Manifest might return for fourth season after being canceled by NBC |


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Why did they cancel manifest?

NBC said they canceled Manifest to make room for the new L & O. Now that they decided not to go forward with it, they can go back with Manifest!!'Manifest' Uncancelled? NBC, Netflix May Renew Series for Season 4

Manifest revival hopes boosted by Netflix 21 July, 2021 - 11:00am

Netflix is reportedly circling a Manifest revival.

Cancelled by network NBC midway through last month, the three-season supernatural drama was originally envisioned as a six-season narrative, so the hunt is well and truly on for a new home.

Netflix's involvement isn't overly surprising, given that the streaming giant plies some of its trade in revitalising shunned properties from other networks (Lucifer, we're looking at you).

The fan campaign #SaveManifest should be highlighted at this point – without it, the show would almost certainly be dead and buried... for good.

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"I would love to finish the story and look, I'm going to take some time," he noted.

"I'm going to hold out hope that maybe somebody will step up and help us finish that story – whether that means more episodes, whether that means a final kind of movie like they did with the show Firefly, or a lot of people have asked me 'write the book' and you know, that's a cool concept but [it's a major endeavour] and I'm going to think about it."

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