skipgamer I’d only change QLF and latter practice around, so both practice sessions on Friday with QLF and Sprint on Saturday.

@mrcento As far as the length of the sprint race goes, there is a logical problem with the argument in CoTD. If they made the sprint say 7 laps shorter, then there would be no gamble to take as all cars would simply opt for the soft tyre since it would be the better option, meaning no pace delta between cars to create action. So I think as far as this concept goes they got the duration right – it was in a spot where two different tyre options were viable. The medium was the safer option, but those going for the aggressive soft tyre option could make it work if they made the moves stick early on when they had the grip advantage. So I think that side of it worked well.

Max could drive away for the next fifty races in a row and lewis still wouldn’t have a reason to complain

I’m sure he’d find something to complain about.

Regarding the CoTD, sorry but saying that it is a format that needs close racing actually is the same as saying that the race is a format that needs close racing.

COTD: I disagree in principle. Nothing really with which I agree.

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‘Terrible’ start costs Hamilton, but Red Bull pace just as worrying

RACER 18 July, 2021 - 01:10pm


By |

While a poor start cost him the lead of the Sprint to Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton admits he is worried by the pace demonstrated by the Red Bull driver after that.

The defending champion qualified fastest on Friday, meaning he started from first in the inaugural Sprint race that set the grid for the British Grand Prix. However, Verstappen took the lead before Turn 1 and held Hamilton off in a close fight on the first lap before going on to victory, and Hamilton says the race was lost at the start.

“Well, it was terrible, so of course it could have been better,” Hamilton said. “We have a target position which you have to hit with your clutch. The goal was to be on target and I was on target, so I did what I was supposed to do but it didn’t deliver, for whatever reason — I don’t know why. I had a lot of wheelspin and the rest is history.

“I was trying everything obviously to get by (on the first lap), they were just too quick. He was just too fast today.”

That pace worries Hamilton when he looks ahead to the grand prix, when he will start second with teammate Valtteri Bottas third.

“I think (Verstappen) had a lot of pace in him today — I don’t think he was having to push particularly too hard and we were flat-out, so tomorrow is going to be tough. If I can somehow try and keep up with them through the stints, maybe we can apply pressure through strategy; but we’re not going to be overtaking them on the track, they are just too fast. So we play the long game, hopefully.”

Despite losing first place on the grid from qualifying for the main grand prix, Hamilton says he can see the value in the trial format for the fans.

Hamilton feels the Sprint format gave the fans their money’s worth, but wonders if it wouldn’t be better running both races on Sunday. JEP/Motorsport Images

“Yesterday was enjoyable with the way it was set up with the one session and then straight into qualifying. In my opinion, it only needs to be a Saturday and Sunday weekend. That way we have one whole day less of driving these cars around the track. Obviously that would be better in terms of going more green.

“Today has been… I think it’s because it’s so difficult to pass with these cars, you need pit stops and strategy to help sometimes, otherwise it’s so hard to get close. We’ve got a different rear tire this weekend but we’ve got the highest pressures I think we’ve had, so blistering is an issue and thermal deg is an issue.

“Today they did a great job and I think the fans enjoyed it, from what we saw on the parade laps. It’s always nice doing more races but tomorrow we’ve only got one event. It’s almost like they should do the sprint race on the Sunday and the race, because there will be a lot of sitting around for people tomorrow.”

While studying Sports Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire, Chris managed to talk his way into working at the British Grand Prix in 2008 and was retained for three years before joining ESPN F1 as Assistant Editor. After three years at ESPN, a spell as F1 Editor at Crash Media Group was followed by the major task of launching F1i.com’s English-language website and running it as Editor. Present at every race since the start of 2014, he has continued building his freelance portfolio, working with international titles. As well as writing for RACER, he contributes to BBC 5Live and Sky Sports in the UK as well as working with titles in Japan and the Middle East.

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Internet responds: "A collision brewing for a long time"

GPblog 18 July, 2021 - 12:24pm

Red flag, by the way. Think this collision was a moment that's been brewing for a long time. Both with some blame for that incident. Verstappen wouldn't yield, and Hamilton could have given more room. #F1 #BritishGP

Michael Masi after receiving 34 e-mails from Toto Wolff... pic.twitter.com/T0F94BxpHo

Hope @Max33Verstappen is OK after that scary ride… Seems Lewis missed the corner abit - good racing til that point!

What an accident. Hamilton seems not following inside race line and Verstappen follows his line. If stewards see that Hamilton goes long without following his line will be penalized. Copse is a high speed corner.

