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The statement linked to a HuffPost article about Trump's new lawsuit against Big Tech firms that quoted him from a Wednesday press conference referring to the Jan. 6 insurrection as "an unfortunate event" and saying the hundreds charged in its wake "are being treated unbelievably unfairly."

“There were no guns in the Capitol, except for the gun that shot Ashli Babbit," Trump incorrectly added. "There was no reason for that.”

Pelosi's press team sought to tie those remarks to GOP efforts to block Congress from investigating the Capitol breach. The House ultimately voted last week to create a special committee to probe the attack after Republicans torpedoed efforts to establish a bipartisan commission.

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Pelosi's husband bought up to $11 million of Big Tech stocks as House moved on reform legislation

Washington Examiner 08 July, 2021 - 06:00pm

In May and June, Pelosi purchased $4.8 million worth of Google shares, up to $1 million worth of Amazon call options, up to $250,000 of Apple call options, and up to $5 million of call options for Nvidia, the large semiconductor, graphics, and electronics company, according to a financial disclosure form filed last week.

A call option is a financial contract that allows a buyer the right to purchase a stock or asset at a set price within a specific time period.

The stock transactions were completed just weeks before the House Judiciary Committee passed six bipartisan antitrust bills aimed at reining in tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

Nancy Pelosi said she was not aware of her husband's stock purchases.

“The speaker has no involvement or prior knowledge of these transactions,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg on Wednesday, adding that she doesn’t own any stocks.

Pelosi has endorsed the anti-Big Tech bills and is expected to bring them to a vote on the House floor later this year.

"There has been concern on both sides of the aisle about the consolidation of power of the tech companies, and this legislation is an attempt to address that," Pelosi said during a press conference at the end of June, after her husband's stock purchases.

Paul Pelosi's purchase of Google stocks, through its parent company Alphabet, have already netted him more than $5 million in gains after his $4.8 million stock purchase doubled in value to more than $10 million.

Earlier this year, Paul Pelosi's purchase of $1 million worth of call options in Tesla also raised some eyebrows.

Nancy Pelosi’s office sums up Trump with four scathing words in official statement

The Independent 08 July, 2021 - 02:58pm

In a statement attributed to the Democratic speaker’s press office on Thursday, Ms Pelosi chastised Mr Trump as a “twice-impeached Florida retiree” in her official capacity as speaker.

“Twice-impeached Florida retiree – and de facto leader of the Republican Party – Donald Trump joined House Republicans today in disrespecting the Capitol Police and other law enforcement officers,” Ms Pelosi’s office in the statement.

The statement noted that such officers “valiantly defended the US Capitol on January 6th” and condemned Mr Trump for appearing to defend suspected rioters “now that they are facing legal consequences for their actions”.

Mr Trump on Wednesday said he believed that many of those facing charges for their alleged involvement in the 6 January insurrection “are being treated unbelievably unfairly”.

“When you look at people in prison and nothing happens to Antifa and they burned down cities and killed people,” the former president said.

Mr Trump became the first president to have been impeached twice during his time in office, with the second trial alleging he incited his supporters to march on the US Capitol on 6 January.

Since Mr Trump left office he has mostly been residing in his Mar-A-Lago club in Florida, with reports claiming he and his wife are leading an “old-fashioned club life” in the months since.

This week Mr Trump has once again stirred up controversy on Capitol Hill after he announced he would be suing three of the country’s biggest tech companies.

The former president’s vendetta against Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube comes after they banned him for “inciting violence” following the riots. Mr Trump has remained prohibited from the platforms.

The former president also made reference to the shooting of rioter and US Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, who some conservatives have come to paint as a patriotic martyr.

“But the person that shot Ashli Babbitt, boom, right through the head, just boom, there was no reason for that,” Mr Trump said.

He added: “And why isn’t that person being opened up, and why isn’t that being studied? They’ve already written it off. They said that case is closed.”

