MS Flight Simulator on consoles: Finally, a next-gen game for Xbox Series X/S


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What time does Microsoft Flight Simulator release?

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox launch times The new Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on Xbox at 3 p.m. UTC for all users, including those with a preorder via the Xbox store or an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Windows CentralMicrosoft Flight Simulator Xbox launch time: When you can play, download size, and more

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an impressive Xbox Series X workout

The Verge 26 July, 2021 - 04:50am

It’s out on Xbox Game Pass tomorrow

That’s why I was intrigued by the new version for Xbox Series consoles, which comes out on Game Pass tomorrow. In fact, it’s the first Microsoft game for Xbox Series consoles that won’t run natively on any Xbox One model at all, though an xCloud version is also coming to mobile and will eventually hit older Xbox consoles as well. I’ve been playing a preview build provided by Microsoft on my Series X for a few days, and as with my PC, I think it’s the strongest workout for the hardware so far.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is essentially the same proposition on Xbox as it is on PC, offering players the chance to pilot a variety of aircraft around a beautifully rendered version of our planet. The tutorials have been tweaked a little, with a series of shorter missions that should make it easier to get up to speed, and the various commands have been mapped to the Xbox controller in a straightforward, accessible way. You can make the flight model just as complex as the PC version if you want, although right now there aren’t a lot of Xbox-compatible flight stick options.

On the Series X, Flight Simulator runs at 4K resolution and targets 30 frames per second. Overall, I got a more stable experience on the Series X than my own i5 6600K/GTX 1080 rig, which was impressive when I put it together five years ago but somewhat less so now. The frame rate isn’t perfectly smooth — you can drop below 30 when flying low in dense areas like downtown Manhattan, for example, and that’s noticeable. It helped that I played on an LG CX OLED TV, which is capable of variable refresh rates and means you don’t experience tearing or stuttering when the frame rate does fluctuate above or below 30.

Graphical settings are broadly comparable to what you’d get on a good gaming PC, if not quite at the top of the line. The game consistently looks stunning when you’re high in the air, and any seams in the experience are only really apparent when flying close to the ground. That tends to be more to do with how the photogrammetry streaming technology works — again, if you fly quickly into Manhattan or Shinjuku, not every skyscraper is always going to be loaded into memory at once, meaning some buildings might appear a little wobbly at first. I also noticed a few amusing glitches from time to time, like cars driving on the surface of the River Thames in London instead of on Tower Bridge directly above.

As for the Series S, my colleague Tom Warren has spent some time testing that version, and the results are impressive for a tiny $299 box. The game runs at 1080p with reduced graphical effects and draw distances, but as you’ll see from the video, it delivers a solid Flight Simulator experience and will be by far the cheapest way to achieve it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has improved a lot since its launch last year, with “world updates” that expand the more detailed photogrammetry data further across the globe. That’s all there in the Xbox version, too, including the most recent Nordics update that includes hand-rendered airports and points of interest across Scandinavia, Iceland, and Finland. (It’s also worth noting that the PC version is getting a further update this week that Microsoft promises should dramatically improve performance across the board — stay tuned for how that works in practice.)

If anything, the Xbox version can feel a little too close to the PC version at times, with an occasionally clunky cursor-driven interface. It’s a little conspicuous to have a graphic settings menu where the only option is to turn HDR on and off, for example. But it’s better to leave too much in than to cut too much out: what matters is that the flying experience is as good as it could be given the hardware on hand.

From what I’ve played of Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Xbox Series X, I don’t feel like Asobo has left much on the table. It’s still an incredible technical achievement, and one well worth checking out when it hits Game Pass tomorrow.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Pilatus Porter Gets New Videos; Heraklion Airport Released

Twinfinite 25 July, 2021 - 12:32pm

Third-party developers had news to share today about upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, including the release of a new airport.

Third-party developers had news to share today about upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons.

We get another look at the Pilatus Porter PC-6 by FlightSimGames, which stars in three new work-in-progress videos.

The first showcases the external lighting system, while the second includes a test of the airport services. The third is a test of the switch panels.

On the airport front, JustSim released Heraklion International Airport (LGIR) on the island of Crete, Greece.

It’s definitely a relevant seasonal hub, with a ton of airlines serving the airport during the summer. It’s available on SimMarket for approximately $20 plus applicable VAT.

You can see what it looks like below.

Recently, we published our brand new and massive interview with head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann, focusing on the Xbox version and short and long-term plans for the sim (on both platforms).

