Popular iPhone apps are using sneaky techniques to identify you even if you say no to tracking


9to5Mac 23 September, 2021 - 08:50am 48 views

Can you share music on Facetime?

Now, you can "share experiences" while connected via FaceTime. This means that you can listen to songs on Apple Music, or watch movies or TV shows together, all while FaceTiming. And with the touch of a button, anyone can control the shared settings. Popular MechanicsApple iOS 15 Update | How To Get iOS 15

When will IOS 15.1 come out?

What is the public iOS 15.1 release date? iOS 15.1 is available now for Apple beta testers. If the public launch follows past precedent, the iPhone iOS 15.1 release date could be October 2021. Apple iOS 14 came out in September 2020, with version 14.1 following a month later in October. gamerevolution.comiOS 15.1 beta is the only place to use iPhone SharePlay right now

'Storage almost full' bug affecting iOS 15 users

iMore 23 September, 2021 - 05:16am

Score a saving on iPad Pro (2021): $100 off at Amazon

Users of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on devices like the iPhone 12 and iPad Air are complaining of persistent 'storage almost full' warnings despite having lots of space left on their device.

Users across the interweb, many of them on Twitter, have noted that since updating their iPhone to iOS 15, they've been met with repeated 'iPhone Storage Almost Full' warnings inside the settings app on iPhone, despite the fact they have huge amounts of free space.

Unfortunately, there's no sign of a fix or workaround, and its likely that we'll have to wait for Apple to sort the issue in a future iOS 15 update. The problem appears to be affecting users on iPad and iPadOS 15 as well as the iPhone.

Not only is there a bug regarding storage allocation, some users have also noticed an issue whereby an iPhone's settings shows more available storage than there is capacity on the device:

With the announcement of iPhone 13, Apple has added more storage to its iPhones than ever before, and there's now a 1TB pro option. This is particularly pertinent given the introduction of ProRes Video. As we've learned this week, ProRes Video shot on iPhone 13 works out at roughly 6GB of storage per one minute of video. In fact, it's so storage dense that the feature is limited to 1080p, as opposed to 4K, on the 128GB model.

Apple today kicked off a new YouTube documentary series called Spark which looks into the "origin stories of some of culture’s biggest songs and the creative journeys behind them."

Apple's iPad mini is beginning to ship.

Apple's ProRes video recording is already getting attention despite not being available until this fall. But the file sizes associated with recordings might put some people off.

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