Pokémon Unite Update Adds Gardevoir, Charizard Gets Nerfed


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Do you need Nintendo online for Pokemon unite?

If you want to play Pokemon Unite but don't have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you're in luck: Pokemon Unite can be played without having access to Nintendo Online, meaning that all you need to join the fun is a Nintendo Switch and an internet connection. TheGamerPokemon Unite: Do You Need Nintendo Online To Play

Will Pokemon unite be on PC?

Pokemon Unite is not on PC. It is currently only on Nintendo Switch. As of writing, Pokemon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch and is coming to mobile devices (Android and iOS) later on this year. Players are able to download Pokemon Unite right now and jump into the fun. ShacknewsIs Pokemon Unite releasing on PC?

What time is Pokemon unite coming out?

Pokemon UNITE Release Time Pokemon UNITE's Nintendo Switch Release Time has been confirmed for 7:00 UTC (3:00 AM Eastern, 0:00 Pacific). game8.coRelease Time and Countdown: What Time Does Pokemon UNITE Come Out? | Pokemon UNITE|Game8

What platform is Pokemon unite on?

Pokémon UNITE brings free-to-start 5-on-5 strategic team battles to Nintendo Switch. It's time to team up and take down the competition! The Pokémon™ UNITE game is now available for the Nintendo Switch™ system. You can now download the game and start playing for free. NintendoPokemon UNITE is now on Nintendo Switch

Update: As was promised yesterday, new fighter Gardevoir is now available in Pokémon Unite.

Alongside the new character's inclusion, it's also been announced that "a few bugs" have been addressed, including an issue that arose when equipping Charizard with the Muscle Band. Game8 reports that the Muscle Band's effect on Charizard's Standard Attack power has been significantly reduced, suggesting that it may have been a bit too overpowered.

Original Article (Tue 27th Jul, 2021 16:45 BST): If you've been getting stuck into Pokémon Unite, the free-to-play Pokémon MOBA now available on Switch, you'll be pleased to know that the game's roster is getting a boost tomorrow.

That's right, from 28th July, the Psychic and Fairy-type Gardevoir will be gliding into battle. As you can see from the clip below, Gardevoir is a ranged attacker who'll no doubt be best suited to those who like to keep their distance during battles, rather than jumping in headfirst.

Gardevoir joins a lineup that already contains a pleasingly varied mix of characters including the likes of Pikachu (of course), Crustle, Absol, Gengar, and more. Here's the current full lineup:

Remember, Zeraora is available as a free bonus for all players who log in to the Switch version of the game by 31st August.

Have you tried Pokémon Unite? What do you think? Let us know with a comment.

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Not sure we needed another Attacker first. Blastoise (Defender) or Clefable (Support) would have balanced out the roster a bit better. But a new character is always welcome I suppose.

I was not even remotely interested in this game until I found out from this article that I can play as Slowbro, Crustle, and Cramorant

Neat, I've always preferred range in any MOBA and I've actually heard of this one! Time to gather some coins.

@Anti-Matter What a surprise.

Wish they'd fix current broken characters before adding new ones. Gengar's so busted.

I've been enjoying the game so far though. I expected to hate it, thinking its lack of towers, minions and equipment mid-match would make it stale. But it's actually turned out to be a fun time. Once you play it, all concerns seem to go right out the window.

But the pay to win aspect of it is seriously cracked. You can tell immediately who has maxed out items and who doesn't. And while I'd hoped such a thing would be minor boosts here and there for an advantage of maybe 5% better stats across the board, instead we got something that might as well be 90-100% difference. And that's really bad.

And now I'm also part of the problem. So... yikes, dude. They really should change it and soon. There's already way too much stuff that's busted in the game so the sooner the better, really.

Let's goooo! I'm all about ranged fighters. I don't care if that makes me a wuss, my social status declined when I admitted to liking this game anyways 😌

Nice article name, looks like they abandoning to add more Pokémon and now adding monsters instead from article name. xD

Downloaded it yesterday but haven't actually played yet. This is my first look at the roster. What a weird and surprising lineup. Gen 1 gets a lot of love for obvious reason but there are also some Pokémon in the mix that normally don't get much if any attention. I'd like someone from Gen 2 too.

