NASA will attempt to fly its Mars helicopter on April 19th


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When will ingenuity fly on Mars?

NASA has rescheduled the first flight of its Ingenuity Mars helicopter to April 19th at 3:30AM ET, the agency announced Saturday. The four-pound helicopter that arrived on Mars on February 18th with its parent rover Perseverance has seen its first flight delayed a few times. The VergeNASA reschedules Ingenuity helicopter’s first flight on Mars for Monday

Did ingenuity fly on Mars yet?

NASA has recently confirmed that its Ingenuity mars mini-helicopter had successfully touched down on the red planet to prepare for its first flight. NASA Ingenuity is attached to the belly of NASA's Perseverance rover that touched down on Mars on February 18, 2021. Mashable IndiaNASA Delays First Flight Of Its Ingenuity Helicopter On Mars Yet Again!

An alteration of the commands in the flight sequence was apparently enough to help it complete the test, while work on a modification to the Ingenuity helicopter's flight software continues. They've tested the new software, but transferring and loading it could take a few days to complete, with the craft currently residing 174 million miles away from Earth. A decision on what to do could happen tonight, and we may know the new test flight schedule as soon as Saturday morning, so stay tuned.

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