Random: 'Switch Vs Steam Deck' Memes Are A Thing Now, Apparently


Nintendo Life 21 July, 2021 - 09:30am 12 views

When will steam deck release?

Steam Deck is available to reserve now in select regions, and will begin shipping in December 2021. Choose which version to reserve below. When inventory is available, customers will be notified in the order reservations were made to make their purchase. steampowered.comSteam Deck reservation page

The reveal of the Steam Deck last week triggered plenty of discussion about its merits when compared to the similarly-priced Switch OLED Model, and while it's hard to imagine Valve competing directly with Nintendo in this handheld battleground, it's clear that for some people, the decision about whether or not they should lay down cash on the OLED Switch this year just got a little bit harder (as you'll see from the results of our poll on this very topic).

However, as is so often the case, the internet hive mind has decided that the whole 'Switch Vs Steam Deck' thing is worthy of lampooning, hence the fact that we've seen a few memes pop up over the past few days – some of which are more amusing than others, it has to be said.

One of the most amusing/divisive takes on the whole situation relates to a Twitter account that has been established with the express intention of highlighting the games you can play on the Steam Deck but not on the Switch:

Have you spotted any other amusing memes relating to the Steam Deck Vs Switch war? Let us know with a comment below.

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My hope is that the Steam Deck gaslights Nintendo into giving their customers something on the same level inside a couple or few years.

Running Persona 4 Golden would be a reason to buy a Switch over a Steam Deck tbh.

Steam Deck sounds to much like something you’d find in a horrific section of an adult website. I don’t think Nintendo has anything to worry about. I’ll get the OLED Switch over that double entendre any day.

@mariomaster96 That got me

@Anti-Matter I like physical but I finally switch over to digital. Physical just create future waste and is bad for the environment.

They both run can play Fortnite, so they both lose. It's only fair. I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.

Very excited for it. Now I don’t have to wait for any ports to the Switch, anymore! And it’s more then enough power for any emulation, since it’s open source.

The Steam Deck, if it lives up to its promise, is going to sell great numbers. The built in udience is huge and - here's the thing - it can happily co-exist with the Switch. These memes are just popping up due to saddoes wanting to create a rivalry that simply doesn't exist. My preorder for this is in, but it will never replace my Switch.

I love the switch, but it was already behind when it first released (typical Nintendo). I will keep my old switch since I only have it for exclusives anyways. I might have to get the Steam Deck (Even if the name is bad).

Valve doesn't have a great track record with these things so I'm not getting my hopes up.

@Anti-Matter Thank you! Much respect! That is all.

@moodycat I've added that one to the post!

@mariomaster96 lmao

Eh, I think both have their places though I really don't see why someone suddenly loses interest in their Switch. I still love mine

@Lordplops What do you think are great numbers? can it sell 80m units? is 5m units an amazing success?

Is there a scenario where this has a negative impact on the Switch? I'm looking at it thinking that even though they are handhelds, they are aiming at different markets? This isn't the same as Sony releasing another handheld, or am I getting this wrong?

Specs are one thing. How well something works in reality. And it something very different well something is supported once it is released. Those later two will be deciding factors on the long-term viability of the Steam Deck.

Twitter memes? Well, I guess I'd be a hypocrite to object after making one myself the other day.

I like the SteamDeck. There are two problems with it for me, though, and that's that the games I play on PC, only one of them I play with controller (FFXIV), the rest of them I play with keyboard/mouse. Second, none of the games I play regularly I have on Steam.

It seems really nice, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have much of anything to play on it. Persona 4 Golden, yes, but that's it.

I think someone posted this before, but competition is good. This will make Nintendo's future products better. I guess my only fear is fewer third-party ports coming over to the Switch in the future since they'll already have portable versions on Steam. But Steam Deck will have to do pretty good numbers before that becomes a legit concern.

I've got my reserve down. I can't wait for this thing.

How well will it run games on Gamepass? Will I be able to play Forza in handheld?

@HotGoomba Dude any device could play Fortnite even your phone and tablets. The thing is on Switch you get less interruption but lower performance.

