Nintendo's OLED Switch is the right move, just not for you


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When will switch OLED be available for preorder?

We can assume that it's standard practice for pre-orders to be available two months prior to a console launch. If Nintendo follows this practice, expect to pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED model in August 2021 before the October 8, 2021 launch. InverseNintendo Switch OLED pre-order date, price, and retailers to order from

How much is the new switch OLED?

The Nintendo Switch OLED will be available on October 8, 2021, and it costs $349.99 / £309.99 / AU$539. TechRadarNintendo Switch OLED release date, price, specs, and why it's not 4K

"realistically, he’d be on a toilet"

Nintendo revealed its Switch OLED with another one of those lifestyle commercials - showing people playing it in real life.

It starts off with a guy spending some time with Metroid Dread on the couch (believable), a woman by the pool enjoying the new Zelda title (again, could happen), and then we get to a man who enters his home and begins to play the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake on a wooden bench in the hallway. What?!

Marketing companies are often known for inserting some odd scenes in tech trailers, but in this case, the scene in question seems to have tipped social media over the edge. A tweet highlighting this "absurd scenario" in the 2:36 minute trailer has blown up with more than 26K Likes - with a lot of responses mentioning how it's driving them bonkers.

A lot of other responses have come up with all sorts of reasons as to why he might be doing this, what it might actually mean and others have come to his defence:

What's your own take on the above scene? Was it weird, or can you see yourself playing Pokémon on your Switch OLED (in the hallway) in the near future? Where do you normally play the Switch in your house? And is it in docked or handheld mode? Tell us what you think down below.

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Comments (23)

This is probably even more unrealistic of a scenario than that whole cookout scene from the original Switch reveal trailer lol

Man didn't even like go up to his room or to where his Switch dock is in his entertainment center. He just came home without saying hi to his wife and started playing Pokemon Diamond lol

Although tbf if the game was SMT V I'd be doing the same thing

Well people tell me all the time they play undocked in the house even when TVs are available. This is basically what I picture because any area is absurd to me if there is a free tv.

I mean come on, Who stand there, hurting there back, playing some pokemon in the hallway?

It bothered me more that he kept his shoes on.

@Synecdoche don’t all Americans.

Maybe I'm getting old. Any time I've tried to use my Switch in handheld I end up injuring my back, my neck, and can no longer feel my hands. They keep making those damn fonts smaller as well.

Wow, people are completely missing the obvious here.

See the door under the stairs slightly open? That's where this guy's abusive 60 year old parents force him to live when he's not attending wizard school, and because it's open he knows someone is already in there. So what else is he going to do but get some Switch time in?

Really, it's pretty obvious when you think about it.

@sixrings Not me!

@Synecdoche as an American myself as well... I don't keep my shoes on in the house/apartment/whatever either. If I live there I ain't wearing my shoes all day. I'll only wear them if I need to (like if I need to mop the floor, then sure to make sure I don't slip I might put on some clean shoes, but other than that... I never wear shoes in the house. The closest I get is slippers, and that is very rare as well.)

If you squint into the corner of that photo, you can actually see Sterling diving.

Nintendo's always trying to innovate. The hallway has long been a useless room, used merely for the passage from one useful room to another. Now, with the power of the Switch OLED, it's time to make some USE of that space. #GamesInHallways4Ever

This man OBVIOUSLY cares about correct posture

Man I swear Ninty comes up with memes that make the internet go nuts

I like the ad as a whole. But I thought it was silly and ridiculous too. However, having it pointed out from the POV of a husband and/or dad trying to sneak in some gaming before being asked to switch the laundry or grab the umpteenth snack, I kinda get it and can relate 😂

Basically, we see someone so captivated by the game, he can't even wait to reach [insert appropriate room]. Silly, but purposefully so. Way to mock Nintendo "introducing LAN ports in 2021" when we seem to be discovering hyperboles for the first time this same year.

I think this was Nintendo’s slick way of implying that they know a lot of people sit on the toilet when playing. I’m mean, look at his posture! It looks like he’s squeezing one out and happily doing so.

@Synecdoche Seriously. The wooden bench I laughed at. But who doesn't kick off the shoes when they get home to game.

@Natsura @Synecdoche good work. I never understood bringing the dirt inside.

Sometimes when you're a parent, 5 minutes of hallway or stairway gaming is all you get in a week. Someone there knows how perfect the Switch is for a gaming parent.

Not the man's fault he can't play on the toilet right now, his wife probably taking forever in the bathroom so he has no choice but to play in the hallway😔

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Controller updates arrive with Version 12.1.0

The rumours were (sort of) true!

How does 'Switch OLED' compare to the standard Switch and Switch Lite?

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Talking Point: Where Does The Switch OLED Announcement Leave The Rumoured Switch Pro?

Nintendo Life 08 July, 2021 - 08:14pm

Was it hot air all along, or is it still coming?

