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Where is the Earth Temple in Skyward Sword?

The Earth Temple is a fire-based dungeon located up Eldin Volcano. Link visits the temple to locate the Earth Spring where Zelda is said to be cleansing herself. However, before Link can enter, he must find five key pieces to the temple using Fi's Dowsing abilities, as hinted by a conversation between Ledd and Cobal. fandom.comEarth Temple - Zelda Wiki

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Scaldera Boss Battle - How To Beat Scaldera

Nintendo Life 19 July, 2021 - 07:00am

How we stopped worrying and learned to batter a pyroclastic fiend

Located within the Earth Temple, Scaldera is the second boss you're going to have to face off against during your adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and we're not gonna lie, this fiery ball of molten misery is a bit of a pushover. He talks the talk alright, but his walk's all over the shop.

Let's take a look at how to put this great big orange idiot out of its misery.

Taking place on a giant ramp over a lava lake, this boss fight really is pretty much as easy as they come, requiring little more than a basic grasp of how to use the game's bombs. Scaldera will begin the fight at the bottom of the ramp but he's in a desperate hurry to make it to the top, which is where you come in.

What you need to do here is ready a bomb and place it on the ground so that Scaldera charges into it as he makes his way towards you. You don't even need to worry about fuse timings as contact with his fiery outer shell will cause your bombs to explode on impact.

Once he's been hit by a bomb blast, Scaldera will tumble all the way down the ramp to the bottom again and you should be sprinting after him. Once he stops he'll gather himself and draw in a huge amount of air, at which point you need to chuck another bomb so it lands directly in his gob. Again, you don't even need to worry about aiming here as he's sucking with such force that the bomb will be drawn right into his mouth where it explodes. This causes him to collapse temporarily to the ground with his weak point, his eye, fully exposed, which we absolutely love to see.

Hammer his eye as hard and as fast as you can here and, when he starts to gather himself up again, retreat, get your bombs ready and do exactly the same thing over again. There is no phase two here, he's a one-phase pony.

If you're running out of bombs or have made a mistake and need a little health boost, you'll find both bombs and hearts await you at the top of the ramp. After a few batterings about the eyeball, Scaldera will give up, shrivel into a tiny blackened version of himself and then explode. Tragic.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: How To Get All 80 Gratitude Crystals

GameRant 19 July, 2021 - 02:58am

In total, there are 80 Gratitude Crystals for players to find and collect, with the vast majority of these being given to Link as rewards for completing some of the game's many side quests. There are also an additional 15 Gratitude Crystals scattered around Skyloft and the many floating islands that surround it, although not all of these can be collected right away.

The Lost Child side quest can be initiated once Link has acquired the Ruby Tablet and is handed out by a woman named Wryna. Players will need to follow a series of clues to track down her missing daughter Kukiel and then return her to her worried mother to receive their reward.

Once players have found Kukiel they'll be able to initiate the Missing Sister side quest by speaking with Parrow in the Plaza area of Skyloft. The quest involves finding Parrow's sister Orielle and then delivering some medicine to her injured Loftwing. Both siblings will reward Link with five Gratitude Crystals each, making this the most profitable side quest in the game.

To begin the Item Check Crush side quest, players will need to have found Kukiel and spoken with the woman at the Item Check at Skyloft's bazaar on seven or eight different days. She'll eventually develop a deep infatuation with the hero, and he'll need to make a difficult decision about how to handle the situation.

Players won't be able to complete the Cleaning Pipit's House side quest until after they've acquired the Gust Bellows from the Lanayru Mining Facility. As soon as they have the item, they'll be able to earn five Gratitude Crystals and a red Rupee by blowing away all of the dust in Pipit's dirty house.

Although players can begin the Fledge's Workout side quest after first visiting the Lanayru Mining Facility, they won't be able to complete it until defeating Tentalus on the Sandship. The quest involves giving Fledge a few Stamina Potions to improve his endurance during workouts.

After players have repaired Scrapper and reached the Isle of Songs, they'll be able to initiate the Fixing Fun Fun Island side quest by speaking to Dodoh on the titular island. He'll ask Link to help him find his missing party wheel, which is down near the entrance to Lanayru Desert.

Players can initiate the Haunted Rest Room side quest after defeating The Imprisoned for the first time at the Sealed Grounds. It requires Link to follow up on some spooky goings-on in one of the bathrooms at the Knight Academy. Much like the Item Check Crush quest, players are given some choice when it comes to how events unfold.

