Man sues ex-wife who 'strongly opposed' COVID vaccine jab for daughter, 16


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The man is applying for authorities to allow the girl to get her vaccination and for his ex-wife, who has joint custody of their child, to bear his legal costs, according to a CNA report.

In his affidavit, he wrote that there had been no previous issues with custody, care and control.

The ex-couple, who were married in 2003, have been unable to amicably resolve the issue of vaccination for their child despite numerous discussions.

None of the parties involved can be named as the daughter is a minor. 

According to Family Justice Court documents, the man, a permanent resident, applied for a divorce in 2015 after living apart from his Singaporean wife for three years. 

"I am vaccinated and I wish for (my daughter) to be vaccinated too," the man, who is represented by lawyer Chung Ting Fai, wrote.

"This is especially after the government has announced the current policy of living with the virus which is accompanied by the recent hike in the number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore."

Most of his daughter's classmates have also been vaccinated, added the man, who is now remarried. 

The affidavit was accompanied by a letter from the daughter, who also expressed her desire to get the vaccine. "I want to immunise myself against the virus so even in the case that I get it, my chances of becoming seriously ill are inhibited."

The girl added that she hopes to travel, have a social life and dine out and catch a movie.

Her mother has not responded to the court action as of Wednesday morning (6 October).

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