The former president’s reference to Ms Babbitt being shot “right through the head” is inaccurate. The Department of Justice (DOJ) found Babbitt had been shot in the left shoulder.

Ms Babbitt was part of the mob of pro-Trump rioters that stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election result following a Save America rally hosted by Mr Trump.

The DOJ ruled that Ms Babbitt had entered the Capitol with rioters and was forcing her way through a broken glass door near the Speaker’s Lobby, prompting an officer to fire a single round.

The US Attorney’s Office and DOJ closed the investigation into the matter in April, ruling they would not pursue criminal charges against the US Capitol Police officer who shot her.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested 500 people in connection to the riots, with attendees charged on a variety of counts including vandalisation, obstruction of proceedings and assault of police officers.

Footage released by the FBI has shown the extent of the violent assaults on officers by some Trump supporters. Five people died as a result of the violence at the Capitol, including one Capitol police officer and Ms Babbitt.

Fact check: Post falsely claims Pelosi is blocking Capitol Police officers from testifying

USA TODAY 08 July, 2021 - 01:05pm

Claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blocking Capitol Police officers from testifying about Jan. 6 are false.

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A police officer injured in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection and who has pushed for an independent commission to investigate the attack met with House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on Friday. (June 25) AP Domestic

After the U.S. House voted to form a committee to investigate the attack on the U.S. Capitol, one social media user claimed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is preventing police officers from testifying about what took place on Jan. 6.

The select committee came after Senate Republicans, who say a committee is unnecessary and political, blocked a bill that would have created an outside commission to investigate the insurrection.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed Capitol Hill in an attempt to halt the certification of the 2020 election results, resulting in deaths, vandalism, injuries and at least 535 arrests. Unproven voter fraud claims fueled the riot. 

"Pelosi won't let Capitol police testify about what happened Jan 6," reads a July 4 Facebook post with more than 600 shares. "That tells you everything you need to know."

But this claim is fabricated. Pelosi, D-Calif., is not stopping U.S. Capitol Police officers from testifying about the attack. Democrats have already said those officers will be key witnesses before the committee.

USA TODAY reached out to the Facebook user for comment.

Drew Hammill, deputy chief of staff and spokesman for Pelosi, told USA TODAY the claim is "completely false." 

He noted that Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., chairman of the committee, announced on July 1 that his intention was to invite Capitol Police officers to testify at the first hearing of the committee. 

"Although we eagerly await the arrival of our five other colleagues, many of us hope to begin the process with a hearing in which Capitol Police officers themselves could be able to testify about their experiences," Thompson told reporters after a meeting in Pelosi’s office.

Thompson said a hearing has not been scheduled, but beginning the process this way "makes a positive statement to the men and women who put their lives on the line."

Additionally, Pelosi invited Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, and D.C. Metro Police Officers Michael Fanone and Daniel Hodges to sit in the House gallery to watch the select committee vote on June 30.

The claim that Pelosi is not letting Capitol Police testify about what happened on Jan. 6 is FALSE, based on our research. This claim is a complete reversal of reality, as Republicans have pushed to stop a hearing from occurring while Democrats have pushed to have a hearing, including testimony from officers on the scene Jan. 6. Pelosi's office said the claim is not true, and Thompson announced that the first hearing will include witness testimony from Capitol Police officers who witnessed the Jan. 6 attack. 

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Pelosi to the people: Drop dead!

Washington Times 08 July, 2021 - 10:52am

She caters to the White and wealthy, while leaving blue-collar Americans behind

Mrs. Pelosi, tear down that wall!

Word on the street is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is finally allowing her Stasi fencing around her grand office on Capitol Hill to come down this weekend. We will believe it when we see it.

But the real scandal remains that she had the damned thing erected in the first place. It was after the “deadly insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

By “deadly,” they mean four people died of natural causes and one unarmed woman was shot and killed at point black by one of Mrs. Pelosi’s guards. Perhaps the only benefit of the giant communist fencing was that it protected the rest of America from Congress and Nancy Pelosi’s armed forces.

