Matt Damon and Adam Driver have a testosterone-fueled fight to the death in the trailer for The Last Duel


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Damon and Ben Affleck teamed up again for their first screenplay written together since Good Will Hunting, with the help of Nicole Holofcener (Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Enough Said). Affleck takes on a supporting role in the film and looks nearly unrecognizable as Le Gris’ ally Count Pierre d’Alençon with his icy white hair.

The Last Duel premieres in theaters October 15.

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The Last Duel | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios

20th Century Studios 20 July, 2021 - 08:10pm

THE LAST DUEL Trailer (2021)

ONE Media 20 July, 2021 - 08:10pm

The Last Duel | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios UK

20th Century Studios UK 20 July, 2021 - 08:10pm

The Last Duel | Official Trailer

20th Century Studios Canada 20 July, 2021 - 08:10pm

The Last Duel Trailer #1 (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

Movieclips Trailers 20 July, 2021 - 08:10pm

Let's Talk About Matt Damon and Adam Driver's Hair in The Last Duel

GQ 20 July, 2021 - 03:59pm

But allow us to take a moment to address a vital, if more superficial, element of the trailer that cannot be ignored: the hair, because it is all-around remarkable. 

As Jacques Le Gris, Driver is wearing a version of his usual scruffy look gone fully Medieval Times: goatee, mustache, and a head of flowing tresses grazing his shoulders.

Before long, another A-lister appears in nearly unrecognizable grooming: none other than Ben Affleck, as Count Pierre d’Alençon. His situation up top is not unlike Damon’s, but much shorter, and also much more platinum. (The movie is—alongside Enough Said's Nicole Holofcener—the first writing job Affleck and Damon have collaborated on since 1997's Good Will Hunting.) 

Driver’s flowing waves check out, too—men often used primitive styling tools to create texture, resulting in a sort of mass long bob style that became uniform across professions. Even Affleck’s dye job, though perhaps a shade too brassy and chemical for the pre-platinum days, isn’t far off base: Gibson says hair colorants have been used throughout pretty much all of human history. 

The biggest thing that typically distinguishes weird medieval hair from weird modern hair, Gibson points out, is the homogeny: since the Catholic Church governed which hairstyles were appropriate, people throughout Europe tended to toe the line. Somehow, though, men still managed to get a little freaky—at least in the world of The Last Duel

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck reunite in first trailer for Ridley Scott's The Last Duel 20 July, 2021 - 12:00pm

This looks like a wicked good reunion!

Almost 24 years after launching themselves to stardom with Good Will Hunting, Oscar-winning screenwriting partners (and BFFs) Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are back together for The Last Duel, the first trailer of which debuted on Tuesday morning.

Directed by Ridley Scott, The Last Duel script comes from Damon, Affleck, and Nicole Holofcener. Based on a true story, the film finds two French knights (Damon and Adam Driver) who go from best friends to mortal enemies after one returns home and accuses the other of raping his wife (Jodie Comer) while he was at war. As if it isn't given away in the title, the allegation leads to a duel to the death, with not only the knights' lives at stake, but also that of the woman in the middle.

"I am risking my life for you," Jean de Carrouges (Damon) tells his wife Marguerite (Comer), to which she responds, "You are risking my life so you can save your pride."

Affleck, a.k.a. "one of Hollywood's most underrated movie stars," was originally set to play the knight opposite Damon, before he took a smaller role, paving the way for Driver to sign on.

The Last Duel opens Oct. 15 in theaters. Watch the trailer above.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are back together on the big screen this fall in a new movie from director Ridley Scott.

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