Poll: Did You Buy Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut?


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Can I upgrade ghost of Tsushima to ps5?

If you already own the standard edition on PS4, then you should see the option to upgrade Ghost of Tsushima from PS4 to PS5 when you find the product on the PlayStation Store – it will look like a regular purchase, and will cost you $29.99/£24.99 to unlock the Director's Cut on PS5. GamesRadar+How to upgrade Ghost of Tsushima from PS4 to PS5

What is Ghost of Tsushima bonus content?

The Bonus Content contains the director's commentary. The Ghost of Tsushima Director's Commentary is a 45-minute video featuring a roundtable between the game's developers. hotukdeals.comGhost of Tsushima Bonus Content - free via PlayStation @ Playstation Store - hotukdeals

Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut is out right now on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 — but are you joining Jin Sakai on his new adventure? In case you don't know, Director's Cut includes the Iki Island expansion, which, as stated in our Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut review, we absolutely love. It whisks our samurai hero off to a whole new map, where he has to face surprisingly psychological ordeals. Again, it's really good, and only adds to an already excellent open world game.

But we also can't ignore the fact that the Director's Cut upgrade process has been quite heavily criticised. If you already own the original Ghost of Tsushima on PS4, there's no free upgrade to Director's Cut. Instead, you're forced to fork over $19.99 up upgrade on PS4, or $29.99 to make the jump to Director's Cut on PS5. It's that extra $10 that has people talking, as numerous other publishers have offered much more impressive PS5 upgrades for free.

With that in mind, we want to know if you've snagged Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut. Did you upgrade to the PS5 version? Or maybe this is your first time playing Ghost of Tsushima? Whatever your situation, vote in our polls, and then give us the details in the comments section below.

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Purchased the PS4 version for around £10 a while back but still not got around to it, going to upgrade to PS5 Directors and play from there.

If the game is as good as everyone says, then it’s worth the extra.

Nah. I’m not paying that price for a ps4 game to be upgraded to Ps5 + an expansion. I’ll let the fools enjoy that folly 😎

Bought it, downloaded it, now I can't decide whether to start from scratch or NG+ it.

Yep. Bought it again on the PS5. Amazing game.

I only semi-recently played Ghost on PS4, and while I ended up enjoying it quite a bit, if I'm honest, I was also burnt out by the end. I might grab the expansion at some point, but I'm in no hurry.

On the same note, I still haven't started The Frozen Wilds for Horizon or finished either Witcher 3 expansions.

Waiting for a PS5 to play it on. And a sale.

Playing the Iki Island dlc as we speak. It’s good. Not quite as exciting as I expected but nice to revisit this game world. Slowly getting to grips with the controls again after such a long time since completing the main game. Yeah, it’s all good 👍

I thought I was going to get the island for 10 or 20, but I’m not paying 30 for it. There are plenty of other games releasing soon.

A more nuanced answer to the poll for me is, "No, I've platinumed Ghost of Tsushima on PS4 and have no desire to pay more to revisit it"

Gladly got the PS5 upgrade. Haters gonna hate but I'm going to have a great weekend!🤣🤣🤣

Nope. Refuse to pay for what is essentially an upgrade and dlc. Not at 30 squids anyway. By the time i finished the game i had more than burnt out my desure to play any further. I will likely invest if/when it hits the bargain bucket for around 15.

I thought the price for the PS5 upgrade wasn't crazy money, but then I did enjoy the game anyway so would be great to get some haptics in there.

No simply because I’m having such a blast playing other games right now and you only have so much time. I think this is good value though and I don’t get the whining. PushGP was quite happy with the Spider-man dlc that came up at the same price but was a real rip off for cut content from the main game.

King Sony continues to have the best first party developers in the world setting the industry standard!!! Long live King Sony and the global PlayStation empire!!!

I have a PS5 but upgraded to the PS4 version of Ghost DC. I'd have enjoyed trying with the new controller mechanics but it's the lack of PS5's SSD space that made me keep it on PS4. I have a 4TB external for all my PS4 games so it barely makes a dent there. Looking forward to trying it out tonight.

Couldn't see an on option for- No I'm buying the upgrade on PS5 when it's on sale.

Upgraded to PS5. Probably gonna import my save to get the trophies but then start the game over (except this time not doing 100% of it)

I guess if you're looking for something to play on PS5 you'll pay for anything.

I finished the PS4 version last year. I'll get the PS5 upgrade eventually but not yet. Since we're in a bit of a game drought, I'm planning to ration this and the Death Stranding DC through the rest of the year while tackling my backlog.

How tf do I get the PS5 upgrade? lol

upgrade should be free, dlc should be 20 max, no thanks

Happily bought the PS4 version as is one of my favorite new ip's and I want a second one (after a new infamous). However! I will not pay for the PS5 upgrade as I see it as a rip off and they barely upgraded anything except lipsync with a little Dualsense here and there.

