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How do you get rain sounds on IOS 15?

Select “Accessibility” Scroll down and select “Audio/Visual” Press “Background Sounds” and then turn them on. Press the “Sound” button, and select “Rain” ShacknewsHow to turn on rain and Background Sounds on iOS 15

Nike said production and delivery of its shoes would impacted until next spring, as it struggles with shipping issues and a worker shortage in Asia.

Meanwhile, Costco has re-imposed limits on items like toilet paper.

It says customers are stockpiling again amid Covid fears, but it is also struggling to ship goods to its shops.

On Thursday, Nike said it had cut its sales outlook for the year due to the ongoing disruption.

"We are not immune to the global supply chain headwinds that are challenging the [manufacturing] and movement of product around the world," chief financial officer Matthew Friend said.

"We expect all geographies to be impacted by these factors."

The firm's factories in Vietnam and Indonesia, which make three quarters of its shoes, have been hit by local lockdowns. In Vietnam alone it has cost the firm 10 weeks of production this year.

Meanwhile, the time it takes to get its products from Asia to North America has doubled, from around 40 to 80 days. Nike has also seen transit times rise in North America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa due to "port and rail congestion and labour shortages".

Costco - a membership only retailer - said on Thursday it was reinstating limits on purchases of key items including toilet rolls, bottled water and some cleaning products.

It said it was partly due to a resurgence in panic buying, but it is also struggling to find trucks, drivers and shipping containers to get goods to its stores.

The retailer has even chartered three of its own ocean liners to move products between Asia and North America over the coming year.

"The factors pressuring supply chains and inflation include port delays, container shortages, Covid disruptions, shortages on various components, raw materials and ingredients, labour cost pressures and truck and driver shortages," said Costco's chief financial officer, Richard Galanti.

"Various major brands are requesting longer lead times, and in some cases, difficulty in finding drivers and trucks on short notice".

Since economies have reopened, retailers around the world have faced widespread disruption amid a surge in demand for imports.

In the US it's contributed to shortages of children's toys, timber, new clothes and pet food, while also pushing up consumer prices.

Brands including toymaker Hasbro and sportswear giant Adidas have warned of potential supply bottlenecks going into the crucial holiday season.

And last week, a record 73 ships were forced to queue outside two major US ports, Long Beach and Los Angeles, as port staff scrambled to clear the backlog. Before Covid, it was unusual for more than one to wait for a berth.

Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were released after tech executive Meng Wanzhou was freed in Canada.

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Sony says that supply issues will affect PS5 restock times into 2022

Business Insider 23 September, 2021 - 03:25pm

This week, a number of retailers such as Walmart, Target and Amazon watched as customers lined up in-person or waited in virtual lines to temporarily purchase a PS5 console that debuted in November 2020.

On Thursday, both Amazon and Best Buy's websites said that the console was out of stock, and there wasn't any confirmation that customers were able to successfully purchase a PS5.

There hasn't been any new information regarding the next big restock, but the Japanese entertainment company has warned retailers and customers that supply issues will be a problem through 2022, according to Bloomberg.

"I don't think demand is calming down this year and even if we secure a lot more devices and produce many more units of the PlayStation 5 next year, our supply wouldn't be able to catch up with demand," said Totoki, as reported by Bloomberg.

Typically when new gaming consoles debut, stock issues occur for a number of months. But the COVID-19 pandemic along with a major computer chip shortage have cause further stock issues for nearly a year.

Arthur Gies, Wirecutter's editor of computing and network coverage, wrote a guide in July 2021 on how to choose the right PS5. On Thursday, he gave advice on what customers can do to score their next PS5.

"I've bought six PS5s and eight Xbox Series X consoles for friends and family, and what I've found that works is to sign up for accounts at all the major retailers and make sure your billing and shipping is current," said Gies.

He also stated that customers should avoid the PayPal option during the checkout process because "it adds 30 to 45 seconds to checkout time," which can be the determining factor on whether a customer gets a PS5 or not.

"You want the shortest distance between 'add to cart' and checkout," said Gies.

Gies also suggested that if a customer hasn't had any luck with purchasing a PS5, then they should sign up for alerts via Twitter.

Online bots will search a store's web code for a signal that indicates that a PS5 console is back in stock, according to New York Times tech writer Brian X. Chen.

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