This week, Nintendo did its usual thing of shadow-dropping a major announcement on a (largely) unsuspecting world, and now the dust has settled on the reveal of the Switch OLED Model, it's time to ask the vital question: where does that leave the much-rumoured Switch Pro?

In case you somehow missed it, the Switch OLED Model offers a larger 7-inch screen with superior brightness and deeper, more convincing contrast. Nintendo has also included improved speakers, a Microsoft Surface-style kickstand and a LAN port on the redesigned dock – all in a machine that retails for $350. However, there's no boost to the console's power when compared to the original Switch and Switch Lite – and the battery capacity is the same as the original Switch model (to be specific, the improved 2019 iteration), too.

Some of the reports tied to what was believed to be the Switch Pro have been validated by the announcement of the Switch OLED Model. For example, it was reported back in March 2021 that Samsung was mass-producing a 7-inch, 720p OLED panel for the Switch, with the aim to manufacture just under a million units per month and ship the first batch of panels to assemblers by July. This ties in perfectly with the Switch OLED Model's release in October, so the rumours were on the money there – it's just that many people expected the panel to be included in a 4K-ready console (when docked) – and Bloomberg's sources suggested as much. Even Universal Display Corp – the company from which Samsung (and many other firms) licence OLED tech – mentioned Switch Pro reports during its Q1 investors call.

Another rumour was related to the aforementioned kickstand, and that was correct – as was the inclusion of a LAN port on the dock itself. However, the 7-inch OLED panel was also mentioned in this report, which is another indication that some of these sources simply confused the OLED Model for the mythical Switch Pro.

If that's the case – and many people do seem to be satisfied with that explanation – then why were there so many reports (from respected publications like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, lest we forget) indicating that a more powerful Switch variant was in the offing? Why were there reports that 4K output would be included, and why did so many people expect a more powerful system?

This is the company that pumped out six different versions of the 3DS, lest we forget; it's something of a no-brainer to predict another, more powerful model is coming at some point

Rumours that the Switch was getting improved internal hardware have been floating around for ages, and while sources like Bloomberg have claimed on multiple occasions to have spoken to people 'familiar with the matter', it's tempted to suggesting that some 'joining of dots' has taken place here. In March of this year, Nvidia announced that it was ceasing production of the chip which powers the Switch, which fed into earlier rumours that the console would benefit from a better SoC at some point in the near future – that became the Tegra X1 'Mariko', which eventually found its way into the 2019 revision of the Switch and the Switch Lite, but other reports suggested that a totally new chipset was also on the way.

Taking a look at all of the rumours and reports we've seen over the past few years – and taking into account the arrival of the Switch OLED Model – it's easy to see why so many people have turned on those who reported on the rumoured Switch Pro. However, as anyone involved in consumer electronics will tell you, hardware development isn't something that happens in fits and starts, and Nintendo – like any other video game hardware maker – will be working on new concepts and variants all the time.

This, of course, leads us to a 'stopped clock is always right twice a day' situation; those who claim the reports are true will, eventually, be validated because of course Nintendo is working on a new Switch variant. This is the company that pumped out six different versions of the 3DS, lest we forget; it's something of a no-brainer to predict another, more powerful model is coming at some point.

However, there are those who are claiming they've heard the Pro model is still in the works, and is expected in 2022:

The most frustrating thing about all of this from a fan perspective is that everybody might be right when it comes to Switch Pro. We know Nintendo likes to iterate on its portable hardware quite soon after the initial release (let's not forget that the GBA SP arrived less than two years after the release of the original model, while the DS Lite arrived on the scene 15 months after the 2004 launch of the 'phat' version) and it's not beyond the realm of possibility that a Pro model was intended to arrive much sooner than planned.

With COVID-19 gripping the world from the start of 2020 onwards and the incredible (perhaps unexpected?) sales momentum of Switch, it could simply be that Nintendo altered its plans in response to real-world conditions (and that's not to mention the ongoing global chip shortage, which would make putting a new, more powerful chipset into mass production even more difficult). This is not a unique thing and happens all of the time in the world of consumer electronics – and it's perfectly possible that one of the 'sources close to the matter' who spoke to the likes of Bloomberg and WSJ was simply relaying the state of affairs within Nintendo's production chain at that particular moment in time.

Also, just because the 7-inch OLED screen, improved kickstand and LAN-ready dock are all parts of the OLED Model, that doesn't mean those same elements won't be part of the Switch Pro, too. In fact, it wouldn't make any sense for Nintendo to revert back to a smaller LCD panel for future Switch SKUs, so you could argue that by releasing a revised base model now, Nintendo is laying down the tracks for a more robust upgrade in the near future.

It's also worth pointing out that as plans change, the goalposts are shifting, too. The Switch will be five years old in 2022, and although Nintendo has predicted a long lifespan for the system, it will be long overdue for an upgrade by that point (some might even argue it was overdue a long time ago). Perhaps the 'Switch Pro' will simply morph into the Switch 2, a complete successor to the original Switch which is less of an incremental update and more a totally overhauled platform.