In these dreary political times, we should search for common ground with our fellow citizens wherever we might find it. Kudos to all the crazy, goofball “liberals” who live on Capitol Hill who were rightly outraged by the nasty scar of 10-foot fencing that has stood around the Capitol for six months now.

They were crazy for Trump conspiracy theories. They turned into the mask Gestapo during COVID-19. But when an ugly eyesore ruined their beautiful neighborhood, they revolted.

That revolt among wealthy, White liberals living in the shadow of the Capitol dome is the ONLY reason Mrs. Pelosi decided to remove the fence.

For that they should be celebrated. All Americans should be so forceful when trampled by blind government autocrats such as Mrs. Pelosi.

For her, hypocrisy abounds.

After years of insisting that “walls don’t work,” Mrs. Pelosi built one — proving that, indeed, they do work with vicious efficiency. 

For years, she also claimed that walls are “immoral.” Either way, she proved her point.

Yet, still, dirty Americans living along our Southern border do not deserve the protection of a wall. Only Mrs. Pelosi and her political henchmen do.

What does that tell you about her priorities?

She has just announced some big “commission” to look into the events of Jan. 6 — that “deadly” protest-gone-awry.

Also, a bunch of lawmakers peed their pants, which meant the whole thing was basically another 9/11.

But where is the commission into the truly deadly riots over the past year in Oregon and New York and Minnesota where American citizens were lucky if they only soiled themselves.

Innocent citizens were murdered. Police officers were assaulted. Government buildings were firebombed. People’s businesses were torched to the ground.

And the only response from Mrs. Pelosi and her party was to “defund the police” and let violent criminals out of jail.

Where is the commission looking into all of this?

Meanwhile, the chief financial officer for former President Donald Trump’s building empire has been charged with a litany of crimes after exhaustive investigations by state, local and federal prosecutors going after Mr. Trump. In their political jihad, these prosecutors never found anything on Mr. Trump, but they hope to squeeze his CFO in hopes of finally finding something.

Some kind of failure to pay taxes on job perks, prosecutors say, as they tighten the screws.

Meanwhile, for innocent citizens around the country and struggling families living in the very neighborhoods these same prosecutors are supposed to protect, the murder rate is skyrocketing.

Vicious, brutal attacks are carried out every day in broad daylight — as these prosecutors pursue their Great Orange Whale over 15-year-old, murky tax charges.

Marie Antoinette said of her starving people, “Let them eat cake.” 

Mrs. Pelosi tells hers: “Drop dead.”

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Global COVID-19 deaths top 4 million, Google antitrust suit, Paul Pelosi’s big tech bet

Yahoo Finance 08 July, 2021 - 10:44am

JULIE HYMAN: Other headlines we're watching at this hour. The official coronavirus death toll has passed four million globally, according to Johns Hopkins University, but experts say that is likely an undercount. The numbers include 400,000 confirmed deaths in India and 600,000 in the US. In South America, the number of deaths relative to population were among the highest in the world. In the United States, while the number of deaths continues to fall, the case rate is rising, particularly among less vaccinated areas in the South and Midwest.

Google has been sued by three dozen states over its app store. The 36 states, plus the District of Columbia, claim the Google Play store abuses market power and forces aggressive terms on software developers. The complaint alleges that Google paid video game developers to prevent them from distributing their apps outside of Google's store. That's after Epic Games, the owner of Fortnite, made that move. This is the fourth state or federal antitrust lawsuit brought against Google since October.

The Biden administration is expected to target the rail and shipping industries in an executive order this week. The administration says those industries are dominated by a small number of large players, which allows them to charge unreasonable fees and assert monopoly power in other ways. The EO will call on regulators to target non-compete agreements, among other measures.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, made a series of options trades in the weeks before the House Judiciary Committee's vote on antitrust legislation that targeted big tech companies. Call options on Alphabet, for example, landed him more than $5 million. A spokesman for the speaker said she doesn't own any stock and that, quote, "the speaker has no involvement or prior knowledge of these transactions."

