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Nintendo Switch OLED Model Revealed, Not Switch Pro

Nintendo Life 06 July, 2021 - 10:51am

After Months Of 'Switch Pro' Rumours, Nintendo Officially Unveils The Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Nintendo Life 06 July, 2021 - 10:51am

The rumours were (sort of) true!

After years of rumours and speculation, Nintendo has finally lifted the lid on its revised and upgraded Switch system. Introducing the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, launching on October 8th (the same day as Metroid Dread).

The new system will feature a larger 7-inch OLED screen (the standard console has a 6.2-inch LCD screen), a new wider kick stand, enhanced audio through new in-built speakers, a LAN port in the dock, and 64GB of internal storage (double the 32GB of the standard model). It also comes in a fetching new colour variant, as you can see above.

However, it seems to have fallen short of the hype surrounding the rumoured Switch Pro, offering a 720p image on its screen and a 1080p image when docked and played on your TV.

Here are the full details from Nintendo's official PR:

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has a similar overall size to the Nintendo Switch system, but with a larger, vibrant 7-inch OLED screen with vivid colors and crisp contrast. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) also features a wide adjustable stand for tabletop mode, a new dock with a wired LAN port, 64GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio for handheld and tabletop play. Just like Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) allows players to play on the TV and share the detachable Joy-Con controllers for right-out-of-the-box multiplayer fun. And just like both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, with Nintendo Switch (OLED model), the system can be taken on the go to enjoy its play-anywhere versatility. A carrying case and screen protector set for Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will also be available.

“The new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is a great option for players who want to experience the new vibrant screen when playing in handheld and tabletop mode,” said Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser. “With the addition of this new model to the Nintendo Switch family of systems, people have an additional choice of a system that best fits the gaming experience they desire – whether it’s Nintendo Switch (OLED model), Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.”

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will let players experience enhancements in all three play modes:

TV mode: Set the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) system into the dock to play Nintendo Switch games on the TV. By using the built-in wired LAN port, players can enjoy another way to connect online in TV mode.

Tabletop mode: Flip the stand on the back of the system and use the system’s screen to play multiplayer games using two Joy-Con controllers right out of the box. A wide adjustable stand makes for a solid and sturdy foundation. It allows players to freely tilt the system and adjust the viewing angle, so it makes it easier to see the screen.

Handheld mode: Players can bring the system wherever they go in handheld mode and play local or online multiplayer with friends. The system’s 7-inch OLED screen provides vivid color and crisp contrast.

All previously released Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch are compatible with this new model. Additionally, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is compatible with the full library of Nintendo Switch games.

We first heard whispers of a 'Switch Pro' way back in January 2019, with various sources believing such a console was just around the corner. It seems that the main upgrades here are the 7-inch OLED screen, improved speakers and a LAN port in the dock, rather than any extra horsepower.

Perhaps the huge success of the base model, the surprise of the pandemic, and any other number of factors you want to throw into the mix ended up delaying this announcement, but here we are with a brand new console on the way.

You can see how the Switch OLED Model compares to the original Switch and Switch Lite here.

How do you feel about this new Switch hardware? Feel free to share your initial impressions with us in the comments below.

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Not sure if I'll get one yet but I guess I better get ready to at least temporarily preorder one as soon as they're available in case there's limited stock. The white Joy-Con are nice.

I was not expecting this few differences!

just watched video a couple minutes ago a little underwhelmed

Nothing about improved processing though? just a slightly bigger OLED screen and 64gb internal storage.

Literally just watch the reveal trailer on reddit and was wondering when this would break on here, nice work Rapid Ryan.

So not exactly pro? Only difference 7 inch OLED screen, wide adjustable stand, a dock with wired LAN port and 64GB of storage?

Finally, though I'm surprised there's no changes to the actual hardware apart from a new screen.

Looks good, would like to know more about any graphics boost or improved battery life before rushing to buy tho.

I am so disappointed that it doesn't improve the performance under the hood.

Hard not to be a little disappointed after all the rumours of 4K and DLSS.

Having said that, the improvements are good. Not sure it's enough for me to upgrade though.

This was the reason I was holding off replacing my stolen Switch. I hope they fixed the Joycon problems as well with this model.

Garbage. 50 bucks more for this?

The Switch finally has dedicated LAN ports. Nintendo is getting with the times, and it only took four years.

Well, it still wasn't revealed at E3 so we were right!!

Just Oled screen and some minor improvements.

And yes.. I WILL be buying this.

Am I laughing at the people who believed the Pro was definitely coming? Yes. Will I continue to laugh at the people who think the Switch will die without it? Yes.

I think your title is wrong. This is not the Switch Pro we were expecting.

Well, it doesnt say anything about improved specs. If its just a bigger screen im not that impressed or interested. Just hope that theres still more information to come.

Like I'm a shill who will probably buy it - but for the general consumer, this isn't enough for an upgrade - especially if they price it higher than the current models.

I never use my Switch in handheld mode, so this is a pass for me. And still no Bluetooth headphone support!

And now to wait for a limited edition version

I’ll get one in a few months after release or so. It looks neat, but not neat enough to fight the bots when preorders go live.

I am not seeing many features that would warrant replacing my current one, but it is nice for those that have a Nintendo Switch that might be a little rough around the edges.

Well doesn’t seem that games will play any different from the current model. Guess I’ll be saving some money (unless mine breaks or eventually it is revealed that it’s actually more powerful)

Hope there’s enough internal changes to fix the jankiness of the eshop…..such a bad experience on there.

Where’s the power increase for games, like higher resolution and framerate bumps? Happy this finally exists, though.

They delayed reveal of it by whole month, but better later then never.

But does it run better, or is this just an upgrade if you play more Handheld?

Wrong thing to focus in, but that white dock looks clean af

How have they still not added a basic d-pad??

Wahoo! A LAN port included.

Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha, I swear management at this company are the ultimate trolls

Wait, so this is actually real now? And I'm not dreaming?

Seems like what I expected, more "revision", less "Pro" power, they'll save that for Switch 2.

Weell it is nice to finally have it announced even if it isn't out for a few more months. Unless I'm dreaming, which I'm still considering is a possibility.

Hey @JaxonH look 64GB of storage. I think I was having that discussion / you, maybe on Twitter? Maybe I dreamed that too? 😂

Edit : I think its absolutely hilarious hilarious that they included a Lan port, so that I could keep this one and give the current one to my kid, but they also added the OLED screen, which makes it better for handheld.

Which raises the question, can we swap docks, and is this really a Pro or just a revision and current model will be canceled? It really does feel more like a $299 revision than a $399 Pro. Switch should probably be only $249 by now anyway, it's over 4 years old.

Have they even bothered solving JoyCon drift?

Hmmm…..Not what I was expecting. I have a switch lite and a dock one. So, I am not sure this is for me because if there isn’t any improvements on the inside…… Looks like I’ll have to watch and wait and see

I don't know much about OLED but I have an OLED Vita. One annoying thing about it is that the screen dims during inactivity - so while watching a cutscene etc. I really hope that's not a requirement of the technology.

@HamatoYoshi but hey... that kickstand.

I called it, I knew if the Switch "Pro" is real it's just going to have a bigger screen and that's it. I knew that all this 4K rumors were BS xD

My Switch fan sound made it impossible to play in Feb, so I’ve been borrowing my Mum’s. This is a perfect way to give it back to her.

I was just thinking about the whole Switch Pro idea this morning and it happens! I had a feeling that if they were ever going to announce it, it would be in early to mid July when the Switch Lite was announced in 2019.

The new OLED screen and wide kickstand look cool, as well as the new colour scheme for the dock, but I’m concerned about the lack of resolution and performance upgrades in the trailer, so I’m guessing the additions in the trailer are all of the ones made.

Still excited to get it though: what is new is great but would’ve killed for 4K dock output and 1080p handheld resolution and I would’ve paid more for both easily.

Actually most of the rumors about this thing WEREN'T true, especially the hype about increased power. I play my Switch exclusively while docked, so a fancier screen doesn't matter at all to me. At least I can take comfort in knowing I no longer have to worry about budgeting that three or four hundred bucks this fall.

For the people that mostly plays docked it looks like it is almost exactly the same, right?

@tourjeff I am not sure what you mean by specs. the specs were upgraded. That was what the video was about

Still grabbing it, but would do so with more haste if there were a confirmed processing power upgrade. I'm also not crazy about the white color scheme and would prefer the standard black one.

I know the people on here will complain because they fell into the rumors, there won't be any big upgrade people. The next upgrade will be the Switch 2, or whatever new system Nintendo makes. The fact is, this is better. An OLED screen, the stand, more memory, better internet connection, and more sturdy. But, that isn't good enough for the rumor patrol crowd.

