Olympic Soccer Players Kick Off Tokyo Games By Taking A Knee


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What time is the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony?

The 2021 Olympics Opening Ceremony will begin at 8 p.m. local time in Japan. With the United States' Eastern Standard Time being 13 hours behind Japan, it's going to be an early morning for those in the U.S. who want to watch the ceremony live. NBC's live coverage in the United States will begin around 6:55 a.m. ET. NBC4 WashingtonHow to Watch the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

What cities are bidding for the 2032 Olympics?

Brisbane was picked Wednesday to host the 2032 Olympics, the inevitable winner of a one-city race steered by the IOC to avoid rival bids. The Games will go back to Australia 32 years after the popular 2000 Sydney Olympics. Melbourne hosted in 1956. CBS NewsWithout any rival bids, Brisbane picked to host 2032 Olympics

When is the opening ceremony for the Olympics 2021?

NBC Olympics will provide unprecedented coverage of the Opening Ceremony on Friday, July 23, creating a full day of Olympic programming on NBC that culminates in what is always one of the most-watched nights in television with the primetime presentation of the Ceremony. NBC ChicagoWhen Do the Tokyo Olympics Start in 2021?

Is the US soccer team out of the Olympics?

Team USA has lost one of its first events at the 2020 Olympics after the U.S. women's soccer team was beaten 3-0 by old rivals Sweden on day one of the beleaguered games in Tokyo. ForbesTeam USA: Sweden Defeats U.S. Women’s Soccer Team In Opening Tokyo Olympics Game

Earlier this year, the International Olympic Committee released a strict policy for the 2020 Games ... banning any sort of demonstrations or protests on the field of play, during ceremonies or at the podium ... and anyone who broke the guidelines would face severe sanctions.

Members of Great Britain's and Chile's women's soccer teams took advantage of the relaxed policy by getting on one knee before their opening match at the Sapporo Dome hours ago ... a demonstration that would have resulted in harsh punishment if the amended rules didn't come into play.

The 2020 Games are just getting started ... so expect other sports and athletes to join in on the movement as well.

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