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Is Kang in Loki?

Kang the Conqueror is also Kang the Inevitable. Jonathan Majors will portray the classic villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but everything in the Disney+ series Loki seems to be hinting at an earlier Kang appearance than we were expecting. ... However, that doesn't mean a Kang won't appear. Inverse‘Loki’ finale theory: Comics reveal a shocking Kang twist

Who plays Mobius in Loki?

Mobius is portrayed by Owen Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ series Loki (2021). wikipedia.orgMobius M. Mobius

The fifth episode left a lot for audiences to chew on, including multiple other variations of the trickster god. Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Kid Loki (Jack Veal), Boastful Loki (DeObia Oparei), and Alligator Loki are among some of the additions to be found in the landscape of those who have been pruned, known as The Void. As the camera pans underground to Kid Loki's lair, viewers are given a quick Easter Egg of a Thor variant, known as Throg, where he's an actual frog. He hops around, attempting to get out of the jar that he's trapped inside of and reach Mjolnir.

The Twitter account @ForAllNerds (via @ViewsFrom616) posted an interview with Herron where she revealed the exciting cameo. They talked about some of the Easter Eggs that she was excited to have be a part of the episode. She noted that it was a team effort getting all of them included, such as the Thanos Copter and Throg. She then revealed that Hemsworth himself recorded new audio for the brief moment. See below for Herron's statement:

The cameo is a small and quick one, although it's hard to miss and it's a silly, yet funny variation to include. After seeing so many Loki Variants, it's a nice surprise to see one of Thor's variations get a quick moment of screen time. Even though this moment doesn't hold any weight on the show's narrative, it does potentially hint at some fun directions that the MCU can take from here. Loki truly lays the groundwork for the Multiverse, and the finale will surely have an impact on the remainder of Phase 4.

Source: @ForAllNerds (via @ViewsFrom616)

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Now Is The Perfect Time For Loki Content in Marvel's Avengers

GameRant 11 July, 2021 - 08:28am

While Marvel's Avengers had a rocky start, developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix have been working to improve the game's reputation. They revealed an updated Marvel's Avengers roadmap last month with details on endgame content, as well as expansions which have yet to launch including War for Wakanda; centered around Marvel Comics hero Black Panther. A few other expansions have been released up to this point, including March's Operation: Hawkeye Future Imperfect. Many of these include ties to the MCU, which opens up the perfect opportunity to slip in content based on the Disney+ series Loki.

That being said, connections between the two takes on the Marvel universe have only become more intertwined as Marvel's Avengers grows. Many characters, including Captain America, have received MCU-themed skins based on their appearances in films like 2019's Avengers: Endgame. Content surrounding Black Widow has gone a step further, with Marvel's Avengers getting an entire expansion called Red Room Takeover themed around her past as well as skins based on Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of the character. Both are active in-game now, celebrating the release of the MCU film Black Widow.

Given the game's willingness to pay homage to the MCU and advertise its ongoing endeavors, it would also make sense for Marvel's Avengers to draw upon the unique popularity of the latest, currently ongoing Disney+ television series Loki. This may not be part of the game's roadmap, but it could easily influence updates in other ways.

Hiddleston's arc officially "ended" in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War, wherein Loki is killed by the Mad Titan, Thanos, after witnessing the desolation of Asgard's remaining population following Ragnarok. However, the life of the character technically doesn't end there. Disney put together three live-action MCU television series to run on its streaming service Disney+, with Loki premiering in June 2021 following Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This story follows a variant of the "true" Loki who escapes with an artifact known as the Tesseract during a portion of Avengers: Endgame in which multiple heroes travel back in time to 2012 New York and re-experience events from The Avengers.

This Loki variant is captured by the Time Variance Authority (TVA), which monitors all of time and space to ensure events on the "Sacred Timeline" go as planned, and recruited by Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) to stop a villain attempting to bring back a supposedly chaotic multiverse. As of this writing only five episodes of Loki have been released, with the sixth and final episode scheduled to air on Disney+ Tuesday, July 13. Even without spoiling the series in the middle of its run, suffice to say Hiddleston's pre-established popularity as Loki and the show's mix of absurdist visual design with philosophical themes have captured many peoples' attentions.

In a Marvel's Avengers mission set called The Mighty Thor, the titular god of thunder has to stop a cult called the Woken of Asgard in Scandinavia. This cult was supposedly started by Thor in an attempt to bring members of AIM to Asgard, but in truth Loki merely disguised himself as Thor in order to create a device that would destroy the planet. This plot is thwarted by the Avengers, without Loki making his presence known.

