PSN servers seemingly down as players report connectivity issues


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Is New World on ps5?

Anyone hoping to play New World on a mainstream console is out of luck: The official Twitter account confirmed in March 2021 that the game “will only be available on PC.” That means we likely will never see a console port for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and especially not Nintendo Switch. Inverse'New World' beta end date — and what to know about PS5, Xbox ports

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We just hope it'll be easier to get hold of.

As spotted by one Twitter user (below), tweaked PS5 manuals appear to confirm a new 'digital edition' model, which is a whole 300g lighter than the standard version. It isn't clear exactly how this weight loss will be achieved, but the arrival of a new model could be good news for anyone who hasn't managed to get hold of one yet (here's where to buy a PS5 if you fancy your chances).

It appears a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition revision (CFI-1100B) is being listed by Japanese retailersThis revision is 300g lighter than the previous model (CFI-1000B) and also features a different screw 20, 2021

It seems the new PS5, listed as CFI-1100B, will weigh around 3.6kg as opposed to the current model's 3.9kg. Not only that, but the new model will no longer require a screwdriver when adding or removing the stand. Hardly a groundbreaking design tweak, but hey – perhaps you've found yourself desperate to stand your PS5 up sans screwdriver.

Still, it'll be interesting to see if Sony has made any other design changes to shave off that 300g. We've already heard that the company is planning a redesign in an attempt to get stock moving again – a shortage of semi-conductors is behind delays to the production, and Sony is keen to "find maybe a secondary resource", or speed things up by "changing the design."

We can't help but hope Sony does take the opportunity to tweak the appearance of the PS5. Maybe it could take a cue from this wildly popular all-black PS5 mod. Or even this ridiculous water-cooled PS5. Whatever happens, anything that speeds up the production line is a good thing in our book. Until then, check out today's best games console deals below – and be sure to take a look at these awesome Nintendo Switch deals.

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Amazon PS5 Restock Divides PlayStation Fans 22 July, 2021 - 12:10pm

Amazon released a new PS5 restock this morning, dividing PlayStation fans in the process. The restock dropped right as much of the east coast was beginning their workday and as the west coast was still sleeping. Despite this, supply was not able to keep up with demand, with the stock being depleted within minutes. And if this sounds familiar, it's because it's how almost every PS5 restock goes, especially with Amazon.

Like every Amazon restock, many PlayStation fans came away with nothing but frustrations and pictures of dogs. However, if the replies to popular restock accounts like Wario64 are any indication, many were able to secure an order using a variety of tricks and by hopping on the links nice and early.

If you missed the restock, it was for the disc-version of the console only, also known as the $500 version of the console, which of the two versions of the console, is the easier to find. Why it's easier to find than the $400 all-digital version of the console, nobody knows for sure, but reports suggest it's being manufactured at a much higher rate than the $400 model, and that's likely because Sony's margins on the $500 model are much better.

That said, most PlayStation fans don't care what model they get at this point. For some, today was finally the day, but for many others, this morning was just the latest chapter in a long struggle.

Hundreds and hundreds of attempts and still no PS5 for ol Hoss.

The never ending story…

Amazon drops are so easy lol, probably the best site for drops compared to Best Buy and GameStop imo.

This one is working the worst of all the sites so far, which is to say not even a little bit lol.

I’ve been sitting here, staring at this for a few minutes now. Is…is this real life?

Milly is like LOLz you’re not getting a PS5 on Amazon.

woke up just in time for the ps5 drop and @amazon was tripping.


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Sony's PS5 Digital redesign reveals the flaw in its approach to this console generation

T3 22 July, 2021 - 12:10pm

The PS5 Digital Edition is getting a redesign that will make it lighter than the current model and easier to attach it to the console stand. But the finer details about what Sony has changed to account for the 300g weight loss are scarce. 

On face value, the system is the same – with the exception of a few screws that will make it easier to affix the stand. Twitter user Renka_schedule spotted the updated hardware that's being listed by Japanese retailers that bears the model number CFI-1100B, differentiating it from the OG PS5 Digital Edition's CFI-1000B model number. Aside from that, the chassis is the same, so we're definitely not getting a PS5 Slim this early into the console's lifecycle. 