Classic racing incident. Two uncompromising drivers flat out. Should be “no further action”

I have to say, I think both were a bit too aggressive for my liking

I've intercepted Toto's email with his diagram. pic.twitter.com/i3QWt52nE3

51G for impact seen from behind the fence. So much energy dissipated so quickly. #F1 pic.twitter.com/udMam244Sf

An intense and emotional Grand Prix! Joy for British fans: 8th victory at @SilverstoneUK for @LewisHamilton after a close race with @Charles_Leclerc. The championship battle continues#F1 #BritishGP pic.twitter.com/qe3MSJnyfW

Based on the decision wording, seeing the multiple ex-driver comments and varying opinions, all the replays and the Leclerc incident, I think I just about agree with the penalty and the size of it. Hamilton wasn't wholly at fault, but he was predominantly. #F1 #BritishGP

Verstappen reacts to Hamilton's statement: 'I was pushing'

Jos Verstappen: "Ten-second penalty is ridiculous"

F1 LIVE | British Grand Prix: Verstappen and Hamilton continue duel at Silverstone

Marko says Hamilton should be suspended: "Verstappen is in shock"

Stewards penalise Lewis Hamilton: Ten second penalty

Perez impresses at Red Bull: 'Almost on Verstappen's level'

Verstappen doesn't mind Hamilton: 'That's how my father taught me to live'

Russell rules out Mercedes exit: 'Not gonna drive for Red Bull'

Hamilton qualifies on pole for Formula 1's first sprint race at Silverstone

'When it comes to pure speed, Verstappen is ahead of Hamilton'

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Verstappen crashes out of British Grand Prix

ESPN 18 July, 2021 - 09:22am

SILVERSTONE, U.K. -- Max Verstappen was taken to hospital for precautionary checks after crashing out of the British Grand Prix in a collision with title rival Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap.

Verstappen walked away from the accident with the help of marshals, but after visiting the circuit medical centre he was referred to the local hospital for further checks.

The two championship contenders collided in a high-speed accident at the 180 mph Copse corner, taking Vertsappen out of the race on the spot while Hamilton continued in the race.

Verstappen, who started from pole position, was under attack from Hamilton in the opening lap of the race, with the Mercedes driver attempting overtakes in Turn 1 (Abbey), Turn 3 (Village) and Turn 6 (Brooklands).

Hamilton got his car alongside Verstappen on the old pit straight before going to the inside at Turn 9, known as Copse.

The corner is a flat-out right hander taken at over 180 mph, but rarely sees two cars run side by side. Hamilton's front left tyre clipped Verstappen's rear right, sending the Red Bull into the barriers at high-speed.

Verstappen managed to get himself out of his car with the help of marshals and appeared to be winded but uninjured. He was later taken to the medical centre for checks.

Hamilton was heard on team radio telling his engineer: "He [Verstappen] turned in on me, man."

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was furious about the accident, telling Channel 4: "Copse is one of the fastest corners in the world, you don't stick a wheel up the inside, that's just dirty driving."

The FIA race stewards investigated the incident and gave Hamilton a ten-second penalty for causing a collision.

Red Bull confirmed Verstappen had gone to hospital on the advice of doctors at the circuit.

"Following a first lap incident at Copse Corner between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix, we can confirm that Max Verstappen walked away from his car and was immediately taken to the Silverstone Circuit Medical Centre," a Red Bull statement said.

"Following an assessment by the trackside doctors at Silverstone Circuit Medical Centre, Max Verstappen has been taken to a local hospital for further precautionary tests.

"Further updates will follow in due course."

The race was suspended moments after the incident to allow track marshals to assess the damage to the barriers.

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc was leading the race when the red flag came out, with Hamilton in second place and Valtteri Bottas third.

Hamilton: 'Verstappen didn't have to push too hard'

GPblog 18 July, 2021 - 01:42am

Whether he enjoyed sprint qualifying? "I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it too much – but it’s nice to have more races for sure." Hamilton was also unhappy about his start. "We have a target position that you have to hit with your clutch and that’s what the goal is always to be on target, and I was on target, so I did what I was supposed to do but it didn’t deliver, for whatever reason. I don’t know why."

"I had a lot of wheelspin and the rest is history. I was obviously trying everything to get by. They were just too quick. They were just too fast today," Hamilton said.

Verstappen reacts to Hamilton's statement: 'I was pushing'

Jos Verstappen: "Ten-second penalty is ridiculous"

F1 LIVE | British Grand Prix: Verstappen and Hamilton continue duel at Silverstone

Marko says Hamilton should be suspended: "Verstappen is in shock"

Stewards penalise Lewis Hamilton: Ten second penalty

Perez impresses at Red Bull: 'Almost on Verstappen's level'

Verstappen doesn't mind Hamilton: 'That's how my father taught me to live'

Russell rules out Mercedes exit: 'Not gonna drive for Red Bull'

Hamilton qualifies on pole for Formula 1's first sprint race at Silverstone

'When it comes to pure speed, Verstappen is ahead of Hamilton'

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Bottas rules "anything can happen" after sprint qualifying blistering

GPfans 17 July, 2021 - 07:06pm

Are you a F1 Fan? Follow GP Fans

F1 title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen started on medium compound tyres with Bottas on the soft rubber, but all three saw blistering on the front right.

Running with significantly lower fuel loads than will be used on Sunday and in cooler temperatures, this will be of great to concern to all 10 teams.

He said: "I think today shows that tomorrow is not going to be easy and if it is going to be a bit warmer then we might see more issues so at least now we are aware and tomorrow anything can happen."

Of the gamble to start on soft tyres, Bottas reflected the potential benefit was negated when the Finn was unable to pass Verstappen in the opening exchanges, his move blocked by Hamilton who had made a poor start.

"We tried to do something different and obviously, the target was to try and get him at the start or on the first lap. It didn't happen," he explained.

"I think he had a good start as well. In turn one I was slightly blocked so I couldn't really use the momentum but we tried and in the end, I still managed to keep the place with the soft tyre even though there was some blistering."

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen

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