Tesla is feeling the heat in China from several rivals.

(Bloomberg) -- Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, won big on Alphabet Inc. stock and added bets on Inc. and Apple Inc. in the weeks leading up to the House Judiciary Committee’s vote on antitrust legislation that seeks to severely limit how these companies organize and offer their products.In a financial disclosure signed by Nancy Pelosi July 2, her husband reported exercising call options to acquire 4,000 shares of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, at a strike price o

Futures dived as Treasury yields keep tumbling. New meme stock Newegg retreated after rocketing. Tesla China sales were strong.

Paul Pelosi made $5.3 million after buying shares in Nasdaq giants ahead of a vote on a weak antitrust bill meant to curb their power.

As the commercialization and industrialization of space becomes more of an inevitability with every successful launch by companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, space debris, or space junk, is becoming a growing concern of both corporate and government aerospace entities alike.

The study by behavioral finance firm Oxford Risk concludes 21% of investors rate their knowledge of crypto assets as "poor or non-existent."

Pelosi husband won big on Alphabet stock

The Hill 08 July, 2021 - 09:03am

According to a recently released financial disclosure report signed by the Democratic leader on July 2, Paul Pelosi, who owns a real estate and venture capital investment firm, exercised 40 call options to gain 4,000 shares of Alphabet at a strike price of $1,200. 

Paul Pelosi gained $4.8 million from the trade, which has since risen to $5.3 million, Bloomberg reported

The transaction, dated June 18, followed previous actions in May purchasing 20 call options for Amazon with a strike price of $3,000 and acquiring 50 call options for Apple with a strike price of $100, the disclosure report noted. 

The options, which have a June 2022 expiration date, suggest that Paul Pelosi expects Amazon and Apple to continue their gains. 

Late last month, the Judiciary Committee voted in favor of moving forward bills aimed at addressing concerns over a lack of competition amid the overwhelming influence of a small group of tech giants. 

The bills include one aimed at prohibiting platforms from giving their own products and services precedence, and another that would prevent tech giants from acquiring competitor companies. 

Hammill emphasized that the transactions are listed in the financial disclosure report as moves made by a congress member’s spouse, as required by disclosure laws, adding that the Speaker “does not own any stock.”

Pelosi broke from several of her California Democratic colleagues, particularly those from tech-heavy Bay Area districts, who voiced opposition to the antitrust bills targeting tech companies. 

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband cashed in on Big Tech just as Congress was set to pounce

Yahoo Finance 08 July, 2021 - 07:26am

The antitrust bill was advanced as a push by the government to curb the “unregulated power” of big tech firms Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. It was the final part of a six-part package called “Ending Platform Monopolies Act” aimed at restricting how big tech companies offer their products to ensure they don't use their size to dominate the market.  

However, despite its good intentions, the market reaction to the judiciary panel approving the legislation was muted—shares in big tech companies in fact rose after investors found the House proposal to be no real threat.

Paul Pelosi, who bought 4,000 shares of Alphabet on June 18 (as revealed in a financial disclosure signed by Nancy Pelosi and filed on July 2), made an initial $4.8 million gain from Alphabet's rising share price, and has since seen his gain grow to $5.3 million.

Paul bought the stock by exercising a call option, which allows investors to speculate on stocks they do not own by entering into a contract that allows them to buy a stock at a later date at a promised price. The upshot: a call option is a good tool for an investor who believes the stock price will go up in the future. In Pelosi's case, the call options he'd previously bought for Alphabet (which were due to expire the day of his purchase) allowed him to buy it at $1,200 a share while the shares closed that day just over $2,500, a difference that accounted for his profit. 

Paul Pelosi also reported buying call options for Amazon, Apple and NVIDIA, but he did not report exercising them. 

