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When will Warframe have Crossplay?

There's no concrete release date set for cross-play and cross-save yet, but the studio reckons that players will be able to play with other Warframe users across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One before the end of 2021. VG247Warframe will get cross-play and cross-save later this year

At the 17:30 mark, you can see exactly what the upcoming mobile versions of Warframe looks like on an iPhone 12 series device. Best of all, the video was recorded in an open-world stage with multiple players around, which is precisely where the Switch port tends to struggle. While iPhone performance isn't always indicative of Android performance, seeing how smoothly the game runs on an iPhone at least appears to be pretty promising for both platforms.

Of course, since new all of this news was announced at the official convention for Warframe over the weekend, details are still pretty light. There is currently no date for the mobile launch or the arrival of cross-save/cross-play. While the upcoming New War expansion should arrive sometime this year, that's all Digital Extremes has confirmed so far. But hey, at least it's official that Warframe is coming to mobile, which is great news for the player base as well as anyone who's been interested in playing but has yet to take the plunge. So here's hoping the Android port turns out good so we can all jump in and slash it up as some crazy-looking space ninjas.

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