‘Psychonauts 2’ Shows Off The Advantages Of Playing On An Xbox Series X


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When will the Xbox series X be available?

When is Xbox Series X release date? Xbox Series X is launching at participating retailers worldwide on November 10, 2020. xbox.comXbox Series X console

Psychonauts 2, the long-awaited and even longer-overdue platformer from Double Fine, is launching in little over a month – and here’s a story trailer to get you in the mood. While the overall art direction doesn’t personally appeal to this particular author, it’s hard not to be impressed by some of the sheer variety on display – this looks every inch the zany successor fans will have been dreaming of.

Unfortunately, there’s no native PlayStation 5 version in the pipeline, meaning that while the game has been optimised to leverage the next-gen system’s backwards compatibility – it’s being held back a tad on Sony’s new console. You can expect 1440p resolution at 60 frames-per-second, compared to full native 4K at 60 frames-per-second on Xbox Series X. There are even 120 frames-per-second options for Microsoft’s machines.

Of course, it’s worth recognising that Double Fine is now a Microsoft subsidiary, and this is only coming to PlayStation at all because it was promised before the buyout. If you’re still on a PS4 or PS4 Pro then the title will max out at 30 frames-per-second, so you’re still getting the best possible PlayStation performance on the PS5. It’s just something to keep in mind!

[source youtube.com, via well-played.com.au]

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On my Gamepass on PC wishlist. Glad it releases before my 3m/$1 expires.

Figured Gamepass was going to come up eventually. 🤷

It is right when Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island comes out. So that gets my cash.

I am playing it on Day 1 because it is on PC Game Pass.

It is like Epic Game Store - I'll take all the games deep pockets ventures want to subsidize for me.

Unfortunate. Was looking forward to buying the playstation version. I'll wait a couple of months before deciding which console I'd like to get the game on.

crippling the ps5 version of the game isn't the brightest move..

@zebric21 that isn't what is happening though is it?

@The_New_Butler you can see what he is saying though, they’ve deliberately not made a ps5 version so it’s best on Xbox. That said I can’t blame them.

It's an xbox developer so of course they didn't optimise a ps5 version, this isn't due to limitations, this was done of purpose

@Robinsad We probably wasn't gonna get a native PS5 version even if the studio wasn't owned by Microsoft. They was already having to cut bosses and levels before the buyout due to funding... So a native next gen version was never in the cards.

@Robinsad No they haven't. There was never a PS5 version in the works.

This game was announced as a PS4 and Xbox One game long before MS got hold of Double fine.

We know it takes more effort to go from PS4 native to PS5 native than it does to do the same from X1 to XSX so this wasn't a case of just dragging and dropping from PS4 to PS5 or not, it would have taken significant work.

And once MS got involved why would they do that?

Of course if you are MS you want the game to run best on Xbox but they didn't hobble the PS5 version they just didn't make it because it was never promised in any form.

Playing the first one at the moment so really looking forward to this! Probably play it on PC, I have the first on Steam after all.

Why is performance on Xbox consoles even relevant here?

One of my hyped games this year. Can it be preordered yet on PS4?

Really thought a native version would be available but luckily have plenty to play until one is.

If Ratchet & Clanks looks like a Pixar film then this reminds me a lot of Laika's output.

A bit offbeat, ugly even but with a distinctive art style. That's the cut scenes anyway, the gameplay footage looks...off, at least to my eyes.

Don't buy it though for PS5, you're being treated for a mug.

After playing ratchet & clank rift apart, the environment in this game feels so empty, and the graphics looks like ps2 game. Fortunately, I still have gamepass pc so I'll try it there.

@wiiware how's your gamepass experience been so far? Thinking about trying it out.

Honestly, I can't be mad about the 1440p 60fps version of the game for PS5. Really. I didn't think this game was even going to come to PS4 and PS5 after how aggressive Xbox has been about PC and console exclusivity this generation.

@B_Lindz This game was announced for PlayStation before the acquisition. MS would have had to pay to keep the game off of PS consoles. Can't just backtrack on a deal because of an acquisition without penalty.

This looks wild. I’m actually really excited to give it a go. Haven’t played the first one but definitely will give it a go

@JapaneseSonic Push Square love Xbox and REALLY love gamepass.