It looks cool and I will upgrade to one this October. If the scalpers don't horde them all.

This isn’t a pro model. It does nothing to upscale resolution. What a waste of a hardware revision.

The word "vibrant" is doing a lot of heavy lifting.

This is great for all new-comers to the Switch.

So calling it the "OLED model" is kinda lazy. And I was really hoping for another SD card slot and natively supported Bluetooth audio...

And I think I really want to try the OLED first, but if the screen is as nice as other OLED devices I've seen, I'll probably upgrade for sure.

@NintendoWiiDS Those are technical upgrades. Or are you referring to computation?

Nothing mind blowing, as I expected. OLED is still nice.

Hugely disappointing as apart from a better looking dock and screen of course, there seems to be no real benefits to gaming on it. Why bother?

I'm just relieved the Switch Pro rumors should quell a bit, they've been starting to get annoying.

I warned you guys. We weren't gonna get a hardware boost that cuts off certain games, we weren't gonna get better graphics (but we did get a better screen though), and we aren't getting new Joy Cons (new colours though). I'm GLAD the jump wasn't that big, because it doesn't feel useless to own the 2017 model.

@roboshort sorry, I meant a processing 'power' bump to keep it up with the competition.

@RupeeClock it would be very nintendoish for them not to mention it has a better cpu and gpu

Lol, I came here to make sure I wasn't just missing something from the announcement. Soooo, no 4K or any processing bump? It looks great, but not enough of an upgrade to make me ditch my current Switch.

Not so great update. Not excited. I almost only use docked mode. No buy for me.

Def not as big of a jump as I was expecting but some welcome minor additions. Not quite enough there to spring for one @ $350 though

This is partly the revision we've been waiting for, haha. I'm a bit flabbergasted to be honest.

It's less of a massive upgrade and more of a... "here's a bunch of stuff we probably should have had in the base model". Ah well! White Joy-Cons!!

I am slightly confused with the OLED. Does that mean it will be 1080p handheld? In which case you would expect more internal engineering if it needs to step up to the higher resolution in portable mode

An interesting detail from the official site, is that the new dock is compatible with the original Switch, and vice versa.

Good for bringing your new Switch to another handheld or whatever, but this intrinsically means that the new model has absolutely no benefits to TV mode.

Presumably this holds off any major revision for the next 2-3 years?

There may be a lot of pure rage if the only improvements are the oled screen and the Dock. Or is this a case of the Wii U and them not really saying what is powering the system?

It’s very pretty to look at. But unless something happens to my current OG release day switch I think I will wait it out for a power bump. Don’t think I can justify buying a new one for a nicer display just yet.

I can't find anywhere to pre-order yet! Kinda sad there is no Bluetooth support or extra processing power but I'll take it!

@ModdedInkling tbh, this is about what I expected out of a revision. Still the improvements I wanted.

I'm a little disappointed to be honest, but not surprised at the same time. I don't really see any reason to upgrade based on this information.

Finally the pro comments can die. Can't believe people thought Nintendo of all people were sitting on a 4K switch 😂 Why was this so hard to understand? They've seriously never cared about modern tech, it's Nintendo

I don't think I'll be getting one unless there's talk of bluetooth support for headphones.

A slightly bigger and more vibrant screen along with improved sound quality doesn't make me want to rush out and upgrade.

It's disappointing that games won't perform better on it. Hoping that Nintendo are confident enough with their upcoming unannounced lineup to continue to compete.

I'm sorry, but releasing another system with this ongoing chip shortage ist just so bizarre. Congrats to those that manage to get the system before Holiday 22.

As expected, its not a power boost.

Everyone expecting a powerboost doesnt know how nintendo works. There never was giong to be a switch pro.

This is going to sell out soooo quickly, I don’t know if I’ll even try until 2022…

Still can't plug it in while using the kickstand!?

I guess I won't be getting a new Switch for Christmas then.

Edit: Nintendo showing Samus impotently firing off, and having no effect, is perfectly chosen for this reveal.

It would be very Nintendo not to release any performance improvements in the reveal ad - so has there been a confirmation that it is the exact same chipset under the hood?

Hahahahahahaha. No Bluetooth support, absolutely zero upgrades on the hardware side. It’s just things that it should have launched with in the first place.

Hope it's compatible with the flip grip! That OLED screen looks beautiful, hope it has better battery life as well

Beautiful OLED display. No HDR to take full advantage of it.

Thank goodness I know I will be saving my money by sticking with my release day Switch.

Now, bring on Metroid Dread and BotW Sequel!

honestly i was expecting more then that its more ' enhanced switch ' then a 'switch pro' i still use mine its from 2017 and its still serving me perfectly. dont think ill be changing any time soon

@travisrusko it’s a dealbreaker!

I’m glad they didn’t screw a whole lot of people over by making the current switch obsolete with a new 4K super version. So I’m happy

Hmm it's cool,but not enough new stuff for me to buy

With the release of this and the Lite they are ignoring anyone who plays docked. Very annoying. All these "upgrades" are not expensive and should have been there from the start.

If they are still using the outdated internals the cost increase is just being greedy. Very disappointing but not unexpected from Nintendo. They haven't had good tech since the Gamecube.

It looks like I was 100% right everybody who was doubting me told you there was no Pro coming and it was just going to be a revision. Switch 2 will be out in 1-2 years.

@NimrodsSon I just want to say: nice profile picture!!

My main Switch just got handed down to my son as a stick on his Lite is knackered so I've got a good excuse to pick up one of these.

Wonder if the white is the same plastic as the Animal Crossing one, my one of those went a weird pinky red colour.

I play docked mode 95% of the time and this adds no performance improvements, so I think I'll skip this one.

There's literally nothing "pro" about this. What a huge disappointment.

Very underwhelmed. I’ll not be getting one, that’s fir sure.

Cool, but confirms what I expected: that the Switch Pro would be a minor bump in improvement and not a major change. I think we won't see a significant upgrade in specs until we see the Switch successor/Switch 2, which likely isn't coming until 2024 at the earliest, more likely 2025 or later.

@piecez the Xbox One X and PS Pro didn't make the slim models obsolete, and a Switch Pro wouldn't have made the base Switch obsolete.

@RupeeClock Thank you for the dock info, I had just asked about that up in post 39 so my handheld playing kid can get the new model OLED screen and I can have the LAN. Hope it's giga - 10,100,1000 - but knowing Nintendo and their snailmail slow servers it's probably a 10/100 port. Which would be better than the 10 Wii adapter I was using until I realized the Switch WiFi is about 45x faster.

But people we got LAN Port. Who cares 4k, bluetooth or other stuff?

@Jokerwolf you and countless others, myself included, who predicted a simple revision.

@H3X3NH4MM3R I have literally been telling people that there was not going to be a pro, it makes zero financial sense for them to release a more powerful system that splinters the user base. The Nintendo switch 2 is in development and will likely be out in 2022.

Haha a guy the other day on here was convinced the "Pro" would be as powerful as a PS4 and refused to budge. There's no power increase or even 4K, its just a better screen and audio and more storage space, basically its a "XL" or "Lite" type upgrade. No wonder they felt no need to show it off at E3.

Definitely skipping this, OLED screen and 32GB extra internal memory is not worth buying another Switch. Will wait for a real upgrade instead (whether a New 3DS type revision or a successor).

Same processor ? Not for me

I might eventually upgrade my current Switch to this, since I play either handheld or tabletop 90% of the time, but I’m in no hurry. Had the OLED model been more powerful, or had built-in Bluetooth audio support, this would have been an instant preorder; as things stand, I can wait (and maybe nab some sort of BotW 2 special edition).

@Palaws No, just 720p handheld. Though OLED is a superior kind of display that's very difficult to articulate. Let's just say that the games should look much more sharper, with truly popping colors and no "ghosting".

Not interested. Will buy a XBOX Series S or X or PS5 instead.

If your console is topping the sales charts consistently beating out superior consoles regularly then why change the formula?

Im ok with it, means that upcoming games (botw2, prime4 etc) will still work on the regular switch which is great for me as I had no intention of buying a new system.

Nice. I will get one and give my OG switch to my kids to use (one of them stepped on it and cracked the screen even). For $50 I will take an OLED upgrade.

Well, good, now I don't have to worry about having to upgrade

I need another Switch after I lost mine to the kid. Perfect timing too.

RIP "eventually true" rumours (I warned months in advance that NL and everyfan else involved in that buffoonery would die on any toldyouso molehill they can find once Nintendo releases anything), but this iteration does come with a couple QoL features even if I personally care for none of them (I'm sure some folks will find the native LAN port handy).

