Mat George, popular co-host of 'She Rates Dogs' podcast, killed in Beverly Grove hit-and-run at 26


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Who is mat that died?

Mat George, a popular podcaster and internet personality, has died aged 26 in a hit and run incident in Los Angeles. The podcast host, originally from Arizona, was struck shortly after 2am on Saturday in the Beverly Grove neighbourhood of Los Angeles, according to police. The IndependentMat George death: Podcaster, 26, killed in a hit and run in Los Angeles

Popular podcaster Mat George dies at 26

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Known on Instagram and Twitter as @matchu_chutrain, George had nearly 80,000 followers between the two social media platforms and had a loyal following. An alum of Arizona State University, he was also a co-host on the beloved podcast "She Rates Dogs" with Michaela Okland.

"Mat was such a beautiful kind person, this is so heartbreaking my God," one person wrote. "Rest in Peace king."

Another person added, "Never met him in person, but he was always a bright spot on my timeline. His vulnerability and humor made me feel a little more at home in my own skin. This is tragic news and I'm sorry for such a sudden loss of what seemed like an incredible guy."

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, George was struck in a hit and run early Saturday morning in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles. As of Saturday evening, the investigation was still ongoing.

One fan commented on George's death, "I didn’t know Mat personally but he was without a doubt one of the funniest, kindest people on this app. His humor, smile, and general positivity and happiness were absolutely infectious and every time he posted I could count on a good laugh. Praying for his family and friends."

His last Instagram post shared on July 5 said, "In a town full of phonies, I’m not afraid to be me."

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Mat George, known for the popular podcast “She Rates Dogs,” has died. He was 26. On Saturday morning, CBS Los Angeles reported that a 26-year-old male pedestrian had been killed when a white BMW going east on Beverly Blvd. in Beverly Hills struck him. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the victim was not in a marked crosswalk, and the vehicle continued eastbound without stopping. Paramedics pronounced the pedestrian dead at the scene. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office later up

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