Microsoft 'Clarifies' Windows 11 Requirements, Pulls PC Health Check App


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Can I get Windows 11?

Windows 11 will be free to upgrade on a Windows 10 PC or laptop. This means that you need to have a genuine Windows 10 copy on your machine to be able to download Windows 11 for free. The Windows 11 preview build that is now available is also free to download. India TodayWindows 11 now available: Will your PC support it, how to download and install it, and other questions answered

When will Windows 11 roll out?

Windows 11 is due out later in 2021 and will be delivered over several months. The rollout of the upgrade to Windows 10 devices already in use today will begin in 2022 through the first half of that year. CRNMicrosoft: Windows 10 Update To Windows 11 Not Until Next Year

Is Windows 11 available now?

Microsoft today released the first preview build of Windows 11 to those in the Dev Channel of the company's Windows Insider program. TechCrunchThe first preview of Windows 11 is now available

Does Windows 11 require TPM?

Microsoft has updated the webpage for Windows 11 requirements, saying that PCs will be required to have a TPM 2.0 chip to install the new operating system. says TPM 2.0 is mandatory for installing Windows 11

This feature looks like it’s designed for a future Surface tablet

A number of laptops now ship with 120Hz and beyond displays, which make Windows feel a lot smoother across scrolling, animations, and inking. While the added smoothness feels great, running at higher refresh rates takes its toll on battery life.

In Windows 10 you have to decide between 60Hz and 120Hz on a laptop, and it’s a static choice. Microsoft is now building DRR into Windows 11, which will allow a laptop to dynamically adjust its refresh rate. “This means that Windows 11 will seamlessly switch between a lower refresh rate and a higher refresh rate based on what you’re doing on your PC,” explains Ana Marta, a program manager on the graphics team at Microsoft.

You’ll need a laptop that supports DRR and 120Hz or above refresh rates, and the feature will mean that regular tasks like writing emails or documents will run at 60Hz, and then DRR will kick in and boost the screen to 120Hz for inking and scrolling. Apps will need to support DRR, and during the Windows 11 preview DRR is limited to just Office for the scrolling boost. Office, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Whiteboard, Microsoft Photos, Snip & Sketch, Drawboard PDF, Microsoft Sticky Notes, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft To Do, and Inkodo will all support DRR for inking, too.

Where DRR looks like a natural fit is with Microsoft’s Surface line of hardware, particularly thanks to Microsoft’s focus on enabling DRR in inking scenarios. No Surface devices currently ship with a 120Hz display, but this could be an early sign that Microsoft may finally deliver a Surface tablet display that can compete with Apple’s ProMotion displays on the iPad.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 preview, available to download now

The Verge 29 June, 2021 - 08:18pm

The next version of Windows is available for testing

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Most of the Windows 11 visual changes that Microsoft revealed last week will be available in this initial preview. The new Start menu with its centered launcher-like interface is part of this build, alongside rounded corners throughout the OS and improvements to the notification center, volume flyouts, and more. If your PC has an accelerometer, the Windows 11 lock screen will also include a parallax motion effect.

Two big Windows 11 features are missing, though: Microsoft Teams integration and Android apps on Windows. Both are still being developed and tested by Microsoft but will appear in later preview builds.

Microsoft is also overhauling the Settings section of Windows 11. This preview build include changes that make it easier to navigate around and find the setting you need. Settings now has a left-hand navigation panel that persists throughout, making it quicker to switch between sections. Microsoft has built new “hero” controls at the top that offer quick access to information or settings that are relevant for each section.

If you’re interested in testing the Windows 11 preview build, you’ll need to enroll in the Windows Insiders program and then navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program on a Windows 10 device to enable the Dev Channel and obtain Windows 11 builds.

You’ll need a compatible machine, although Microsoft says it’s waving its new hardware requirements during this preview period for those who have been testing Windows builds prior to June 24th. Otherwise, you’ll need to use Microsoft’s PC Health Check app to see if your system is compatible.

We wouldn’t recommend installing these previews on a machine you use daily, as there will be bugs and unfinished features. In fact, Microsoft has a number of known issues it lists, and these are the important ones you should be aware of:

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