Not gonna lie! That white dock looks nice! And would go so well next to my PS5 xD

So the internals are basically the same, right? It doesn´t seem very "pro" to me. More like "Switch XL"

The rumors weren't true. This isn't a Switch Pro. It's more like a Switch XL. No improvements in power.

This is nice for toilet play, OLED screens are the best for that. Nice.

It's seemingly not "the Switch Pro we've been expecting". This is a minor spec bump with little-to-nothing for docked players to care about. No 4K, no meaningful performance bumps. Pass.

@Thierfeu well it's not the same processor it's another variation of the X1 but it's basically the same processor kind of like the mariko revision.

Since the screen is the only change, they should just make the MSRP price the same and replace the current model with it. That oled bigger screen probly will use more power, so no battery or internal upgrades means it'll actually have less battery runtime probly.. sad. I'd only buy this if I didn't have a switch already.

People are stupid to believe the rumors. Nintendo's models are always about hardware feature upgrade and such, they hardly ever had performance upgrade unless it's a successor. I had always say it will only just be another model than a Switch successor and I am right. Still I'm sure that dock may be able to upscale to 4K perhaps.

So who was right? The No Pro camp or the Pro Pro camp?

So nothing too right home about not really a pro console just a better screen with same resolution and double internal storage which is still a joke , but thankfully sd cards and cheap and getting cheaper.

Really what was the point but on the other hand it's saves me money.

Looks nice, but my current Switch will do for now.

Wonder what all the "a new switch version will never come, you're just gullible" people think right now

@tourjeff I imagine the processing power will be upgraded in some way. Nintendo doesn’t usually share such details, i think. If it isn’t upgraded, I probably won’t get this.

Absolutely baffled by this announcement 😐

The current Switch screen isn’t the problem with the system - it is its sluggish outdated CPU.

I was really excited for a minute or two. But there is No 4k Support. The only undocked enhancement seems to be the OLED screen? No CPU or GPU improvements? A slightly better dock?

Nintendo seems to have done the sensible thing in every regard here. Even putting an ethernet port on there.

If there’s no upgrade to the slow load times and performance issues present in the current model, then there’s literally no need to purchase this. Calling this a “Switch Pro,” is massive clickbait.

The colour looks cool but this offers so few features over the standard model I don't see any point in upgrading. It'll be nice for first time Switch buyers.

@Classic603 My camp is the right camp which knows the switch 2 is coming out in late 2022 early 2023.

@Classic603 it depends how you look at it... The pro was exclusively about graphics, the no-pro won.... but the rest of the rumours were right on spot

I love that it is NOT that big of an upgrade to the original one! Phew!

I was keen to trade in my OG model for the Pro but now I'm really not so sure. No 4k is a deal breaker.

@MiphaTheChampion all controllers eventually drift.

@Subtle24 I doubt it.

@tabris95 thanks, that is interesting, that leaves some scope for there to be improvements. I can understand why Nintendo would not want to advertise a "stable 30 fps" in their marketing material, while Sony and Xbox are boasting 120 fps

@CactusMan there's only one way to play games, and that's on the toilet

W/O any added computing power I will only upgrade if my current Switch breaks.

All the talk about 4k did seem pretty lofty, but it's hard not to be a little disappointed here. I was hoping it would at least be a bit more like the N3DS and have a bit more power.

The "screen size growth" animation had me just dying laughing. It was like "Ope, did you miss it? The screen grew a sliver."

@Travisemo007 they do but joy-con drift is happening at an alarmingly higher rate than other controllers considering I've had to replace four sets of Joy-Con sticks it's not just a chance. They were also not all my sticks I had to replace them for a bunch of family and friends.

Eh, I'm fine with my current one. Good for those who really need it, though.

@LXP8 Most people didn't think it'd be shown at E3. Nintendo literally said it was just for software. Most thought it'd be the week before.

definitely agree with the comments saying this is less the equivalent of the "new 3ds" and closer to that of the "3ds xl£

an oled screen is nice but im definitely hoping for some kind of performance upgrade in the future whether it be a "new 3ds/ps4 pro" type deal or a fully backwards compatible "switch 2" since i feel the switch as a concept is still fantastic.

this is more like nintendo switch version 3

@Pod why would you be disappointed?

Looks like they didn't update joy-cons at all, which is a missed opportunity. Overall this is a nice upgrade for handheld players, but does pretty much nothing for home players.

@Adamn 4.

@Synthatron_Prime yes and u should be happy cuz oled is expensive

Well, I guess it's worth it if you don't own a Switch yet, but otherwise it definitely won't be a reason to sell the existing one and put arguably a lot of money to purchase the OLED model.

@dani3po wasn't aware that this is the Pro? 😃

I was excited when I saw the reveal video in my YouTube recommended, then I remembered my broke butt can barely afford a regular one.

Also, the new Switch was cool BUT DID YOU SEE THAT SPLATOON 3 GAMEPLAY!?!?

@BenGrimm the OLED version has the same battery and there is no boost in terms of performance

@Dezzy Well, this is clickbait, they had to put the rumored Switch Pro in the article.

So updated screen and double internal storage...yeah pass. This is so typical Nintendo.

@JokerCK they never said it would be pro

No CPU/GPU enhancements? Pass! As someone who plays >80% docked, I can safely skip this.

So basically it’s what the original would have been like given a longer testing stage it just corrects the faults of the original and puts a better screen into the mix hope the dock is a little wider as the original scratches the hell out of the switch without being modded not sure it’s worth the extra cash tho

Finally, the screen will surely be lovely but there is no specific mention of improved framerate/resolution, until I see that I have little interest in it. Can't wait for the scalpers to get their hands on this though, it's going to be crazy.

What a joke, an extra $50 for a slightly bigger screen, OLED and a LAN port on a 4+ year old handheld. That Joy Con design sure did box them into a corner when it comes to revisions. Without 4K and a better processor, there’s really no reason for me to get one. Not when it costs more than a standard Switch. Bummer.

@roboshort I’m talking about docked and handheld resolutions and improved performance.

@Jokerwolf please don’t pretend you know when the new Switch is out, it just makes you look incredibly silly

@Radbot42 Same. I'll wait and see of they do a BOTW2 variant. I really hope the docks are interchangeable.

Lesson learned from this: never listen to YouTube Switch shills/ebeggers. They have no clue about anything, have zero insiders at Nintendo and just "speculate" insane rumors for clicks.

Seems like a good way to eke out a few more years of sales and then just come out with the Switch successor. Make it backwards compatible with Switch games and there you go.

I don't plan on getting this unless they have a sweet BoTW2 special edition in 2022. Then I may not be able to resist.

Considering how difficult it will to be to find one to buy, im okay with not getting with this model.

@BenGrimm People are saying $350 but I don't know where they're getting that info from 😂

Really disappointing, this is just a slight hardware revision.

Unless you are always using it as a handheld, in which case the OLED may be worthwhile, this is a poor 'upgrade' for $350. Hard pass, sadly.

One hundred percent certain Nintendo just made this to spite the "switch pro" rumour enthusiasts.

It's white to represent how salty they'll be lol

For the handheld players this looks like a home run. For docked play are there any actual improvements outside of the LAN port?

I'm very disappointed this doesn't live up to the expectations invented by Youtubers and random internet people.

Cool guess I won't get it.

This is what I was waiting for. Now time to fight over pre-orders.

As a humble salt miner, this has been excellent news!

Whilst this is great if you predominantly play in tabletop or handheld mode (the bigger brighter screen, a better kickstand) I don’t see much in this for someone who use it on a TV:

64gb of internal storage- nice, but irrelevant if you have a micro sd card, which I’m guessing most of us do.

LAN port on the dock - nice, but usb adaptors like the Wii model cost next to nothing and can be used with the existing dock.

Not any faster or more powerful than the last version of the regular switch - not really a ‘pro’ model then.

Plus apart from the bigger screen and OLED (again, nice) the kickstand can easily be replicated by buying any of the third party or licences stands for very little. In fact, aside from the tabletop mode (which was present on the regular switch) and the screen, I can’t see how this is better suited than a switch lite if you mainly play handheld. I’m lucky enough to have a lite and only recently got a regular model as my son is really into the Switch, but I can’t see this replacing either.

Sorry to be so negative and I will admit that if this was my first switch these enhancements would be a welcome edition but it’s more ‘New 3DS’ over ‘old 3DS’ rather than ‘Xbox One to Xbox One X’; nice upgrade but not really worth it unless you really, really need it (and I say that as someone who went 2DS - 3DSXL - New 3DS; it’s a lovely bit of kit but I kind of wish I’d stuck with the 2DS tbh).

