Mark Zuckerberg Trolled Over Fourth of July Video on Electric Surfboard


Newsweek 05 July, 2021 - 03:45am 20 views

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday posted a wacky American-flag waving, surfboard-riding video on Instagram to celebrate Independence Day.

"Happy July 4th!" Zuckerberg wrote on the post of the video.

It features him deftly skimming along atop an electric foil surfboard on an idyllic-looking lake, toting the Stars and Stripes as John Denver's anthem to West Virginia, "Take Me Home, Country Roads" plays as a soundtrack.

Facebook, which the 37-year-old mega-billionaire co-founded, owns Instagram.

"This is some meme materials," one follower of "Zuck" wrote in response to the post.

A third wrote, "When you get your antitrust lawsuit thrown about by a judge. Let's GOOOOO Zuck!

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That response referenced last Monday's decision by a federal judge dismissing antitrust complaints filed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and a coalition of 48 state attorneys general against Facebook.

Facebook stock rose on that news and closed trading that same day above a market capitalization of $1 trillion for the first time.

If the plaintiffs had prevailed in the antitrust lawsuits, Facebook might have been required to divest Instagram and WhatsApp.

One Twitter user wrote of the Instagram post: "Mark Zuckerberg posted a video of himself on Instagram wakeboarding while holding an American flag and set to the music of the late John Denver singing 'Take Me Home, Country Roads.'

"I saw it, so now you have to see it too. I'm sorry. I did not make the rules. Happy #July4th."

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Zuck Wishes America a Happy Birthday in the Most Cursed Way Possible

Gizmodo 05 July, 2021 - 04:51pm

While other people were out roasting hot dogs or watching fireworks on Sunday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg choose to celebrate the Fourth of July by gracing the internet with a video of himself surfing while holding an American flag as “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by the late John Denver plays in the background. Why? Because AMERICA.

This absolutely cursed video is the latest in a string of bizarre PR moments from ol’ Zuck, who last month shared videos of him shooting arrows at bowling pins throwing spears at wooden targets (shown in slow motion, so you can fully appreciate how cool he is).

At least this time, the billionaire appears to have been significantly more conservative with his sunscreen application. Unlike that infamous photo that went viral last year of him slathered in an ungodly amount of sunscreen while out on an e-foiling adventure. He later claimed he was trying to fool the paparazzi tailing him with all that SPF, because surely turning a paler shade of white would make him completely unrecognizable (turns out, he was wrong).

“Happy July 4th!” Zuckerberg wrote in the video’s caption on Instagram.

The response on social media can be summed up in a word: Why?

“I wish they could bring John Denver back to life just so he could sue Mark Zuckerberg for this,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Someone told Mark Zuckerberg to act totally normal for July 4th,” wrote another. That was my first thought as well: How does a person manage to look even more like a robot on video than he does in photos?

I hope you all can still enjoy the Fourth of July weekend after seeing this. As for me, this video will be living rent-free in my head for way longer than it should.

Mark Zuckerberg Rides His Electric Surfboard & Waves Flag for the 4th

TMZ 05 July, 2021 - 04:51pm

The Facebook honcho posted an Independence Day tribute ... and it's patriotic enough, we suppose. The dude's riding one of those eFoil electric boards that basically lets you coast along the top of any body of water. He's super into it ... has tons of videos of him on one.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

This time, he looks to be in Lake Tahoe -- where he owns a massive compound, right on the shore -- and as he maintained his balance going at a good speed, he was carrying an American flag with him.

He also overlayed his clip with John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" -- which is a great tune, and definitely screams 'Merica ... but doesn't really quite fit for this setting, at least in our minds. Maybe the Beach Boys' "Surfin' USA" would be more appropriate???