Once players have acquired the Clawshots in the Lanayru Desert Silent Realm, they'll be able to take on the Missing Baby Rattle side quest for Bertie. They'll need to use both the Clawshots and the Gust Bellows to procure the missing baby rattle from a bird's nest that's on top of a windmill in Skyloft.

The Pumpkin Harvest side quest is handed out by Kina outside the Lumpy Pumpkin, although players will need to wait until after they've defeated The Imprisoned for the second time before they can get started. Link will need to convince Guld to help with the harvest, which results in Kina handing over five Gratitude Crystals.

After defeating The Imprisoned for a second time, players may notice that the fortune teller in the Bazaar is no longer at his station. If players visit Sparrot's house, he'll mention that he broke his crystal ball and ask Link to get him a new one. Players can find a suitable ball not too far from the Earth Temple, but they'll need Scrapper's help to recover it.

Once players have defeated Bilocyte, they'll be able to visit a new island known as Bug Rock. If they speak to Beedle at night after visiting it, he'll mention that his prized Horned Colossus Beetle has gone missing and ask for Link's help tracking it down. If players then return to Big Rock, they'll be able to win the missing beetle by completing Strich's game.

To begin the Owlan's Mystery Plant side quest, players will first need to have completed Faron's Song of the Hero quest. Visiting Instructor Owlan after this point will lead to him asking Link to find him an interesting plant down on the surface. Rather than a plant, however, Link ends up sending him a Kikwi, but Owlan is still incredibly grateful nonetheless.

If players explore Skyloft and its surrounding islands at night, they'll be able to find and collect an additional 15 loose Gratitude Crystals. Most of these are incredibly easy to find and can be collected in any order, but one or two of them are hidden in hard-to-reach places. Collecting others will require players to use specific items, meaning that not all of the loose Gratitude Crystals are accessible right away.

To find the tenth Gratitude Crystal, players will need to fly their Loftwing over to Pumpkin Landing and then sleep in one of the beds at the Lumpy Pumpkin. The crystal will then appear on one of the counters upstairs.

The eleventh Gratitude Crystal is also on Pumpkin Landing, but players will need to follow the ramp down to the storage shed in order to find it.

If players visit Beedle's Air Shop and then sleep until nighttime, they'll be able to find a Gratitude Crystal on top of one of the propellers. They won't be able to collect it without the beetle though.

After players have obtained the Clawshots, they'll be able to gain access to Zelda's room by climbing on top of the Knight Academy, grappling onto the chimney, and then jumping down it. Once inside, they'll find a Gratitude Crystal right next to the bed.

The final Gratitude Crystal will require the use of either the Clawshots or the tough beetle. It's in the water on top of the giant island with the waterfall that floats above Skyloft.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: How To Complete The Cleaning Pipit's House Side Quest

GameRant 18 July, 2021 - 09:43pm

Unfortunately for Link, Pipit and his mother aren't the tidiest of people, nor do they own a broom or vacuum. As a result, he'll need to use a special item that's acquired in the Lanayru Mining Facility dungeon, meaning players will have to complete a significant portion of the game before they can tackle the quest. The good news, however, is that it's an incredibly simple side quest to turn in once equipped with the right tools.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - How to Get Bomb Bag

GameRant 18 July, 2021 - 07:00am

In order to start storing bombs, players can get a bomb bag in Skyward Sword. The bomb bags come in three sizes in this game: small, medium, and large bomb bags. Each holds progressively more bombs, and players will want to upgrade this as quickly as possible. But in order to get the larger bags, players will first need to find a base bag.

Since bomb bags are so important for getting through the Earth Temple and the other Skyward Sword dungeons, players will need to get them as soon as possible. There is only one location players can find the base starting bomb bags. Players will need to first get to the Earth Temple, and look in the mini-boss room in Skyward Sword. Players will battle two Lizalfos in this room, and then a treasure chest will appear. Inside will be the base bomb bag.

The next size up in a Medium bomb bag; they can be made by upgrading small bomb bags at the Scrap Shop. For this, players will need:

Large bomb bags are also an upgrade-only item. This bag will hold a massive number of bombs for Link, and it's one of the best things in Skyward Sword to get. Players will have to have a medium bag first, then they can upgrade to a large bomb bag with the following items:

If players are having trouble finding a Golden Skull, which are kind of rare in Skyward Sword, here are a few places to find them:

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is available for Nintendo Switch.

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