Deck , how you la age small text on screen ??

Hopefully this site doesn't just become swamped with Steam Deck stuff. Personally I fail to see how this is really news-worthy to Nintendo fans?

@Magician would you rather Nintendo stick with the Switch for a little gear and get something more powerful (Xbox One) or get something sooner, but along the lines of this?

I am sat on a train with my Switch playing Mario Kart 8 DX. A stranger (who may or may not be attractive....) sits down next to me. I offer them a joycon and we play a few rounds of MK8. This starts up a conversation about gaming, what the other person does or does not play and we both have a pleasant journey reminiscing, debating and talking. This did actually happen to me.

I am sat on a train with my Steam Deck playing League of Legends. A stranger sits down next to me and asks wtf that monstrosity is I am playing on or outright ignores me because I seem like 'one of those people'. I either do not care and keep playing or put it away, self conscious of the thing.

Which scenario do you want to be in?

Though the comparison of both handheld is great for competition sake, people had to realize that the Steam Deck at the end of the day is still just a PC and not every games are optimized to work smoothly on it so various tweaks and workarounds had to be made. Switch is a console and a mainstream dedicated gaming device, all games are optimized to work and play on it.

It really comes down to do you want a handheld that allow you to mess around with stuff or do you want a handheld that you could just pick up, pop in a game and play with no complication. Like I said in past post, Steam Deck is an open source device like your house if you leave your door open so anyone could come mess with it whether for good or bad while Switch is a closed source device and still supported by Nintendo, any games you play on it already got Nintendo's approval that they'll work on Switch so no need to tweak the games.

Whilst I am normally with Nintendo on the we are not in competition with anyone, I think on this occasion they need to take note.

Even if Valve doesnt nail it, this must have raised the question of the art of the possible with MS and Sony.

Just because they have said no in the past, no isn't always forever.

Wait until the Steam Deck's release and then wait for BoTW2 and other 1st party Nintendo games, we'll see if these memes will age like fine wine or milk

Eh, I have a PC for Steam. I'm not thrilled for playing it handheld

@jamesRainbowBoy The reason why Nintendo Life cover other brands is because most Nintendo fans also play on other platforms.

"Look someone stating the obvious. That's funny and now it's mine screw your watermark." - memes

@ozyr agreed. This isn't going to hurt nintendo in the slightest

I was thinking the exact same thing!

@Yomogi When those unofficial ports or emulation of recent Nintendo games like Breath of the Wild on PC make an impact on the media, imagine Nintendo games at higher resolution and frame rate on a handheld.

I feel that Steam is an entirely different demographic. If the Steam deck is a player’s primary console, I’d be surprised because of the preference to have the ultimate gaming PC desktop. Steam players to me either like desktop gaming and then treat consoles as secondary, or vice-versa. So I don’t see this as direct competition so much as i see natural evolution of the consumer enjoying gaming on the go, and it seems Steam Deck may be a second choice portable.

@BlueOcean I say good luck with that. No doubt it'd look great but how long do you think it will last until Nintendo takes legal action

@Doctor_Pancakes 100% agree. This is valve we're talking about. I believe this will be about as successful as the steam box

Steam Deck?? Never heard of it, sounds like something I would do in my garden.

People who have absolutely no memory of the past and/or are blissfully ignorant to the world around them: OH WOW, neat, this is going to be awesome

People who have been early adopters of any previous Valve hardware: HAHAHAHAHAH, no, no, no, no, no. Noooooooo.

@Bobb Basically you could put Steam on any device nowadays, even the Atari VCS could run it just fine. Only thing holding your library is the hardware. You could even run Steam on Switch if you're going the modding route, only thing is due to low specs games that could still be play on Vista or Windows 7 may work smoothly but the latest and greatest triple A will probably be a struggle. The modding community already proved that you could run Linux, Steam, Windows, and Android on Switch just fine, how they'll perform on Switch though is another story but modding your Switch could give you the stepping stone to upgrade it like a PC.