Gardevoir and Metagross are my number 1 fav Pokémon of all time, glad Gardevoir is coming but hoping her playstyle suits me!

(Because sadly her playstyle in Pokkén doesn't suit me.)

Really hope they add a lot more non-populair Pokémon instead of Charizard, Gengar, Machamp, Greninja, etc, etc. They are all cool but are highlighted in most spin offs and main games.

@Kiz3000 - Most MOBA games add a bunch of damage-first characters cause they're the most picked. And likely to get the most skins in lieu of that knowledge.

People like big numbers and medals.

I’m not normally into MOBAs but judging by the positive comments in this article I’m starting to wonder if it’s any good (also not really into many of the newer Pokémon games bc of Sw/Sh.)

@Broosh what makes you like it because I might want to play it but I don’t know if it’s for me.

@Broosh downloading it now.

Lets goo, been waiting for her.

@Broosh I play a lot of mages in the mobas I play so I'm happy about this, also if you want to know about a data mine, it shows of some of the leaked mons for this game.

That was fast, I haven't even tested all the characters lol.

@Snatcher Ooo how dirty...I might have to look that up! Thanks for the tip 😏

@ThatNyteDaez you're right. I think you should fill out the Pokémon UNITE survey with your thoughts.

I will do the same. Zerarora is too powerful, especially with the held items and I should know because I win almost every battle I use him in.

@ThatNyteDaez Idk maybe its just bc I main gengar or what but I never really found the dude to be an issue, for me anyway, He is busted there is no doubt about it, But for me all I do is get out of the way of his bomb or whatever, If I do get hit I try to keep my remaining life point to lure him some were, were he can get killed, I mean he is just auto aiming anyway LOL.

Amazing, this game is so addictive!

This is my first real MOBA, and I've been enjoying it so far. While I'm pretty determined to grab those log in bonuses at the moment, I can already see myself getting tired of the repetitive nature sooner or later, so hopefully they sprinkle on some new content often enough to keep me interested in playing, before my admittedly short attention span moves on to some other game.

@Hinade I think they are getting the popular ones out of the way first then we will see more less popular mons. Although I wouldn’t say crustle is popular but he is already in the game lol

@ThatNyteDaez you are the first person I’ve seen that says Gengar is broken lol I’ve never had issues playing against Gengar. And it’s not pay to win. You can upgrade yourself items without spending a dime and also there is no option to buy the item currency to level up items so not sure what you are talking about

@ThatNyteDaez I guarantee they are trying to find a way to nerf Gengar. Probably going to make his cooldowns longer and/or do less damage. He's clearly over powered but its not that bad. The pay to win is not as bad as you are making it out. If you grind a little bit you can get the items you want and upgrade them in time. I haven't paid a cent for the game and I have almost all level 10 held items. They might also patch a way to get more of the upgrade tokens or something of that nature to make it slightly easier to get them or coins. It's only a week old there is a lot of stuff to fix.

Do any of them have their anime voices, or is Pikachu the only exception?

Besides, it’s unanimously decided upon that both Zeraora and Pikachu are the most broken units in the game right now.

Lopunny Supporter will be next considering the line-up.

Nice to see Gen 3 get another rep, makes things a little more balanced (outside of Gen 1 ofc). Hopefully the next pokemon added is from Gen 2 (Ampharos?) since, outside of it being my favourite gen, it's currently the only gen without any playable characters in the game.

As for my thoughts on Unite, considering I'm usually not too into MOBA's, it's decent enough, but as others have said, the monetisation is a little out of control atm.

She/he is my most favorite pokemon in the series, others being Gengar Greninja, and so forth, she is now my knew main as I really like mages in mobas and she plays just like one to. (Yes I already got her/he.)

@drewber2635 you can upgrade items with gems, when you run out of Aeos tickets it offers you to pay gems instead.

@EliteXeos Pikachu? I have heard waaaaaaaaay more about gengar then I have ever heard about pikachu, his early game is busted but late game I feel like it works out.

