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Will Windows 11 be a free update?

When Windows 11 launches, will Microsoft offer a free upgrade for users on Windows 10 and older versions of the operating system. Hindustan TimesWindows 11 update for free? Here’s why these users may not have to pay for the upgrade

What's next for Windows?

Microsoft is all set to unveil Windows 11, its next generation of Windows operating system today (June 24, 2021) and is hosting a livestream virtual event for the same. Successor to windows 10, the new operating system is expected to come with an all-new interface and animation effects, and a whole lot more. Financial ExpressWindows 11 launch today: How to watch Microsoft’s ‘what’s next for Windows’ special event live, what to expect, other details

When does Windows 11 come out?

Windows 11 launch is set to take place today (Thursday, June 24). NDTVWindows 11 Launch Event Today: How to Watch Livestream, Expected Features, and More

A new version of Windows is coming today

A lot of what we’ve seen so far was already planned for Windows 10X, a version of Windows that was originally going to ship with dual-screen devices. Windows 10X included a new Start menu that acted more like a launcher, which was centered on the taskbar. 10X also featured many simplifications to the UI, and general usability improvements to Windows.

After the pandemic hit, Microsoft quickly attempted to rework Windows 10X for laptops, to offer a more simplified version of its OS for devices that were suddenly in high demand for remote work and schooling. The Windows 10X attempt to simplify Windows and its app model didn’t work out. Sources familiar with the situation tell The Verge that Microsoft had been struggling to hit an acceptable level of app compatibility with 10X over the past couple of years, after the company had originally planned to run every app in a special container to improve the security and performance of devices running the new OS.

The most significant change in Windows 11 could be Microsoft’s approach to the apps it allows in the Windows store. The leaked version of Windows 11 doesn’t include the new store, but Microsoft is rumored to be opening its store up to any Windows app. That means Chrome, Adobe Creative Suite, and many other apps that don’t exist in the Windows store will suddenly be available.

Perhaps more significantly, Microsoft is also expected to allow devs to bypass its payment system for store apps. That means developers won’t have to give Microsoft a cut of their revenue for in-app purchases, if they decide to use their own payment systems. This would be a huge change, and one that would put even more pressure on Apple’s App Store, just after Microsoft has helped Epic Games argue that iPhones are general purpose devices just like PCs.

Beyond the store, I’m hoping to see Microsoft differentiate Windows 11 from Windows 10 with a focus on daily users of the OS. Productivity is a key part of this, as is making Windows easier and more reliable for the millions who use it to study and work each day. Apple impressed us earlier this month with Universal Control, a simple way to use a keyboard and trackpad on a Mac to control an iPad. It makes dragging and dropping content between those devices really simple, and improves productivity if you’re using multiple devices.

There are some hints in the leaked version of Windows 11 that there could be some multitasking improvements on the way. A new control appears on the maximize buttons in Windows 11 allowing you to quickly snap apps into place. These snap features have existed in Windows for years, though, so I’m hoping we’ll see even more changes to help Windows users improve their daily workflow.

Beyond productivity, Windows is also used for PC gaming. A bigger effort to improve Windows 11 for gaming would be welcome news to the millions that use PCs instead of game consoles. The Xbox Game Bar and new Xbox app have been good additions, but the reality is that PC gaming is dominated by Steam and Discord. I’d like to see Microsoft recognize that, instead of trying to force Xbox-like experiences onto PC players. I think the Xbox Game Bar is a good step in the right direction, but there’s still much more Microsoft could do in Windows 11 and beyond.

Beyond these key areas, I’d also like to see Microsoft improve some of the fundamentals in Windows 11. I still have to dig into the registry to flip the direction of my mouse scroll wheel. While some mice include drivers that will change the direction, Windows doesn’t. It’s a bizarre omission, and there are many examples across Windows where Microsoft could do a better job of cleaning the OS up.

One of those is Settings, where I’m often thrown into the ancient world of the Control Panel to adjust settings. Microsoft keeps Control Panel around for its impressive legacy support, but it should be something you really need to dig for, not an area you randomly stumble upon.