That's assuming, of course, that Nintendo goes against tradition and sticks with the Switch concept instead of doing what it is so often accustomed to doing, which is attempting to shift the paradigm with a totally new approach, just as it did with the DS, Wii, Wii U and Switch. There's always the chance that Nintendo could drop the hybrid concept and release something entirely fresh, but one would hope that the failure of the Wii U and the fact that Nintendo has carved out a profitable niche which it has entirely to itself would dissuade such action.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting to see if the rumours and reports persist now that the OLED Model has broken cover.

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Comments (107)

Just need to shift the goalposts a bit to keep your "job" I guess!

On one side I hope it's real cause some games like HW:AoC need more power but on the other side I don't hope it's real cause I don't grant those "insiders" to be "right" after claiming there will be one a hundred times

Website that posts dozens of articles about a minor hardware revision within a 48 hour long period wonders if it was "hot air all along".

At this point its more likely to be a switch 2 or something to that degree, maybe like 2 years away. They'll probably pitch it as a sequel console which would at least make the "split" in the user base less, as I reckon they could sell the dock on its own for any upscaling stuff so that current switch models can take advantage of it, but have the actual powered up internals only on the "pro" or whatever it is.


Well according to the vote on here nearly 80% of people still think a Switch Pro is coming, so even in the face of the stark reality that it's not coming and never was, people still refuse to accept it.

It leaves the Switch Pro in Bigfoot's pocket, while he eats some moon cheese with Elvis in Shangri-la.

Hey, if you want to believe in internet rumours that could be written by literally anyone who is bored one night, then you deserve every disappointment coming your way.

There is no switch pro. If anything it's a next gen hybrid coming in 2-4 years or when the switch sales start to decline. Why would Nintendo increase power and cost when the switch is still selling as it is? I dunno.

More and more 3rd party games are sub par when it comes to resolution and frame rate. The Switch needs a beefier SoC and more RAM !! But with current sales figures, I doubt that Nintendo is considering a "Switch Pro" any time soon.

Switch Pro was never real. These leakers just lose more and more credibility every time they move their goalpost back, claiming that it'll come the next year, despite Nintendo seemingly disproving that notion. People are quick to jump on rumors and "Insiders", just because they happen to be "Correct most of the time"... when in actuality, some of these people do get stuff wrong easily, and yet never get their credibility taken down, as most people never seem to pay attention.. or they brush it off like with this Switch Pro thing.

It seems highly unlikely at this point. Come March of next year the switch will be five years old. If I were to guess the switch will be replaced with a new system in 2024. Do we really expect them to release a console refresh with less than two years on the clock? Didn't the ps4 pro launch 2016, only three years into the ps4 life cycle? That gave the pro a repectable four years on the market.

Nope, don't believe a switch pro is in the cards at this point.

It's clear who does and doesn't remember 3DS XL, based on the reaction from gamers and the media. That was a very small upgrade and before the better one. I feel like the timing for Switch more has to do with Nintendo making more money on the original Switch than it was making on 3DS when the XL launched. It's not ideal for early adopters, but it's business.

Also, the OLED model doesn't guarantee we'll get a "New Switch" but it also doesn't preclude that situation, either. I also guarantee when Nintendo does drop the Switch, you'll notice. They will release fewer games for it and that hasn't happened, yet. That will happen, so don't be shocked when it does.

So, if Nintendo follows this exact same pattern with the Switch, the next Switch revision will probably have a little bit more power, emphasis on the little bit.

I think COVID scuppered a slightly beefier Switch. They'll see this OLED versionsells like crazy so they'll just wait until the release of the Switch U now. I assume that's what they'll call the sequel anyway.

In the deepest recesses of everyone's mind, hopefully

I think it's coming, but of course it's a bit further away now. Don't think it will happen until earliest end of 2022

I watched the Digital Foundry review of the announcement and they are convinced the switch pro is in the works - however I agree with them after this that its more and more likely a next gen Switch i.e. Switch 2

I can officially confirm that Nintendo is working on new hardware and will release it . . When they choose to release it! When that releases I can now officially confirm that they are working on new hardware and will release it when they choose to release it. When that releases I can officially confirm that they will work on new hardware and release when . . .xx

@moodycat actually many were pointing to 2022 from the get go and only after bloomberg's report you started to hear more 2021 overall. In the end who knows? But I still wouldn't be surprised with a slight power overall with dlss output in the near future (but not PS4/PS4 pro level as many speculated)

I'm happy the OLED Switch got revealed. I won't be buying one until my current one gives up the ghost, but at the very least, it's cemented my common sense that the Switch is selling far too well to replace.

