Life is Strange: True Colors' Writer Shares Tips For Writing Games


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How long to beat Life is strange true colors?

For starters, IGN estimated "Life Is Strange: True Colors" takes around 14 hours to beat. Prima Games found the title takes closer to 10 hours to beat, with each of the five episodes lasting right around 2 hours each. LooperHow Long Does It Take To Beat Life Is Strange: True Colors?

Life is Strange True Colors Launch Trailer

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'Eternals' and other fall Disney releases will be exclusively theatrical after 'Shang-Chi' success

COGconnected 10 September, 2021 - 05:22pm

After Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings scored a record-breaking opening over Labor Day weekend, Disney announced Friday that the remainder of its 2021 movie slate will receive exclusive theatrical releases, including Marvel's next film Eternals, Steven Spielberg's West Side Story, and the long-delayed Kingsman prequel The King's Man.

Disney's upcoming 2021 releases will be exclusive to theaters for 45 days, reflecting the new, shortened theatrical window that has quickly become the industry standard. Walt Disney Animation Studios' Encanto, however, will have a 30-day window, and will become available to stream on Disney+ on Dec. 24.

"As confidence in moviegoing continues to improve, we look forward to entertaining audiences in theaters, while maintaining the flexibility to give our Disney+ subscribers the gift of Encanto this holiday season," Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution Chairman Kareem Daniel said in a statement.

There may have been other factors at play, however; Disney's day-and-date strategy has caused the studio a massive headache in the form of Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit over Black Widow's Disney+ release. On the heels of that lawsuit, Emma Stone reportedly negotiated a lucrative payday for a sequel to Cruella, which was also released in theaters and on Disney+ at the same time. In a recent conversation with EW, Exhibitor Relations' senior box-office analyst Jeff Bock surmised that Eternals would receive an exclusive theatrical release to avoid massive payouts to talent on the film.

"There are a lot of actors in Eternals that they would have to pay off," Bock says. "I don't think Disney wants to revisit that while the [Johansson] case is still going on."

Disney's upcoming releases also include The Last Duel (Oct. 15), starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and the 20th Century Studios-produced animated film Ron's Gone Wrong (Oct. 22). Eternals is slated for release on Nov. 5, followed by West Side Story on Dec. 10 and The King's Man on Dec. 22.

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Think You Know Everything About the Life Is Strange Series? Take This Trivia Quiz to Find Out

Twinfinite 10 September, 2021 - 02:48pm

The latest game in the Life is Strange series, Life is Strange: True Colors, is out now, and with the remastered games on their way, it’s time once again to celebrate the greatness of this franchise. Fans of this series know how special these narrative games are and how they can create lasting emotions and memories after playing them.

It all started with the first Life is Strange, where we met Max Caulfield with her rewind powers and her best friend Chloe Price. After making many difficult choices throughout the episodes, we were able to get a glimpse of what happened before the events of the game with Chloe and Rachel Amber in the prequel Before the Storm as we learn about Rachel’s backstory.

Finally, we met two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz who went on a long journey, navigating Daniel’s mysterious powers while growing their wolf-like bond. No matter which Life is Strange game is your favorite, there were plenty of hard choices along the way that shaped our journeys.

As fans start their new adventure with Alex Chen in Life is Strange: True Colors, we wanted to test your knowledge of the previous games in the series with this trivia quiz. If you’ve played all of the games, you’ll do well on this quiz, but only true fans can get them all correct.

Do you think you are a big enough fan of the games to get all 12 questions correct? Without any further ado, let’s find out. Remember, your actions will have consequences!

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