With only two big expansions remaining for Marvel's Avengers, scheduled through August, it's unlikely Loki will play a bigger role. However, he could theoretically appear as part of the plotlines in the remaining expansions, or just wind up roaming the world in some capacity. That's not to mention the chance that Loki may get more attention in unannounced content, as it seems likely Square Enix wants to continue its foray into Marvel canon considering Eidos Montreal's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

If Loki does get more play in Marvel's Avengers, the success of Loki on Disney+ would undoubtedly be a driving force behind the decision, and thus it would only make sense to add cosmetics based on Tom Hiddleston's portrayal similar to characters like Captain America and Black Widow. What future plotlines involving the character could include remains to be seen, but there are over 50 years of comic books to draw from, so Crystal Dynamics is sure to come up with something unique.

Marvel's Avengers is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Loki's Subtle Fantastic Four Reference Explained

Screen Rant 10 July, 2021 - 03:49pm

Loki was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, but the time heist in Avengers: Endgame allowed his 2012 version to escape with the Tesseract, making way for his return in his own TV show. Loki sees the title character being brought to the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organization that oversees the timeline and makes sure everything goes as planned, and Loki’s escape definitely wasn’t part of the plan. However, Loki was recruited to help the TVA find another variant of himself: Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), who is on a quest to uncover the truth about the TVA. Loki and Sylvie ended up teaming up, and after a lot of obstacles and shocking reveals, they were sent to the Void, the TVA’s “dumping ground” found at the end of time.

As the Void is where every person and timeline pruned by the TVA ends up, Loki, Mobius (Owen Wilson), and Sylvie reunited there and came across other Loki variants and a giant beast known as Alioth. The Void turned out to be packed with Easter eggs from both the MCU and Marvel Comics, and there’s one that links both and sets up the arrival of a big villain who will make his debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors). Among the many destroyed buildings found in the Void is Avengers Tower, but not exactly as remembered by fans. Instead of having the big Avengers “A”, the Tower carries the name “Qeng”, a reference to a point in time where Kang purchased Avengers Tower from Tony Stark by using one of his alter-egos and also a reference to the Fantastic Four.

Loki might be preparing the ground for Kang’s arrival, as it has been theorized that he’s the one behind the TVA and that the city shown right at the end of episode 5 is Kang’s Citadel. Whether he will make his debut appearance in the series finale of Loki or not is to be seen, but his arrival and that of the Fantastic Four have already been set up by adding Qeng Tower to the Void.

How Old Is Classic Loki? Answer: Pretty Darn Old

Screen Rant 10 July, 2021 - 01:12pm

How old is Richard E. Grant's variant in Loki? In episode 5 of the Disney+ series, "Journey Into Mystery," the titular antihero (Tom Hiddleston) came face-to-face with various versions of himself from different timelines — including an elder version played by the veteran actor. "Classic" Loki — a name referencing the Loki variant's comics-accurate costume —  didn't provide his age before his death; however, there are enough clues in the MCU to figure it out.

In Loki episode 5, "Journey Into Mystery," Classic Loki explained how he had lived to such an unusually old age. Being particularly skilled at illusions, he created such a believable projection that he was able to avoid death-by-Thanos, then snuck off to live in exile. Although not explicitly stated, Old Loki presumably did so overcome with shame. A theme throughout the Disney+ series has been Loki grappling with his self-loathing and narcissism. A key moment for Old Loki was him choosing to break the cycle — hence why that was when he created a Nexus event.

The TVA left Classic Loki alone until he tried to find Thor after many years of isolation — suggesting that him simply existing isn't a problem. Rather, Loki breaking his self-destructive habit was the real concern. There is little information in the Loki episode about when or why Classic Loki was purged, how long he had been living in the MCU's Void, or even how many years he lived in isolation; however, based on the actor's age, it's possible to speculate the character's age, using previous mentions in the MCU. Most likely, Old Loki was approximately 2100 years old — and may have been as much as 5000 years old (although that seems unlikely).

The problem with ages in the MCU is complicated by Thor's comments on age. Thor says he's 1500 years old when talking to Rocket Raccoon in Avengers: Infinity War, and in Thor: Ragnarok says to Surtur "I thought my father killed you like, half a million years ago." The latter can be explained as hyperbole; however, the former is harder to reconcile with the date given in Thor. Because Loki and Thor are so close in age (both are shown as children in flashbacks and describe growing up together many times throughout the MCU) presumably, Thor would also have to have been born around 965 A. D. — that, or Odin previously fought the Frost Giants 500 years prior and that's when he rescued Loki. For that to work, however, Thor and Loki would have to have been children for 500 years, since Odin is telling them the story about the Frost Giants at the beginning of Thor.

