Loki Episode 5 Has a Chris Hemsworth Cameo That Almost Everyone Missed


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Is classic Loki dead?

Among the episode's many, many Loki variants is one known simply as Classic Loki, played by Richard E. Grant. Older than any of the other Loki variants, Loki Episode 5 reveals that Grant's Classic Loki actually managed to survive his predetermined death at the hands of Thanos. Inverse'Loki' Episode 5 theory retcons 1 major Infinity War moment

‘Loki’ Episode 5 Has a Chris Hemsworth Cameo That Almost Everyone Missed

In a recent interview, director Kate Herron revealed that Chris Hemsworth had a small role in the Disney+ series Loki.

Frog Thor or Throg was struggling to escape from a glass jar, while the Lokis were climbing down a basement. The shot also gave a glimpse of Thor's hammer Mjolnir. Episode 5 of Loki is being hailed as the best one yet by many fans, and in some ways, it really is. Full of action and good character development, the episode was a blast. Loki director Kate Herron joined For All Nerds for an interview, where she spilled the beans on Hemsworth's secret cameo. While stating her favorite easter eggs from the episode, Herron said,

Along with Thor, Loki episode 5 featured numerous easter eggs and references to Marvel comics, with the Thanos copter and Yellowjacket's helmet being one of them. Various fan theories have been circulating on the internet, particularly on the Ant-Man villain's helmet, that the Time Variance Authority or TVA exists in the quantum realm.

Also featured in the episode were several Loki variants, who, like Tom Hiddleston's Loki, were also pruned by the TVA. But it turns out that those poor variants, who get pruned, are not erased from existence but thrown into 'The Void', a dangerous place just before the end of time.

Richard Grant appeared as the classic Loki and was without a doubt, the MVP of the episode. Along with his older, more mature, and powerful version of Loki, the episode also saw Hiddleston meeting the boastful Loki, kid Loki, and the alligator Loki. There were a few others as well.

Writer and producer Eric Martin further revealed on Twitter that there was another scene involving Loki and Throg that was filmed but didn't make the final cut. "We actually shot a scene for the Time Theater in Ep 1 of Loki getting pummeled by Frog Thor, but had to cut it to keep things moving. It's too bad, because Tom was funny as hell." Martin wrote on Twitter.

Many fans were wondering if Thor will show up in Loki, but with several versions of Loki already in the show and only six episodes, it may have got overstuffed with Hemsworth actually appearing in a significant role. Almost every other character in the show has turned out to be a Loki. With one more episode left, Kang has been predicted to appear as the bad guy behind TVA, but from what we have seen so far, the man behind TVA will most likely be another iteration of Loki.

Hemsworth will return in Thor: Love and Thunder alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy for another crazy adventure next summer. But unfortunately, Tom Hiddleston will not be appearing in the film. Hopefully, the Loki finale dropping on 14 July will answer all the questions. This news comes to us via Nerdist.

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'Loki' Episode 5: Did Classic Loki Actually Die?

Showbiz Cheat Sheet 12 July, 2021 - 09:28pm

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Fans have lots of questions after Loki Episode 5. Namely, did Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki really die? The character is famous for escaping death after all, and the Loki variants are no different in that regard. And Grant’s character was clearly the most powerful sorcerer of them all. So, was his death final?

It’s impossible to say if the character is truly dead. But he sure did look it. After creating a replica of Asgard to distract Alioth, Classic Loki was consumed by the beast. The only thing left behind was his singed, horned helmet.

However, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has escaped death four times now. And Classic Loki faked his own death earlier in his timeline, as episode 5 revealed. Loki is the one Marvel character you can typically trust to come back from the dead. But honestly, it makes for a more compelling narrative if Classic Loki really did die in episode 5. Here’s why.

Classic Loki’s “glorious purpose” was fulfilled in Loki Episode 5. The show has been about Hiddleston’s character and Sylvie learning it’s not too late to change — their fate in life isn’t just loss and loneliness. They can love themselves and have true companionship with others. And Grant’s character learns this quickly throughout the episode. The oldest Loki out of everyone in the Void, Classic Loki has also harnessed the most power and evolved the most out of his fellow variants.

As he told everyone in the bunker, Classic Loki faked his death during his own run-in with Thanos. He said:

“I cast a projection of myself so real, even the mad titan believed it, then hid as inanimate debris. After I faked my death, I simply drifted in space. Away from Thor, away from everything. I thought about the universe and my place in it. And it occurred to me that everywhere I went, only pain followed. So I removed myself from the equation, landed on a remote planet and stayed there in isolation, in solitude for a long, long time.”

After a while, he started to miss his brother. But deciding to leave his isolation to reunite with him was Classic Loki’s Nexus event. He’s been in the Void ever since evading death by Alioth.

While Classic Loki knew more about his magical capabilities more than any other Loki variant, he still had a hard time loving himself. In Loki Episode 5, he called himself and the others the God of the Outcasts rather than Mischief. And he seemed to truly believe his lot in life was to be isolated and lonely. It’s why he scoffed at the line “glorious purpose.” Basically, Classic Loki was having none of his own bullsh*t. And he and Kid Loki chose to keep away from Alioth to survive rather than conquer the monster and get more information about the TVA.

