New test suggests the revised PS5 model actually runs cooler


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When is the ps5 showcase?

The PS5 Showcase will be taking place today on Thursday, September 9 at 1PM PT / 4PM ET / 9PM BST / 6AM ACT. The event will last around 40 minutes and be watchable on Sony's official PlayStation YouTube and Twitch pages. TechRadarHow to watch PS5 Showcase 2021 for the latest PS5 game announcements

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Images of a New PSP Surface Online and No, They’re Not Real

DualShockers 09 September, 2021 - 11:10am

By Kyle Knight

But unfortunately, it’s bad news for fans hoping for a new PlayStation Portable console, as one eagle-eyed individual managed to point out exactly why the images were fake.

Of course, we were all disappointed to learn that a new PSP or PS Vita likely isn’t coming any time soon. But, the mockups definitely got us thinking about how cool a new portable console by Sony would be in 2021.

The rumors first began when YouTuber ZONEofTECH tweeted out that he had been sent images of an alleged ‘new PSP’. He went on to state that they are the best renders he had ever seen, and he wasn’t lying. Check out the tweet below to see the renders of what a PSP could look like in 2021.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for one Twitter user to point out that one of the images features a small line of text that states “project by” followed by the names of the designers, which is sadly too blurry to make out.

Another user on Reddit also pointed out that a separate image of the design also features images of the two designers on the PlayStation UI, further adding to the point that these designs aren’t official.

There’s no way to know for certain where these renders came from, but it definitely looks like some University students put the images together for a project. It appears that they have then been taken out of context and falsely spread by other individuals claiming that the images are official.

We’ve been waiting for some sort of announcement on a new portable PlayStation console ever since the PS Vita was released back in 2011, but it appears we’ll likely be waiting even longer.

But there is still plenty to look forward to, as a new PlayStation Showcase Event is on the horizon, with some “big announcements”.

The PlayStation 5 Showcase event has been confirmed by Sony to take place this Thursday, September 9th at 1PM PDT / 9PM BST.

According to Sony, the event will give fans a look into the future of the PS5 and will include updates from PlayStation Studios and other developers in the industry.

There’s sure to be plenty of big reveals at the event, possibly even a first look at God of War: Ragnarok, but don’t get your hopes up for any sort of new PSP announcement that’s for sure.

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