Now, if I know Nintendo, they can ride the back of this success with a new device with a new gimmick that will incorporate the Switch without replacing it (unless it takes off.) And if it fails, it will get repurposed again. Their next console may look like a Switch and share features, but it won't neessarily be a Switch lol.

But, whatever they have planned for their next hardware, the Switch is nowhere near at the end of it's 15 minutes of fame. So I wouldn't expect anything soon.

As for specs. It might have more specs than the Switch and use DLSS. But come on. These aren't even going to get mentioned in the marketing. It's boring to the blue ocean.

Most Youtubers don't understand Nintendo because they collect everything. Everyone understands SONY and Microsoft because they are a touch more obvious and cynical than Nintendo. It's a shame they insist on pushing their values onto a company more into gameplay.

TL:DR - Who knows what Nintendo would do with the technology rumoured. It doesn't even have to be another Switch if they have a new idea.

The problem, here, is that everyone expects Nintendo to act like a normal company. Nintendo will give us 4K when it's dirt cheap and they have a reason to do it. They'll keep making games that are fun no matter how many pixels are being lit, or how many frames fly by in a second. When the 4K Switch comes, and it probably will eventually, it'll be cheap and everyone else will be boasting about their 8K games.

I think a 4K capable Switch or just Nintendo console in general will end up pointing to Nintendo's next console in general or a Switch successor since I can see Switch becoming a DS-style line of consoles in of itself

Nintendo as of late have always been like a generation behind everyone else in terms of actual spec bumps. It took them three whole consoles to give us a console with an ethernet port. I'm not expecting a 4K Nintendo console until Nintendo flat out makes a new home console or a new Switch

I really don't think they're gonna release 2 new models in the same year. Especially when they'd both be similar-ish in their appeal.

Like who would buy this OLED version if there was a proper Pro version as well? It would be pretty much meaningless.

I’m really mixed tbh. For instance: There never was a Wii Pro, even though that made a lot of sense back then. They released a Wii U, but they should have marketed it as a Wii Pro or Wii HD, something like that.

Maybe there’s no Switch Pro in the works. Maybe something in the line of a Switch U, with a wacky design which is not something a lot of people actually want. An iteration-step, widely considered a failure. Something they release while they work towards an actual new type of console that people will love again. The swii-cube or something.

Nobody knows what Nintendo is up to.

I do believe the Switch OLED is the final* version of the current generation of Switch systems.

If you look at the history of Nintendo's previous handheld systems, this would be about the time for the final version of the system (not counting dsixl or new 2ds). The dsi came out 4 years after the original ds, and 2.5 years before the 3ds (japan dates). The new 3ds (xl) systems came out 3.5 years after the original 3ds and 2.5 years before the switch.

Now, the switch will be about 4.5 years old when the OLED system launches, so it would be logical to conclude that Nintendo's next generation hardware (Switch 2?) would be released about 2 - 2.5 years later. That would make that system release around holiday 2023 - early 2024.

I personally just don't see Nintendo release a Switch "pro" or "new" Switch type system in between that time. Unless the Switch somehow would get a much larger life cycle than previous systems, but I don't see why that would be the case.

*It is possible they will release a new sort of weird unexpected model like the dsixl or new 2ds some time after Switch OLED, but would not really be an upgrade.

I think they for sure got confused with the OLED. I also think a 4k Switch is inevitable, be it as an upgrade much later in life or as a full new Switch 2. I think there's too much demand for Nintendo to just ignore it, but I imagine it's probably not quite where Nintendo wants it quality wise for release. These "leakers" are just going to keep pushing it being immanent until it actually happens. The reality is even if Nintendo has a fully functional prototype OLED with 4k right now it may not ever see the light of day. Backlight Gameboy and GBA with a 3D screen say "hi". But like I said before, the demand for it should have it on Nintendo's radar, people are just too desperate for it to happen NOW to think that maybe it's not as simple as that.

There never was a Switch Pro. Leakers mistakenly merged details of Switch 2 with this OLED Switch. In 2023 we'll get the Switch 2 which gives Switch enough room to become 3rd best selling console hardware ever behind PS2 and DS and possibly even challenge them if there's a price cut and the games keep coming.

@CactusMan Handhelds have and always have been where they retained a massive footprint in the industry even as consoles past the SNES struggled to really capture the high obtained by their inital efforts. Even the most successful competing handhelds like the PSP were still selling a fraction of how well the DS managed to accumulate sales and an install base by end-of-life. The only platform in general that managed to edge it out was PS2, which had been going strong for 4 straight years when DS dropped. The Wii was largely successful due to its targeting of people who don't traditionally play video games but it's not like those people were going to come back to it anyway if they were hooked, which is why the Wii U doing the same thing backfired so spectacularly. Switch tapping into both ecosystems ensured it wouldn't alienate either audience of casual or core gamers which is why it worked way more effectively compared to most prior consoles.

