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Is Ryan Ellis good?

“Ryan is an excellent all-around defenseman. In our opinion, he's one of the best passers in the game on the blue line. He's great in transition, he can play the power play, he's got a heavy shot, and he's a very good penalty killer.” Broad Street HockeyFlyers hope Ryan Ellis keeps them from defending too much

By Ian Oland

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Saturday, right before an NHL-mandated trade/waiver freeze for the Expansion Draft, the Nashville Predators, Philadelphia Flyers, and Vegas Golden Knights completed a three-team trade. The Predators sent defenseman Ryan Ellis to the Flyers for defenseman Philippe Myers and forward Nolan Patrick. The Golden Knights then acquired Patrick from the Preds for forward Cody Glass.

Hockey player Ryan Ellis, who has no Twitter, did not tweet reaction to the trade, but NASCAR driver Ryan Ellis, who is a big Capitals fan, sure did. And many are saying he won Hockey Twitter on Saturday.


— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

Fighting @GrittyNHL the second I land in Philly

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021


— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

Nightmare fuel

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

Last place I wanted to be

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

For me, the pinnacle of this stupidity was when Bleacher Report mistook NASCAR Ellis for the NHL one, which spawned a Deadspin story.

In real life, NASCAR Ellis plays beer league hockey and suited up for George Mason University in college. He’s a Northern VA native. And for real dislikes the Flyers.

Played college hockey and still play beer league!

— Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) July 17, 2021

When asked to comment on his new social media fame, Ryan responded, “Lololol. I’m such a loser.”

Russian Machine Never Breaks is not associated with the Washington Capitals; Monumental Sports, the NHL, or its properties. Not even a little bit.

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Graney: Belief in Cody Glass not strong enough to avoid trade

Las Vegas Review-Journal 19 July, 2021 - 08:00am

Cody Glass on Saturday was sent to Nashville, becoming the last of the Golden Knights’ three first-round picks from its inaugural draft in 2017 to be traded.

This was Golden Knights general manager Kelly McCrimmon when speaking about center Cody Glass on June 11:

“I think it’s important that he knows we believe in him. Sometimes these things take time. Development doesn’t always happen in a straight line.”

Good news for Glass then: Things are pretty unswerving over the 1,789 miles it takes to go from Las Vegas to Nashville.

Glass on Saturday became the last of the team’s three first-round picks from its inaugural draft in 2017 to be shipped out. He was traded to the Predators for center Nolan Patrick, who had earlier been dealt from Philadelphia to Nashville.

You’re going to hear a lot about fresh starts and the positive results a change in scenery can create for Glass and Patrick. About the idea that without failure, success has no worth.

Every trade is spun one way or the other by management. This is no different.

What it confirms is that the Knights missed badly on Glass when selecting him sixth overall as the franchise’s first draft pick. They whiffed. The same is true for Philadelphia in taking Patrick at No. 2 of the same draft.

The idea that each player might now overcome what have been disappointing NHL careers thus far and actually produce and prosper in their new homes in more than possible. Happens often in sports. They’re both just 22. Brighter days could absolutely materialize.

It could also be the Knights just traded one flawed player for another and neither will ever reach their projected potential.

Assess each trade on its own. One shouldn’t define another. That the Knights also moved on from 2017 first-round picks in Nick Suzuki to Montreal and Erik Brannstrom to Ottawa shouldn’t determine to what merit trading Glass offers.

There is, however, significant difference. When trading Suzuki in 2018 and Brannstrom a year later, the Knights received back forwards Max Pacioretty and Mark Stone respectively. Even as Suzuki continues to establish himself a rising talent and top line center, the return on both deals was worth it.

This is far different. Glass missed 11 months with a major knee injury and has struggled over 66 NHL games to generate much of anything offensively. Patrick missed the entire 2019-20 season with a migraine disorder and also hasn’t come close to meeting expectations of his draft placement.

Patrick had four goals and nine points this past season and his minus-30 rating tied for second worst in the NHL. He’s a (really) long way from the player who produced consecutive 30-point campaigns over his first two seasons.

But he played for and starred in juniors under McCrimmon with the Brandon Wheat Kings and that was a major reason the Knights parted with Glass.

If you own a hockey stick and have ever taken a breath in the Manitoba province on the banks of the Assiniboine River, McCrimmon will be interested.