Nancy Pelosi's spokesperson said “The speaker has no involvement or prior knowledge of these transactions,” in an emailed statement on Wednesday, adding that Speaker Pelosi doesn’t own any stock.

Great stock timing in DC isn’t exactly novel. Republican senators Richard Burr and Kelly Loeffler had inside knowledge of the impending COVID-19 crisis when they sold shares in January 2020. 

Burr sold $1.7 million worth of stock holdings, while the former senator, Loeffler, wife of New York Stock Exchange chairman Jeffrey Sprecher and richest member of Congress at the time, unloaded up to $3.1 million worth of stock after getting closed-door briefings on the COVID-19 threat. 

It is illegal for Congress members to trade based on non-public information gathered during their official duties, but it is hard to charge members of Congress with insider trading. Neither Burr not Loeffler faced any charges following inquiries. 

But while it is hard to prosecute politicians over such stock sales, Twitter is less forgiving. 'Nancy Pelosi Insider Trading' began to trend on the social media service and people have called for her removal from office. 

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The excess in financial markets will have to unwind in a drastic manner, warns one veteran economist.

Wells Fargo & Co. is discontinuing personal lines of credit and will shut down existing ones in the coming weeks, CNBC reported, citing customer letters it has reviewed. The product, which offers customers $3,000 to $100,000 in revolving credit lines, was originally pitched by the bank as a way to either consolidate higher-interest credit card debt or avoid overdraft fees on checking accounts. "Wells Fargo recently reviewed its product offerings and decided to discontinue offering new Personal a

The state of Wyoming has become the first in the US to approve and legally recognise a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

SHANGHAI (Reuters) -The S&P Dow Jones Indices and FTSE Russell on late Wednesday decided to remove more Chinese companies from their indices after an updated U.S. executive order barred domestic investment in firms with alleged ties to China's military. The U.S. index publisher identified 25 Chinese companies that would be deleted from its index on Aug. 2, while FTSE Russell said it will remove an additional 20 firms on July 28. The decision is based on the feedback from index users and stakeholders, FTSE Russell said.

Dividend stocks are the Swiss army knives of the stock market. When dividend stocks go up, you make money. When they don’t go up — you still make money (from the dividend). Heck, even when a dividend stock goes down in price, it’s not all bad news, because the dividend yield (the absolute dividend amount, divided by the stock price) gets richer the more the stock falls in price. Knowing all this, wouldn’t you like to own find great dividend stocks? Of course you would! Using the TipRanks databas

The good news: That pension and your savings are and will be great assets for you in retirement, so congratulations on that! There are many factors that go into knowing how much you’ll need for retirement, and a few ways to break down these annual estimates. For example, if you were to use the 4% rule, which is a traditional rule of thumb that suggests you take out 4% of your retirement savings every year to live on, you’d generate about $30,000 to $35,000 a year, said Morgan Hill, chief executive officer of Hill and Hill Financial.

Stock in Virgin Galactic continued its wild upward ride Thursday. But it could be a different story after co-founder Richard Branson launches into space.

(Bloomberg) -- U.S. consumer credit surged in May by the most on record, reflecting a jump in non-revolving loans that underscores solid household spending.Total credit climbed $35.3 billion from the prior month after an upwardly revised $20 billion gain in April, Federal Reserve figures showed Thursday. On an annualized basis, borrowing rose 10% in May. Economists in a Bloomberg survey had called for a $18 billion gain.Non-revolving credit, which includes auto and school loans, increased $26.1

The stock market just got hit with a pretty large sell-off. Here's a quick reason why.

A recent incident caught on video at a Walgreens shows a brazen shoplifter filling a trash bag with goods and riding a bike out of the store.