Needs to be option of "I'm not paying that much for an upgrade". I would have paid for the dlc, but not for an upgrade to the ps5.

@orson how is it a cash grab? Sure, I'd rather not have the extra $10 charge to upgrade to PS5, but the large island expansion is certainly worth the money.

I'll be getting Iki Island, but probably not going to spend extra for the PS5 upgrade.

@JJ2 ...'PushGP'... 🤣🤣🤣

@orson You sound severely entitled. The expansion adds 15-20 hours of gameplay. It's not just the same game that released last year on PS5.

Had the PS4 disc, platinumed and sold it on

Bought the PS5 disc, will delete my PS4 save and enjoy getting the platinum on this one too, then do the DLC and sell on again🤠

I'm all for dlc of a full single player game and if its £30 for a 20 hour campaign with a extra fluff - I would rather have that than microtransactions. For one reason or another (Rocket League and Dreams) I didn't pick up ghost, so really excited to give it a go. So for me the diatribe I'm reading in the comments is hyperbolic. Now y'all can get back to paying £3.99 for 460 diamonds while the proper gamers have some fun on PlayStation 5.

(Or moan about £10 which is literally 5 bottles of coke)

I'm going to get the PS5 update for the expansion but right now I've started BotW again so I don't want to play two massive open world games at the same time.

I purposely held off on buying this game on Ps4 for this reason. I'll be enjoying it at some time when it's gotten a price cut.

Not yet but I will, I got the plat on PS4 and more content sounds great. I've enjoyed all DLC from other first party studios so I can't see this being any different.

I'll get it for a tenner in a year or two.

I personally would rather pay for the DLC & that's just it. Plus the PS4 version looks amazing on PS5 so I'm good.

@MFTWrecks Make sure you have your PS4 version installed (disc in if it's a disc version) and it appears on the Home Screen for the game, as an option to purchase. Not in the store.

It's just a repeat to fade 3rd person sandbox like horizon and creed and watchdogs and and and and. It looks awesome mind but plays the same as everything else. Pass

Can't see my option in the first poll question as I purchased it physical all over again for PS5 rather than upgrading.

Was looking forward to it, having not completed it on the PS4 version on ps5.

Went to buy the upgrade yesterday, didn’t realise it was 30 quid. Screw that.

Was willing to pay 10 - 15 quid, 30 is ridiculous to me.

I went for the ps5 upgrade. I'm more than happy with it. I dont mind throwing an extra tenner at Sucker Punch.

The most important thing for me was the platinum that is included with the ps5 upgrade. I know ill get another 50 hours out of it and the expansion. With haptics and instant loading on top, it was an easy choice.

Edit: of course i would have been happier if it was free like!

$20 for a big DLC is perfectly fair/normal. A $10 upcharge for a patch for a new console that the devs themselves in an interview with this very site said basically doesn't do much but update the controller vibration and uses the SSD speed......that comes hideously close to just charging $10 for a logo on a box. "Comes with blue stripe or white stripe (+$10).)

Hell yeah!... I got the PS4 DLC upgrade to play on PS5

People pay more than this for Indie games that look like they were made in a basement and barely last the same.

Either DLC is worth it in my book.

Sure did! Won't be playing any time soon, but happy to jump in when time permits. Really can't wait to see it shine on the PS5!

I'll play it in a couple of years when I can get a PS5 and the game is on sale. Got enough games to be getting on with in my backlog anyway.

@soimun The DLC is £15.99 the DLC + PS5 upgrade is £25.99.

I got the PS5 Upgrade with the DLC I see no problem paying £9 for Ghost of Tsushima Legends DLC which was added to the PS4 version as free DLC, it's since been updated with more content & the standalone version of Ghost of Tsushima Legends will cost £15.99. if Sony was being a t**t they could have easily charged £15.99 for Ghost of Tsushima Legends as DLC for the original PS4 version, but they didn't.

Yep got the ps5 upgrade, going to start everything again and get the platinum again, then onto the dlc after. Played a bit so far and really enjoy it again. Was going to transfer my save but thought since I paid to upgrade might as well get my moneys worth.

I have the PS4 disc version, but never played it. Loaned it to a friend, so I'm just going to buy the full game again on PS5 digital instead of waiting. I'm now in the mood for this type of game, so it'll be a good time.

I'm sticking to my PS4 version of Ghost of Tsushima for now but I might upgrade to Director's Cut for the Iki Island DLC if it ever drops in price.

@RudeAnimat0r The witcher 3 expansions are so good!

I will buy the dlc but i will pass on the ps5 upgrade as i dont think its that much of an improvement over the base ps4..already plays in 60fps and looks stunning on the ps5 via bc so i cant justify it..

No, I will someday though. It's just too close to actual all new games coming out to be buying remasters or add-ons.

You guys are missing another option: I will get it when it’s on sale for $30 or less

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi Not to rain on your reasonable expectations, but do you understand that the massive free-to-play industry with season passes and endless grind for cosmetics exists because of the prevalence of opinions like yours among the gamers?