“I know (Patrick) extremely well,” he said. “I know what he’s capable of. He missed an entire season. For any player, there’s a time frame needed to get back to the level you were at.”

In looking past McCrimmon’s yet again not-so-subtle and tired suggestion that local media lack knowledge regarding the nuisances of such moves, we won’t overthink the room.

Glass was always viewed the most untouchable of those three first-round draft picks, not to be seriously included in trade offers for much of his time in Las Vegas. But then he got injured and never developed as the Knights wanted and expected. Never became the player they forecast at this point. It’s as much on the team as him.

It’s also not very original. Sometimes, the deal ultimately works for both sides and players involved thrive with their new organizations. Sometimes not.

“This wasn’t a failing on Cody’s part at all,” McCrimmon said.

Hmm. I guess they just believe in the other guy more.

The men’s U.S. Olympic team finally won a game at Michelob Ultra Arena, pounding Argentina in an exhibition after consecutive losses to Nigeria and Australia.

The possible relocation of the Oakland A’s to Las Vegas makes the search for a project site and how it would ultimately be financed fascinating.

Despite what ESPN analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose said, Kevin Love made his second Olympics basketball team for reasons other than skin color.

UNLV Rebels guard Jordan McCabe and his 450,000 social media followers is an example of how some will profit off name, image and likeness legislation.

Golden Knights fans overflow with high expectations, indulged by the success of a team that didn’t exist until 2017 but has made the NHL playoffs every season.

Hired as Golden Knights coach in January of 2020, Pete DeBoer immediately believed he was to inherit a team capable of winning a Stanley Cup.

Changes must occur after the Knights were eliminated by Montreal 3-2 in overtime of Game 6 in a Stanley Cup semifinal.

With the Golden Knights one loss from elimination, team captain Mark Stone has zero points through five games of a Stanley Cup semifinal against the Montreal Canadiens.

The Raiders defensive end became the first active NFL player to come out as gay on Monday, making the announcement on an Instagram post.

To hear those from the land of maple syrup, the Montreal Canadiens are fortunate to have not been eliminated because of one-sided officiating in the Golden Knights series.

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Why the Flyers traded Nolan Patrick, Philippe Myers for Ryan Ellis

NBC Sports 19 July, 2021 - 08:00am

But to negotiate and land a deal for a top-pair, righty-shot defenseman, a team must utilize its depth and make a calculated decision.

"You have to give to get," the Flyers' general manager said Saturday night.

The Flyers addressed their biggest hole — one that was as gaping as it was costly last seasonby trading for Ryan Ellis, a 30-year-old, all-situation blueliner. To pull off the deal, Fletcher sent the 24-year-old Myers and 22-year-old Patrick to the Predators. Nashville general manager David Poile then moved Patrick to the Golden Knights for Cody Glass.

The Flyers' crucial offseason was in the starting blocks and just took off.

"It was very difficult," Fletcher said of the decision to part ways with Myers and Patrick. "David Poile, give him credit, he wanted to add some younger, quality pieces to his roster. We went back and forth for a while, various scenarios and this is what we settled on. Phil Myers is a young man who is going to be a real good defenseman in this league for a long time. And I still believe in Patty. Last year I thought was a step forward for him in terms of his health and getting back on the ice. I think the production will come and the confidence will come as he continues in his career."

The trade came just a couple of hours before Fletcher and company had to submit the club's protection list for the expansion draft Wednesday night, when the Kraken will build their first-ever roster. Both Myers and Patrick were expected to be protected by the Flyers. Now, the Flyers have the opportunity to protect James van Riemsdyk if they so choose to. The Flyers' protection list will be released Sunday.

With the acquisition of Ellis, the Flyers filled their Matt Niskanen void, which was created when the Stanley Cup-winning defenseman retired in October following the Flyers' 2020 second-round playoff exit in September.

With the flat cap and the hope of their youngsters seizing more responsibility, the Flyers tried replacing the invaluable Niskanen by committee and it backfired badly. The Flyers missed the playoffs in the shortened, coronavirus-impacted 2020-21 campaign, yielded the NHL's most goals per game at 3.52 and owned the 30th-ranked penalty kill. Those marks did not fall squarely on the Niskanen absence, but the failure to fill the veteran's void had a lot to do with them.

