Perseid meteor shower of 2021 thrills skywatchers

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Where in the sky are the Perseids?

The Perseids will appear to dart from a region of the sky near the famous double star cluster in the northern region of the constellation Perseus, which will be ascending the northeast part of the sky through the overnight hours tonight. Space.comHere's the US weather forecast for the Perseid meteor shower's peak tonight

Where does the Perseid meteor shower come from?

The Perseids are fragments of the comet Swift-Tuttle, which orbits between the Sun and beyond the orbit of Pluto once every 133 years. Every year, the Earth passes near the path of the comet, and the debris left behind by Swift-Tuttle shows up as meteors in the sky. NBC Chicago2021 Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: How to See It

Perseid Meteor Shower

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