Now will everyone shut up about the forever-fabled "Pro"?

@Lanmanna Yeah I saw that message about software only too. But just from looking in Nintendo-related comments sections, it was clear that a huge bunch of people didn't. The leaks and rumours didn't help and got them even more excited. It was the same story every Direct. lol, if they'd just read the message...

So out of all the things people actually wanted. We got 1 feature..the better stand in table top mode. No 4k, no docked improvement...nothing. Just a slightly better screen and slightly better speakers. How is Nintendo so out of touch with the fanbase.

@DeclanS98 AGreed. The Switch is not dying anytime soon

@Amos_123 These OLED screens they are using are not expensive. That's why Nintendo put them in. There was an article on it a few months back.

@BenGrimm $349 seems to be official. Too rich for my blood.

Starting with Metroid means people are going to be wondering if that new game is OLED only. (Yes I'm calling it OLED b/c Nintendo sucks at naming things.) Then they make a big deal about the screen being less than an inch bigger. Then after making a big deal of the slightly bigger screen they make a big deal of the LAN port, which you can only use docked, which nullifies the screen. And nobody cares about the adjustable stand. Nobody.

Sure, people making the ad have to work w/ what they got, which apparently isn't much, but it's still going to cause issues once everyone gets past the "it's finally announced" stage of engagement. We'll that and is it really worth an extra $50 over a 4 year old system who's price has never dropped.

Just realised it’s still only 720p handheld and will be $50 (and I’m guessing £50) more. I bought a regular switch a month or so ago and got £50 off in vouchers. I would not pay £100 over what I spent for these limited upgrades (but then no one is asking me to). I wonder if they will phase out the OG model like they did with the 3DS?

For anyone wondering the US price is $349.99. Source:

@Silly_G I fully expect the next switch pro rumour to say something like "the oled was released to tide people over for the long wait before we get 4k graphics and 60fps switch pro exclusives"

Massive shame. I'll wait for the Switch 2

The Nvidia Tegra processor that the Switch uses is infamously underclocked beneath its stock capabilities. Hacked Switch models can overclock the system to safe levels and enjoy real performance gains.

This could lead Nintendo to increasing the performance of the system; at the expense of battery life/power consumption/heat generation, and not having to change the processor at all.

Sad about the lack of graphics improvement but BLOWN AWAY by upgraded battery life. It would be nice to play games without constantly worrying about charge...

Hopefully this will teach people not to listen to blatant lies from self-proclaimed "leakers".

@BloodNinja Nintendo never said it was a Switch Pro and they hardly ever called their product like that. If you look back at their handheld or console history if the brand is still the same or unless it's a successor, there won't be any major upgrades in performance or powers. This model is for people who wants a better screen, more internal storage, or better online connectivity. Fortunately Nintendo will upgrade to a successor every 5-7 years so maybe wait 2 more years and a successor will launch.

Gotta say, this feels less like the DS's "jump" from the original unit to the Lite and more like the GBA's "step" from the AGS-001 to the AGS-101.

@Why_Do_I_Exist I'm feeling entitled enough to express at least my disappointment about them not even yielding on BT audio-support ... like a $350 portable device with an OLED screen that does work with BT headphone without an additional adapter in 2021, that makes it no longer fit into it's loading bay. Even by Nintendo's standards this would have been an incredibly low bar to pass. Hell, it would have been a low bar with the 3DS. It's underwhelming, nothing else.

So it's not more powerful at all, just a better handheld screen. Oh and a ethernet port. (something even the Wii U had) That's totally worth an upgrade.

My OLED Vita is still my favorite system of all time. Switch has always felt like Vita 2.0 (in the best way possible) to me. OLED makes it even more so. I had been considering a Switch Lite as a second system for my kids, but now would probably get the OLED version and hand off my original Switch instead if I do decide to go get a second Switch.

@Dr_Lugae You have too much faith in the internet. Don't worry. We can get rid of that

@chapu2006 isn’t it the same battery life as the V2 Switch and the Lite? I could be wrong…

I was really hoping they'd add bluetooth audio support though, too bad

@themightyant battery is the same

Anyone know if it can use Bluetooth headphones

I'm glad the new model does seem to have the same higher battery life than the 2019 refresh however. And the built-in ethernet port might be a boon as well, so I'm low-key considering this upgrade since I'm still using an OG switch from 2017 with the pitiful battery life in handheld mode and still don't have a LAN adapter for it.

So getting this might allow me to kill two birds with one stone and potentially allow me to gift my old Switch to someone else.

Like. 4+ year for me to finally refresh my Switch is something I'm okay with.

@Ladyara I play almost exclusively handheld, so this is a big win for me. Especially that the screen is a little bit bigger. And OLED is better than LCD in daylight situations.

And the ethernet port will help me download bigger games when I'm not playing. I do hope it's connected trough USB 3.1, so it can go full Gigabit.

Oh you have to be f***ing kidding me.

Yeah I don’t think I’ll be upgrading? I’ll have to see reviews about how big of a difference that screen makes.

@Gamecuber not negative at all. Just the voice of reason. No upgrade for me either.

Sure did. There was also confirmation of a mario party minigame but I forgot it's name.

@Why_Do_I_Exist Its perfectly OK to be satisfied with this release or disappointed. This is their second revision that focuses on portable gaming. What about improving docked performance?

People can be OK with outdated hardware and satisfied with how the games perform on Switch but facts are facts. Most 3rd party games run way worse on Switch. Especially when compared to Series X and PS5. That's why many of us were hoping for a performance boost to at least get to last gen standards. Hence the disappointment.

I rarely play Handheld these days because #joycondrift so an improved OLED will be nice when it comes to upgrade but this seems more of an iterative evolution than a necessary upgrade. . Not surprised that it isn't a 'Pro', that could split the user base which makes it less attractive to third parties.

@Adamn It's actually version 4 now, there were two versions of the original Switch, one with longer batteries and one with less. This one is just that with a better screen, more storage, and a new dock.

It’s clearly aimed at attracting first time Switch buyers. Not reaching for my wallet on this one.

What did I say......

@Gamecuber Really? My switch lasts only 2 hoursish.

BwahahhahahHahHa and with the same ***** joycons I presume?

@sanderev good for you (and there is no sarcasm intended in that). It’s good that people who play handheld get a boost (especially if you have a 2017 model as you get the better battery as well) but it’s a pity they couldn’t push for 1080p handheld as well plus Bluetooth connectivity. Then it would arguably be the perfect handheld device. Not much in this for those of us who enjoy docked mode more though (and I have a lite too which is even better as a portable).

Is there evidence of games running better in docked mode.

@Toshiro_Baloney I just might but that's because I'm still using the 2017 model with the pitiful battery life from back then(barely over two hours playing BOTW, unlike the 2019 model which can get 5.5 hours like this new model seem to have, and even more with less demanding games).

And this coming with a built-in ethernet port in the dock might allow me to kill two birds with one stone and not have to worry about getting a LAN adapter. Meanwhile I could easily gift my old Switch to a relative or friend.

The larger screen and improvement kickstand however definitely feel they could be an improvement for those people doing local multiplayer on the go via tabletop mode, something that kind of fell by the wayside in advertising but seem to be pushed forward again.

OLED to better display a wider color palette in Portable mode, but no HDR to better display a wider color palette in Dock Mode?

You don't need HDR for portable mode to better display wider colors, the OLED is very capable.

What a disappointment!!! All I wanted was Joycons that don't develope drift. The new features are good but none of the improvements are making me want to upgrade. I do like the white color though.

@Gamecuber Similar battery life, but larger screen and better kickstand which seem to be at least partly intended to improve the kind of tabletop local multiplayer on the go the console was originally advertised as capable of.

Day one purchase... if I can get one, that is.

@chapu2006 my V2 Switch is only a couple of months old and mainly gets used docked but my Lite (which has the improved battery the same as the V2) lasts longer than 2 hours.

Gone are the days of 15+ hours on a Game Boy; battery life on modern handhelds reminds me of my Game Gear from 1991!

@Snaplocket It only made online play better cause of the LAN port accessibility, if online play was not your thing or your online provider is still crap this dock won't impress you. The 4K thing is still just a rumor, there are still ways Nintendo could make this upscale to 4K through a firmware update but I doubt it would be as good as what it could be had it got 4K natively.

Nintendo is that one person at the potluck who only brought paper towels.

Just what I was hoping! Nintendo isn't splitting up their Switch audience with games that some people can and can't play. Just bring a real successor in like 2 years with PS4-quality graphics.