If you’d like to read more about Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, you can enjoy our recent reviews of Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport, Moscow Sheremetyevo AirportShanghai Pudong AirportKraków AirportFukuoka City & AirportFort Lauderdale Airport, Chongqing City & AirportManila AirportSantiago Airport, the Frankfurt City PackKey West Airportthe Okavango DeltaBali AirportLondon Oxford AirportBerlin Brandenburg Airport, the CRJ 550/700, the PA-28R Arrow IIIKristiansand Airport, Macau City & AirportBonaire Flamingo AirportMilano Linate Airport, the Singapore City PackTokyo Narita AirportYao Airport, the F-15 Eagle, the Paris City PackGreater Moncton AirportTweed New Haven AirportSantorini AirportSydney AirportHelsinki-Vantaa AirportReggio Calabria Airport, Bastia Poretta AirportMunich Airport, Paris Orly AirportNewcastle International AirportSankt Johann AirfieldDublin International Airport, and Seoul City Wow. We also have a beta preview of Singapore Changi airport.

If you want to learn more about the game itself, you can read our review that will tell you everything you need to know about Asobo Studio’s game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam and will release on July 27, 2021, for Xbox Series X ad Series S.

15 Story-Heavy Games To Play If You Love The Last Of Us Part 2

GameRant 08 January, 2021 - 04:00pm

So, it's only a given that people who finish off this brilliant title would obviously want to enjoy more games in the same vein that would elicit a ton of emotions in them. While there's no game that's exactly like The Last of Us Part II, there are certainly a number of games that can certainly come close to scratching that itch.

Keeping this in mind, here are ten story-heavy titles that should satiate any fan of The Last of Us Part II.

The New Order was a celebration of Blazkowicz's stylish return to form. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay was in a class of its own, and the story was the perfect icing on the cake.

It certainly helps that Cyberpunk 2077 delivers in most of its departments... that is, when the game isn't a complete bugfest. These moments are rare but certainly worth cherishing regardless.

However, due to its technical limitations and uninspired characters, Days Gone ended up being criticized heavily upon release. Over time, more people have warmed up to the game and its unique story, which is great to see.

Stepping into the shoes of Arthur Morgan in a prequel to the first game feels extremely natural and exciting. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a technical marvel that showcases what modern video games can bring to the table with the right amount of time and resources.

Some people might argue that the focus on horror from Resident Evil VII is missing in Village. While this statement might still be true to a certain extent, there's no denying the fact that Resident Evil Village is still a brilliant title that deserves all its plaudits regardless.

This was achieved with the Tomb Raider reboot in 2013, which ended up being a fantastic and entertaining romp that explored Lara's character in the past and showed her transformation into the tomb raider that we all know and love.

The story of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth is bound to give off the same vibes as Joel and Ellie, which can definitely prove to be a treat for gamers who loved the second part of The Last of Us but wished that there was more of the same dynamic that was explored in the first game.

For these players, it's very much possible that Spec Ops: The Line could definitely be right up their alley. The game manages to tell a brilliant tale that criticizes everything... including the very act of video game violence itself.

The world map is a treat to explore, player freedom is quite abundant, the combat is an absolute blast to play through... and the story manages to be a brilliant experience that's powered by some amazing performances from the characters, especially when it comes to the Seed family.

It's pretty much obvious that Ghost of Tsushima is easily one of the best-looking and playing games on the PlayStation 4, with the story also being a surprisingly great part of the game as well.

The story of Peter Parker is certainly way more mature and serves as a breath of fresh air from the usual stories that Spider-Man has been featured in, making for a rather enjoyable experience indeed.

It goes without saying that Horizon Zero Dawn is easily one of the greatest open-world adventures on console, especially for people seeking out games like The Last of Us 2. It features a brilliant and well-realized world that manages to explain its somewhat ludicrous setting in a brilliant and believable fashion.

It was a given that the combat and graphics of the reboot were bound to be brilliant, but it's the story that took everyone for a wild and emotional ride. The bond between Kratos and his son Atreus is truly beautiful, and watching it blossom is easily one of the biggest highlights in the entire game.

Uncharted 4 serves as the final chapter in Nate's story and proves to be the most emotional one of the lot, featuring excellent performances and story moments that allow us to finally bid a satisfactory goodbye to one of the greatest adventurers in gaming history.

The Last of Us kickstarted the tale of Joel and Ellie in definitive fashion, with the tale of the lovable anti-hero taking center stage as he goes through a bunch of emotional moments before culminating in an ending that will definitely prove to be one of the most debatable decisions ever made in gaming history.

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