At any rate, you can definitely see the historical note he was going for here ... and we'll give him this, it's a cool idea. Twitter, of course, isn't really having it right now -- people on there are making tons of jokes at Mark's expense ... not to mention all the other tech billionaires having a ball with their cool toys lately. People really don't like the uber-rich these days. 😅

All the same ... here's hoping Mark is able to tune out the noise and enjoy his holiday. And, we can't help but warn, everyone ... the backlash is coming! *Paul Revere voice*

Cringeworthy clip of Mark Zuckerberg wakeboarding holding an American flag sets social media alight

Daily Mail 05 July, 2021 - 04:51pm

By Adam Schrader For Dailymail.Com

Mark Zuckerberg posted a cringeworthy clip to his Instagram account on July 4 in which he rides above the water on an electronic surfboard while holding an American flag to the tune of John Denver's hit song Take Me Home, Country Roads.

Mark Zuckerberg posted a cringeworthy clip to his Instagram account on July 4 in which he rides above the water on an electronic surfboard

In the video, Zuckerberg holds an American flag to the tune of John Denver's hit song Take Me Home, Country Roads

The just over one-minute video has been mocked by some social media users while others criticized the billionaire for an apparent publicity stunt.

The head of Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, recently said the site is 'no longer a photo-sharing app' while the tech giant tries to compete with TikTok and YouTube in the video sector.

'Video is driving an immense amount of growth online for all the major platforms right now and it's one that I think we need to lean into more,' Adam Mosseri said, according to Financial Times. 'We are no longer a photo sharing app.'

Twitter user Chris Messsina wrote in response to the Zuckerberg video: 'Proof that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app.' 

People react to Zuckerberg's cringeworthy foil surfboard video posted on July 4

In a comment made to Zuckerberg's post on Instagram, one person referenced a decision from a federal judge last Monday dismissing antitrust complaints filed against Facebook by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and attorney generals from 48 of the 50 states in the United States.

As noted by CNBC, Facebook might have been required to divest Instagram and WhatsApp if it had lost the antitrust lawsuits. 

'When you get your antitrust lawsuit thrown about by a judge. Let’s GOOOOO Zuck!' the commenter wrote.

Others simply wrote that Zuckerberg was 'destroying America.'

'Flying the flag of the country you’re trying to destroy, classic,' @menriquez86 commented on Instagram. 

Others joked that Zuckerberg 'may have united the left and the right in America: just not in the way he planned.'

'I wish they could bring John Denver back to life just so he could sue Mark Zuckerberg for this,' @TheRealHoarse tweeted.

HuffPost editor Philip Lewis tweeted: 'Someone told Mark Zuckerberg to act totally normal for July 4th.' 

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Mark Zuckerberg wakeboards across lake waving US flag

The Independent 05 July, 2021 - 04:51pm

People Mock Mark Zuckerberg Riding Surfboard and Waving Flag in Strange Independence Day Video

Complex 05 July, 2021 - 04:51pm

© Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In a post on his Instagram account, Zuckerberg shared a video of himself riding a hydrofoil surfboard with the United States flag in hand. The minute-long clip is set to John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” and yes, it looks just as strange as it sounds. While it is an admittedly bizarre video, this type of content is par for the course with Zuckerberg, who once awkwardly streamed from his backyard while smoking meats. There was also that viral photo of the tech billionaire caked in sunscreen earlier this year, lest we forget.

Shortly after Zuck shared the video online, people reacted with a healthy dose of humor, bewilderment, and in some cases, anger. Many suggested it was yet another failed attempt from the 37-year-old billionaire to appear “normal” to the general public, but the visual of him gliding above water to the sounds of John Denver is anything but normal. 

Someone told Mark Zuckerberg to act totally normal for July 4th

While the clip did see a lot of people dunking on Zuck, the media mogul has bigger concerns than becoming a meme again. Earlier this month, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain suggested that Facebook and Zuckerberg need to do much more about all the COVID-19 misinformation on the platform. 

"I’ve told Mark Zuckerberg directly that when we gather groups of people who are not vaccinated and we ask them, why aren’t you vaccinated, and they tell us things that are wrong, tell us things that are untrue, and we ask them where they’ve heard that, the most common answer is Facebook,”  Klain said. Zuckerberg has come under fire a number of times before over Facebook’s inaction in regards to conspiracy theory propagation and vaccine misinformation.

Check out some notable reactions to the strange video below.

Mark Zuckerberg

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