@drewber2635 Ya dude its pay to win, I mean have you even run into a guy with all his items maxed out?

@ThatNyteDaez Blastoise and Gardevoir was in reveal at 2020-06-24 and all tests that happened in between reveal and release, so.

@myfirsteevee Haha, I already filled the survey it out. But thanks for the heads up! I'm glad they were willing to ask for player feedback so soon, so I wrote some 500 words on what I think of the game. Was fun. x3 Zeraora is pretty strong but he doesn't feel quite as unbalanced as Gengar who can repeatedly spam his abilities over and over. Zeraora is just fast and hits hard, but he seems to be easily dealt with under the right circumstances.

@snatcher Oh, well that's cool. It's great that as a Gengar main you feel like he's somewhat balanced, but there are countless videos online already about how busted the Sludge Bomb + Hex combo is. A Gengar with 20+ items does some 1.5K damage each hit and is practically invincible during it. And then there's the fact that getting away from a Gengar is often too late once they land the sludge bomb. In duels he's powerful but in teamfights its impossible to deal with. I'm in Veteran rank right now so maybe that might have something to do with the sorts of Gengar I'm coming across. The only viable way I can think of to deal with Gengar is with Slowbro's Telekinesis and even then, that's not totally dealing with it. Only delaying it...

And yes, I have been upgrading my items since day one - I'm aware. But even after all that, my items were barely level 12 or so once I used them all. Its only now that I started funneling money into the game that my stuff is 26, 21, 21 etc.

Also, yes there is. I'd suggest taking a look in the Shop items > find the upgrades item and click on it. It'll ask if you want to buy more and you can select the amount. If you still dont believe me, go and find a guide. I've been doing it and there are others who are exactly the same. There's videos online for it too. So I'm not sure why you don't know what I'm talking about...

@sublogic I really hope so. In the higher ranks of the game, Gengar is in every match and is almost always going for that specific combo. Killing them/dealing with them when they get going is so bad! And I have level 20+ stuff now and still find them hard to take down.

@elitexeos Its very interesting that you'd say that since this is the first I've heard anyone call Pikachu broken. I'll take a look around and see what others have been saying. Zeraora feels strong to me, but not exactly broken. Though I agree he could probably do with some nerfs too. I think the main problem is not knowing what level equipment other people have and whether its the pokemon itself or if its their items. But before i spent my money to get my pokemon strong, certain pokemon just felt absurd. Now some stand out as being strong compared to others. Maybe I'll reserve my judgement for when all my stuff is 30, 30, 30 before I try and figure out whose broken or not. Pikachu used to feel absurd to me but now it feels about average. But we'll see.

@sviper Yeah I found out too late. Thanks for pointing it out though haha

@Finntendo64 give it a go honestly it’s actually pretty decent.

@ThatNyteDaez everyone you tagged you gave great feedback too! I had no idea about Gengar being overpowered. I don't encounter it that often. Overall, if the team dose not have great communication you won't win a match either. We should team up some time! My code is 561QX3P and my wife's code is 5FEFQLK.

Unfortunately I've seen instances of Gengar soloing a team by themselves, and that's insane compared to say, Zeraora or Absol who can take down 2-3 people solo. Granted, Absol is a rare pick in my games and Zeraora isn't nearly as common as Gengar, so that might be why I have more examples to look back on. But I do know each pokemons level also plays a huge part in how often Gengar gets to pop off.

Anyway I'm ranting again. So I'll just say; yes, we should totally team up sometime! I'll add you and your wife right away. Feel free to invite me into a match anytime if you see me online! I'm not one of the best players but I do perform well enough, I think. See you both in the arena sometime!

@ThatNyteDaez Hey I think he needs the nerf more then anybody, just me myself doesn't have an issue, but I can see it being a problem for people not knowing how to get around it, But i'm no longer a gengar main, I'm a gardevori man, the one I wanted to main from day one, the others are my back ups.

