Pokémon Go: How To Complete The 5th Anniversary Collection Challenge


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Can Darumaka be shiny in Pokemon go?

Darumaka will also be appearing, and if you're lucky, you might encounter a Shiny Darumaka. Flying Pikachu and Darumaka will also show up in one-star raids along with Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. pokemon.comPokémon GO's Fifth-Anniversary Event Features Shiny Darumaka and More

Can balloon Pikachu be shiny?

Flying Pikachu with the 5-shapred balloon does have a shiny form – so you might get super lucky and encounter a shiny variant. VG247Pokemon Go Flying Pikachu: how to catch the 5th anniversary balloon Pikachu

Pokémon GO 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

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