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How do you get Zeraora Pokemon unite?

First off, to get Zeraora, you'll need to log on and download Pokémon Unite before August 31. If you plan to play on the mobile version that's coming out this fall, don't fret. A tweet from the game's official page shared that players planning to play on mobile will still be able to get the Pokémon at a later date. PolygonPokémon Unite Zeraora unlock guide

Is Pokemon unite a mobile game?

Pokémon UNITE will also be available for mobile devices later this year, with cross-platform play and cross-save** support planned. NintendoPokemon UNITE is now on Nintendo Switch

Is Pokemon unite pay to win?

Skins, characters, avatar customizations, item upgrades, and more all use different coins and tokens that can, for the most part, be easily obtained just by playing the game. But does its microtransaction purchases mean Pokémon Unite is pay to win? Right now, yes. Yes it is. gfinityesports.comIs Pokémon Unite Pay to Win?

As a competitive-focused game, the Ranked Match system is the heart and soul of Pokemon Unite, the beloved creature-training’s entry into the MOBA genre of games.

It’ll take you a while to reach even being able to play Ranked Matches, as it’ll only open up to you once Pokemon Unite is sure that you’re up for it. Once you hit Trainer Level 6 and unlock Ranked Match, however, all bets are off – at that point you can hop in and truly test your mettle against other trainers.

In this guide, we explain how ranked matches work, including explaining how the ranking system works and how you can attain its various player ranks.

As we noted above, the first thing you’ll need to do before you can get stuck into Ranked Matches is, er, unlock them. To do that, you’ll first need to be Trainer Level 6.

Reaching trainer level 6 is easy enough, and should take you an hour or so at absolute most. To reach trainer level 6, head to the standard mode and engage in battles with random players there. This is unranked, so it’s low pressure, and will also serve as great practice for actually heading into ranked battles.

Second, however, once Ranked Match is unlocked you’ll still need to make sure you have a full five Pokemon to call your own in order to enter the matches. You can of course purchase Pokemon with Gems or Aeos Coins in the Pokemon Unite store.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that you’ll need to have at least 79 Fair Play Points to participate in Ranked Match games. Fair Play points are Pokemon Unite’s way of gauging your in-game reputation and ensuring players aren’t acting in a toxic manner. This shouldn’t be an issue, but you’ll lose Fair Play Points for things like quitting matches before they’re over (using surrender doesn’t count), or idling. Playing matches successfully gives you positive Fair Play Points. Play nice, don’t idle, don’t rage quit, and you’ll never run into this issue.

Once you hit the Ranked Match system, there are two elements of the ranking system you need to know about and understand: Ranks and Classes.

Let’s start with Ranks. There are six ranks in total in Pokemon Unite: Beginner, Great, Expert, Veteran, Ultra, and Master.

Each Rank has its own ‘cup’ – and cups are active for seasons. This will all be familiar if you’ve played similar service-based multiplayer games. Your progression will only be counted within each season, and the exact rewards might vary from one season to the next.

Within each rank, however, there are a number of classes. In order to raise yourself to the next rank, you’ll first need to rise through the classes within that rank.

If you’re playing in the Beginner Rank and Beginner Cup, for instance, it contains three classes. You’ll need to rise through these classes – and when you do, you’ll then rank up to the Great Cup, which this time contains four classes – and so on and so forth. Here’s how many classes each Rank has:

Beyond this, the concept is broadly simple – if you win you’ll be slowly promoted up the tiers based on your performance, while losing will see you demoted down the cup tiers. Your current cup ranking will determine your opponents; you’ll be matched against players of a similar skill.

In order to level up a class, you simply need to win matches. Winning a match grants you a point towards your next class, while losing deducts a point in turn. Essentially, if you consistently win more than you lose, you’ll consistently rank up. We’ve listed the number of points needed to get out of each rank above.

The Master Rank doesn’t have classes, and simply has a new ranking system where players are ranked in a more granular fashion based on their victory points obtained while playing.