@ThatNyteDaez Not snarky at all, You came of very respectful actually, and not "Well your opinion is great and all, but mines is better" you came off with, this is how I think it works/ happens, and I think its great that you don't have an issue, ya its nice talking to you.

I wonder if they're gonna fix Gengar's infinite Hex spam while sludged. No way that's behaving as intended. Maybe limit uses or place a longer cd

I just played a match right now with a Gengar and he TOOK OUT THE ENTIRE TEAM AGAIN! faigaighjas;hja; xDDDD AND I SAW 2K DAMAGE!

We still won... but yikes, dude!

@Snatcher That's cool! I'm glad you have a new favourite to play with in Gardevoir. I have a handful of picks I can switch to if someone else on the team picks one of mine. But regardless of what you pick, I hope you're enjoying the game all the same. Gengar or otherwise haha.

And thank you! Tones can be difficult to read in text and that's always one of my main concerns when I speak on this site. But I'm glad we were able to see each others point of view on the topic. It's been lovely speaking to you as well, my guy!

@ThatNyteDaez Oh ya I'm having fun, as I have played three mobas, smite, paragon (I'm going to miss you) and arena of valor.

I'm a little worried this maintenance will ruined the 14 day reward thing. I'm only on day 3. Since it's not set to my timezones I missed out today... No where does it mention if this affects the reward thing.

Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment...

A great addition to your team



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Can you refund Pokémon Unite Licenses, Holowear in Pokémon UNITE? | Dot Esports

Dot Esports 28 July, 2021 - 04:48am

Pokémon UNITE is the Pokémon franchise’s first foray into the MOBA genre, with the developers at TiMi Studios taking cues from popular existing titles.

One of the biggest things that UNITE carries over is the various methods in which players will be able to play as and unlock the different Pokémon in the game, along with different special skins called Holowear.

Each playable Pokémon is unlocked by obtaining a Unite License, or an item that gives players access to use those Pokémon in matches. These can be obtained by completing challenges, log-in events, and by purchasing them in the Unite Battle Commission shop. 

If you go to purchase a Pokémon’s Unite License, they come in three cost variants, with each available in exchange for either Aeos Coins or the game’s premium currency, Aeos Gems. 

Likewise, Holowear can be purchased using multiple different currencies, although Aeos Coins aren’t an option. Instead, players will almost exclusively be using Aeos Gems or specific Holowear Tickets to grab the styles they like. 

Players do need to beware when they go to purchase any Unite Licenses, Holowear, or other in-game items because none of them are refundable.

Once purchased, players will be unable to get their in-game currency back for any item obtained. This also applies to buying Aeos Gems using the Nintendo Switch eShop. 

So if you plan on purchasing any item that costs a pretty penny, you should do your research and make sure it is what you want to buy before you grab it.

Gardevoir is now available in Pokémon UNITE | Dot Esports

Dot Esports 28 July, 2021 - 02:13am

The Pokémon UNITE roster has grown by one today. Just a week after the game’s launch, Gardevoir is making an appearance on Aeos Island, bringing a fresh face for players to try out.

With its own unique ranged-type attacker-style gameplay, Gardevoir should shake things up for players who had just begun settling into a meta from the past week.

The Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon boasts a variety of abilities to choose from, including Teleport, Confusion, Psyshock, Psychic, Future Sight, Moonblast, and the all-powerful Unite move Fairy Singularity.

Players can pick Gardevoir up from the in-game store for 460 Aeos Gems or 8,000 coins. You can earn these coins by participating in matches or purchase Aeos Gems with real-world currency if you’re eager to add Gardevoir to your collection now.

You can also get the Fashionable Style Holowear for Gardevoir from the store for 350 Aeos Gems.

Prior to the game’s launch, it was revealed that Gardevoir would be joining the title, though there was no announced date. This is good news for Blastoise fans since his addition was announced at the same time as Gardevoir’s, so that may indicate that the Water-type defender could be joining the game soon.

With the roster now growing to 21, there’s no better time to get in on the action. Players who do so before Aug. 31 will get the legendary Pokémon Zeraora for free. Those without access to a Switch console will also get a chance to try the game out for themselves when it launches on mobile in September.

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