Oof that's unfortunate news. I'm opting for the Steam version anyway.

“While the overall art direction doesn’t personally appeal to this particular author...”

...who asked? I don’t mind a bit of personality in my news, but this comes off as fanboy-ish in the context of the article. Hope you’re not doing the review.

@rjejr @Agramonte Same... Psychonauts 2 got me to try Gamepass on PC.

@mrtennis1990 I know you didn’t ask me but I’ll chime in anyway. Look at the list of games - nobody can tell you how good the value is to you. The Xbox app is very slick and Netflix-like. A lot less store-centric and ad-centric than Steam, Epic, or the XBox consoles. Faster for me to get into a game than Steam, but lacks some of the nice community features, playtime clock, and easy access to game files.

I have an XBox One controller, but I lost the dongle so I just plug it in via USB. Not sure how it functions with other controllers without additional software or drivers.

As a console player I really like using it - but for PC gamers a lot of things are a little more difficult like modding, organizing your library and getting third-party software to access the game files (like benchmarking for example). For a buck it’s worth a try for a month if a title grabs your interest (like Psychonauts 2).

@mrtennis1990 I have gamepass pc, it's good to try new games but I rarely play on pc so after trying games I usually just delete it and buy it on console when the games are discounted instead. Steam games are really cheap on my country so I don't think I'll continue my gamepass subs after it expires.

But gamepass value is really good if pc/xbox is your main gaming device.

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It was a FIFA Ultimate Team bot farm

Akiba's Trip! Cris Tales! Last Stop!

But only in the US for now

Every game that lets you transfer from PS4 to PS5






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Xbox Series X restock update: What to expect this week

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Well, despite it being the case that PS5 stock has been 'easier' to get hold of recently, we always recommend certain retailers due to past patterns. For example, earlier in the week, the likes of Target and GameStop have been known to drop an Xbox Series X restock, while as we edge toward Thursday and Friday, Best Buy and Walmart are historically your best bets. 

Whatever happens, and wherever you're based in the world, one of your go-to checks must be Amazon. Even though the retail giant has been a bit light on Xbox Series X restocks generally, it's always worth having that webpage open and camping on it a bit.

The reasons for the shortages are now plain to see and sort of understandable: the global pandemic has seriously compromised the manufacturing of silicon, meaning there are shortages of semiconductors and other essential components. The pandemic has also stretched supply lines, too. However, that doesn't mean it's any less frustrating for folks chasing the console, especially considering that the Xbox Series X has been 'available' since November 2020 - you'd think it'd be even just a bit easier to find one now! 

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Weird West mixes lawmen and gunslingers with werewolves, demons, and other fantastical creatures in a mashup of an overhead shooter with RPG elements. You’ll take control of one of five characters, each with their own story and motivations. Each character will journey through various locations in the game, eventually having their stories cross paths with each other.

Being a blend of an RPG and overhead shooter, you’ll utilize a combination of top-down shooting and each character’s unique abilities, while balancing out their strengths and weaknesses.

Writer/Artist/Gamer from the Great White North. I try not to be boring.

‘Dying Light: Platinum Edition’ Reportedly Heading to The Switch This October

[Trailer] Take Horrific Justice Into Your Own Hands in ‘Serial Hunter’ Next Year

[Trailer] Exorcize a House From Ghosts in New Psychological Horror Title ‘Obsideo’

Nothing’s official just yet, but if this leak is correct, it appears that Techland is finally bringing Dying Light to the Nintendo Switch. According to Polish gaming website PPE, Dying Light: Platinum Edition will be released on the Switch this October for a cool $50.

The Platinum Edition of Dying Light was released this past May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam, and contains the four main DLCs and 17 skin packs. According to the ad, the Switch version will also include support for HD Rumble, gyro aiming, motion controls, touchscreen, and local/online co-op.

Boxed copies of the Switch game will also include a map, survival guide, and stickers.

Neither Nintendo or Techland have acknowledged the veracity of the image or news as of yet. Meanwhile, Techland is busy prepping the follow-up in Dying Light 2: Stay Human for its December 7 release on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC.

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