"I think there was a lot of focus on the fact we didn't defend as well, but to me, we just defended too much," Fletcher said. "If we move the puck cleaner and more quickly out of our defensive zone, then we won't have to defend as much. I think Ryan's a good defender, but I think we'll have the ability to transition the puck better and get up the ice and he's a pretty elite defenseman in terms of the transition game."

Ellis and Provorov have the potential to be a bona-fide top pair. Ellis, who is under contract for the next six seasons with an annual cap hit of $6.250 million, has 199 points (55 goals, 144 assists) in 360 games over the past six seasons. In that span, his plus-94 rating is fourth best among all NHL defensemen, behind only Ryan McDonagh (plus-112), Victor Hedman (plus-112) and Zdeno Chara (plus-105).

The 24-year-old Provorov has played five NHL seasons. He has not missed a game, playing all 371 and putting up the following numbers: 50 goals, 109 assists and 24:08 minutes per game.

You'll notice how Provorov has played more games than Ellis since 2015-16 despite playing one fewer season. Ellis has an injury history. He missed a month last season because of an upper-body injury that required surgery. He was limited to 44 games in 2017-18 because of knee surgery the offseason prior. In 2018-19, he played all 82 games.

Fletcher was asked what gave him confidence that Ellis will age well going into his 30s.

"It's a fair question," Fletcher said. "That's a concern with [every player]. He's 30 years old and we believe he has good hockey ahead of him. It's tough to predict injuries. Certainly he's a man that plays hard but there's no reason to think that he can't [age well]. We like him a lot as a player, we like the cap hit — we think it's a fair number and we also like the fact that he's already signed, he's not a player that we traded for and now have to turn around and find a way to sign a contract in the next year or so. You bring some cost certainty, we can plug that number in over the next few years and I think it's a very fair cap number for the quality of hockey player that we acquired."

Patrick's time in Philadelphia did not pan out the way many had hoped and anticipated when the center was taken second overall in the 2017 draft. Following a 30-point rookie season and a 31-point Year 2, Patrick missed all of 2019-20 as he battled a migraine disorder. After going 650-plus days without playing an NHL game, Patrick returned to the Flyers' lineup last season and played in 52 of the club's 56 games. However, with the missed time and the crammed schedule, Patrick stomached a season-long struggle from a production and effectiveness standpoint. He finished with nine points (four goals, five assists) and a minus-30 mark.

"It was really hard, I feel like I came in behind the 8-ball," Patrick said in May. "I was struggling to find my game and clearly didn't adjust great and get back to the top of my game quick. And it showed."

Patrick was not drafted by the Flyers' current regime of Fletcher and assistant general manager Brent Flahr, both of whom took over the club's reins in December 2018.

"Nolan's been through a lot of adversity," Fletcher said. "Certainly a lot of things have been out of his control, he's dealt with some things that you don't wish on anybody. I still think he has his career ahead of them. In this case, we moved him today to acquire one of the better defensemen in the NHL. We feel we made a hockey trade and Nolan was a big piece of this trade and of our ability to acquire Ryan Ellis. I think there's still a story to be written by Nolan for his career. I'm certainly pulling for him and I think the world of him. He's battled through a lot of adversity.

"In moving Nolan, I know everybody will interpret it the way they want to interpret it, but for us, we moved two good young players today — that was the price to doing business to acquire a quality two-way defenseman that we feel we really needed to take a step forward as an organization. And frankly, we feel a guy like Ryan will also aid in the development of some of our young players that we have here, too. We want to win more games and we want our young players to be put in the best position to succeed."

Two years ago, Fletcher was noting how the Flyers were "bullish" on the upside of Myers, an undrafted defenseman who had worked his way into becoming one of the club's top prospects. The big, mobile blueliner had a promising rookie season in 2019-20 but then endured a challenging 2020-21 with injuries and inconsistency.

There is still plenty of upside with Myers, who has only 115 games under his belt. For the Flyers, having prospects Cam York and Egor Zamula not far away likely alleviated the sting of moving Myers. The appealing upside of Myers made him wanted in order for the Flyers to land a defenseman the caliber of Ellis.

"We feel we have a lot of quality young players still in our system, a lot of quality prospects still in our system and we still have all of our draft picks," Fletcher said. "We're going to need a lot of young assets to fill in, it is a flat-cap era and I think we feel comfortable with the quality and quantity of the young players that we still have in our organization. The opportunity to add a player like Ryan was too good to pass up — he's what we need at this time."