As well as the EXP, Aeos Coins and Aeos Energy you’ll garner for winning matches, there’s also a broader reward for you to obtain based on your progress up the ranking ladder in any given season.

The exact rewards will vary from Season to Season, but at the very least you can expect to pick up thousands of Aeos Tickets for reaching the basic ranks – and if you reach the higher end of Elite and above, you’re talking five figures.

Aeos Tickets can be used to buy fashion items for your trainer in the Aeos Emporium – allowing you to customize your character. This is a base reward, but depending on the season other rewards will be available too.

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Pokemon Unite Players Cry Foul Over Expensive Power-Boosting Held Items

GameSpot 22 July, 2021 - 12:26pm

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The point of contention is the Held Items, which lets you give passive boosts to your Pokemon in up to three equipment slots. At Trainer Level 9, those items become upgradeable through Aeos Tickets, which makes them significantly more powerful. Tickets are one of the currency types in Pokemon Unite, and they can be hard to come by through normal play. But you can convert Gems--the premium, real-money currency--to tickets, and extra tickets are one of the random pulls from a refreshing energy tank "gacha" mechanic. You can also buy boosts or extra energy tanks using Gems.

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You can probably see where this is going.

One thread with more than 2,000 replies on the Nintendo Switch subreddit claims to be from a mobile game developer, outlining what they call "predatory" monetization schemes. They cite a slow pace of currency after the welcome events have run their course, and the three-step process of Gems to Tickets to stat-boosts which obscures the real-money value of the "pay to win" aspect.

Another thread on the Pokemon Unite subreddit does its own napkin math to sort out how many stat boosts you can afford by playing for free. It concludes that it would take roughly 78,000 tickets to fully upgrade three items, the max carrying capacity with all three slots unlocked. You only get about 28,000 tickets for free in the current reward tiers, so to be competitive with fully upgraded items you would still need roughly another 50,000 tickets.

You can get some as seasonal rewards, but the thread concludes it would take almost 500 days of normal play to grind out enough tickets for a fully upgraded trio of Held Items. Or, by converting one Gem to 10 Tickets, the user claims you would need to pay roughly $40 to upgrade a single item. (And of course, you may want more than three types of items upgraded if you want to play different types of character builds).

Other fans have suggested that while the stat boosts are grindy or expensive, the items aren't likely to make a big impact on gameplay. The difference between a +1 item boost and +15 upgraded item boost seems big, they say, until you realize that that's modifying a base character stat of 300. Still, in the heat of a close match, that edge could potentially make a difference.

It remains to be seen if future timed events give out more tickets or how promotions might alter the cost of upgrades, but it's enough to give potential Pokemon Unite players pause. The game is free-to-play, but top-tier competitive play may require a long grind or a hefty investment. For more, check out how to claim your free Zeraora and how Pokemon Unite's microtransactions work.

What are Aeos Gems in Pokemon Unite? Paid currency explained

Dexerto 21 July, 2021 - 07:00pm

Pokemon Unite is finally here and is filled to the brim with items to unlock. While the Nintendo MOBA has its own in-game currency, users will have to convert real money to obtain it.

From Holowear to Held Items, users can buy many things with Aeos Gems to customize their Pokemon and Trainer. This guide will explain how much money you will need to shell out.

Aeos Gems are the premium currency of the MOBA. The highly sought-after gems can purchase pretty much anything in the game, and is the only way to unlock the Premium Battle Pass.

Unlike the other currencies, Aeos Gems are obtained with real money through the title’s store. Below we will break down how much it costs to purchase them with real-world currency.

While all 20 Pokemon are technically free, they must be unlocked by acquiring a license for each character. Aeos Gems can bypass all the work and let you unlock the character right away.

So those not satisfied with the Starter Pokemon given to you after the tutorial may want to consider using real money to get the ‘mon they want from the start.

The premium version of the Battle Pass is also locked behind gems. Thankfully TiMi Studios is offering double the gems for all first-time purchases, which would ease the sting a little.

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