That Twitter user is slightly erroneous, listing the GB and DS families like that. GB, GBC, GBA are all different generations, same with the DS and 3DS families. They are not simple revisions like the PS4 and PS4 Pro, or the DS and DSi.

We can say for sure that Nintendo is already working on it's next system right now. The DLSS rumor makes sense to me. This technology could boost Nintendo Switch, or Switch's, succesor at a low cost. Who is familiar with the technology on Nvidia's RTX cards knows that it delivers impressive results. That said, in my opinion, Nintendo will stick to the current Switch model, with minor upgrades like this OLED model, until the sales starts to dwindle. Only then they will show their next console, be it Switch Pro, Switch 2, or something else.

@-Juice- I'd say GBC was more iterative of a jump from Game Boy compared to GBA from GBC. GBA was like a proper successor by comparison

I’m thinking it’ll the Switch 2 by 2023. It’s going to be close with Nintendo’s “7-year lifecycle” for the original model. Don’t think there will be a “Pro” model of this version. The OLED model will replace the Switch, the Lite will be updated and the invisible TV-only box will come out after the next version is out.

We need to stop seeing the Switch as a console, but as a family of devices. Nintendo has been adding to the family (or slightly upgrading) every two years. By 2023, I think we will see the Switch 2, plus a Lite revision (or second one with rumble, newer specs and new screen) and the OLED version (maybe with a slight specs change) will be the entry level hybrid system.

So Switch Pro rumours are now really information on the Switch 2 from this point onwards in my view.

It's not crazy to believe that someone heard about a "new Switch with 7-inch OLED screen" one day, then heard about a "new Switch with 4K DLSS + better processor" on the next day, and then proceeded to assume that both rumors were referencing the same product, when in actuality they were different things.

Switch Pro either exists and is releasing in 2022, or it doesn't exist and we'll just have to wait for the Switch 2 in 2023/2024. Either way, I doubt the Bloomberg/Vandal rumors of a Switch with 4K DLSS were completely made up when those same rumors accurately pointed to a Switch with a 7-inch OLED screen.

Do we really need 19 articles about the OLED? You guys sure are milking this hardcore.

i wouldnt be surprised if we got a "new3ds" type situation sometime down the line (such as if the chip shortage ever improves) though im not expecting it to be some super jump in specs.

in the case of these rumors it feels like for quite a few people it was less a case of people believing they were true but more hoping they were true.

for me whether it ends up being a "new switch" or "switch 2" im hoping they do stick with the switch concept due to its emphasis on choice and being the only dedicated handheld currently on the market (rip vita) players being able to choose how they play also makes it one of nintendos most accessible systems (since supporting multiple control methods is vital for things like adaptive controllers)

@moodycat yeah I don’t think it’s gonna come in 2022. It might but now it is unlikely

I think it's pretty obvious that it doesn't exist. A lot of noise got passed around enough until it became 'fact', when the reality is that this is the fabled upgrade that was due. A beefier unit in the future certainly isn't out of the question, but let's not pretend like the dream of a 'real' Switch Pro is still alive.

It never was a thing and never will be. The next console they release will be either another partner console to the current Switch family or their next gen system. Children online just got overexcited by fake rumours and people trying to gain views and clicks.

Of course it's still coming. It's Nintendo's recent M.O. - just look at the 3DS "family" of consoles.

Nintendo isn't going to abandon the Switch after one console cycle, keeping in the portable market is key to them. A Switch 2 seems like the best option

I have a very hard time believing that the rumors of a more powerful Switch were entirely fabricated. To me it seems more likely that plans changed when Nintendo was unable to source enough parts to produce a "Pro" model in the quantity that it would have desired and rather than angering fans like Sony has with the PS5, decided to delay or (please God, no) cancel the "pro" model and settle for a more conservative approach for now.

Re the Nvidia ceasing production at the end of this year rumour . It was just a sole rumour, and Nvidia never announced it. Considering there is a new SKU of the Switch which is still using the Tegra X1+ 'Mariko' SoC, we should now consider that this particular rumour is now disproved.

A person didn’t need the rumors to have suspected the nature and exact timing (summer, post-E3) of the most recent upgrade announcement. Nintendo has a long history of tinkering with their handheld displays and regularly releasing those slight upgrades.

What Nintendo doesn’t have a history of doing is upping resolution within a generation. I would bet that remains the case. So I’m extremely sceptical 4K output was ever really slated for production under the current banner.

What remains possible, looking at history (and Nintendo loves to repeat history), is a processor upgrade giving a performance boost. But probably as usual, it won’t really be that greatly supported and we’ll all still be looking to the Switch 2 to bring the real performance + software upgrade from Nintendo.

We’ve done this song and dance all before

is your fault that your keep feeding the Switch Pro rumors, Switch Pro is not real, Switch sucessor in 2023/2024

It leaves it in the bin 🤷🤷🤷🤷

Didn't really care before, certainly don't care now...

Further we get less sense it makes, better off saving money for Switch 2 now.

