‘Loki’ Director Kate Herron on the Cliffhanger Finale, Casting Jonathan Majors and What Should Happen in Season 2


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Who is he who remains in Marvel?

And Marvel fans who tuned in got a special treat: Jonathan Majors, who's set to appear in Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania as Kang the Conqueror, making his MCU debut as He Who Remains, a variant of Kang. marvel.comLoki: Jonathan Majors on Playing He Who Remains and the Time Keepers

That she did. Loki was one of Disney+’s most popular shows to date and this week’s season finale has everyone excited, not just for more Loki, but for what’s coming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large.

The director also confirmed that while this version of Majors’ character is “He Who Remains,” he is in fact a variant of Immortus, who is a version of Kang the Conquerer, the character Majors is expected to play in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. “Kang is the variant, but he’s also not technically Immortus,” Herron said. “It’s a bit like Sylvie, right? She’s a unique character in relation to our story. He Who Remains is in the comics, but the version in our show was very different. He’s closer to Immortus, but he’s a unique character for our story. But Kang is a variant of that character.”

When you read answers like that, and think back to the show’s excellent performances and set pieces, it’s easy to be bummed Herron won’t be back. However, while her next project won’t be with Marvel she would, potentially, return. “I love Marvel and I’d love to work with them again, but my outing with Loki is what I’ve done with them,” she said.

All six episodes of Loki season one are now on Disney+.

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