Overwatch’s Summer Games Ashe skin is an instant favorite with players


Dexerto 20 July, 2021 - 06:04am 18 views

When is overwatch summer event 2021?

The Overwatch Summer Games 2021 event runs until August 10th. You'll have until then to snag the Legendary skins before they got back into the vault until Anniversary 2022, and a week to unlock the Epic skins before they go away, perhaps forever. Forbes‘Overwatch’ Summer Games 2021 Skins: Here Are All Eight New Looks

Overwatch Summer Games | July 20 - August 10

PlayOverwatch 20 July, 2021 - 02:10pm

Overwatch’s Summer Games 2021 event is live | Dot Esports

Dot Esports 20 July, 2021 - 01:08pm

It’s finally time for some fun in the sun thanks to Overwatch’s 2021 Summer Games event, which is now live. Players can enjoy new summer-themed cosmetics and head back into the Lúcioball arena if they’re craving competition.

When the event began a few years ago, it was a homage to the Olympics and other summertime sporting events. As time passed, however, Overwatch’s Summer Games have morphed into a celebration of beaches, treats, and everything fun about the season. 

Players can unlock eight new skins during this year’s event and most of them are based around that all-important seaside vibe. Scuba Sigma and Poolside Ashe give two of the game’s newer heroes their very own swimsuit skins, while Ocean King Winston and Mermaid Symmetra dip into the mythology surrounding the deep ocean. 

Three Epic skins, like Nihon Hanzo, will be available through weekly challenges in which players can rack up points by playing or winning games of Overwatch. Each week, a skin can be acquired by earning 27 “points” in quick play, competitive mode, or arcade.

The highlight of Summer Games is always the return of Lúcioball, the game’s high-paced version of soccer. Three Lúcio players on each side try to “boop” a ball into the opposing net while using speed and skill to evade opponents. Lúcioball Remix will also come back this year, adding fun twists to the base mode. 

Overwatch’s Summer Games event is now live on all platforms and will continue until Aug. 10. 

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 skins leaked: Sigma, Orisa, more

Dexerto 19 July, 2021 - 05:19pm

Every Overwatch fan loves the Summer Games event. Since 2016, it’s been a favorite for players because it usually introduces some of the best-looking skins heroes can rock in the game.

2021 should be no different based on the Mei, Symmetra, and Ashe skins we’ve already seen previewed. Now though, investigative fans have discovered what seems to be a shot of all the new cosmetics all in one place.

Summer Games Teaser High Quality showing Sigma, Orisa, and Winston pic.twitter.com/Xfq4RMY7n2

— Blame the Controller (@BlameTC) July 19, 2021

We have Overwatch YouTuber Blame the Controller to thank for bringing this very interesting image to our attention on July 19. Even though it was on screen for a few seconds, there are at least four skins we haven’t seen before for Winston, Pharah, Orisa, and Sigma.

Let’s start from left to right, shall we? Winston’s new look definitely seems to be an Epic, and we’d wager you’ll probably be seeing this aquatic blue getup as a reward for one of the weekly challenges.

Another likely candidate for a weekly challenge reward is Pharah’s new red skin. ‘But Dexerto’ you might ask ‘are you sure that isn’t just her Lifeguard skin?’ Yes reader, we are sure, because if you look closely she’s wearing her full flight suit, not her swimsuit.

Overwatch Summer Games returns on July 20! pic.twitter.com/7ViDfCxGq6

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) July 18, 2021

Finally, the next weekly challenge skin could be a bit of a tossup. We have two unique skins for Sigma and Orisa that both look like they could be legendary.

However, the fact that Sigma’s skin seems to change much more of his design (or take off more, however you want to look at it) it’s probably more likely that Orisa, whatever she’s meant to be (a horse jockey maybe?) is the third challenge skin.

Again, thanks to Blame the Controller for bringing this to our attention on Twitter. If anything, it makes us want to jump into Summer Games and check out the new cosmetics even more.

[Opinion] These are the worst Overwatch Summer Games skins yet

InvenGlobal 19 July, 2021 - 01:32pm

The Overwatch Summer Games 2021 event is dropping tomorrow and the skins are ugly as hell. 

Let me clarify that I've never liked the Summer Games skins. I get that they are supposed to be sports-related or show the heroes in more "laid back" scenarios. But oftentimes I feel they completely disregard the personality traits and lore of a hero and just focus on fulfilling "what would be a fun skin" only. 