Imagine the outrage from Switch OLED owners if they announced a 'pro' in the next 6 months to a year.

@GrailUK except that Switch is already in the half of it lifecycle, so we can expect a sucessor in 2023/2024

Please stop. Please. Just for a month. One month of a Switch Pro reprieve. I'm tired. So tired of seeing Switch Pro everywhere. It's not happening. Not until 2023 at the earliest. Please stop.

Only non Nintendo employees said there would be a "Switch Pro"" so I cant be upset at anything.

@Giancarlothomaz Timing is based on it's sales, not some half way point that to be honest might not have been reached yet. I'll keep harping on about this, but software sells consoles. And I wouldn't put too much emphasis on AAA. That's SONY and Microsoft's fight. And none of us here have spent a huge some of money on the trajectory. Heck, if it has a single bad month, everyone will start to panic like sheep lol.

I think either they got the specs confused with the Switch 2 or they planned a proper Switch Pro but the chip shortage changed their plans. Either way, I think it's too late for a Switch Pro and the 4K DLSS model will now be the successor.

I also don't blame fans for getting upset with the OLED not having a performance upgrade, as Nintendo handhelds have always had an upgrade of some sorts and the base Switch's specs are looking outdated at this point. Even without the rumors, a Switch Pro would've been expected at this point.

Well now there's 4 versions of the Switch from 2017-2021 already with only 2018 not getting one. So will next here have a different version too, yeah.

@Lordplops Literally the best comment of all time on a Nlife Media or ReedPop website.

Switch Pro probably is coming still, I would guess maybe late 2022 or beginning of 2023

@The_New_Butler This, so much.

That sounds like a good way to alienate your customers.

And yes, I know the DS happened in 2004 and the Game Boy Micro in 2005, but those were completely different systems.

To those thinking they should keep making the old-it's not going to happen they stopped making those chipsets. The have to make a new update hardware with a beefer GPU and CPU and more storage to compensate for this. The OLED is like a 3DS XL to New 3DS XL model. And guess what came after line the Switch that came out in 2017. So this is like the 3DS XL saga and a new Switch is Developing or in Development testing stage already. They aren't going to keep sourcing outdated chipsets that would be dumb to do that when Nvidia is moving on with more GPU power capabilities. So no Rumors aren't Dead because a OLED came out it does indicate this will be the last model to have such upgrade before a new one comes out since the Chipset is the same as v2 with a Display update and More Ram. That does nothing in Performance and Display upgrade when the GPU is the same GPU as v2. So buying this only means you spent all that and when the actual 3rd Gen comes out then you got stuck with a outdated Hardware already.

The Switch Pro was never in the cards, it was impossible from the day the first baseless rumor cropped up.

Please stop promoting things that just get people mad for no reason.

I feel like this is just a precursor model. Like they planned to do this even if there was a pro. The Switch itself is flawed and needed a revision, it needed a base model refresh. I will not be surprised if by this time next year there will no longer be a Switch SKU and just the OLED SKU remained. We might see a revision of the Switch Mini as well. Just to bring all three units in line with the OLED standard. The OLED unit will slip to 300. So we'll see revision 1 heavily discounted as they try to clear out inventory and they'll lock the oled model at 300.

Switch Pro will come a little after that point with either a 350 or 400 dollar price point. I say 350 because I have expect the oled model to drop in price by then as well.

I can see a Lite OLED with docking option that would be the biggest change until a more Beefed GPU comes out.

And their votes matters to NIN.

Pro was and probably is just Nintendo doing R&D for the successor console. Of course they're looking into the tech now, it takes years to plan these things out. But don't expect Pro or Switch 2 or Neo Switch or whatever it'll be for a few more years. Certainly not til BoTW2 and Metroid Prime 4 have landed. Even then they'll sit on the tech til the market starts to slow for the current Switch. imo.

@SwitchForce from a poll of 6000 people. Hardly a definitive reason the Oled is dead is it? From a userbase of 80 Million+ Hmmm.

It never existed. I personally expected a Switch2, but when that will happen...

They'll be able to talk about 60 FPS vs 30 FPS type gameplay, and they'll use those games to talk about those differences.

I think the Switch OLED (which one article rumored the exact updates before E3, not even making any mention of visual upgrades) is just an updated model like the one in 2019 with a better battery life was. This one has the screen, and an updated dock.

Speaking of the LAN port though, do we know what the allowed speeds are on it?

Oh, and I think the Switch OLED will of course replace the $299.99 Switch model, and my guess is the Switch OLED will be the only one docked version you can find during the holidays, assuming it isn't sold out.

The Switch OLED is the Switch Pro, everyone was just way off mark and believing whatever new rumour popped up each day. People need to accept Nintendo doesn't want to turn away from 80M+ users .

@Dethmunk They are far indicator of what's to come and where do you think whom gets better Switch extra games for? No NA I can tell you that. That's a far better realistic expectation.