Retail traders spent Thursday morning buying the dip created by all the people digging the graves of meme stocks on Tuesday and Wednesday. Shares of GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC) started the holiday-shortened week in something of a nosedive, with both falling sharply from Tuesday morning into midday Thursday before sudden potent rallies fueled by Reddit chatter and Twitter hashtags saw both stocks recover dramatically, and AMC almost erase its weekly loss entirely before falling back a bit in the afternoon. Going into Tuesday, the narrative around Wall Street was that a malaise had gripped meme stocks thanks to retail traders losing interest as the COVID pandemic slowly ebbs and summer lures many of them away from the daily grind of the markets, while some Wall Street analysts have even made the decision to stop covering meme stocks arguing that they don’t trade on cogent analysis.

Fed officials begin to talk about tapering, Google is sued by U.S. states, Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and other news to start your day.

Job openings are at a record high and most companies are trying to hire, but they can't find enough workers even though millions of people are still unemployed. Why aren't they looking for work? When do they plan to find a job?

Jim Stack is holding a large cash position at Stack Financial Management as record Federal Reserve support has created wildly overvalued stocks.

Older workers once provided the ballast to a shrinking labor market. Their exit threatens economic growth, productivity and public finances.

Here's why Bank of America thinks Nvdia's stock should be able to shake off weak bitcoin prices.

WASHINGTON/OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) -Thirty-seven U.S. state and district attorneys general sued Alphabet Inc's Google on Wednesday, alleging that it bought off competitors and used restrictive contracts to unlawfully maintain a monopoly for its app store on Android phones. The allegations about Google's Play Store stem from an investigation involving nearly every U.S. state that began in September 2019 and have already resulted in three other lawsuits against the company. Google said on Wednesday the litigation was about boosting a handful of major app developers that want preferential treatment rather than about helping small businesses or consumers.

U.S. banks have increasingly begun to accept Bitcoin as it gains traction with more mainstream investors but have been slower to adopt Ether.

Top news and what to watch in the markets on Thursday, July 8, 2021.

(Bloomberg) -- Mark Shininger is a like a lot of millennials who played with Pokémon cards during grade school. He traded the collectibles with his friends and competed with his brothers for the shiniest, most powerful characters—until eventually he tired of the hobby, stowed the cards neatly in boxes and grew up. Then last year as the pandemic wore on, Shininger began hearing about vintage Pokémon card sales, sometimes reaching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So the 24-year-old mecha

Nancy Pelosi's office calls Trump a 'twice-impeached Florida retiree'

Business Insider 08 July, 2021 - 12:00am

“No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”

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"Twice-impeached Florida retiree – and de facto leader of the Republican Party – Donald Trump," Pelosi's office said in a statement.

The California Democrat went on to criticize Trump for "disrespecting the Capitol Police and other law enforcement officers" by defending rioters who stormed the US Capitol on January 6.

Trump during a press event on Wednesday said the deadly insurrection was "unfortunate" and claimed the Capitol riot suspects "are being treated unbelievably unfairly."

Trump is "decrying how rioters 'are being treated unbelievably unfairly' now that they are facing legal consequences for their actions," Pelosi's office said. Around 550 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection so far.

Trump also called out the unidentified police officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt as she tried to climb through a window in the House while members of Congress were being evacuated. 

"But the person that shot Ashli Babbitt, boom, right through the head, just boom, there was no reason for that. And why isn't that person being opened up, and why isn't that being studied? They've already written it off. They said that case is closed," Trump said.

The Department of Justice announced in April that it will not pursue charges against the police officer involved in the shooting, concluding that there is "insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution."

The House of Representatives in January voted to impeach Trump over his role in the Capitol insurrection, making him the first president in US history to be impeached twice. The House first impeached Trump in December 2019 on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress for seeking election assistance from Ukraine.

The former president on Wednesday spoke from his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course, where he is currently staying over the summer, away from his primary residence in Florida. 

The longtime New York resident changed his home address to his Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach in September 2019. At the time, he said the decision was "best for all concerned," saying he'd been "treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state."

Trump permanently relocated to Florida after leaving the White House earlier this year. 

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