For example, Widowmaker's Summer Games 2017 skin. Would this sultry, sexy secret agent really wear a wrap that covers her butt? Would she really pick light-colored sunglasses? Also, the skin is just ugly and lazy to look at. 

This year's Summer Games skins are just as meh. I'm mostly talking about the Mei one. 

Here are the reasons I dislike this skin: 

Here are some slightly redeeming things:

This skin is clearly supposed to be some look back at retro diners and ice cream stands. It's a cool concept but it was not executed in a way that is tolerable or appealing. The Overwatch developers clearly love changing Mei's hair, whether it's the controversial MMA braids or this Karen-esque hairstyle. 

Let's just allow Mei to look like herself each time. At least. If she has to wear this awful outfit, fine... But let's at least make sure it looks like Mei wearing this awful outfit. 

Speaking of "not looking like themselves," what proof do we have in Ashe's character or lore that she'd wear this highly revealing and bland bathing suit? The most skin she's ever shown is her legs in her Legendary Little Red skin. So why is she suddenly dressed like this? 

I'm sure it will just be argued that it's meant to be fun and carefree! It's just a cool summer skin that's silly and sexy! That's fine but can't the skins reflect her character at all? Would Ashe really wear this granny sunhat? 

And how lazy is B.O.B.'s shirt? SUMMER! Is that really the best the Overwatch developers could come up with? Is Overwatch 2 taking up so much time and energy that the best shirt they can make is one that says "summer" with some half-assed palm trees? It's not like they gave us a limited-time game mode or any content. They gave us some lazy, thoughtless bikini skin and can't even be bothered to make a shirt more related to Ashe's lore or personality? Would she really put this crappy Hollywood Boulevard tourist-type shirt on B.O.B.? 

Honestly, I have nothing to say about this skin. Nothing at all. I feel I've seen this before. Maybe another hero has an almost identically styled skin. Or maybe it's another World of Warcraft crossover. Some recycled concept. 

There's nothing wrong with this skin. 

But there's also nothing I can care about. I also find it hard to believe that someone as concerned with "order" and "technology" would want to dive into the water with no legs. But whatever. It's summer. It's fun. It's sexy (it really is). 

More skins are coming soon. But do you care? I sort of do? But will it be enough to turn on Overwatch? Eh. I don't know? The developers are clearly just waiting for Overwatch 2 so maybe we should as well. 

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Overwatch Summer Games Symmetra skin is making a splash with fans

Dexerto 19 July, 2021 - 07:36am

After over eight months of waiting, Blizzard have finally answered Symmetra main’s pleas and given the Vishkar queen an Overwatch Summer Games skin.

Alongside Mei and Ashe, Symmetra has been gifted a beautiful Legendary skin that transforms her into a lilac and aqua mermaid.

Sporting stunning silver hair and an aquatic-themed tiara that looks like it came straight out of Ariel’s closet, the skin is quite the triumph – and the community is loving it.

On a Reddit thread dedicated to the 2021 Summer Games event, one fan has written “SYMMETRA GOT A SKIN,” and is reeling in the likes from excited Sym players.

Diving right into the summer-themed part, another fan exclaims “FINALLY. After more than two and a half years, Symmetra gets an Event Legendary skin and she looks GLORIOUS.”

Lamenting that they won’t be able to pull out the iconic sad Symmetra meme anymore, another fan notes “RIP the sad Symmetra meme,” but calls the skin “fantastic.”

Plunge into Overwatch Summer Games as Mermaid Symmetra, beginning July 20! pic.twitter.com/gcpooD5FHz

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) July 18, 2021

Additionally, the official Twitter trailer for the skin has received 21k likes, and is swarmed with happy DPS players dropping celebratory comments.

Tweeting out a clip from the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars with the caption “Sym mains after seeing this,” the video perfectly encapsulates how fierce fans of the Vishkar Architect must be feeling right now.

Sym mains after seeing this: pic.twitter.com/oOzG8WinJg

— Toaster of Beams (@BeamToaster) July 18, 2021

Even Overwatch YouTube sensation Stylosa jumped in and wrote “you keep tweeting Sym stuff and people are going to lose their minds.”

you keep tweeting sym stuff and people gonna lose their minds hahah

— Stylosa (@Stylosa) July 18, 2021

All in all, the devs delivered on their promise in style. We can’t wait to see Mermaid Symmetra take to the sunny shores of the Overwatch Summer Games on July 20, so make sure you’ve got some coins to saved up to snag this spectacular skin with!

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