But then, Classic Loki realized he could have a new, truly glorious purpose. In episode 1, Mobius told Loki that every Loki variant serves the same function: “all so others can achieve the best versions of themselves.” Part of Loki’s tortured existence is that he doesn’t understand why he can’t find happiness, why he’s always feeling alone. While Classic Loki’s choice to sacrifice himself was heartbreaking, it also marked him making the choice to help others achieve the best versions of themselves. And this time, those others were Lokis as well.

Classic Loki choosing to use his powers for good showed Loki and Sylvie just how powerful their magic can be. And most importantly, it showed them that Lokis can be a heroes. A glorious purpose, indeed. Now, if you don’t mind us, we’re going to go sob over the fact that Classic Loki created an Asgard so he could see his home one last time.

How Loki Became a Fan-Favorite MCU Character Despite Villainous Actions

Collider.com 12 July, 2021 - 09:28pm

For a character who was introduced as a villain, Loki has been an unexpectedly huge draw since he first appeared in 2011’s Thor. He is consistently featured in lists of popular characters, as Empire and WatchMojo would attest. Loki is also apparently one of the most popular Marvel names for dogs, a survey by Embrace Pet Insurance revealed. The character has died more times than we can count in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he’s returned every time because Loki survives. As we head into the finale of the Disney+ spin-off Loki, we can’t help but marvel (pardon the pun) at how Loki has gained an immense fan-following.

What makes Loki so appealing? There’s the obvious answer – he’s played by Tom Hiddleston, who, let’s be honest, is phenomenally attractive. He’s also extremely talented and has successfully imbued Loki with tons of charm, all while convincing us that the God of Mischief can never be trusted. When posters of Hiddleston as the Marvel character were initially released, he looked like he’d stepped right off the comic book page. That was the first sign that this character was destined to be special. Hiddleston’s chemistry with his on-screen brother Chris Hemsworth also played a part in cementing his status as the hot new favorite. But effortless charisma and perfect costuming alone don’t make a memorable character. Marvel and the many creators on their roster have propelled Loki from being a one-film villain to one of the best MCU characters.

Loki continues to be a scene-stealer because he has been written to both play into and subvert regular tropes about antagonists in popular culture. Due to the Shakespearean nature of Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, Loki is an archetypal Magician character. He’s powerful but arrogant and corruptible. And yet, Hiddleston himself has said that every villain believes he’s the hero of his story - Loki believes he is Asgard’s true hero. That’s what makes Loki a nuanced villain. He is always on the cusp of redemption, which keeps audiences interested in the character. Shakespeare was a master of creating characters with layers and motivations. It’s no wonder that the same approach has driven Loki’s popularity.

Like most Marvel villains, Loki’s initial innocent actions soon turned violent. By the end of Thor, Loki was decimating Jotunheim, and attempting to assassinate his brother. But then, the character sacrificed himself after being rejected by Odin once again, and it was heartbreaking. Loki continues to break hearts a decade later. Much of Loki’s success lies in how layered his characterization was in the first Thor film. He’s an antagonist who we can empathize with — the neglected little brother who wants to be as loved and as powerful as the favorite. No wonder he’s motivated to ruin his brother’s ‘big day’ and destroy Jotunheim; Loki doesn’t want to be sent to live in a realm he has no connection to. He’s in the mold of Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter’s nemesis and the school bully. Malfoy too acts out because of his cold home life. Loki is similar. Marvel is no stranger to sympathetic villains - we don’t agree with Killmonger and Vulture’s actions, just like we don’t agree with many of Loki’s actions, but we understand where they’re coming from.

Marvel knows how to toy with our feelings for Loki. Loki isn’t diabolical like some supervillains — he’s no Thanos or Joker — which leaves the door open for forgiveness, from both the characters in the MCU and the audience. Loki certainly isn’t innocent. He killed 80 people even before the final battle in Avengers. He’s tried to kill Thor numerous times, be it in the first film, or in the second, when he showed the Dark Elves the way to his brother in Thor: The Dark World. He also, albeit accidentally, allowed Hela’s (Cate Blanchett) return to Asgard and she destroyed their home. But each time Loki’s villainy has cost him — Loki unintentionally led the Dark Elves to his mother Frigga (Rene Russo) and they killed her. On the Disney+ show, the Loki variant admitted to hurting the people he loved and has been genuinely remorseful for his past actions. The real Loki also came through for his people battling Hela to give the Asgardians time to evacuate. He flirts with villainy but he’s not evil. Despite all his attempts to kill Thor, the two of them ended up fighting side-by-side and in the end, became brothers again. What is truly surprising is that when Loki finally got what he wanted, the Asgardian throne, he turned into a benevolent ruler and a patron of the arts. Hideous golden statue of himself aside, Asgard flourished under Loki’s reign. Did you see how happy the people looked in Thor: Ragnarok? Loki craves attention more than anything.