If there is no performance increase then no point in a re-purchase for me, would have been instant pre-order if there was cause the other features are nice enough additions.

This is underwhelming. Though, I do a lot of streaming and screen sharing in the house with other platforms, so the LAN support would be nice. If it's compatible with older docks, then doubly so. I mainly use my Lite, and my original model stays docked because of a screen scratch and some pretty bad joycon drift. I could see myself getting this as a replacement. Of course, I shouldn't plan this anytime soon, since we all know new Nintendo products get snatched by scalpers within minutes.

@dkxcalibur Tbh, except for maybe some of the 2017 owners like me who still have the pitiful battery life of only 2.5~ hours when playing BOTW. Plus the larger screen and improved kickstand clearly feels like improvements aimed at the Switch's purposed of supporting local multiplayer on the go.

The Switch is ultimately still selling like hotcake so it's aimed at new rather than existing owner. Which is likely why it's NOT stronger so as not to create a divide between future and existing users, particularly the many who're not ready to upgrade or might have just gotten a Switch this year(that include multiple friends of mine already who would have pissed for a Pro to be released as "the" new Switch just after they got a Switch for the first time this very year).

And judging by how many Switch were sold this year and the last already, that would have been a lot of players pissed off at having purchased the "wrong" version of the console.

Releases 10/8? So assuming that's American then it's 8th October? Seems a bit early to be killing off sales of the current model by announcing this. I'll definitely be buying though as my launch Switch is knackered and falling apart (it's never been dropped or roughly treated, but it does get daily use).

Well, I hope at least joy cons will be still drifting

shrugs Not an under the hood upgrade. But the bigger screen and wider kickstand is welcomed. I'll see how my OG Switch is kicking by the time October comes along. Eventually, I would love to upgrade to this

Underwhelmed. Even if there were absolutely no rumors of a Switch Pro, I would have been hopping for more than just a better screen.

Not terribly disappointing though, at the very least, it's a product where you know exactly what you are going to get.

I'm torn in as much as the new screen should actually make the Switch useful outside but the 'upgrades' are largely pointless, 64gb??? Who thought that was a good idea?

I already have a lan adaptor for my dock...

Anyway, I concur with the folks that never expected a big hardware bump. Nintendo just don't do it and never really have. The only times they did anything that locked games out of hardware it basically never got used and meant those games didn't sell.

I'll not try to conceal my disappointment. I was all set to plunk down for a New 4k Switch and forget all other systems. This is a bit of a let down. In time I may upgrade, but this isn't the end-all of hybrids I was expecting. It's nice-ish.

Really Happy about this being the famous Swith Pro after all the rumours. Now I know I can continue using my completely fine and working Switch (bought on 2017) without missing potential exclusives or an important hardware update. This seems to be just a stetical upgrade.

@Andigaming Tbh considering how much the previous model sold just the last year, it's best that way.

I have friends who would have been pissed off to find themselves having purchased the "wrong" console if a stronger one had to release only months after.

Considering the matter of component supplies logistics, this is probably just another refresh(like 2019) purely to ensure the continuity of production, in case some components were aout to stop being produced by the suppliers, while retaining capabilities as close to the original as possible.

Now we can drift OLED Style and enjoy crisp 480p 15 fps Breath of the Wild. Whoop whoop!

This feels like a stability update to the hardware rather then anything worth being excited about…

I don’t think I’ll be picking this one up. They got me on the 3DS XL (it didn’t last very long till they killed it off when the Switch came), they aren’t duping me again so I’ll just wait for the actual new console that they are developing. I’d rather spend the money on my new mountain bike anyway.

To all of you who bully the old version of Switch , and wanted BOTW 2 to be exclusive to the "Pro" model that will never come , go a walk to a park and take a deap breath, better ?

This may be the most 'Nintendo' thing Nintendo has ever done.

@lateral_centro minus the LAN adapter

I use my Switch docked and not handheld so this is a pass from me. No need for upgrade

I go to the store for one hour and THIS happens!!!

Wow, what a complete waste of money and total disappointment. Lol they can't even up the specs for it to display docked level resolution in handheld mode? Now this means we won't be getting a true Pro iteration for another 2 years...

I wonder how long before they phase out the 2019 model and $350 becomes the standard price?

Great for those who prefer the portable mode. For me, life is simpler because I know I’ll be waiting for a bigger leap in hardware from Nintendo and save some money for now. My only disappointment is that BotW 2 will probably be only targeting the current level of hardware. Here’s hoping Prime 4 also targets a higher end device too.

And to be clear I was not hoping for any game to be exclusive to some new hardware I just want a higher end option.

Good, now maybe people will finally shut up about the Switch Pro.

In any case, I'll probably pass on this - I bought a Switch Lite after E3 and I'm happy with it. Much as I liked the OLED screen the original PS Vita had, it doesn't make enough of a difference to me to justify buying an entirely new console.

I don't play in tabletop mode, the size increase is negligible, and if I really want a pair of white joycons (unless they fix the drift, I don't) I expect they'll be sold separately.

So yeah. Great news for everyone who doesn't have a Switch, and everyone who is fed up with the Switch Pro BS appearing on news sites every other hour.

Doesn't seem like a Switch Pro at all, but the listed upgrades seem nice.

Ahh, bummer. Screen is nice but hardly the upgrade I was hoping for.

@hanp01 The kickstand is literally a stability upgrade

Best part is the new splatoon 3 footage from the trailer

I mean that is on them if this had been a pro version, with minimal research they would have known the potential for a pro model and considering it is 4 years old it isn't farfetched.

Could have at least had the newer model give extended battery life in handheld mode.

I guess there could be a power upgrade inside that actually means games DO run at the screens native resolution, 720 and 1080, compared to what we usually get which is still much less docked or handheld

The price depends on how much I can get for my regular Switch and the extra I have to put on top. If it’s worth it I may go for it 🤷🏻‍♂️

@HamatoYoshi I should have clarified furhter. Slightly better battery than launch model. Same as 2019 revision. (edited post for clarity)

@superpotion There isn't

@Jokerwolf I can't believe that others aren't more vocal about how poorly the joycons are built! Better graphics are great and all, but having to buy new $80 controllers every 6-12 months is making me question my continued support of Nintendo. Outside of the original NES, every Nintendo System IMO has been built strong and dependable. Outside of buying a replacement battery for my "NEW" 3DS, I have never needed anything fixed or replaced, nor have I needed to buy a new controller because the original stopped working.

Bare minimum and maximum sales. Must be nice to be Nintendo these days.

Truly the Apple of game consoles Nintendo has become

Hahahaha that's what you people get for believing everything you read lol

Wow, what a lazy upgrade. I was expecting a New3DSXL like update which was actually really good but I guess this means Nintendo want Switch 2 to look like a really big jump within the next 2 years.

This makes me happy, no need to upgrade now.

Bumper balls confirmed form Mario party all stars!!

Lol now people will hopefully shut up

Wow, I guess I'll stick with my OLED PS Vita.

@RupeeClock They probably improved it. The fact they don't say the exact version and clocking rate of the processor makes it seem like a little improvement could have been made overall.

This seems like they don't want to make current Switch owners feel left out, so they don't actually talk about the better processor it has.

Kinda figured they weren't going to shake up the ecosystem.

They made a sexier model to be sure, but the only gains assume you play off-TV, or have a LAN set up. More storage is... nice? But 64 is still far cry from what we're able to add, and they could add for way less at a production scale than we'd ever pay.

Not enough for me to justify upgrading yet! Looks lovely

@Trmn8r At least this makes it easier for devs to handle, making it more powerful means dev will have to work extra harder to make two versions of their game just so it'll run on both versions. If they made it exclusively to the new version, the people who own the old version will complain and not going to buy the game thus losing profit. If the dev made the game with the old version, it'll still work on the new version but it won't take advantage of the extra horsepower thus a wasted opportunity. This is why not many people bought the New 3DS XL and why many devs doesn't make games exclusively for it.

All I really want is a joy-con "pro". With the sturdiest analog sticks ever devised by man. Then I'm in.

Yeah unless they're upgrading the performance I'll hold off until my switch is busted, which probably won't be for a good while.

@Ludovsky So just to be clear, all I really wanted was Joycons that don't drift. That's all. Everything else would be great I guess, but shelling out $80 to keep replacing Joycons is wrong.

@AlexSora89 THANK YOU!!!! Me too!

I find this funny more than anything. If I need a replacement, it will be something to consider.

Just gimme the dock and joycons and I'm good. lol

While this is welcome, Nintendo could have added more power and 4k. They have missed an opportunity Those who wanted 4k and power would have paid the extra.

This new Switch will eventually replace the existing one, once stocks have been depleted.