@Yomogi I'm not saying that I'm waiting for it (and I have my legal copy right here), I'm just saying that we've seen mods of Breath of the Wild at 60fps on PC and that has been posted on Nintendo Life. You do realise that the same thing on a handheld is a bigger impact, right? Even if it's just comparisons between the two systems. We're going to see that because those mods already exist and Steam Deck will be able to play them. Switch's lack of power will be more evident. It's like comparing The Witcher 3 or Doom on both systems, interesting enough to, at least, watch.

I love nintendo, but I think this'll have an impact.

I've wanted more from the switch since my internal memory ran out (save data stuff with games like dragon quest builder is massive), and I wanted it 2-ish years ago.

While the oled has some interest for me, steam deck means that I can play a large number of games I had always hoped would come to switch, and further, I can finally play skyrim and fallout 4 MODDED on a handheld.

I would've gotten an oled. Now, I won't. I suspect that I'm not alone in this.

I think nintendo will still make plenty of money, but I think they could've made a lot more money.

Dont get me wrong, I think hardware wise the steam deck is cool but I get the feeling its going to be a pain to live with. I just have images of me 6 months down the line swearing at it as I wage a fiddly battle trying to balance the new game's performance against the system's limitations.

Dont get me wrong, its something Valve could very easily fix on their end but we're still waiting on the other things in the store they was going to fix, other than trying to police boobs.

I am of the opinion that this will be a pretty cool piece of kit that will have very little impact on Nintendo simy because Nintendo games sell Nintendo consoles in the main everything else is a bonus.

What it does do is steal Switch's thunder in terms of which games you can play portably.

For instance there is a rumour going round of a Dying light Platinum edition for Switch which is a great game but Steam Deck already has it probably cheaper and will likely be able to play the sequel.

It suddenly makes the Switch seem very ordinary by comparison.

A worth it steam deck is what 800 us dollars? That 512g, ssd, and glass screen... while the base deck is missing those features and cost 400 no dock, no controller. Swich comes with 2 controllers separate from system. I mean sweet u want a steam deck I do to just for pc functionality ... but other than portability why not buy a good computer?

What a wothless article. One thing I find funny, is how people that believed those rumors, are now bashing Nintendo for not doing it. Blame your famed "insiders", for telling lies. But sometimes memes due tell the truth. Sega also "did what Nintendon't", and look what happened to them hehehe.

@Anti-Matter yes. This. 100%.

@Anti-Matter Actually that isn’t true. If you use a PC with a disc drive then you can add games with discs to your Steam account which can then be played with the Steam Deck.

@BlueOcean But in the end, it won't matter, 1st party games like the upcoming BoTW2 will still sell on the Switch and the more these Mods gets publicized, the more Nintendo will take action, especially now that everyone's calling the SD a "Nintendo Switch" killer. So yeah, goodluck with that

@rockodoodle I'm indifferent. Just a bump in performance, big or small, sooner or later, would be nice.

@Kiwi_Unlimited well, agree to disagree

@RadioHedgeFund I can only speak of my experiences of London transport but anyone who sits down next to me and wants to talk about the game I’m playing is probably aiming to grab my console and leg it at the next stop.

@Yomogi I don't get the "good luck" part, I'm just stating the obvious and I didn't say that this would damage Nintendo's sales but that the comparisons will come. Steam Deck is as legal as a PC and Nintendo can't do anything about that. They can only fight illegal distribution of games.

Only thing bad about the Steam Desk is that its bulky as hell. Switch is at least more portable and designed well.

I still love my OG Switch to bits and was dithering on whether to buy an OLED but then the Steam Deck came along and I got my reservation order in. If a more powerful Switch had been announced, I probably would have gone for that instead. Right now I’m happy to have a portable Fire Pro machine sometime this winter.

