Olivia Rodrigo and Paramore now share songwriting credits on Good 4 U


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Did Paramore write good 4 u?

Lead singer Hayley Williams and former guitarist Josh Farro have officially been included as co-writers on the song "Good 4 U," along with Rodrigo and producer and songwriter Daniel Nigro. EW.comOlivia Rodrigo gives Paramore songwriting credit on 'Good 4 U'

Red Tide will wash away all your bad memories of the spinoff.

"It's breaking all the rules and I'm here for that." In our first introduction to season 10's Austin Sommers, Evan Peters is chaotically referring to the idea of drinking an Aperol Spritz in winter. But what about American Horror Story itself? Is season 10 a game-changer for Ryan Murphy's flagship show?

It's been two years since American Horror Story last gave us nightmares, and 10 seasons in, we couldn't help but worry that the show might start to feel a bit repetitive or uninspired this time around. After all, 1984 was pretty divisive while the American Horror Stories spinoff genuinely got us wondering if it was supposed to be bad.

Two episodes from the first half of season 10, subtitled 'Red Tide', have now aired, and thankfully, we're very happy to report that Double Feature is an absolute return to form for American Horror Story, even if it doesn't exactly rewrite the rulebook.

'Cape Fear', the first of these two episodes, introduces us to the Gardner family as they arrive in a sleepy seaside town called Providence. Except, this being American Horror Story, there are plenty of things here to keep even the most seasoned horror fan up at night.

That much is made clear early on when the struggling author played by Finn Wittrock is ambushed by a grimy, run-down version of Sarah Paulson in the supermarket. "Get the f**k outta here," she screams, channeling Hypodermic Sally's ghost in the new and seemingly unrelated role of Tuberculosis Karen. "They're gonna eat your balls!"

It's at this point we're obliged to describe Paulson's performance here as truly supreme, and it is because the queen of American Horror Story can do no wrong. Even with a character who initially seems unlikeable, Murphy's muse always knows how to steal any scene she's in, regardless of how much screen time she's given.

Soon after, Lily Rabe's pregnant mother, Doris Gardner, is ambushed by someone — or something – made even more unsettling by the fact that it happens in the local cemetery. Together, she and her daughter run from what can only be described as the pasty offspring of Voldemort and the vampires from Salem's Lot.

This 'Pale Person', as they're described in the credits, is a chilling creation, all jagged movements and freaky glares. Without spoiling anything, the disturbing presence of this creature and its kin intensify further in the second episode, culminating in the kind of daytime horror we so rarely see in shows or films of this nature.

But despite all that, we doubt they'll end up being your favourites this season, because that honour will undoubtedly go towards Austin Sommers and Belle Noir, AKA "the pugilists of prose", AKA Evan Peters and Frances Conroy in two of their best roles yet. And we're not just talking about American Horror Story either.

When we first meet the 'warriors of words', they're singing an entire rendition of Dolly Parton's classic 'Islands in the Stream', complete with deliciously camp and gothic attire.

With this scene, Ryan Murphy truly does embody that "Gonna give the gays everything they want" meme. You just know that every line they bounce off each other is both a series standout and also an inevitable meme of its own too. To share everything they say here would spoil the fun, but trust us when we tell you that Austin and Belle will soon be your new obsession.

The fact we haven't even got to Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Leslie Grossman and Macaulay "frottage" Culkin yet doesn't reflect poorly on them. It's more an indication that there's just too much to celebrate and not enough time or space in this review. And that's even before the likes of Angelica Ross and Denis O'Hare will show up at some point beyond these first two episodes.

But of course, it's not just the actors who elevate this season. Everything from the eerie music and direction to the camera's washed-out colour palette all collides here to unnerve and entertain in equal measure. That's a tricky balance to maintain, one that Ryan Murphy and his team know all too well.

For years, American Horror Story has struggled to find that sweet spot between camp and terror, often veering too far one way at the expense of the other. But as of right now, 'Red Tide' steers the boat perfectly in between these two extremes, delivering some genuine scares along with the show's trademark absurdity and endlessly quotable dialogue.

The usual pacing issues that longtime fans have come to fear might not drag things down this time around either thanks to how season 10 has been split into two separate stories – although it's safe to say that both 'Red Tide' and 'Death Valley' (AKA part two) will probably end up connecting to some degree by the end.

Aside from that intriguing choice, season 10 isn't breaking all the rules, per se. Inspiration from earlier seasons and a whole host of Stephen King stories ensure that, so far at least, this isn't the most original chapter to date.

But still, that doesn't matter when the writing's this good. Did Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk take the same "tragic magic little black pills" as Finn Wittrock's character? If so, then we're absolutely here for it. Let's just hope the writing doesn't become something monstrously bad following such a strong start.

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Olivia Rodrigo and Paramore now share songwriting credits on Good 4 U

E! NEWS 25 August, 2021 - 07:57pm

After countless comparisons and mash-ups demonstrating the similarity between Olivia Rodrigo's Good 4 U and Paramore's Misery Business, the latter have retroactively been given songwriting credits on Rodrigo's hit.

The debut single from Rodrigo's Sour album, Good 4 U, now lists both Hayley Williams and Josh Farro as co-writers, which also means they'll get a share of the royalties from the chart-topping hit. The change comes after millennials on TikTok and YouTube began a trend of mashing up the two songs. 

According to Variety, the credit is allegedly an interpolation, which is "an element of a previously recorded song re-recorded and incorporated into a new song." This would mean that there would have been conversations among Rodrigo, Williams and Farro prior to the song's release, but the change has only been official in the months since.

While the exact timing of the credits being added remains unknown, Paramore recently reposted an Instagram story from Warner Chappell Music announcing the addition, with the caption "Our publisher is wildin' rn."

This is the second artist that Rodrigo has given songwriting credits to after the release of her album, with Taylor Swift also listed as a co-writer on both Déjà vu and 1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back. 

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