Quiet Place 2 Is Now Streaming On Paramount Plus


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When will Quiet Place 2 Be on Paramount plus?

Quiet Place Part 2 was among the movies on this track, and its May 28 release set up a Paramount Plus release date Monday. CNETParamount Plus: Quiet Place Part 2 is late, plus everything else to know

'A Quiet Place Part II' featurette: Making the creatures

Yahoo News 13 July, 2021 - 06:57am

JOHN KRASINSKI: The idea for me, I'd always grown up seeing, I don't know, not all, but a majority of sort of alien movies where it was intelligent life coming down to our planet and making the decisions to take us over, but I hadn't seen as many where the creatures are more of a parasite, that it's about evolution.

EMILY BLUNT: They're just lethal, the way they move and the velocity at which they move.

JOHN KRASINSKI: A certain life form that's introduced into the perfect ecosystem can wreak havoc. I don't see them as having thought or intelligence. I think it's more about overpopulation, and it's just-- it's become that they are strongly outnumbering us.

SCOTT FARRAR: And the killer instinct hasn't gone down, so it's getting worse for the people that are in the movie.

“A Quiet Place Part II” is now available to stream on Paramount+ for U.S. subscribers, the streamer announced Monday. Picking up where its 2018 prequel left off, the Abbott family (Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe) must face the outside world and all its dangers — most notably the deadly blind monsters with acute hearing senses — once again. Forced to venture into the unknown, the family quickly realizes that there are many more threats simmering under the surface of their post-apocaly

Wildfires in several states are burning with worrying ferocity across a tinder-dry landscape Smoke envelops trees as the Sugar fire, part of the Beckwourth Complex fire, burns near Doyle, California. Photograph: Noah Berger/AP As fires propagate throughout the US west on the heels of record heatwaves, experts are warning that the region is caught in a vicious feedback cycle of extreme heat, drought and fire, all amplified by the climate crisis. Firefighters are battling blazes from Arizona to Wa

Here's how to watch the hit horror sequel from home.

“Spencer,” the biopic about Princess Diana that stars Kristen Stewart, will make its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, according to Variety. The film from director Pablo Larraín will also play in competition for the Golden Lion. The festival will run from Sept. 1-11. Representatives for “Spencer” distributor Neon and the Venice Film Festival did not return TheWrap’s request for comment. “Spencer” focuses on the one weekend when Princess Diana decided to leave her marriage to Prince Cha

With an additional $78 million in the international box office and more than $60 million in Disney+ Premier Access rentals, Black Widow grossed over $215 million in its opening weekend

The long-awaited Marvel movie - Black Widow - made a blockbuster debut in the pandemic era, capturing a massive $80 million in domestic theaters in its first weekend.

Salma Hayek is proof that all-logo-everything can work — with proper styling.

There's a straightforward path to get there, as long as the rest of your financial house is in order.

Atlanta initially signed Mingo to a one-year deal back in March, which would have been the former first-round pick's sixth team in six years.

Into each life, some rain must fall—and every spring, the TV lineups must undergo a culling. This year’s cancellation began in earnest in May, as ABC cut Rebel, Mixed-ish, and For Life (the latter of which may be revived by IMDb TV). NBC has grounded Manifest for good, while saying goodbye to Good Girls. Netflix axed a bunch of shows, including Mr. Iglesias and the oddly-punctuated Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, which starred Jamie Foxx and a pair of skinny jeans. But one of the cancellations that s

Linda Haller among attorneys accused of not doing due diligence on bogus claims promoted by former president

‘Two of his kids are Democrats and can't abide this in any way, shape or form’, says author of 90-year-old

Former president drops more hints of a third run for the White House at conservative conference

SOFIA (Reuters) -Bulgaria faced prolonged political instability on Monday after a national election appeared to result in a razor-thin victory for the anti-establishment There Is Such a People (ITN) and no clear prospect of forming a government emerged. The ITN, headed by popular TV talk show host and singer Slavi Trifonov, edged ahead of the centre-right GERB of former prime minister Boyko Borissov. With 98.9% of ballots counted, ITN had won 23.9%, only just ahead of Borissov's GERB, with 23.7%.

Eleven members of the Springboks' Rugby World Cup-winning squad have been selected to start for South Africa A against the British and Irish Lions in Cape Town on Wednesday, giving the tour game the feel of a test before the series begins. At least 10 of those South Africa A starters are also expected to run out for the Springboks in the first test on July 24 at the same Cape Town Stadium. The Lions will line up with tour captain Conor Murray at scrumhalf and lock Maro Itoje and loose forwards Tom Curry and Taulupe Faletau in the pack, all of them contenders to start the test series.

"It must stop now and all those involved should be held accountable," William said about the fans racially abusing Black players on England's team.

Outlandish plan involves pulling back ‘curtain on horror show that is today’s ‘Democrat Party’’ and ‘Watch Pelosi melt, like the Wicked Witch of the West’

Here are the next steps for Chandler, who has reportedly made his decision between pro baseball and Clemson.

Paramount+ Head Says ‘Black Widow’ Success Shows Windowing “Opportunity” – Cannes

Yahoo Eurosport UK 13 July, 2021 - 06:14am

Kelly Day, who overseas Paramount+ as President International Streaming Services at ViacomCBS, has said that the numbers clocked by Disney’s Black Widow this weekend show that continued experimentation with theatrical windows is an “opportunity”.

