Pokémon Unite release date set for July 21


Polygon 15 July, 2021 - 09:10am 45 views

Is Pokemon unite free?

The game will be free to start, with optional in-game purchases available. Pokemon Unite will become available in September on mobile devices. VG247Pokemon Unite Switch release date set for July 21

Pokemon Unite Release Date Revealed, Free Pokemon Available at Launch

ComicBook.com 15 July, 2021 - 11:17am

Pokemon Unite will be released next week as a free download for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo announced that its upcoming MOBA-style game Pokemon Unite will be released for the Nintendo Switch on July 21st. Pokemon Unite will be free to download for all players, although it does comes with in-game purchases that allow players to unlock Pokemon and outfits using paid in-game currency. Additionally, any player who downloads and logs into the game by August 31st will receive the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora for free. Pokemon Unite also released a new trailer to celebrate the pending launch, which can be found up above.

Pokemon Unite is a new MOBA-style game developed by TenCent, a well-known developer of primarily mobile games like Arena of Valor. Gameplay involves two teams of Pokemon battling to collect Aeos Energy by defeating both wild Pokemon and Pokemon on their opponent's team and then depositing that energy in their opponent's goal to score points. Players also collect Exp. Points to level up their Pokemon, which causes them to evolve and unlock new moves. Each Pokemon eventually learns a powerful Unite Move with different effects and abilities.

The game will initially have about 20 Pokemon in the starting roster, with more planned as post-launch editions. Confirmed Pokemon include a mix of popular Pokemon like Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, and Lucario, and more unconventional choices like Eldegoss, Dwebble, and Cramorant. Each Pokemon will fit into one of five different roles and will have different abilities. Pokemon can be unlocked either using the game's free currency (earned by playing matches) or via the game's premium currency.

Zeraora is a newly announced Pokemon for Pokemon Unite, and you can check out the Pokemon's full abilities in the trailer released earlier today.

This Electric-type Mythical Pokémon is fast as lightning, catching opponents and dealing massive damage in the blink of an eye.

Zeraora’s Unite Move sends out a powerful electric blast, creating a zone of plasma around its strike zone. #PokemonUNITE pic.twitter.com/3OugXoDPwA

A mobile version of Pokemon Unite will also be released later this year and will include cross-play options.

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Pokemon Unite Release Date Announced for Switch

GameRant 15 July, 2021 - 09:30am

Pokemon Unite, which is perhaps best described as a League of Legends-style Pokemon game to those who aren't terribly familiar with MOBAs, finally has a release date. As announced by The Pokemon Company, the Pokemon Unite release date for Switch is Wednesday, July 21. The Pokemon Unite release date announcement was made with a new trailer that gave fans a fresh look at what the gameplay has to offer.

This new trailer reiterates what's been established by previous Pokemon Unite gameplay trailers. It shows members of the Pokemon Unite roster battling it out, fighting each other as well as focusing on scoring points at the objective. About halfway through the new Pokemon Unite trailer, though, it then shifts away from the Pokemon action to detail what else fans can expect from the free-to-play game come its July 21 release date.

Pokemon Unite will have extensive customization options when it comes to the player's Trainer as well as their Pokemon. Based on what's seen in the trailer, the Pokemon Unite customization options blow the main series games out of the water, with players given unprecedented freedom when it comes to designing their human character. Players will also be able to unlock and equip a variety of items for their Pokemon as well, like an innertube for Snorlax and beachwear for Garchomp.

The trailer then ends by highlighting Pokemon Unite's multiplayer features and revealing how fans can unlock an extra Pokemon for their roster. Anyone that downloads and plays Pokemon Unite on the Nintendo Switch prior to August 31 will unlock Zeraora for free. Zeraora is a Mythical Pokemon that was first introduced in the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games and has proven to be fairly popular with the community, so its addition to the roster will likely be a welcome one.

So far, Pokemon fans have reacted positively to this Pokemon Unite trailer, showing a sharp change from public perception of the game. The initial Pokemon Unite announcement was met with widespread disdain as fans were hoping to see main series Pokemon games instead, but now that the Diamond and Pearl remakes and Legends: Arceus have been announced, it seems fans are more open to the idea of a Pokemon MOBA spin-off game.

Pokemon Unite launches July 21 for the Nintendo Switch with a mobile version coming in August.

Pokémon Unite mobile players can get Zeraora as a playable character

Android Central 15 July, 2021 - 08:34am

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Ahead of Pokémon Unite's Nintendo Switch release on July 21, The Pokémon Company announced that Zeraora would be joining the game as a playable character. This Mythical Pokémon was first introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon a few years ago, and is a powerful electric-type.

Those who play Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch before August 31 will get Zeraora as a playable character just for logging in. Though the mobile versions of Pokémon Unite don't release until September, the publisher confirmed that mobile players would be able to get Zeraora as well. It's likely that a similar limited time offer will take place after its release on Android, but details will be announced at a later date. It's unknown if Zeraora can be unlocked through any other means.

According to the announcement, Zeraora's Unite Move "sends out a powerful electric blast, creating a zone of plasma around its strike zone." This Mythical Pokémon can deal massive damage in a short amount of time, so it's definitely one you'll want to have on your team, especially since you get it just by logging in.

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) that takes place on Aeos Island. Players compete in 5v5 battles team battles and attempt to score more points than their opponents. Pokémon can be caught, levelled up, and evolved.

A new way to play Pokémon

Pokémon Unite is taking the beloved series formula and turning it into a MOBA where players can battle in teams and score points against opponents. Be sure to stay tuned for its mobile release to see how you can unlock Zeraora.

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Pokemon Unite hits Nintendo Switch next week, trailer reveals fun features

CNET 15 July, 2021 - 08:33am

Pokemon Unite is coming to Nintendo Switch next Wednesday, July 21, the Pokemon Company said Thursday. The co-op team-based battling game, which also got a new trailer, will hit mobile devices in September.

If you log into the game on Switch before Aug. 31, you'll get the ability to use Electric-type Mythical Pokemon Zeraora for free.

The free-to-start game will include optional in-game purchases and feature crossplay, so it won't matter if you prefer playing on Switch or a phone. You'll be able to use your Pokemon Trainer Club account or Nintendo Account on both Switch and mobile to easily sync your progress between devices.

It's being made in partnership with TiMi Studios, which developed Activision's Call of Duty Mobile and is owned by China's Tencent Games.

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Pokémon Unite Nintendo Switch release date reveals, and it's coming next week | Gamepur

Gamepur 15 July, 2021 - 08:28am

The mobile version is slated for September.

The release date for Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch has been confirmed, and the mobile version of the game is slated for a September release, though there’s no specific date as of yet. The announcement comes in the form of a brand new trailer for the game, featuring some never seen before details.

Pokémon Unite launches on Nintendo Switch on July 21. In just seven days, Switch users will be able to pick up the free-to-play title and start battling with some of their favorite Pokémon in the first ever MOBA spin-off in the franchise.

The game’s official website has also been updated with some additional information. Any players who download the game and play on Nintendo Switch by August 31, 2021, will get a free Zeraora Unite license. This allows them to use Zeraora in their teams.

Zeraora is a mythical electric-type Pokémon that uses a move in Pokémon Unite to cast a powerful electric blast and create a plasma zone around the zone it hits. This is useful for blocking enemy players from following you and dealing damage over time.

The game will feature full crossplay across mobile and Nintendo Switch, and if you log in using your Nintendo or Trainer Club account, you’ll be able to use your save data on any device without losing progress.

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