We’re bound to hear about improvements for Windows developers in Windows 11, and perhaps even some changes to Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Linux GUI apps are on the way to Windows, and Microsoft is also holding a separate Windows developer-focused event today, so there’s likely to be a significant dev announcement coming.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 event will run for around 45 minutes start at 11AM ET today, and The Verge will be covering all the news live as it happens.

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Microsoft’s big Windows 11 event is coming up — here's what to expect

Yahoo Finance 24 June, 2021 - 11:00am

The first new version of Windows since Windows 10 launched back in 2015, Windows 11 is expected to include updated aesthetics, a new toolbar and multitasking features, and big changes for the Microsoft Store.

All of this comes at a time when Microsoft’s Windows business has taken on a new sense of importance, as people continue working from home, despite the easing of pandemic restrictions.

Here’s everything we expect from the next iteration of Windows, and what it means for you.

Windows 11 was originally meant to be a completely different version of the operating system called Windows 10X. Initially designed for dual-screen devices, Microsoft pivoted its focus for the OS to single-screen devices in 2020 as users around the world turned to their PCs amid the pandemic-driven work-from-home shift.

The company, however, later axed Windows 10X, saying it was going to roll the features it was working on for the defunct operating system into later versions of Windows 10. Now those are coming to what is widely reported to be Windows 11.

Even though Microsoft’s event doesn’t kick off until Thursday, there’s already a leaked version of Windows 11 kicking around the web. I don’t have the stomach to install the leaked operating system on my PC — I need it for gaming — but The Verge’s Tom Warren took the dive and posted a variety of Twitter videos showing what the OS looks like.

The main aesthetic changes found in the leaked version of Windows 11 appear to be its rounded app windows and new Windows logo. Icons for Microsoft apps also get a nice facelift. The Start menu, meanwhile, loses Live Tiles in favor of static app buttons to quickly launch into your program of choice.

One of the more interesting changes coming to Windows 11 is the location of the taskbar. While normally found in the lower left corner of the screen, the taskbar in Windows 11 will be situated dead center in the bottom of the screen. It should make Windows 11 feel more like Apple’s (AAPL) own macOS. Don’t freak out — you can move the taskbar to the left side of the screen if you want.

Multitasking should also get some big changes with a new multitasking button that replaces the maximize button in app windows. Clicking the button will allow you to choose whether you want your app to take up the entire screen, snap it to the right or left side, or snap it to one of the four corners.

It’s a handy update that should help surface the existing multitasking features within Windows that were a bit hard to notice if you weren’t a regular user.

Some of the biggest changes for Windows in Windows 11 could be in its Microsoft Store. The app marketplace for the operating system, the Microsoft Store has never caught on as well as something like Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

But Microsoft appears to be ready to change that with Windows 11. In May, during the company’s Build conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella specifically called out the changes that will provide more economic opportunity for developers.

That’s an important shoutout for Microsoft to make as it attempts to move in on Apple and Google’s (GOOG, GOOGL) turf. What’s more, Microsoft announced back in April that on Aug. 1 it will lower its app store fees on PC games sold to users from 30% to 12%. That’s a heck of a shot across the bow of Apple and Google, which are embroiled in a battle with “Fortnite” maker Epic Games over their own 30% sales fees.

Microsoft has taken Epic’s side in the fight, and called out Apple for the control it exerts over its App Store. Of course, game developers who work with Apple and Google aren’t necessarily developing for the same platform as Microsoft. Smartphone games and PC games are entirely different animals, but the fact that Microsoft is seeming to rock the boat in the game space to this degree shows it wants developers to look to it as a first option for where their games should live.

We’ll find out more about Microsoft’s plans for Windows 11 at its event later this week.

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Microsoft Corp will show off on Thursday the first major revamp of its Windows operating system since 2015. The software that turned Microsoft into a household name and dominated personal computers for years has been overtaken in popularity by devices using Apple and Google software, but it is still core to Microsoft's strength in the corporate market. And the upgraded operating system may also appeal to individuals, who have helped drive sales of PCs sharply higher over the past year due to work-from-home practices adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Microsoft unveils Windows 11

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Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event - Watch the LIVE Stream!

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