There was another user in another article, that said that the reason Nintendo went for the OLED screen, was that production of LCD had ceased.

He also said that the computer chip "situation" had made Nintendo postpone the Pro, waiting for that same chip situation to get better. If he's right I don't know, but it does kinda make sense IMO.

Personally I hope that a Pro Switch would be able to play Xbox 360 games through emulation (there was a rumour not long ago about some Nintendo/Microsoft collaboration after all).

More pertinent is where does it leave folk who backed a Switch version of (can't remember the name) where the developers said they hope it will work on the next gen Switch.

It's Project Cars all over again...

This OLED model release gives me a strong indication that the chip shortage playes a role, and possibly by the time the chips recover, Nintendo will look to the Switch 2 after Sony/Microsoft have had their fun finally with their shiny new systems. At this point we're likely 2 years out at least for a Pro/2/etc.

I'm not saying this is definitely what's happening, but unless the "nearing end of production" bit is completely false, I actually find a Switch Pro coming shortly after this OLED to not just be possible, but likely. That said, what do I have to lose if I'm wrong? I'm not buying the OLED model, so I suppose a slightly bigger screen and hardline connection, which I wouldn't use anyway.

I mean, at this point, we're approaching the 5 year mark for the Nintendo Switch, would anybody really be surprised if an improved model comes out? Nintendo has already told us that this will be a longer console generation for them, and they have already released 4 different Switch models in 4 years, so the surprise would be if there isn't a 5th next year, and this time, the chances are very high that it's going to be a more powerful one.

That said, I'm not too sure about the 4K/DLSS thing, I don't know of a mobile device that runs on battery that has a SOC with tensor cores, but just logically thinking Nvidia is definitely working towards something like that, be it for Nintendo, themselves, or for another company, so it is within the realm of possibility for sure.

Regardless of what happens in the end, the Switch is already my favourite console of all time overall, so I am very happy with it, and more Switch is good news no matter what it turns out to be.

In all seriousness, you have to be really stupid to still believe in those rumors. All those "insiders" have lost all credibility, and if you still believe them, you deserve to be tricked every single day of your life. I think people are starting to call put those a**holes, good. Nintendo will release a new console now on 2024, with the OLED being released. No need to change consoles in the next couple of years.

@Edu23XWiiU Have they really lost all credibility, though? I mean, Bloomberg was pretty much spot on, on every single thing, except for the improved chip, which might still very much be a thing in production, just not in this model in specific. It's not like they have the console in front of them, they are going by hearsay.

@Edu23XWiiU There was one report that mentioned all the "upgrades" in the OLED, and nothing more. It was basically this exact model that was in one of the rumors, and not any of the 4K stuff.

The fact there is a new model coming out, I think shows the rumors are probably onto something. Bloomberg had the other info, and another rumor had this info. Both could be absolutely correct, as at least one of them had the OLED screen and LAN port as upgrades mentioned (again, it didn't mention any visual/chip upgrade in the system) and a "new" system is releasing this year.

I never expected a Switch Pro...what would it even be, and why for? If I want high end graphics and performance I do not go to Nintendo. And their 'art style' and 'cartoon style' do not require 'Pro' hardware. I think this iteration style will keep going until theres a million diff switches all running on old tegras.

@YoungLink64 A Switch Pro would be for me, someone who likes the Switch because not only does it run Nintendo titles, but it runs a good number of third party titles that I can play anywhere. I'm not spending hundreds on another video game console.

I still think it could be on it's way, just not quite yet. I remember reading around somewhere, I can't remember were, stating that the reason the Pro version could be taking longer was do to a chip shortage.

Answer this question and you know a little more about the Pro being on its way.

Would Nintendo release a Pro Switch in say six months knowing fans may buy the Oled version now, but really wanted a Pro model. Would they be that thoughtless to its customers? Yes I think so.

I think this Oled version is just an up dated version of the existing Switch, and Nintendo will stop production of the Basic Switch by the end of the year. So looking ahead to 2022 the Pro will surface with Zelda BotW, maybe a year from now.

Maybe there was a pro model and maybe because of supply constraints it was trimmed down to this thing. Probably the "pro" or advanced Switch will be either the Switch 2 or whatever ends up being the successor, hopefully something that is completely backwards compatible.

@kingbk so u want a switch 'pro' to play in handheld? not being rude just trying to figure out

I think one of these two scenarios are the most likely:

1) There were two models in the works at the same time to begin with, the OLED Model and an upcoming successor "Switch 2", and leakers or reporters simply confused the two as one and the same.

2) Nintendo did mean to release a "Switch Pro", but abandoned the idea due to prevailing circumstances, and released the OLED Model to tide the market over until they were ready to release either a "Switch Pro" or "Switch 2".

If they had to course correct and shift the focus from an incremental upgrade to a successor, then it will likely still be a couple of years until a "Switch 2" is ready to rock.