This may appeal to people who doesnt have a high end pc and want to play without the need to have a good graphic card. I do have a high end pc and there Isn't a lot do to. The thing with Nintendo is, that their games are more interesting to play, it brings you i into another world of instead your regular pc shooters, Fifa slap a new year on the front games. The world of Nintendo is more interesting to me than the pc one. Of course there are a few pc games that are good to play. I dont think that the Steamdeck will do any sales damage to the Switch due to the quality of Nintendo games like Zelda, Bayonetta, Mario and so forth. Its an interesting piece of hardware for sure, if done correctly it could have the potential to become another console besides Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo to join the market. I just hope that if its succesful enough, that companies develope games for it, new ideas, new IP.

@jamesRainbowBoy Agreed. It was fine at first but it's getting tiresome... it's not Nintendo news, and it's not even Valve news anymore. They're just chasing that sweet, sweet SEO.

Steam dead does not come with a dock. Switch does. Steam dead cannot play all steam games just mobile games.switch can play all switch games. Steam dead has very slow memory and a two hour battery life for some games. Switch smallest battery life is 4 hours. And switch has the games. Steam .ps5 and Xbox series x combined cannot even touch BOTW. MARIO ODYSSEE. XENOBLADE 2. SPLATOON 2 FIRE EMBLEM 3 HOUSES. ANIMAL CROSSING. THE SWITCH has the best games. And just like when the black and white game boy SLAUGHTERED AND DESTROYED the game gear. Horse power .means NOTHING. it is all about the games. And with almost 100 million units sold. Not shipped BUT SOLD. THE switch does what the steam dead don't. Give it up Sony owned media. You cannot beat the switch. THE PS5 DOOR STOP FAILED . AND THE STEAM DEAD PAPER CLIP WILL FAIL AS WELL. And what I mean by failed is that they can not beat the switch with horse power alone. You gotta have the games. And Sony and valve just don't. Have the games. FACT NOT AN OPINION.

I like the idea of the Steam Deck but the games I tend to play on PC aren't always games that will work well with a controller or on a 7 inch screen. That's why I play them on PC.

I can't imagine trying to play a game like Sins of a Solar Empire like that. Even with a touchscreen, the screen is too small.

@Anti-Matter After our bodies pass to the other realm, all our junk becomes waste, no matter how neatly we stored it in life. I have a small collection, so I understand this notion, well. But, games as a service will be the next evolution, so enjoy what you have and count your blessings!

@RadioHedgeFund self conscious over a gaming device? 🤣🤣wow. When you get to be my age, you'll understand that the thoughts of other people don't really matter. Especially people who you may never interact with or see again. Life is too short to worry about what other people think of you.

The real reason why the Game Boy and DS portables always defeated their competitors that were much more powerful and had better technology, like the Game Gear or the PSP, is because not only portables need to be cheap and viable, but also good games, technology is nothing without games.

And this is why the Steam Deck is promising, it is not even released yet, and it already has a game library better than the Switch.

Omfg guys have you seen the Vita specs omg the 3DS is destroyed especially once we hack it to play emulators and download games we have uuuuh totally legally purchased.

@SalvorHardin The Vita lost because the 3DS had better games, same goes for the PSP losing to the DS and the Game Gear losing to the Game Boy.

The Steam Deck does not have this problem, it wasn't even released yet, and it already has a game library better than the Switch, and I'm not talking about emulators.

Have both preordered and though things may change I'm seriously considering cancelling my Switch OLED order. Hopefully we get a spec bumped model in 2022!

Is it just me or does the Steam Deck look like the Sega Game Gear?

Idk which side of this "console war" is more annoying 1)nintendo fans acting threatened over another handheld system being in the conversation at all, or 2)deck enthusiasts who are assuming it's going to be a switch killer.

It looks interesting, and I'm eagerly awaiting reviews

Steam Deck isn't about families, it isn't about Nintendo games, it isn't about flexibility.

Switch isn't about hardcore games, it isn't about PC, it isn't about taking your PC library offline.

Yes, they compete. Everything competes with each other. But these two devices complement each other.

What I find fascinating about Steam Deck is that handhelds have always attracted the hack and homebrew scene but Steam Deck is an open system already and, at the same time, the most powerful handheld ever. People can play PC games on it but also run emulators legally if the own the games.