He's a loud kick-starter to the Flyers' offseason that has just begun.

After Adding Ryan Ellis, is Vladimir Tarasenko Next on Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher’s To-do List?

Crossing Broad 19 July, 2021 - 08:00am

Flyers fans demanded action. Flyers fans wanted Chuck Fletcher to do something, anything to give them a sign of hope for the future of the floundering franchise.

We are talking about the trade deadline, of course.  Back in April, Fletcher did make a couple of minor moves, but nothing that really moved the needle.

But now, things have changed. It’s summer and Fletcher is a man of action. He made a strong trade for defenseman Ryan Ellis on Saturday and he could be lining up an even bigger prize with his next transaction in St. Louis Blues sniper Vladimir Tarasenko.

How’s he going to do that? We’ll get to that shortly. But before we do, let’s take you back to the trade deadline and outline for you how Fletcher’s inaction then (aside from small moves sending Michael Raffl to Washington and Erik Gustafsson to Montreal) is what set up what is taking place right now.

Back then, the fans weren’t happy. There were those calling Fletcher “Sleepy Chuck.” There were those who felt like he was always going to be that GM who tried real hard, but gosh darn it, just couldn’t get a deal done that made sense.

I said repeatedly then, that there needs to be patience. Go back and listen to any Snow the Goalie episode leading up to the deadline. There was trade chatter, sure. But the big moves, the moves that would make a difference for the Flyers, weren’t in the cards. But, that didn’t mean they wouldn’t be eventually.

That’s because sometimes, trades take time. And rather than use the deadline to make changes to his team, Fletcher used it to lay groundwork for the next time there would be a flurry of transactions – this month.

At the time, Chuck said he had talked to a lot of teams. At the end of the season, he added that he had a good idea about what teams were thinking as far as personnel – meaning those conversations were had well in advance – namely right before the deadline.

And Fletcher took those pieces of information – knowing what teams were looking to move from their roster and what they were looking to add, and pieced together a game plan, or as I called it on the latest episode of Snow the Goalie that featured 30 minutes with Chuck, a flow chart, and outlined his offseason.

Let’s go back to the deadline, if you will, or even, before it.

I wrote about the Flyers’ interest in Ellis back in March.

Obviously, a trade didn’t happen at the deadline. As it turned out, Nashville started winning games and got back into the playoff race, so moving Ellis would have been a bad look.

But, there’s no doubt that they wanted to shed his salary. So, Fletcher kept in touch with the Predators as they headed into the offseason, reminding Nashville that they were still interested in Ellis.

But what would it take to get him?

The Predators had scouts at the Phantoms games repeatedly. Did they see something there they liked? Apparently not. Or at least not something the Flyers were willing to part with.

Phil Myers was likely discussed, and while the Flyers had seen enough of Myers to know he is still a project and they don’t have the time to wait for him to catch up and develop, they also knew Myers alone wasn’t going to get it done.

The Flyers tried to push Nolan Patrick on the Predators, but the Predators weren’t as bullish on whatever upside the former No. 2 overall pick still had.

Chuck needed a third team. Enter the Vegas Golden Knights.

Is it possible that we can see Nolan Patrick shipped to Vegas at some time in the next three hours? I think it's a real possibility. @NHLFlyers

— Anthony SanFilippo (@AntSanPhilly) April 12, 2021

Take note on the date of that tweet. April 12. The trade deadline. I had heard the Knights were interested, but the Flyers didn’t pull the trigger. It made sense, too. Kelly McCrimmon, the Vegas GM, is the former owner of the Brandon Wheat Kings, the Canadian junior team where Patrick was a star, and skyrocketed to the top of the 2017 draft board. In fact, McCrimmon served as the head coach for a little more than a season of Patrick’s tenure.

There’s no doubt he’s familiar with Patrick believes in Patrick, and thinks that his relationship with Patrick and his family could help the struggling prospect to find his game at the next level.

Fletcher held on to this as well.

So, when the time came, in July, Fletcher could broker what essentially was a three-way deal, although they were listed as two separate trades.

Nashville wanted a player they liked better than Patrick. Vegas was willing to basically give up Cody Glass – selected four picks after Patrick in the draft, straight up.

The Flyers got a top pair defenseman for a defenseman who still has a lot of room to grow, and a center who was never going to cut it here anyway.

All because Chuck played the long game.