If a game or a DLC or an upgrade is priced too high for you, that's fine. But many others will gladly pay the same for things they want. Games aren't made for one person. They are made for the whole market. And by paying for good games we create that market.

I fully intend to, but at the moment my PS5 SSD is like an overstuffed sock drawer. I’ll pick it up after I’m able add some more storage. Priorities! Sort of...

None of those poll options fit me.

I am interested in GoT. And I'll be buying the Director's Cut version when it goes down in price, as these things always do.

I just find games set in historic time periods boring. I skip games with those settings (red dead, ghost of T, gta, kingdom come) But I'm glad people are having fun. Just Sci-fi or fantasy for me.

@soimun its not lol

@themcnoisy its not £30

If you did buy it, is the DLC on disc?

@ankehuber Is the DLC on the disc i just would like to know. Thanks for the answer.

I've barely finished the first chapter of the original game. No way I spending that kinda money on essentially an expansion. Wait til its 15-20 quid max..plus just shelled out for the western digital 2tb nvme ssd and upgraded the ram on my pc so absolutely skinto

I'm going to wait for a price drop on ps5 in a few years

@NEStalgia Well they did rise the checkboard resolution, so it no 4k instead of 1800p. They also now have all the pre-rendered cutscene in game, but they also not limited all the cutscenes to 30FPS vs the BC version had some of the cutscenes run at 60FPS

Got the plat on PS4, picked up the PS5 version and am working on a platinum again.

I have no problem paying for it again, 50 odd quid seems a bargain for so much game, I utterly adore Tshushima.

Had it pre-ordered the moment it went up. I'm definitely excited for the Iki expansion and experiencing the PS5 dualsense upgrades.

Nope, I'm waiting for the definitive edition that strips out all of the multiplayer.

Iki island is smaller than all the Tsushima territories. Another Black Myth Wukong trailer dropped today coincidentally enough, I’m sure we’ll know every boss fight inside out before it’s eventual release

@Floki the resolution is at least something. Kinda surprised it wasn't already. Not sure a resolution bump justifies $10, but it's better than enhanced vibrator support.

The cutscenes thing is an odd one. It seems like something they added because they wanted or needed to as an r&d thing. It doesn't really add anything other than the Japanese lipsync which seems like a byproduct of doing the scenes more than the reason. I did forget about it not that's definitely not really going to benefit the experience other than those that need the lipsync. That's probably the most expensive and also least useful change to have implemented.

This is a fantastic game, my friends and I got back into legends to get ready for the new mode in September. I really hope they continue to add to legends specifically because it is such a great experience. I gave them the $30 for the upgrade to PS5 because they deserve it.

@Milktastrophe you do know that they haven't charged for any of the legends stuff right? That has all been free DLC and even the new mode and add-ons are free for everyone. So they aren't going to remove the multiplayer for any reason, but it wouldn't change the price anyway.

No, i still got the main game to play through. Once i do, maybe.

Anyone that says that paying for AN EXPANSION and DLC is a cash grab is clearly delusional. For real, it's DLC, I buy AC season pass, Watch Dogs season pass, Immortals season pass, COD did it for years...but hey, a Sony game does it, it's bad and it's a cash grab. Go get help please.

Anyway, gladly upgraded for the PS5 version, I would even buy it full price again cause the game is just that good.

Not yet, but I will. Kinda busy right now with the RE2 remake, and Nier Replicant arrives on the mail tomorrow. Will probably upgrade Tsushima and play through Iki after those.

Absolutely loved Ghost of Tsushima and will definitely pick this up for the new island but I'm gonna wait for a sale.

@PhantomMenace84 I believe it was the Uncharted trilogy, one of the improvements they made on the PS4 releases was removing all of the multiplayer components.

Whether it's free or paid, I'd rather have a single player version of a game.

I've never played this on PS4 but I'll most likely get it on PS5 when I buy a PS5 in a couple of years.

Nope. Bought the PS4 version digital day one, thought it was great. Sony are just a bunch of greedy so & so's lately, not a fan.

Yep, first time player here. I bought a physical PS4 copy at launch last year but never got around to playing it. So I upgraded to the PS5 Director's Cut and currently around 9 hours in... I'm loving every second of it. The whole game is amazing, from the visuals, story so far, the UI, and the aesthetics, everything has been crafted perfectly.

@Gaia093 would be keen to hear your thoughts on nier replicant! I recently platinummed Automata, and cant decide if i want to pay full price for this one or wait for a sale.

i didnt play ghost of tsushima yet. In my country it cost 60 dollars, 70 now with director cut and i didnt pay more than 30 dollars in a game

Haven’t finished Act 1 yet; it looks good but I’m going to push forward and make a buying decision (much) later.

I haven't yet. Going to trade up my PS4 version once lockdown ends

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