I've had a Steam account for a very long time. I bought an Alienware Alpha with Steam OS when they came out and I have a Steam Deck on pre-order. However, anyone that thinks the Steam Deck is going to put some huge dent in Switch sales is in for a rude awakening. Most of us Steam users are use to playing on PC's that can do 4k at 60+fps on Ultra settings. While the novelty of playing your steam games on a dedicated "handheld" will be fun at first, the low specs of the system compared to gaming PC's will quickly become apparent. The next issue is the thing is a big ugly monstrosity. While I'm fine pulling my tablet or Switch out on a plane, I can't imagine trying to use the Steam Deck on a plane. So, why did I pre-order one? Well, I buy all the new systems. Keeping it for very long is probably unlikely, but we'll see.

NGL some of these memes are pretty good, especially the ones that go beyond "sTeAMdEck iS a sWItcH KiLleR."

The rude awakening some will have, when they finally realise nothing is optimised for the Deck ...

Devices like these are nothing new. GDP Win 3, OnexPlayer, SMACH Z, Aya Neo, and some others tried the same thing. Steam Deck is no console. It's a PC, and as such it needs a *****-ton of raw power which it can throw at games - especially newer ones. It doesn't have that power. Not now and most certainly not in the long run. Why do people still fall for such things? I guess it's "hope because of the company"?

And for that, the Deck wins for me

Can the Deck be connected to a TV?

@Anti-Matter They are legit games. PC games in a box with a disc.

As someone who is interested in the Steam Deck I don't even bother comparing the two in my mind, each one is well suited for a specific and different purpose, if you can ignore the fact that they are both handheld devices they cater to two very different userbases.

@Anti-Matter This would be a handheld that you’re playing those games on though. Plus it’ll play as many dodgy shovelware games as you want.

The people posting these memes are the ones who "expected" Nintendo to announce Switch Pro and now, they have hurt feelings. There already exist in the market, 3 or so similar devices to the steam deck so not sure why this isn't being compared to them.

@Dpishere As someone who is interested in the Steam Deck I don't even bother comparing the two in my mind, each one is well suited for a specific and different purpose, if you can ignore the fact that they are both handheld devices they cater to two very different userbases.

No they don't. They both cater to gamers many who choose Switch as their secondary device behind a gaming PC.

Every time something comes out that puts Nintendo's hardware to shame people say 'Nintendo isn't really competing against that'. Nevermind that many multiplatform games on Switch run better on other hardware, be it PC or other consoles and are cheaper on that other hardware. Steam sale prices, while not as good as they used to be are still better than NIntendo's sale prices.

I’d still rather have a switch as a handheld. I play handheld a lot less than at home on the TV. I’d rather play PC games on a more powerful system at higher frame rates & settings as opposed to a cut down experience on the go. I ordered an OLED switch which I think will be great.

I don't see this as a competition in the slightest, and I don't think Nintendo or Valve do either. They're just parallel options for consumers to consider with different libraries of games. Yeah, the whole emulation argument is there now for people who just want to stir the pot, but I will own both of these devices, and still play Breath of the Wild on Switch. I can understand people wanting to emulate older games Nintendo refuse to bring to the Switch Online library from the N64, GameCube, etc... and it will do that brilliantly via Dolphin etc... but my Switch will still be my Switch, and the Deck will be where Steam becomes a portable, relaxed option.

@Edu23XWiiU One thing I find funny, is how people that believed those rumors, are now bashing Nintendo for not doing it.

Valve just showed everyone what Nintendo COULD have done and they also showed everyone how expensive the Switch is in comparison. I doubt Valve wanted to show people that but it couldn't be avoided.

I never believed the Pro rumors and I still think Nintendo messed up by not releasing more powerful hardware.

while i dont think nintendo has anything to worry about i do at least hope this encourages them to update their hardware since it can feel like a roll of the dice when it comes to third party games, or even outsourced first party IPs like the latest hyrule warriors.

be it an updated switch model or even a fully backwards compatible "switch 2"

@lokozar The rude awakening some will have, when they finally realise nothing is optimised for the Deck ...

