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Did Pokemon go change the Pokestop distance?

The distance you'll need to be from real-world locations is effectively halved as part of the new update, going from a maximum of 80 meters (around 262 feet) to interact with a Pokéstop, to the game's original 40 meters (around 131 feet), according to Dot Esports. The VergeNiantic rolls back pandemic changes to Pokémon Go in New Zealand and the US

Pokémon Go adds Gen 8, but some users are too angry to play the game

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In Disney's Jungle Cruise, Dwayne Johnson's Frank and Emily Blunt's Lily have an adventure down the Amazon in La Quila, a boat with a meaningful name.

In Jungle Cruise, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt adventure down the Amazon River in La Quila, a boat with a meaningful name. Jungle Cruise, a movie based on Disney's ride, finds Dr. Lily Houghton (Blunt) and her brother, McGregor (Jack Whitehall), on a quest to find Tears of the Moon, a tree with magical healing petals that's hidden somewhere in the Amazon. To get there, Lily needs the help of a wise-cracking jungle cruise skipper (Johnson) and his boat, La Quila. But they're not the only ones after the magical tree. In addition to Lily, cursed immortal Spanish conquistadors are hot on the trail of the tree, and Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons) is in search of the magical petals to bring glory to Germany during World War I.

A twist in the film reveals that La Quila's skipper, Frank, isn't what he claims to be. While fighting the Spanish conquistadors, Frank takes a blade through his chest and falls in the rainforest. Lily believes he's dead, but surprisingly Frank makes a return. The skipper reveals that he's one of the cursed Spanish conquistadors as well. He's been searching hundreds of years for the Tears of the Moon, hoping the petals could release him from the curse and finally put him to rest.

It turns out Frank's boat has a deeper meaning to its name. Following the twist showing Frank was a cursed conquistador, he tells Lily about his history. According to Frank, Aguirre (Edgar Ramirez) led Spanish conquistadors to search for Tears of the Moon after his daughter fell ill. Aguirre's men were dying until an Amazonian tribe saved them with Tears of the Moon petals. Since the tribe wouldn't tell Aguirre where the tree was, he and his men attacked them. Frank switched sides to help the tribe, but they were all cursed to live forever along the river. Frank was obsessed with finding the tree, even naming his boat La Quila, which is similar to the name of the Incan moon goddess, Mama Quilla.

The meaning of Frank's boat name was one of the clues to his identity. Frank insists on taking Lily down the river after realizing she possesses an arrowhead that could supposedly locate Tears of the Moon. But his true identity and intentions are largely hidden. After all, there's nothing in the Disney theme park ride about The Rock being an undead Spanish conquistador. By naming Frank's boat after the goddess of the moon, Jungle Cruise subtly hints at the character's obsession with the Tears of the Moon and his secret identity. In addition to the boat clue, Frank has a pet jaguar named Proxima, which is Spanish for "next." As an immortal, he's had plenty of jungle cats over hundreds of years, so the name always works.

The boat's name also reveals that Frank's quest is noble. Unlike the other adventurers, Frank doesn't want to exploit the tree. Instead, he wants to end his curse so he can finally be at peace. By naming his boat after the moon goddess, Frank shows his reverence for the Tears of the Moon. His intentions contrast with other Jungle Cruise characters, such as Plemons' Prince Joachim, who wants to use the tree to win a war. La Quila shows there's more to Frank than meets the eye. The pun-loving skipper is genuinely deeper than the Amazon.

No, Pokémon GO Isn’t “Skipping” The Alola Region

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Yesterday, Niantic announced the arrival of Zacian and Zamazenta for Ultra Unlock Part Three in Pokémon GO. This arrival of Galarian Legendaries, as well as the addition of Galarian species Wooloo, Skwovet, and Falinks, came as a huge shock to the game's community. As soon as the announcement came out, the memes followed. "Alola be like: Am I a joke to you?" It wasn't just memes, though. A large portion of the fan base as well as actual content creators believe that this event confirms that Niantic is "skipping" Generation Seven and the Alola region to focus on Generation Eight and Galar. However, there is already information to the contrary. Pokémon GO is not skipping the Alola region, and here's why.

This is not meant to be a generation rollout the same way that we saw for Kalos late last year. This is meant to be an oddity confined to this event. Take a look at the language in the Pokémon GO blog used when announcing this event:

The final part of this year's Ultra Unlock will feature the Pokémon GO debuts of two Legendary Pokémon first found in the Galar region, Zacian and Zamazenta, in their Hero of Many Battles forms! It appears that the one who brought them to Pokémon GO was none other than

In the trailer for the event, we even see these Pokémon emerging from portals created by Hoopa's rings. Like the day of every Legendary in raids a GO Fest 2021, this is meant to be event-specific. Once it's over, we will not find ourselves in a continuous Galar release.

In fact, we already know that Alola isn't being skipped from the 5th Anniversary poster. The Alolan Starters were shown on the poster earlier this summer and, historically, we've seen everything in those posters come to fruition later this year. So don't worry about Alola — it's coming. Let's just enjoy this oddity while it's here, because it's not going to stick around for long.

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