Looks great. I'm kind of glad there's no extra processing power, since we don't have to worry about "Switch Pro exclusive" games.

Oh boy, of course everyone’s complaining. I don’t know what people were expecting, Nintendo said the Switch was only halfway through it’s life cycle in January so they wouldn’t have released a new console.

@Dr_Corndog Me too.

The new i phone commercial looks great.

Seriously though, why a friggin wired lan port wasnt in the original release is beyond me. Nintendo is slowly becoming worse and worse.

Looks like if an of those rumors about a more powerful Switch are true, we'll be waiting until a full fledged Switch 2.

@Ghost_of_Hasashi Not really, as Series S/X are showing, as long as Nintendo makes it easy to scale like Microsoft is doing. They could've at least pushed the already existing, docked level resolution out the OLED screen. A new iteration of 720p OLED is just inexcusable.

Splitting the software user base. Upscaling older games with machine learning. Asking developers to backport games to higher resolutions. All very un-Nintendo strategies.

Based on Nintendo's historical release cadence, the Switch 2 is a year away - but largely dependent on chip prices.

Lol I love how people are mad at this. Did you really think it was gonna be more than a big screen

Super glad the upgrade isn’t as major as the “leaks” were saying! Now I can stick with my base switch and not be jealous of OLED Model owners!

Definitely don't need this at all, and I'm very relieved.

@Jackpaza0508 this was my first thought too. People seem to have money burning a whole in their pocket they can't wait to get rid of. I'd rather spend money on games than consoles. I approve this news. Love my Switch.

Can I just get those Joycon, please!?!?

It might be a while until we get it’s successor.

I'm glad its not something I "need" to buy, it's a revision which is cool, if my switch break's I'll upgrade to this as my switch playtime has shifted more towards handheld play (but not completely)

@Ghost_of_Hasashi so its third version

@JokerCK It’s not called Switch Pro... so no. I’m so sad everyone believes these rumours.

Seems the more powerful model is for next gen

@sanderev im not counting lite

I wonder if they will have a Metroid version since it is coming out the same day. The new switch is a little underwhelming but they wouldn't make huge changes to the system when its still selling well. I am also guessing its using the same processor from the refreshed switches since its seems to have the same battery life but then again this a different screen so who knows.

I literally only wanted more storage. And this thing only has a little more storage. Like seriously what the heck? I can’t play super smash bros ultimate without having only 3 other games on my 2018 switch.

Guess the mclassic really was a great purchase for the switch since this new one doesn't have any more power for better graphics. For anyone who wants a switch "pro" I highly recommend one

@Ghost_of_Hasashi Yep, not everyone wants to buy a new Switch console a few years after they bought their first JUST so they can play BotW2.

It looks really nice. I'm glad Nintendo isn't doing a Pro model, where some games would be exclusive ala New 3DS. Still, I'd prob find news of Netflix for Switch more exciting.

@Aliteralturnip alright im biting here, why not get an micro sd card and triple your basic storage for like 30 bucks?

@Trmn8r Microsoft doesn't make handheld though. Also Nintendo had already tried this with the New 3DS and New 3DS XL both of which are superior models than the original 3DS but not only are devs not making games for it, not many consumers want to upgrade as not many exclusive games were made for it. All it got were just Wii and Wii U ports which also doesn't help. Why would Nintendo repeat this same mistake if it doesn't work not to mention it would benefit them better if they made a successor instead?

Lol they should call this "The New Nintendo Switch XL" but that'd just be an insult to "The New Nintendo 3DS XL" which actually had more notable differences to the base model.

@McGruber Same, Nintendo will save that to the next iteration I am guessing versus bolting it on and having few developers actually use it.

@sanderev I could see this coming a mile away. Hilarious.

@BabyYoda71 No way on planet earth were they ever going to make BoTW 2 "Switch Pro" exclusive. That's simply not even a possibility. Most Zelda's they release cross generation even. A Pro iteration would've just been an upscaled resolution version with maybe a few extra visual bells and whistles while still releasing on the regular Switch.

@BabyYoda71 hey i didn't believe that rumor either. I am just joking calm down.

@benchan There's really nothing XL about this Switch, all you get are more storage and a higher size screen. Everything else are just features they could had easily include for the old Switch from day one which they purposely left out.

What good is a nicer screen for handheld mode if it has the same trash joycons?

I’m fine with my switch lite, I don’t trust those joycons xxx

Nintendo never promised a Switch Pro with improved performance. Go and ask the "insiders" for it if you want that, they were the ones who promised it. 😏

@Ghost_of_Hasashi Being handheld has nothing to do with this at all. The problem with that was Nintendo making exclusive games for it rather than having just better visual iterations of games that release on both. And it's easier to do when you are working with games that aren't "3D" anymore. Games like Doom, Skyrim and others are already being downscaled to play on Switch. It wouldn't be that hard to still scale down to both. And like I said, not even doing existing docked level resolution on this iteration is unacceptable.

So so glad it's just another redundant model. Id hate to have to spend any more than i already had to with the original switch


Core minority delusion at best, the console will keep on selling as it is, with only minor tweaks.

@JokerCK Ah sorry. I’m just replying to the random comments I see.

@Trmn8r I’ve seen people predict it, sadly. Even if it wasn’t BotW2, most people here expected there to be some Switch Pro exclusives. I think I’m one of the only people who remembers the Switch is in the middle of it’s life cycle, so I’ve always been sceptical of a new Switch console.

@Clyde_Radcliffe That made me laugh aloud. 👏

@MichaelP The upsides of OLED aren't really that affected by screen size; it will still look much sharper than LCD.

@Slowdive I know I was sceptical about the more powerful/'Pro' end rumours, but I'm surprised as well. It does feel more of an attempt to fix a couple of the design misses from 2017, and maybe improve the Switch's reputation as Nintendo's most plasticky product

@RupeeClock Yeah. I really hope it turns into a monster when docked with 8K output like the rumors said. That would be wild.

It would automatically upscale everything to 8K and output very detailed games like it has a NVIDIA RTX 3090. I could even use it as my main PC with homebrew, I guess.

I had zero expectation of a switch pro. It made no sense to segment customers. Also 4k games would've meant much larger download files which I do not want. This is a much better update. Great job nintendo!

So the real question is, does it run games the same when it's undocked? A lot of games run horribly undocked on the OG switch, which is especially frustrating when playing online games.

@danemord as one of those people, I can say that I'm genuinely surprised. Of course, this new model doesn't seem to have 4K or any increase in performance when docked like people were so sure of before E3 season, when the rumors were at a fever pitch. So maybe we can just buy the White Dock and Joy Con for our non-OLED Switches.

Wait....where the heck is the extra horsepower.....this can't be right

I was really hoping for a Switch Pro as of recently but... I wished there was more spec features like shorter loading times or better graphics... I barely use my Switch in anything other than TV mode, so LAN being a feature is nice, but more of a niche than anything. Maybe they will make another model that focuses more on specs in the future!

@TSR3 There's likely some conflation of information that happened, and it'll be interesting to follow as things progress. A very large part turned out to be correct, but the one thing most of us were looking forward to the most (increase of power) didn't happen (so far)...

@HamatoYoshi any improvement on specs are going to be saved for switch 2 which is basically 2 years away so this announcements just proves switch pro is not happening.

@BabyYoda71 I was expecting the equivalent of a mid gen "pro" version, akin to what Sony (PS4 Pro) and Microsoft (One X) did last gen. Still the same games across both, but some visual resolution/performance improvements and features. This is the same resolution with different screen... But now we know this is just a worthless revision for existing owners and we will just be waiting 2 more years for Switch 2.

@BananaBoy640 where basically 2 years away from switch 2 just wait till then and besides i rather not have nintendo get into bad habits like sony and microsoft does by pumping out mid upgrades every few years.

Is old dock compatible with Switch Oled and is the new dock compatible with old Switch ?

I will save for a 4K unit. This small upgrade isn't enough to justify getting this model for the price tag.

Providing the dock works for both then it's a guaranteed buy for me, although having Nintendo on the box pretty much does that.

And a very big 'HA HA HA' to all the people that listened to the rumours and are now disappointed about a missing detail, more fool you.

If you own a switch , this basically become useless which im fine with

Welp, that won't justify an upgrade. I like the new dock though!

@dew12333 hAhAhA! Let's celebrate a meaningless revision instead of an actual improvement! Yay us... SMDH

This is the smartest move that Nintendo could make. Release an upgrade that will not separate the audience. All games and accessories can be played on all devices in the Switch family. This is just going to push the console higher in total units sold in comparison to the Nintendo DS. This should help the Switch sell about 160 million units when it's all said and done.