Is it possible this could be the PS5 redesign we've been hearing about? Earlier this year, Sony CFO, Hiroki Totoki admitted that the company was struggling to keep up with the demand for the console, citing the global semiconductor shortage as one factor as well as "other factors that will impact on the production volume." With a goal of surpassing its second year sales target of 14.8 million (which would be more than the PS4 sold in its second year), Totoki said that one way that would achievable is "maybe [finding] a secondary resource, or by changing the design".

Talking about the disparity in demand between the PS5 standard and PS5 Digital Edition last year, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan explained (via AV Watch via VGC): 

"However, we’ve never produced two different console models at the same time before so deciding on the right number and the right ratio is very hard to know. We are doing our best to predict demand.” 

It seems that Sony may have found a secondary resource, or implemented the design change it was pondering, but has rolled this out to the cheaper digital edition first. Looking at Microsoft's consoles, the cheaper, less powerful, and all digital Xbox Series S hasn't suffered the same supply issues as the Xbox Series X and is aimed at a different audience. 

Sony meanwhile is offering a cheaper version of its console with the only difference being the lack of a disc drive. And now it's apparently prioritised the digital console's redesign over the standard edition – although again, we don't know exactly what has changed.

It would have made more sense to follow Microsoft's model and offer two distinctly different options for gamers rather than two models that are exactly the same save for the ability to take a disc. Sony has usually offered a physical revamp or power upgrade to sit along its standard offering.

Regardless, any redesign that sees more stock become available is good news. We've reached out to Sony for more details on what the redesign entails and if we're going to see the same for the PS5 Standard Edition so watch out for updates. 

Shabana is T3's News Editor covering tech and gaming, and has been writing about video games for almost a decade (and playing them since forever). She's had bylines at major gaming sites during her freelance career before settling down here at T3, and has podcasts, streaming, and video content under her belt to boot. Outside of work, she also plays video games and should really think about expanding her hobbies. If you have any tech or gaming tips, shoot over an email or DM her on social media.   

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Summer Sale: here are our top picks, but what are yours?

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PSN Currently Offline, Down for Many Users

Push Square 22 July, 2021 - 12:10pm

Lots of websites and services affected

Update: The PSN service status website now reads: "PlayStation Network services are up and running, but there are external, internet-wide issues that might affect your experience. Once these external issues are resolved, you should have no problem connecting to PlayStation Network."

It's not a problem on Sony's end, but rather a much wider internet outage affecting many sites and services.

Original story: The PlayStation Network service that allows PS5 and PS4 users to connect online and play many multiplayer titles is currently offline, with lots of users flooding social media channels with complaints. The PSN service status website claims "all services are up and running", but at the time of writing, that doesn't appear to be the case. We've tested our own PS5 to find many services currently unavailable, such as online statuses, profiles, and the PS Store itself.

Then over on the Down Detector website, there are close to 37,000 reports of issues with the PSN service (thanks to Olmaz). Something definitely seems to be wrong, so we'll update this article once Sony responds or the issues are fixed. Large internet outages are also affecting the likes of Steam, Amazon, Epic, UPS, and banking websites too, so this problem isn't exclusive to PSN.

About Liam Croft

Liam grew up with a PlayStation controller in his hands and a love affair for Metal Gear Solid. Nowadays, he can be found playing the latest and greatest PS5 games as well as supporting Derby County. That last detail is his downfall.

Comments (28)

Yep, seemed to go down some point after 16:30 UK time.

Steam and Epic are down too, just like multiple websites and other apps. Interesting crash

Mine is playing up. There's even a question mark over my battery percentage. Without PSN it just doesn't know!

Are you guys doing an article on Sega possibly closing down Judgement? Just felt like that needs to be heard.

Of course, I haven't turned on my PS5 for a few days and just as I was going to do some online gaming, this happens

@DertieBertie UPS too... there's something going on

@Voltan Will the Judgement game releasing soon at least be released?

Seems like a load of website servers are all down too as I can't access my banking stuff.

@TowaHerschel7 Yes Lost Judgment is on track. There's drama around PC ports not happening and potentially affecting if more games get developed. But nothing is confirmed as cancelled or anything.