He didn’t have to part with a prospect like Morgan Frost. He didn’t have to trade any draft pick, never mind his first rounder, which is still in play.

It was a perfectly played gambit by Fletcher.

So, what’s next on the flow chart?

Well, if you watched Fletcher’s interview with us (and if you haven’t, you missed a lot), then you’ll know that he’s talked to Seattle GM Ron Francis about “nine times.” leading up to the expansion draft.

And Fletcher told us two very important things of note for us to cobble together…

That information, combined with some more info that has come my way from a couple sources, one within the Flyers organization, and one outside of it, has led me to the following scenario:

This is certainly fluid, and could change in the next day or so, but from what I can gather, and putting the puzzle pieces together, this is next on Chuck Fletcher’s flow chart.

It also makes sense considering Voracek had his best season in the NHL playing for Hakstol, and Hakstol basically let Voracek play his game when he was his coach.

This begs the question, is adding Ellis and Tarasenko and subtracting Myers, Patrick, Voracek, Hägg and a draft pick a good start to the off-season?

I’d say yes, and evidence that Fletcher is best at his job when he shows patience.

That’s not to say that he’s done. Not by a long shot. There’s still more salary to shed, more moves that can happen. but you would be silly to think that if this is the next move for Fletcher, and it comes to fruition in the coming days, that he isn’t off to a flying start in this critical offseason for the Flyers.

For more Flyers coverage, follow Snow The Goalie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also be sure to tune into The Press Row Show as Anthony SanFilippo and Russ Joy provide pregame and intermission coverage of every Flyers home game from press row of the Wells Fargo Center via the Crossing Broad Facebook page, YouTube Live, and Twitter, and their Twitter accounts Follow @SnowTheGoalie Follow @AntSanPhilly  Follow @JoyOnBroad

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Grading the Predators, Flyers & Golden Knights 3-Way Trade

The Hockey Writers 19 July, 2021 - 08:00am

Nashville Predators: Ripple Effect to the Ryan Ellis Trade

Predlines 19 July, 2021 - 08:00am

Ryan Ellis #4 and Fillip Forsberg #9 (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

The trade of Ryan Ellis to the Philadelphia Flyers has sent a ripple effect to the Nashville Predators far beyond just the trade itself. This offseason is heating up.

No one knew exactly what to expect for this offseason back in late May after the Nashville Predators lost valiantly in the first round to the Carolina Hurricanes, but now things are taking shape.

Just a few weeks after trading away Viktor Arvidsson, the Predators and General Manger David Poile made another big trade splash by trading away Ryan Ellis:

David Poile statement on trading Ryan Ellis:

— Adam Vingan (@AdamVingan) July 17, 2021

Both players have the potential to emerge into solid players, and Poile has clearly sent a message that it’s time to move on from the days of the 2017 run to the Stanley Cup Final.

The trading of Ellis has multiple effects on the Predators past what’s just on face value. We look at the trade and see the Flyers getting a potential elite defenseman, and the Predators getting two young, unproven players.

This trade affects a lot of different things. Let’s look at some of the ramifications to this heartbreaking, but understandable trade.

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Flyers beat roster freeze, acquire Ryan Ellis in deal involving Predators, Golden Knights

WPVI-TV 18 July, 2021 - 01:03pm

The Flyers season felt promising at the start. So what happened?

The newest face in Philly is all in. 🟠⚫️⚪️

Good morning. Ryan Ellis is a Philadelphia Flyer.

Thanks for the memories and good luck, Phil and Patty!

Quick Hits: The Trades Trades Trades Edition

Winging It In Motown 18 July, 2021 - 07:00am

Good news. This is always a good time.

The Flyers, Golden Knights and Predators have linked up on a three-team deal involving Ryan Ellis, Nolan Patrick, Philippe Myers and Cody Glass, according to Elliotte Friedman.

Per Friedman, Ellis is being acquired by the Flyers in exchange for Patrick and Myers. The Predators are flipping Patrick to the Golden Knights for Glass.

There were so many trades yesterday it was hard to pick one. Nashville did very poorly here in my opinion. Toronto also fleeced Pittsburgh for Jared McCann.

You can see all the trades here. From what I understand, the expansion draft lists will be made public at 10am. I’ll have an article up shortly after that.

Also, you still have a few hours to get your questions in about the draft for two people who actually know a lot about these prospects. No, not Sara and me, Will and Dylan.

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