“The success this weekend of Black Widow on both the theatrical and on the streaming side speaks to not only the complexity of navigating these windows but also the opportunity,” the exec said during a panel at the Cannes Film Festival Marche’s Meet The Streamers event. “There is still an incredible opportunity for people who want to sit in the movie theater and have that experience, but also people who want to have the experience at home.”

“We’re going to continue to see lots of evolution [with windows], lots of experimenting,” she forecast.

The Disney pic scored a $158.8M global opening as of yesterday, and the House of Mouse said it generated an additional $60M worldwide from the premium day-and-date release on Disney+.

Day noted that Paramount was also continually analyzing its windows strategy. Timing with the launch of Paramount+ earlier this year, ViacomCBS president Bob Bakish confirmed that the company would be halving the traditional window on its titles to 45-days, and 30 for smaller films.

In Cannes, Day reaffirmed that Paramount+ is aiming to launch in 45 markets by the end of 2022, and that Europe was “top of the priority list”.

Rolling out its platform during a pandemic was unconventional, the exec admitted, but had its upsides. “Maybe this was the best time to launch a streaming service, we had such a captive audience at home. In any case it has exceeded our expectations. The launches went off without a hitch,” she commented, adding that they “continue to see the subscriber forecast go up and up”.

Discussing competition in the market, Day noted there have been “a lot of new entrants in the streaming field” but asserted that her team “don’t spend too much time looking over our shoulders”.

The session’s moderator talked through the sheer number of streamers that have launched in the last two years, name-checking the short-lived Quibi platform. “I’d forgotten about that,” Day joked.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Monsters In A Quiet Place

Looper 12 July, 2021 - 09:51am

In theater and acting classes, one common practice for any actor playing a relatively small part with few or no lines is to write a backstory for that character. It may not be in the script, and there may never be any exposition explaining the character's existence or motivations, but it's helpful for bringing life to the role. Krasinski did exactly that for the creatures in "A Quiet Place" before they even started filming. We've got the scoop on everything you need to know about Krasinski's monsters in "A Quiet Place" — and some of these revelations may surprise you.

Krasinski went into these details and more on an episode of the Empire podcast which, sadly, no longer exists – but Collider did cover the juiciest parts of the interview and preserve them for posterity before the episode was wiped from the internet. Finding out that the creatures are extraterrestrial, however, was just the tip of the iceberg. There's a whole lot of mind-blowing information he and other creatives behind the scenes have revealed since the movie's release.

"I had to make it make sense. I needed the rules of the monster to adhere as tightly to the rules of the family. The family, we had set up all these incredible rules, and I needed the monster to not just be convenient," Krasinski went on to add in the Empire interview. Oddly enough, it feels more satisfying to get these answers after the fact, seeing as how the mystery was one of the most compelling parts of the movie. 

Much like whales or bats, the creatures use echolocation to "see" and, more frighteningly, hunt. They even have a specific, shrill cry which they screech when they move in to attack their prey. This particular sound signals any other nearby creatures to go into attack mode as well (ironically, this shriek eventually becomes their downfall when a feedback loop of the noise is recorded and weaponized against them).

Lastly — although it's only hinted at on a newspaper clipping which briefly flashes across the screen for a few seconds — is the fact that these creatures can and seemingly do manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum to help themselves hunt. Aadahl confirms that "when they come into a room, the lights will flicker or when they appear on the security monitor, [the monitor will] fritz."

However, these creatures aren't completely invulnerable. After all, what would be the fun of watching a horror movie if there wasn't at least some shred of hope that the good guys could win in the end? As we pointed out earlier, the most significant and ironic weakness is that the creature's own hunting cry can be weaponized and used against them. When the aliens hear that sound, part of their armor opens up and leaves them vulnerable to guns and any weapon that can pierce the delicate flesh under their exterior scales. Audiences also find out in "A Quiet Place II" that these creatures cannot swim to save their lives. Their heavy, bulletproof armor makes them sink like a stone, easily and effectively neutralizing the formidable threat.

There's also an attribute that falls somewhere in the middle, which Jeffrey Beecroft alluded to during a press conference which Nightmarish Conjurings covered. One of the aliens' advantages — their super hearing — makes them so sensitive to sound that instead of killing humans for food, they kill because the noise we make is painful and drives them into a murderous rage. If you thought your misophonia was bad, imagine how the aliens feel.

When thinking about it, that makes sense. After all, when hiking through the woods with some friends, if a hungry bear came along, and it took a second to explain why it was about to rip everyone to shreds and eat their innards, it would probably take the edge off of getting mauled. It may also give them time to run away, or wonder exactly what type of drugs they had to take to hallucinate a talking bear. Convoluted metaphors aside, it makes sense from a horror movie perspective to keep audiences in the dark and withhold certain bits of information from them. When giving someone a blank slate upon which to project their own fears, no description is more horrifying than the terrors that are lurking in the darkest corners of their own psyche.

If you haven't had enough of the aliens from "A Quiet Place" yet, don't fret. Rumor has it there's a third movie in the works right now. We will keep you up to date as we discover more alien surprises in future movie sequels.

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