It happened. It actually happened. Someone googled Google. We are all doomed. The internet swallow itself now and us with it.

Apparently the Akamai Edge DNS server is down which has affected 30,000 websites. Must be some server.

East of the Mississippi here and PSN is down for me. I was kicked from youtube about 30 minutes ago.

Noticed a very short time ago that friends owning same titles (when you scroll to particular game), was missing,then noticed Friends list was off-line altogether! Not so much concerned about that as I'm roughly still about 13gb/50mins away from finishing a 70gb download of Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope! Not keen on restarting!!☹🤞

i blame it on the heat all the cables have melted we will be alright on saturday when it rains

There's only one possible explanation it's the start of the zombie apocalypse.

Quiz night everyone?

@Voltan Thanks!

Y2K on Internet explorer finally hit.

@joeyhopo33 no skynet has finally became self aware and the machines will rise since a server crash wouldn't happen day one of a zombie apocalypse.

It’s hotter than the surface of the sun 🥵 and psn is down 😫

I am actually in hell right now 🤪

This is why I try to hold on to some physical media and games that don’t require online play.

Thats another reason why not to get ps5 digital edition. 😝 old school physical disc all the way playas.ps5 disc version is the way to go.word up son

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Steam, PSN, Fortnite, online banking and other services are down right now

TechRadar 22 July, 2021 - 11:32am

This is reported via Downdetector, which records spikes in outages for these platforms and more. 

Members of the TechRadar team have been able to verify that Steam is down, the PlayStation network services are unavailable and Airbnb won't let you search for properties.

On PlayStation, many services are down including Now, Video, online gaming, the app, downloads, social aspects, purchases on the store and more. Sony Direct is also reported to be down.

However, McDonalds seems unaffected in our testing - it's possible that the outage doesn't totally affect services for all websites. Also, some Steam users are reportedly able to access games, though the Steam app and website itself seem down.

Many US sites like FedEx, UPS, Home Depot, Fidelity, Southwest Airlines, USAA, Newegg, US Bank, Discover, AT&T, Costco and Delta suffer from the outage.

Lots of other UK services are reportedly down like HSBC, John Lewis, Sky Bet, Waitrose, Halifax, TSB Bank, Lloyds Bank and Barclays - that's a list with many online banks, which might be worrying for some.

Amazon Web Services is reportedly down too, which could affect websites which use the service. Other services said to be down include UPS, Nvidia, Now TV, the Epic Games Store and Warframe.

These systems all reportedly use the Akamai Cloud Delivery Network, which seems to be suffering outages right now. There's currently no clear word on when these will return.

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Japanese PlayStation Product Manual Leaks a New 6nm Model

EssentiallySports 21 July, 2021 - 09:23am

In an official Japanese product manual, this new console features some major hardware upgrades from the current PS5. It weighs 3.6kg, which is 300g less than the original. This is due to the revised design PlayStation has used to attach the console’s stand. Some Japanese retailers have even listed the new PlayStation model as part of their lottery sales.

Watch this story: Top selling game consoles

During an investor call in April, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki discussed the various approaches to combatting their hardware shortage. “As I said earlier, we’re aiming for more sales volume than the PS4 [during year 2]. But can we drastically increase the supply? No, that’s not likely,” Totoki explained.

According to the CFO “The shortage of semiconductors is one factor, but there are other factors that will impact on the production volume. So, at present, we’d like to aim at [beating] second year sales of 14.8 million, which was the second year of PS4.” 

Its current approach to fixing the problem is by finding “a secondary resource, or by changing the design.” Sony is reportedly planning to start production on a PS5 hardware redesign featuring a “new semi-customized” 6nm CPU from AMD in 2022. The new model will feature a wireless communication model. This means that the new model will have a better peak antenna gain when connected to a router.

Considering that the company is said to have broken even on the PS5 during June, this is the perfect time for the release of a new model. Would you like to see this updated version of the PS5 from Sony in 2022? Let us know in the comments down below.

The PlayStation 5 Makes Up for Its Lack of Storage Space With the Kraken Compression Technology

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