Barring Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame, the character has ‘died’ in every other appearance. And every time, we want Loki to return, because he’s always almost about to turn good; almost always ready to accept that he loves his brother and his family. Loki’s final chapter – be it redemption or death – is the carrot dangled in front of fans.

We "get" Loki because he’s aspirational, even when he stumbles. He’s an unconventional underdog, and we’re cheering him on from the ticket line. Loki represents us in some way (not the villainous murderous part). When he asked Thor to ‘trust my rage’ in Thor: The Dark World, it resonated, because sometimes it’s your anger that fuels you. We understand Loki’s struggle with being second best to his brute of a brother, his inability to belong, his regrets, his insecurities, his lack of connection with other people, maybe even his narcissism or acting out. We want him to win, whatever that win looks like, because that’s a win for us too.

Ames Library Notes: So Many Lokis

Ames Tribune 12 July, 2021 - 09:28pm

I was curious and could not wait to see where they would take his story next after the events in “Endgame,” and the TV show did not disappoint. After consuming all the film and TV Loki content I could (some things more than once) I thought I should branch out and do my research into Loki the Norse god and Loki the Marvel comic book character. Each of these titles give a little bit more insight into the complex character of Loki and help you appreciate all the Easter eggs dropped in the recent miniseries. (Don’t worry, no spoilers ahead.)

Loki has caused mayhem for decades in Marvel stories. He first appeared in Marvel’s graphic novels in 1949, and the modern version made his debut in 1962. Since then he has been featured in solo series and as a character in other superheroes’ graphic novels. He’s frequently cast as the villain, always scheming or out to thwart the heroes. “Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers” by Robert Rodi is similar to Harris’ novel, in that it is told from Loki’s perspective and delves deeper into his mistrust and issues with the other Asgardian gods like Balder, Sif, and of course his brother Thor.

Wonder what young a Loki might be like? “Journey into Mystery: Fear Itself” by Kieron Gillen begins when Thor, who misses his younger brother so much, brings his newly reincarnated brother back to

Asgard. There they must save it from impending war, but the Asgardians first must trust a young, teenage God of Mischief with a Stark phone. Not an easy task considering Loki’s dicey history with them.

Loki has a rich and complex backstory and has played many roles in mythology, movies, and graphic novels. He is constantly evolving, but one thing is for certain, you can expect the unexpected with him.

Chris Hemsworth recorded himself grunting for a brief 'Loki' cameo that you probably missed

Yahoo News 12 July, 2021 - 02:25pm

The latest episode of the Disney+ series featured a brief voice cameo from Chris Hemsworth.

Hemsworth voiced a Thor variant known as Frog Thor, or Throg, from the comics.

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Chris Hemsworth had a brief voice cameo on the most recent episode of Marvel's "Loki," and you probably missed it.

The latest episode centered on Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) getting pruned and waking up in The Void, a wasteland at the end of time where the Time Variance Authority sends branched realities to be devoured by a looming beast known as Alioth.

There, Loki met several other variants of himself including Kid Loki (Jack Veal), Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Boastful Loki (DeObia Oparei), and breakout star Alligator Loki.

The Void was filled with plenty of Easter eggs that eagle-eyed fans noticed, like Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Thanos Copter.

Frog Thor, known as Throg in the comics, also had a blink-and-you'll miss it cameo early in the episode as Loki and the variants descended into a hatch.

The camera panned to various abandoned items, like Thor's hammer known as Mjölnir. Nearby, the Thor variant was seen trapped in a jar and grunting while trying to escape captivity. The label on the jar read "T365," which is actually a nod to Frog Thor's comic book debut in "Thor #365."

Director Kate Herron opened up about how she managed to include the Thor actor on episode five of the Disney+ series in a new interview for a podcast called "For All Nerds."

"I was so pleased with all the Easter eggs we managed to get into episode five," Herron said on the podcast, explaining that it was a "collaborative, team effort."

"We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way," the director said of Hemsworth's voice cameo. "I haven't told anyone that yet, but we recorded him for that."

Eric Martin, a writer and producer on "Loki," also revealed that there were plans to include Frog Thor on the series premiere as Loki watched a playback of highlights from the life that he didn't get to live out because he escaped his timeline during the events of "Avengers: Endgame."

"We actually shot a scene for the Time Theater in Ep 1 of Loki getting pummeled by Frog Thor, but had to cut it to keep things moving. It's too bad, because Tom was funny as hell. #LokiMidnightTheater," Martin said on Twitter.

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Thor himself lent his voice for a blink-and-you’ll-miss it moment.

Listen carefully if you want to catch it.

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Richard E. Grant was psyched to play an older version of “Loki” for pretty much one reason and one reason only: “Finally, I get to wear a muscle suit,” he told TheWrap. So you can imagine Grant’s surprise and disappointment when he saw what the producers of the Marvel Studios’ series had in store when he took the role of “Classic Loki,” one of the many variants of Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief that appeared in the most recent episode. “Like all these actors who play Batman and Spider-Man and

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