@Amin_Parker You mean release an upgrade that isn't even an upgrade?

People expecting this revision to suddenly jump up to 4K have lost the plot. The cost alone would be insane never mind Nintendo's snail like pace to updating to new technology.

I'm surprised there is no power upgrade. I wasn't expecting 4k 60 FPS but I was hoping to be able to play games like BOTW without the random huge FPS drops. There are certain areas in that game that never reach 30 FPS. I at least figured we would get a modest power boost to enhance the performance of current games.

I definitely won't be buying this and will hold out for a proper revision.

so how many articles has NL written switch pro coming soon switch pro next quater etc etc. People said they will just improve screen. Taking bets how long before the switch pro oled articles start.

Switch 2 I guess in a few years whenever the shortages end... If ever.

To me it's the same as announcing a white color switch. That's it...

Awesome. That means no exclusives and I can keep my current switch comfortably for the next 3-4 years and play all the upcoming games without needing to upgrade. Thats all I wanted.

Looking back at all the Switch Pro rumors, they appear to have nailed some of the cosmetic elements (7-inch OLED screen, better kickstand, LAN port, same dimensions as current Switch) but got the internal completely wrong (no DLSS, 4K support, better CPU/memory).

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why must Nintendo make us wait longer for a the switch pro! They made us wait for a long time, and they tried to make us feel better and release a newer switch model so that we could wait... LONGER!!! Yes, it is a very nice version of the switch, but still, why make us wait longer!!

@Slowdive I reckon this could make an Orin upgrade more likely, as I don't think Orin will be ready until 2022 at the earliest. But we may have to wait another year plus for a really upgraded Switch,

@Trmn8r The not scale it to dock resolution make sense though, portable PC themselves couldn't even support resolution higher than 720p. Portable PCs like the AYA Neo, GPD Win 3, and OneXPlayer all had overpower specs but kept the resolution at 720p. Through docking they could go up to 4K, the only portable PC that did feature 1080p in Portable mode is the Smach Z which the Phawx had test run.

Though it works on a 1080p resolution, the framerates suffer dropping down to even 15fps and had tremendous amount of input lags and performance latency. This is why all portable PC now only capped at 720p so the framerate could stay steady reducing input lag and keep latency low. This is also why Switch is capped at 720p and all high tech phones are capped at that resolution as well. The reason the Smach Z never got release was cause of that resolution issue.

They try so hard to go ahead but in the end failed cause the tech just wasn't there yet and still isn't. They used modern gen tech and specs but try to go forward with resolution which just doesn't work very well on a portable scale yet. They also had to deal with cooling and battery issue as well cause doing 1080p, that made the thing heat up too fast which obviously not good for portable on the go play and suck up battery faster than a Game Gear which also not good for portable play.

@Trmn8r this is the reason why not to trust rumors people end up getting burned which proved to be true after this announcemnt.

I'm fine with my lauch Switch then. My wallet lives to see another day, thanks Nintendo!

this isn't the rumoured Switch Pro, it's just a normal switch with OLED screen. and more expensive! there's another device in the works (Nvidia Orin based) but whether that's the Pro or Switch 2 and when that comes remains to be seen.

This is sleek as heck! Love it. A few journos and leakers are sweating right now lol. If anyone is disappointed by this, they only have themselves to blame lol.

So this is simply called Switch OLED?! And is that all the improvements? It even still has driftcon issues in all probability. No improvements or upgrading of processing power? How underwhelming! Not going to upgrade any time soon.

We set ourselves up for disappointment. I have a base model from 2017, so I may bite for better battery life. Hopefully the price isn't ridiculous. Also wonder how pokemon Arceus will do with no help from new hardware? Maybe they should delay that game so we get a competent release

how much will this cost anyways?

@Rich10 Feels a little more like "I'll take your dildo Nintendo."

@Cikajovazmaj I'm right there with you.

Interesting… Here’s my take. I truly do believe a switch Pro is coming. But not yet. It’s like Apple releasing an S version of their iPhone line before the next big release. They need to buy time and snag sales for Christmas

What a pathetic, uninspired shame! I would have been more excited to hear that Mario got an Only Fans page than this Switch 2.5.1 announcement.

@Trmn8r I celebrate pretty much anything nintendo do which is pretty much what I said in my comment. What I feel about this new revision is very little really, like you say there isn't much of an upgrade, but my old switch is getting a bit clunky now and I also play in two rooms so I would have bought another switch. Now I can do my usual of getting any new nintendo console on day one and get the new switch anyway.

Was you hoping the upgrade was going to be enough so you could get COD and GTA on it, lol

No change to docked mode, I’ll stick with my launch switch. I’m kind of relieved.

My Switch is semi broken so I’ll probably buy one. I can’t deny I’m disappointed it’s not more powerful, but I love oled screens.

@Ghost_of_Hasashi I’ve been following the news, thanks for parroting what the site is already reporting on. I’m still disappointed that it’s just a screen update and not something that can play the software in an improved state.

As someone who plays nearly exclusively in handheld, the larger screen & far superior OLED is really going to be nice. This is definitely not a upgrade most Switch owners need, especially those with the v2 Switch. If you are a day 1 OG Switch owner (like myself) or looking to buy your 1st Switch, this is easily the way to go.

Side question: so what game gets the OLED Switch special edition first? Pokemon: BD/SP, Metroid Dread, BotW2, etc?

This was never going to be 4k. Pipe dream! Why would they care? Nintendo games sell looking like they do now, slightly upgraded Wii U games.

@alwaysasn general consumer doesn't give a flying f##k about specs mate

Well done nintnedo you just made the worst mid console upgrade ever 😂 seriously though.... What's the point?

@TMNHertl my thoughts exactly

I'd very surprised if this does not launch with a Metroid Dread limited edition Switch OLED.

I guess I can finally upgrade the micro SD on my regular switch if this is all the next model will be

i am absolutely basking in the misery of everyone who blindly believed all the articles on this site, got whipped into a frenzy, went into full “Gamer Mode” complete with unrealistic expectations and even a totally fake name (Switch Pro)

when it comes to consumer products let this be a lesson.

1) Nintendo seems have learned a lesson from the "New" 3ds mess that segregated the community because of games that ran like trash or not at all on the original model.

2) This allows people to ease into getting an updated system, although it's not necessary if you're content with your current set-up.

Not going to rush to get it. Might get it for Xmas or even next year, after my Switch turns five in April

Not impressed. I'm still going to get it since I could use the upgrade (had my Switch since day one) but they could have done more with it. Ah well...

I play exclusively so the better screen isn’t that exciting. I do like the white color of the joy-cons though.

@RhiannonRune It would cost you £6 to upgrade the OG Switch to the 64gb this has.

You could splash out a whole £10 and have yourself 96gb to play with!

Soooo not much is changing eh!

Thank goodness I don't need a new system for Botw2 (and the titles after it). And the same rubbish analogue sticks I see?

A wonder though that it isn't a new Switch Lite model. I thought, maybe they are phasing out the system with the detachable joy-cons?

What a complete letdown... The fact that they aren't addressing joy-con drift whatsoever in this model, even quietly with a new design for the control stick, is just pathetic at this point.

@ChandlerKeith19 Yeah, I'm quite confused about the graphics part since it's basically the only rumor that wasn't true... unless it was mistaken with a successor to Nintendo Switch

The one day I don't check this first thing, and this happens!

I ran to all the store carts and don't see pre-orders. I assume they haven't opened yet? Do we know anything about when they do open? (It's probably answered above, but I figured I'd race to the comments before using my brain because this is the internet.)

@Willsy I couldn't disagree more. I've worked in consumer electronics for over a decade. General consumer doesn't care about CPU names our voltage, but the very much care about YoY changes to devices.

Switch came out 4 years ago. 4k was still relatively niche.

But today most new TVs are 4k standard. Consumer doesn't care about the custom Tegra chip, but they Def care about if this new one will give them the new features everyone else touts.

@marnelljm Where you at buddy? Remember a few weeks back you said Nintendo wouldn't release anything. I see you hiding now huh? Ahahahaha LMAO!

@dew12333 I was hoping they could do the existing docked 1080p on handheld in the year 2021. But no, a 720p OLED in 2021 is totally acceptable.... Durr yeah I wanted muh GTA V and CODs.. I So mAd I gets no CODs... Ok Bro...

@Nin10Doe They were right. This is essentially nothing.

@Nin10Doe Not a 4k model, so no it’s not a “Switch Pro”. Still holding that L son.

No, thank you. My old 32 gb is fine, thanks.