One explanation is that like Doctor Who, which changes the Doctor's age based on how he's measuring, Thor saying he was 1,500 years old was simply him measuring a year based on a different planet's cycle. It's possible that 1,054 Earth years equals to roughly 1,500 years on Asgard. It also possible that Thor likes to exaggerate. Now, given how similar in appearance Odin's age in Thor is to Classic Loki, the latter may be closer to 5000 years old, assuming Frost Giants age at the same rate; however, it's difficult to believe that Loki would be alone that long. The easiest answer is that the variant in Loki had spent a little over 1000 years in isolation as well as in the Void, making him about 2100 years old.

Marvel's Loki releases new episodes on Wednesdays on Disney+.

Theory: Loki's TVA Villain Is Immortus, The Future Version Of Kang

Screen Rant 10 July, 2021 - 07:26am

Instead of Kang the Conqueror, the mastermind behind the TVA in Loki may actually be Immortus, a future version of Kang in Marvel Comics. The leading theory is that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s villain is the man behind the curtain. While it does indeed feel like Marvel is setting the stage for the time-travelling Avengers villain, the villain Loki finds may not be the Kang audiences are expecting.

Long before it was reported that Lovecraft Country actor Jonathan Majors is playing Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man 3, it was rumored that the character would appear first in Loki, and then return as a greater threat in Ant-Man 3 and beyond. Theories about Kang being directly set up or introduced in Loki persisted, even when Majors denied knowing about any involvement in the project. After all, a series involving an organization of time cops policing the time stream does seem like the perfect place to work in a cameo for the greatest time criminal in the history of the Marvel Universe. Five episodes in, and Kang still hasn’t been namedropped – but it’s looking more and more likely that the theories about Kang being in Loki may be true. In fact, Kang could be the secret main villain.

After figuring out that the Time Keepers were a farce perpetrated by some unknown individual or group, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophie Di Martino) set out to discover their identity. With the help of three Loki variants, the pair got past the Void’s time monster and entered the hidden domain of the puppet master who pulls the strings of the TVA. It could be that in the Loki season finale, this person will stand revealed as Kang’s future counterpart, rather than the same villain at the root of Ant-Man 3.

Apparently, Immortus is an older Kang from a different timeline. In his lifetime, he conquered countless civilizations and achieved most of what he wanted for himself. Eventually, he found his way to Limbo and decided to make this pocket dimension his new base of operations. From there, he ruled time itself and had access to different timelines in the multiverse. But despite being more knowledgeable and having more command over the timestream than the prime Kang, Immortus still met defeat at the hands of the Avengers on numerous occasions. There were also times when he would work either with or against his younger self to beat the heroes.

Immortus fits this bill a lot better, considering that he is the Master of Time in Marvel Comics. Kang is without question a competent and resourceful time traveler, but his future self is on a whole other level to him. As an older Kang, Immortus has been traveling in time a lot longer, and has accomplished a great deal over the years. In a way, he’s what Kang can become but isn’t quite there yet. Kang is a time traveler looking for power, whereas Immortus is the Master of Time who already has it. Since Loki’s villain is at the reins of the TVA, he certainly sounds more like Immortus than he does Kang.

Another clue that points to Immortus being Loki’s villain is the Void and Alioth in episode 5. The Void, which exists at the end of time, seems to be quite similar in concept to Limbo, the pocket dimension ruled by Immortus. Marvel using Limbo’s time monster, Alioth, as the guardian of the Void in Loki provides further evidence that the Void is the MCU’s take on Limbo and that the mystery character living in the Void is Immortus.

Then, Marvel can use the younger, primary version of the character in Ant-Man 3. This scenario would work best because it would allow Marvel to take Kang on a journey to becoming the Master of Time. In the movie, Marvel should show Kang as the ambitious, power-hungry time-traveler that fans know him to be in the comic books. That’ll be difficult for Ant-Man 3 to do if he already took over the timeline and created the TVA. Being Immortus and the Master of Time should be Kang’s endgame in the MCU - not how his story begins. It’ll be more interesting to see Ant-Man 3’s Kang as a person with goals and dreams, and not someone who already has everything he wants.

Through Loki, Marvel can give viewers a tease of what Ant-Man 3’s villain has the potential to be, while also saving his full life-story for later. Using the ultimate version of Kang the Conqueror before introducing the prime Kang would certainly be an interesting way of setting him up. Also, it's worth noting that this complex approach feels appropriate for one of the most multifaceted and complicated characters in Marvel’s library.

Marvel's Loki releases new episodes on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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