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What are the Cleveland Indians changing their name to?

Cleveland's MLB team, previously known as the Cleveland Indians, officially changed their name on Friday to the Cleveland Guardians. In a video shared to Twitter, the team announced their new name, though their handle had not been changed accordingly. ... And together, we are all Cleveland Guardians." The HillCleveland Indians change name to 'Guardians' | TheHill

Are the Indians changing their name?

The Cleveland Guardians name will officially be adopted starting next season. (CNN) The Cleveland Indians are changing their name next season to the Cleveland Guardians, the Major League Baseball club announced Friday morning, after the current moniker drew criticism for decades from Native Americans. CNNCleveland Indians changing name to Cleveland Guardians

Why did Cleveland choose the guardians?

Cleveland's new name was inspired by the large landmark stone edifices — referred to as traffic guardians — that flank both ends of the Hope Memorial Bridge, which connects downtown to Ohio City. Associated PressGuardians chosen as new name for Cleveland's baseball team

Where are the guardians in Cleveland?

So how did Cleveland land on Guardians as its new team name? The new mascot pays homage to the Guardians of Traffic statues near Progressive Field in Cleveland, located on the Hope Memorial Bridge. Cleveland owner Paul Dolan noted Friday he hopes the name Guardians helps "unify our fans and city." Sports IllustratedHere's Why Cleveland Chose 'Guardians' for New Team Name

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PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio — In a controversial move, Portage County Sheriff Bruce Zuchowski took to Facebook over the weekend to speak out against the name change of the Cleveland Indians, a topic of debate in Northeast Ohio for years.

On Friday, Cleveland's MLB team announced that immediately following the 2021 season, they would rebrand the team under the name "Cleveland Guardians," inspired by the guardian statues found on Hope Memorial Bridge just across the street from Progressive Field. 

While many saw the move as a long time coming, another large population of baseball fans in the CLE were not happy with the decision, despite the team announcing that a change would be coming. Included in that group is Sheriff Zuchowski, who posted his comments publicly on Portage County Sheriff's Office Facebook account. 

Zuchowski says in the post that he "felt compelled" to speak out on the issue on behalf of the "silent majority" and says his grandfathers-- whom he watched baseball games with when he was young-- would be "turning over in their grave with anguish and disgust toward the recent actions." 

The post has received more than 5,000 reactions, ranging from laughing emojis to hearts to angry face emojis. The comments section of the post is no different, with more than 6,100 users sharing their thoughts on the name change, as well as the sheriff's decision to use his public platform to address it. 

You can read the full statement made by Sheriff Zuchowski below: 

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Portage County sheriff 'compelled' to speak against Cleveland's baseball team name change

News 5 Cleveland 31 December, 1969 - 06:00pm

PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio — On Friday, Cleveland's Major League Baseball team announced it will be changing its name from the long-contested Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardians after the 2021 season. On Saturday, Portage County Sheriff Bruce D. Zuchowski issued a statement that he said he "felt compelled" to make in response to Friday's baseball news.

Zuchowski, using the Portage County Sheriff's Office's official letterhead and Facebook account, expressed his discontent with the team changing the name, stating that he was speaking on behalf of the "silent majority."

"For the past few days, the release has been weighing heavy on my mind with disappointment and hopelessness. I thought back to the roots of baseball - an American family tradition. Sometimes referred to as America's National Pastime, the game of baseball has played an active role in our nation for centuries," Zuchowski said. "When I was a child, I remember observing my grandfathers watching the Indians game on TV or listening on their AM radios. They both loved the Indians back in the day. Today, I know they are both turning over in their grave with anguish and disgust toward the recent actions."

The sheriff went on to lay claim that his wife is a Native American descendant and said "she and her relatives never viewed the Cleveland Indians as a biased or prejudiced team but rather their hometown baseball franchise."

"This is once again another attempt of trying to erase our history due to the outcry of the few that affects the many," the sheriff wrote.

But, outraged as he was, Zuchowski also said he has been boycotting professional sports for the past three years and that he "couldn't tell you" the starting lineup for the Tribe.

Zuchowski, who doesn't watch the team he's upset is changing their name, said that his particular outrage is more about the "principle of the decision-making process."

"These unfortunate decisions are being made while continuously impacting individuals and industries across the nation. Both lawmakers and decision-makers need to begin to think about the majority of their constituents before caving to the impulsive demands being made by a small group of the public," Zuchowski said.

While Zuchowski described the Tribe's announcement of a name change as "caving to the impulsive demands," the team began the process of changing their name last year after years of protests calling the team name and former Chief Wahoo logo “derogatory,” “racist,” and “offensive."

The organization then spent most of the past year whittling down a list of potential names that was at nearly 1,200 just over a month ago. But the process quickly accelerated.

"We acknowledge the name change will be difficult for some of us and the transition will take time. It is our hope and belief this change will divert us from a divisive path and instead steer us towards a future where our fans, city and region are all united as Cleveland Guardians," said team owner Paul Dolan at a press conference regarding the name change.

The Guardians will be the fifth name in franchise history joining the Blues (1901), Bronchos (1902), Naps (1903-1914) and Indians (1915-2021).

You can read Zuchowski's full statement below:

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Yes, the Cleveland Baseball Team Has a New Name

Snopes.com 25 July, 2021 - 07:00pm

Together, we are all… pic.twitter.com/R5FnT4kv1I

— Cleveland Indians (@Indians) July 23, 2021

In a statement posted to Facebook the Cleveland Indigenous Coalition hailed the change.

“This momentous occasion is the culmination of over 60 years of grassroots advocacy and activism by Indigenous leadership,” the statement read.

“Our community has worked tirelessly to be recognized as diverse and vibrant, instead of being portrayed in inaccurate and harmful ways,” the coalition statement continued. “This name change will help create a place where Native American children and their families are valued and fully seen.”

The name change trended on Twitter, with commentary from some stating they didn’t like it while others praised the new name and logo:

I love the new Cleveland Guardians logo and I love how it means they're now offically a Judas Priest tribute band pic.twitter.com/UTOj2KiNLo

— rob sheffield (@robsheff) July 23, 2021

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