@infernogott Well, at least they've focused on what's important and improved the screen and sound which I never use, for fear of messing up my joy con...

@Ghost_of_Hasashi Huh? My outdated Galaxy S9 displays 2k (1440p). There is no excuse to not push the already docked 1080p on an OLED screen more than twice as big as my phone.

@rjejr Well, we got the name wrong, since February 2017. It's not Switch Pro, or -=NEW=- Nintendo Switch, or Super Switch, or Switch Go. It's Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). Do I win the cookie? I got it closest. I said it would be called Nintendo Switch (newest version). That's kinda close, right?

What's sad is, because that's all they did, we STILL have to fight off all the "There is no Switch Pro, Nintendo will never launch a Switch Pro" naysayers on a daily basis even while they launch the new machine.

Also, a new screen, new speakers, and the LAN port Sakurai told everyone they needed 3 years ago. That's it, thank you for watching!

I’ll just stick with my perfect condition current one.

Maybe 5% of my playtime is handheld. And my battery capacity is still nearly full. While the OLED would look amazing, I don’t see the point of upgrading to this since I wouldn’t get to enjoy it 95% of the time.

i think $349 is probably fair for this new unit. Bigger screen, double the onboard storage etc. A true Switch Pro would have been more, like $399 or higher. They should have called it Switch XL or something. I am not surprised at no increase in processing power etc. They never really took advantage of the New 3DS power increase. Even though I think the price is fair, I will not being buying the OLED version. I have q Lite for handheld play and a regular Switch for playing on the TV. I'd rather use a Lite since its weight is lighter.

So basically the doubters, like me, were right. We all knew some kind of hardware refresh / new SKU was coming - mainly because nVidia is supposedly ending manufacture of the Tegra X1 this year - but, we knew it was not going to be a super-powerful-4K Switch, that has exclusive games of its own.

The real Switch 2 is likely coming in about 2 years. It doesn't really make much sense to pump so much tech and R&D in to an interim product, that will basically have a 2 year shelf life.

This is a pretty sleek model. I play undocked so the bigger and better screen is a major plus. As is the improved storage.

So, i can see the pixel with more color? Come on… i’m waiting for a little cpu bump! 😭

@grougrou @rob3r7o well there is written only "custom tegra proccesor" not which specific tegra rpoccesor. it could be newer more powerful one than the one in current switch v2

@UltimateOtaku91 I mean it has a lan port. Sakurai politely said Smash sucks without a lan port. So there's that?

Quietly, I assume there's a slight hardware upgrade inside. There always is. They're just not advertising it and it's not "notable" but I'm going to bet the eShop actually runs smoothly on it for example. Some games probably end up with smoother framerates as well (something tells me MH Stories 2 was designed for this hardware. It runs on Switch like it's running on "the old model") But I bet it has a modest performance bump at least for the UI and eShop at a minimum. Currently it's embarrassing, and that was a main stated reason for N3DS.

But basically, yeah, it's just a handheld with a screen that isn't hot garbage. So I'm interested, to me Switch is just a handheld. When I'm sitting on the couch I reach for the XB/PS unless it's a special game.

Huh, neat. Think I'll stick with my current model though. I picked up a 400GB micro SD awhile back so my storage concerns are a distant memory. The bigger screen is cool, but I never had issue with the screen size on the standard model.

Oh wow it has a new kickstand! Better go out and buy it!

This upgrade is weak. The system needs more horsepower.

Don't mind me, just pointing and laughing at everyone that expected a Pro. Maybe this will finally make this site stop milking Pro rumors?

People here sad/angry/dissapointed that the Super Mega Pro Switch RUMOR was only that, a RUMOR.

Why would Nintendo release a new switch with improved processing when it is selling that crazy? That will happen when sales start to go down which is not the case.

This goes in line with the revisions they do to their mobile hardware (the Switch is still a mobile console) just giving it small improvements until the successor comes.

And that will take some time.

People that are disappointed by this might fail to realize that the Switch is still selling like sliced bread and there is no incentive for Nintendo to catch up on the power, resolution and what not.

This is a nice upgrade for people that still did not get a NSW, or looking for some on the go upgrades, or better connectivity (Lan) and better internal storage, making sure, they can have all those titles that require further downloads, without quickly resorting to an SD card.

I am also one of the few rocking a HD ready TV, because I inherited it from my late father and don't see the need to upgrade and produce more ewaste. I'd wager that there are some households equally not rocking a better tv either for the lack if funds or necessity, but ai contend that this is mere speculation.

Also people seem to forget that the console is still more or less a tablet and will never display 4k, or close to it. 1440p will probably also be out of reach with an updated console, too.

At the end of the day, I just want to plug in a cartridge and play a game, which the Switch does.

My problem with the Pro model rumors has always been - what processor is gonna power it? For the original Switch, it was obvious they'd use Nvidia's silicone that was already in the Shield (TV and tablet) product range at that time. But I follow Android news and afaik there hasn't been any successor to that that's been announced in the intervening years. In fact I have no idea if Nvidia has any interest in producing a mobile-focused processor with good graphical capabilities again, because the Android tablet market simply isn't lucrative enough to warrant such an investment imho, that's why they haven't released any new tablet models in years.

To all the optimistic people saying this OLED model will be sightly upgraded computing-wise, which CPU / GPU combination are you betting on?

@Trmn8r At least it plays Fortnite for you kiddo

Just a new screen? No upgraded resolution or anything? Lame. I can't see this running games the base Switch couldn't, so the rumor about third parties pushing Nintendo to reveal this so they could reveal exclusive games sounds like BS now. Welp, we can look forward to evaporating third party support.

Meh, my vanilla Switch is perfectly fine so I'll pass.

Also, trust Nintendo to once again NOT give people what they want lol

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Controller updates arrive with Version 12.1.0

The rumours were (sort of) true!

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Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Announced, Out in October - IGN

IGN 06 July, 2021 - 08:05am

The upgraded machine – which many had taken to calling the 'Switch Pro' when it was being rumoured ahead of this announcement – features a larger 7-inch OLED screen (but the size of the console is unchanged from the base Switch model), a wider, adjustable base stand, enhanced audio, 64GB of internal storage, and a wired LAN port in the dock.

Contrary to previous reports, the new model doesn't appear to offer 4K TV output, or improve performance. The new OLED screen, while providing an improved picture contrast, remains a 1280x720 resolution screen. Battery life remains the same as the improved base Switch model from 2019, at an estimated 4.5-9 hours.

Update: Nintendo has confirmed to The Verge that the OLED Model does not include a new CPU, or more RAM compared to previous Switch models.

Existing Switch docks, Joy-Cons, and other accessories will remain compatible with the new OLED model. The new Switch dock is also compatible with older Switch models, including its wired LAN port.

The new Switch has been timed to release on the same day as Metroid Dread, but no bundle has yet been announced. The trailer for the new model (above) shows yet-to-be released games like Metroid Dread, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, and Splatoon 3, but all footage appears to be pre-existing.

Despite saying that it was focusing on existing Switch models, and saying it wouldn't announce a new model 'anytime soon' in February, reports continuously emerged about a new model of the hybrid console. We'd previously heard that the upgraded model would come with a larger screen and 4K output, and that it would offer improved graphics, support Nvidia DLSS, and would come in at a higher price point. It remains to be seen whether another new model is on the way.

Nintendo had a record-breaking year in 2020, driven by huge sales of Switch and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and is reportedly expecting to break that record again this year. That could be in part to do with the release of a new Switch, and getting existing owners to upgrade. The only impediment might be the ongoing global semiconductor shortage, which currently means Nintendo can't physically make enough Switch consoles.

New Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 12.1.0 Adds New Storage Space System Functionality; New Encryption Master Key Seemingly Introduced

Wccftech 06 July, 2021 - 02:02am

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 12.1.0 has been rolled out, which adds a new storage space system functionality.

Aside from the usual general system stability improvements in all of Nintendo’s system update, the new firmware version allows Switch users to easily delete (from either the internal storage of microSD) the update data of software in case there isn’t enough space available to download a new update.

In addition, it appears that the Switch’s operating system was updated, and as spotted by Switch dataminer “OatmealDome”, Nintendo has seemingly introduced a new encryption master key in order to combat modding and hacking.

You’ll find the official release notes for this new Switch firmware version down below. The system update will be automatically downloaded if you have this option enabled. The update can be downloaded manually via the system settings menu.

The Nintendo Switch is available globally now. The popular hybrid platform was released back in March of 2017. Recent rumors claim that Nintendo is gearing up to release a more powerful new Switch model later this year with 4K functionalities in docked mode. Nintendo has yet to officially announce this ‘New Nintendo Switch’ model.

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