Kinda like when people play multiplat games that are downgraded to run on the Switch (or when people play Hyrule Warriors AOC). On PC though, modders love to write mods that do all kinds of things, even optimizing and bug fixing.

@PhhhCough life’s also to short to take a chance that a hot girl or guy might sit next to you and want to play Mario Kart 😅

@victordamazio the Gameboy didn’t beat the GameGear and the Lynx because it had better games. It beat them because of battery life, because the price was much cheaper and because the console experiences on those handhelds weren’t actually well suited to short bursts of handheld play.

The same story was also true when comparing the Vita to the 3DS. Vita had some incredible AAA style games in its early days… they just didn’t necessarily turn out to be the games that people wanted to play on the train for 10-15 minutes a pop.

It’s telling (for a number of reasons) that Valve introduced the Steam Deck by showing it playing Stardew Valley - not one of the “not on Switch” AAA games that many of the prospective audience for the Steam Deck are fantasising about playing on it.

It is kind of a threat to Nintendo in the sense that it reduces the appeal of the Switch eShop to some developers and indie game sales might suffer if the indie buying “whales” migrate back to Steam. It’s not an existential threat though IMO like a Vita 2 rapidly hitting 20 million sales would be.

It is a death bell to the Android gaming ecosystem. Not necessarily with the Steam Deck itself (which probably won’t hit 3 million units let alone 10 million units) but with the cheaper OEM clones with more varied specs that will be encouraged to follow once Valve blazes a trail.

I love how people get mad at Nintendo for not doing a switch pro when the only people who said they would were Bloomberg and YouTubers like switch prime or switch force who both are clickbait machines

Even though I am a PC main guy I don't see myself getting it because Valve doesn't have a great track record when it comes to their Hardware division.

I don't really remember any other pieces of hardware they themselves released.

@DoubleDate hmmm I think you are either underestimating the catalogue that Steam has or you are uninformed.

@Sculptor yes. It works like a PC. You can either 8install Windows on it if you wanted to.

@Kirgo Some things may have been good but support was not always the best. Here is an image that may show some of the issues valve had with their hardware but it is also a meme at the same time. Note they show the Vive for the VR instead of the Index by mistake.

This is why I am very skeptical about getting the deck. Not saying it won't be good but I will wait a while and see what others have to see about the system and see if there are going to be any issues with it.

A little bit of competition is always good. There is enough of the gaming community to share between the Switch and the Steam Deck. I think both have their strengths and both have their weaknesses.

Ofcourse I'm getting the Steam Deck as well, so I'll have the best of both worlds.

@RadioHedgeFund 😆 I prefer scenario two with the Steam Deck. I like to be left alone when am on the train.

@MarioBrickLayer I feel like it will be successful, but not the kind of numbers that Nintendo can pull off.

Also the steam deck looks like off brand Xbox controllers were split and glued to a switch body. Yuck yuck.

@StuTwo you hit the nail on the head. What happens when the Chinese clones start?

I do wonder if Valve will finally release Half-Life 3... nah

Got the 512 steam deck pre ordered, but to anyone thinking this is going to threaten the switch is living inside an internet echo chamber. People like to talk a big game about how open the platform is and all the amazing emulation that this thing can do... which it probably CAN, but do people really think the average person knows how to do this?

Look, I understand that for PC players installing a new OS or going online to download an emulator and some ROMs is no big deal, but for the vast majority of gamers who are not interested in PC gaming none of that is a reality. What your average consumer is going to experience with the steam deck is the promise of running AAA games only to discover that not all work well unless you fiddle with settings or realizing that some games play best with mouse and keyboard or require mapping out a controller.

The steam deck is great for PC players that want to play a handheld which I imagine is a decent number but there's also a lot of steam users that would never be caught dead playing anything other than a top of the line desktop. This will sell millions and will most definitely be successful but the switch isn't going anywhere.

Personally, I think the Steam Deck will be dead on arrival. The PC Master Race folks woth one foot in the console door may get it and then it will disappear from memory.

