Pokemon Snap hasn't changed in 20 years. That's a great thing


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How many Pokemon are in Pokemon Snap?

Pokémon Snap was originally revealed as a Nintendo 64DD game. The game features 63 of the Red and Blue original generation of 151 Pokémon. fandom.comPokémon Snap | Pokémon Wiki | Fandom

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New Pokémon Snap Star Ratings - How To Take 4-Star Photos

Nintendo Life 04 May, 2021 - 09:01am

New Pokémon Snap has already proven itself to be the perfect mashup between a relaxing, comfy game and a true challenge. For those seeking to test their skills, each photo submitted to Professor Mirror will receive two ratings: a star ranking and a number score.

The number of stars received is based upon the pose of the Pokémon, or type of moment captured in the image. The numbered score - which also affects which types of stars you receive - is based upon your photo's quality. In order to fully complete New Pokémon Snap, you'll need to capture photos of each Pokémon at their one, two, three and four-star levels.

Below, we'll tell you exactly how to improve your photography skills and snap up some scores you can be proud of.

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First and foremost: capture photos of rare Pokémon behaviours and moments. Below are some examples:

Nintendo's promotional video below shows some great examples of what these rare Pokémon behaviours and moments might look like:

Essentially, the more rare the moment is, the more stars it will be worth. While there's no clear order or list of moments and their rarity, you can pretty much assume that if it's a behaviour you haven't seen before it's something worth photographing.

Additionally, it appears that the higher-leveled maps tend to contain more rare moments and behaviours, so you may simply need to wait until you're able to explore other areas to find rarer behaviours.

Using Fluffruit is another way to easily net two or three stars in your photos. If you hit a Pokémon with a Fluffruit, and can quickly capture their ensuing "angry" face, that's almost always worth at least two stars. If you can gently toss them a Fluffruit to eat, a photo of them enjoying the treat will generally be worth up to three stars.

Essentially, any way you can interact and engage with the Pokémon you see will often help you capture new moments and behaviours. While touring different islands, try continuously throwing Fluffruits around, using Illumina Orbs to light up Pokémon at night, playing music, or running scans of the area.

If you’re looking to complete the game fully, you’ll need photos of Pokémon at each star level, from one to four, so don’t sweat it if the only picture you took of a Pokémon only has one star. You’ll get that money shot next time.

The second part of your photos' rankings is the numbered score Professor Mirror gives each submitted photo. This number focuses more on the quality of the photo taken, with the below factors taken into consideration:

Note that there are not general hard-and-fast rules with this score's criteria, either - it seems to be a bit finicky, and following the list above will not always guarantee high scores.

Again, the numerical score is tied to the types of stars you receive, as well:

As more information comes to light, we'll keep you updated here - but for now, these are the general guidelines for taking high-ranking photos in New Pokémon Snap. The rest will depend upon your creativity and skills - so go get snapping!

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Always throw apples at the Pokemon heads! ;p

wait but the user reviews on metacritic say the scoring is random

@Crockin doesn't it literally mention in the game "depending on the pose and the activity of the Pokemon points will be given" or smth like that? I didn't watch the tutorial much but, didn't they explain how they rank it?

@Crockin Also, these are just user reviews on metacritic. Is there a point in those things? Like sometimes they just make no sense.

@ArtiomNLS sometimes? It's the most useless site I've ever seen, just random people's often nonsense opinions with little or no idea if they've ever even played the game, I may as well ask the pigeon in my back garden what game to buy

Played a few hours this morning and I really like it, sometimes the scoring seems a bit off but more than not its pretty consistent. The frustration is when it days you have a 4 star picture but can't use it because the subject isn't clear, well how about not rating it 4 stars in the first place

Really loving this game! So far though, I only have one Pokemon's dex entry completed with all 4 photos. Not trying to 100% the game or anything, but I appreciate that there are a lot of objectives to keep you busy if you want to keep playing, especially since the first game could be 100%'d in what, 3 hours or something? Lots of stuff to do here. It's kind of amazing too how different each area can be - between progress levels, alternate paths, and night and day, some of these areas have ~9 different variations. Having a blast and a half over here!

I just want to say that I love this game so far and I am so happy they finally made a sequel.

There is tons to do already (don’t get me wrong) but I’m excited for the idea of DLC with this game and I hope they explore it. Timed events here and there would be fun.

Im a bit put off that they request to center it, even though photography usually follows the rule of thirds…

@ArtiomNLS I'm joking. Yep, the scoring system is explained and its pretty simple. The game makes it crystal clear how the ideal photos should be taken. Just like with origami king, the negative user reviews are overwhelmingly written by people who haven't played the game, and refuse to even consider giving it a fair shot.

@ferryb001 One of the cool features is that you can actually re-snap your pics after it's scored. You can make just about any adjustments you want in the photo editor, so centering the pokemon is strictly for prof. mirror's research

New Pokémon Snap is honestly the most fun I’ve had with a game in years. My only complaint with the scoring system is that it doesn’t always do great when there are multiple Pokémon in a photo. I’ve had a few instances where it decided to score a background Pokémon instead of the Pokémon I focused on in the photo.

@Crockin the re-snap is indeed the coolest feature. It's especially cool that the game actually captures more visual information than you think which allows you to zoom out or reposition the camera beyond the edges of the frame.

"Flying-type Pokémon picking other Pokémon up into the air"

And now I want Godzilla Snap.

@Chowdaire totally. I don't think I have any saved photos that haven't been reframed. It's a great tool that adds some unexpected depth. Havent played the original in a long time, but I remember you take the pics and that's it. you could print them out at blockbuster i guess

@carlos82 agreed, Carlos, agreed.

@Crockin pardon, I don't understand jokes sometimes lol

@ArtiomNLS haha it’s ok, kinda hard to be sarcastic over text

loving this game, agree the star ratings are a little random but it's great fun seeing pokemon in this environment looking beautiful.

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