@SwitchForce Did i once say i'm buying it? No i didn't and i have zero plans too. What i'm saying is all these rumours about a Switch Pro were ultimately about the OLED. There is no 4K/60FPS PS4 level Switch Pro coming and never was, knowing Nintendo and how they do things i bet the Switch 2 won't be at the level all the fake clickbait rumours saying the Switch Pro was going to be.

80M+ Switch's are out there, Nintendo has zero reason to waste time, resources and money on something they don't need out there. In 2 or 3 years time the true "next gen" Nintendo console will be out so why bother with the mythical Switch Pro.

All the crybaby Nintendo fans moaning about the lack of Switch Pro and how games like MHS2 are "unplayable" are the same people defending the Switch's lack of power for the last 4 years and how its fine because handheld gaming (now everyone is docked player i see now). They got sucked into clickbait Youtubers pulling sh*t out of there a*s and random Twitter posts and Reddit posts making rumours up. Nintendo promised nothing and set zero expectations, yet again the Internet convinced itself something was happening despite there being no real evidence to support anything.

@Meteoroid DLSS was a Christmas wish, used to justify for all those Pro dreamers the existence of 4k output. Anchored on zero real ground. Nivdia is not letting any other manufacturer having their hand on this, it's already a major selling point of GCs and their own cloud.

The switch pro was never a thing. It's just some nerd in his mom's basement having a laugh, he spread the rumor and sites like this fell for it. It's called click bait. Nothing more!

At this point what is the point? The true successor is likely right around the corner anyway. Give or take a couple years. Can't you people wait?

What probably happened was that Nintendo realizes that by the time a Switch Pro becomes “economically feasible” it would be time for a Switch 2 so they might be focusing on that.

Who cares about Switch Pro.. when is Switch Pro 3DXL coming?

A Pro whatever is called is not the OLED and we all know Pro means more then just Display that is hardware power upgrade a fancy OLED on outdate hardware isn't a Pro upgrade but a horrible downgrade and asking more money for NO performance that a v2 Switch can already do. I'm playing MHS2 on my v2 and have no performance issues with the Demo game. They got Development units so why would you think they don't have something for a Pro or Higher model in testing. People seems to lack any foresight here this is why they have R&D to do these kinda developments for neXt Gen hardware. But then again people see OLED and say Pro and pay more for no Real performance gains on old hardware.

@Kamalen Nintendo is an Nvidia client in this context. I don't know if the next Switch (be it an upgrade or Switch 2) will have DLSS or not, but it's certainly within the realm of possibility. At the moment though I totally see it more as a wishlist item rather than a lock.

Next year: "I have only ever personally heard about Switch Pro coming in 2023, yup yup yup".

When will the likes of Jeff Grub learn that all of their "track record" will never matter in the eyes of same people... wait, perish the question - it's not like they WRITE any of this stuff for sane people. This is why their rumours and leaks never answer sane questions, including the ones that naturally more informed folks like Doug Bowser answer without ever using "Switch" and "Pro" in the sentence once.

Constantly bringing up 3DS - even as the only time Nintendo really did a "pro" (DSi boosts were mostly token tweaks to accommodate added perks like the camera) - goes to prove little but the fandom and tabloids' reluctance to actually look into WHY the whole bunch of 3DS models including New happened and what might be possibly different about Switch's situation. But the list in that other tweet above is a new tier of nuts - forget Color, now we're lumping bloody ADVANCE and all of its variations into the homogeneous pile??? 😐 Sure, nothing defines a midgen upgrade for the good ol' monochrome Game Boy like coming out over a decade later and running stuff from A Link to the Past to Crazy Taxi. Is that why fanheads expect Switch Pro to run Cyberpunk and bring breakfast in bed? And does that possibly mean that we'll be hearing rumours of Switch Pro 5-8 years from now as well?

it leaves it in the lab for next gen

I've never seen so many people frothing at the mouth over some rumor they read on the internet. Then going so far as to say they'd call it new Nintendo switch or Switch pro or it'll be as powerful as PS5 blah blah blah! Writing articles about it every week isn't going to make it suddenly become real so on behalf of all of us who are sick and tired of the BS, KNOCK IT OFF!

Now go play your plain old boring regular switch and be happy you have that.

@SwitchForce You do realize Switch Pro was never an official name, it was a fan name giving by people thinking it was going to be something much much more. As it is the thing was just OLED and nothing more.

@Moshugan When I saw the reveal I suspected the reports were over-extrapolating off the gear up to the OLED version. But both of your theories might have hit this nail on the head.

I can believe a side by side development for an enhanced model to tide us over until a proper 2 comes out. AND I can also see OLED was going to be a distinct Pro but then backtracked into a SKU glow up because it wasn't necessary.

Of course if this is buying them time for next gen, Switch 2 had better be markedly beefier. Doesn't have to roll with the other two, but it does have to do what Switch can't.

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