PlayStation Showcase roundup: The most exciting games coming to the PlayStation 5


TechSpot 10 September, 2021 - 04:42pm 28 views

How long is the Playstation showcase?

What happened during the PlayStation Showcase? The PlayStation Showcase is now over, but the 40-minute event was absolutely packed with top-notch PS5 game updates and announcements - and a few surprises to boot. TechRadarPlayStation Showcase: all the PS5 game announcements as they happened

What time is the Playstation event?

The next PS5 event is taking place this week on Thursday September 9. The start time for the PlayStation 5 Showcase is 9pm BST and 10pm CEST. If you're in the States that's a start time of 1pm pacific time and 4pm eastern time. FortnitePlayStation Showcase: When is PS5 event start time? How to live stream?

Will the Kotor remake be ps5 exclusive?

The KOTOR remake is only a PS5 exclusive at launch, and may well arrive on Xbox eventually. Tom's GuideKOTOR is a PS5 console exclusive at launch, and that’s not ok

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