Nintendo's OLED Switch isn't for you, and that's fine


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Is the Nintendo switch OLED 4k?

One of the biggest features the Nintendo Switch Pro was tipped to have was the option to output at 4K resolution when docked, but the Switch OLED will only output at 1080p, just like the regular Switch. TechRadarNintendo Switch OLED release date, price, specs, and why it's not 4K

Did you miss the Switch OLED announcement yesterday? As a quick recap, it sports a new OLED screen, it’s out on October 8, and it’s $349.99. It also has a new dock that utilizes a LAN port, which is a selling point all on its own for some people. Except, according to a report from Digital Trends, you can buy the Switch OLED dock on its own.

Here’s what a Nintendo rep told Digital Trends: “The white dock and black dock will be sold separately (no HDMI cable, no AC adaptor, not in a package) on the Nintendo online store. It will not be sold at retail.”

Presumably, the listing will go live around October 8 for the new dock in a similar fashion to how current docks sales are handled. At the moment, docks go for $59.99 new and $39.99 refurbished. With the extra LAN port there’s a chance the MSRP could go up for the new Switch OLED dock. Again, Nintendo stresses that the dock will be available exclusively through them (and subsequently, eBay and other secondhand markets, like all the others).

As a reminder, you can use all the old and new Switch hardware with everything else. So you can use your “old” Switch with the new dock, or your OLED Switch with an old dock. Win-win! Or you can just opt for a LAN adapter and not buy the new dock. Options are king.

The whole OLED unveiling is an interesting move, and one I’d really like to hear more insight on. Some have speculated that Nintendo actually did plan on a 4K Switch, but due to parts shortages worldwide, they ended up settling on a 1080p OLED model.

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Nintendo Switch deals: Get Celeste or the Power-A Joy Con Grip for $5 each

CNET 08 July, 2021 - 08:00am

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This isn't the sexiest gaming accessory, but for $5, it's great to have it on hand. This is essentially a Nintendo-authorized clone of the Joy-Con grip that comes with the Switch. That model retails for $20, however, so this one comes at a significant savings. If you've already bought some extra Joy-Cons for head-to-head Switch games, this is a great buy. (I bought it back in September at double the price, and keep it in my travel bag.) Note that it does not have the "charge and play" function that its earlier iteration had, however.

Full disclosure: I found Celeste to be a great game, but its difficulty level ramped up past my meager platforming skills pretty early on. That said, this delightfully old-school indie from 2018 still ranks as one of the top 10 all-time Switch titles on CNET's sister site, Metacritic. For just $5 (for the digital version), it's worth taking the plunge.

Bizarre moment in Nintendo's OLED Switch ad baffles social media

Creative Bloq 08 July, 2021 - 08:00am

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Does this look normal to you?

Naturally, the ad shows various beautiful people enjoying the Switch in all manner of aspirational settings (beside pools, in stunning kitchens, you get the idea). And then there's the man who decides to play Pokemon on a wooden bench in his hallway. If you don't fancy the couch, at least try one of the best office chairs, mate. 

Now, we're not ones to judge anyone's gaming habits. But we are going to judge this man's. Is there nowhere else to play in his house? No seat more comfortable? No position less... angular? Does he have a living room? Is he allowed in there? If not, why not? What did he do? What was his crime?

Of course, Twitter is (as Twitter does) making its feelings known about Hallway Man. The scene has been branded 'absurd', 'bizarre' and every other synonym for 'downright weird' you can think of: 

The most absurd scenario in the Nintendo Switch OLED trailer was when a man walks into his home and just decides that the hallway is the best place for him to play Pokemon 6, 2021

One thing's for sure: this is a man who clearly isn't disappointed with the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Unfortunately, there are plenty who are – from 4K output to a new chip, there are tons of rumoured "Pro" features that failed to make their way to the new Switch. But hey, we got a new plastic kickstand, so, swings and roundabouts. 

If a brighter OLED display doesn't matter too much to you, rather than waiting until October, we'd recommend checking out the best Nintendo Switch deals available right now. And if those deals aren't for you, you'll find more offers below.

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Digital Foundry: Switch OLED dev kit has 8GB of RAM, dev unit for regular Switch is 6GB, all retail units will have 4GB

My Nintendo News 08 July, 2021 - 08:00am

“So, for Nintendo and indeed game developers, the Switch OLED model is very much business as usual, to the point where the platform holder is telling game makers that no new development kits are essential for making games and there are no new technical requirements that require changing standard Switch iconography in-game to accommodate the new model. On top of that, games running on Switch OLED have no idea they are running on anything other than a standard unit – Nintendo’s developer documents reveal that there is no way for their games to query the system, to figure out whether they are running on Switch OLED or not. With that said, the firm does recognise the need for developers to test their games on the new screen. With that in mind, a new ADEV development model is being made available to co-exist alongside the existing SDEV and EDEV versions. For reasons undisclosed by the Nintendo, this machine ships with 8GB of onboard memory compared to the 6GB in the other development models and the 4GB of all retail units.

With the Switch approaching four-and-a-half years in the market, it now seems almost certain that Nintendo will not deploy a mid-generation refresh in the mould of the DSi or the New 3DS and its offshoot models. With prior handhelds, the platform holder introduced new specs and the ability for developers to tap into extra horsepower, even if developer take-up for the extra power ended up being rather slight. That does not seem to be the case for its most modern machine. There has been disappointment that Switch OLED isn’t Switch Pro – or features any performance advantages at all – and that is a shame because the longer this generation continues, the more obvious the machine’s challenges as a docked home console become.”

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