How many more steam deck articles before the site can get to it's quota of clicks, from disgruntled Switch Pro believers.

What people fail to see is not all Switch owners are in it for the first-party games. Most are I know, but at least a few (myself included) just want a portable option for gaming. Until now we basically only had Nintendo to fill that void. So this is a welcome change given how "vintage" the Switch's hardware is.

This looks promising, but I’ll wait for next December to see if it’s actually good. Balan Wonderworld and the Ninja Gaiden master collection have both shown me that not everything will live up to the hype that surrounds it.


Of course, it will be niche at best, total failure at worst, but according to the Internet minorities it will slay the Switch.

In reality it will be perfect example of why Nintendo did not bring out a Switch Pro.

A lot of hate and negativity for the Steam deck, when I think that Nintendo has been playing it extremely safe for several years now, and they perform much better when they feel like they are being threatened by someone.

The Steam deck will do just fine if it is marketed correctly and given the proper support, and an enticing alternative for someone like me who is sick and tired of Nintendo always giving you the food scraps from the table with their Switch downgraded ports and doesn't want to spend thousands on building an ultimate super gaming master race PC.

Like several have said before me, it is a TIME WILL TELL situation.

@Wordbonder My thoughts exactly. It is really nice having Nintendo's exclusives to play on the Switch, but sometimes you crave to play sth else by entirely different developers.

The problem with the Switch is that it is basically a slightly more powerful Wii U, that is why it has that "vintage feel" when it comes to hardware and software.

I like the one that says they both win.

I'm definitely interested in the Steam Deck and if I can manage to get one, it will complement the Switch quite well. I'm slightly concerned that stock as orders filled out quick and I've heard some folks won't get theirs till September 2022.

@Danrenfroe2016 well - from Valves perspective what will happen is that millions (far more than will actually buy the Steam Deck itself) will buy them and begin shopping on Steam.

It actually works out better for Valve if they can demonstrate a Steam OS handheld market exists for OEMs since they don’t need to worry about actually selling the hardware (on which they are probably making next to no profit - possibly even losing money by some measures), supply chains, consumer support etc. but they get the revenue stream.

Hence why it’s worth their while making this a flagship sold to make a point more so than to be a profit driver in and of itself.

Most of the OEM handhelds that will follow will be weaker or hobbled in some way (OEMs operate on extremely tight margins because they don’t get a cut of profits from the online stores where the real money is made).

I’d also expect that a small handful of clones will come out in the next few years that aim even higher at a premium price. It’s all down to how much Valve can demonstrate Steam OS fits that niche better than Android (which it clearly does IMO).

the steam deck is only available in a couple of countries. for mass producing nintendo wins

I find it amusing a “console” that’s not even out yet somehow has a toxic fanbase already.

@RadioHedgeFund I think that depends on if the person in the first scenario is an attractive trendy member of the opposite gender and leads to a creepy but enduring relationship like in the Switch ads, or if the person in the first scenario looks like what you'd normally see at a Pokemon tournament....

I will wait until 2022. Maybe the Switch Pro will be released. If not I move forward to steam deck.

The thing Ive been thinking about is should console generations be shorter? I guess Sony and Ms set a precedent with their pro models. Never made sense to me for consoles. A halfstep console every four years, performance options in games, etc... The difference between consoles and pc is almost non existent these days. Just waiting for one of the console makers to make a fool proof way of swapping out gpus and they could sell iterative upgrades every year for people that are intimidated by PC.

There wont be a Switch Pro. There'll be a new generation Switch in 2023 probably with power a little above the Ps4. Nvidia mobile gpus are quite impressive now adays.

@miladyliza LOL, I've been thinking the same. Then again, it's really just the old PC Master Race group given a new reason to wage war on console plebs, mixed with console plebs touting the superiority of their new hardware they don't actually understand based on numbers being big.

@tntswitchfan68 wow that is a rather uninformed opinion you have there. Steam doesnt have games ?!?

Jesus Christ, Damien, you're obsessed with this damn thing!

However, for the families or the Nintendo enthusiasts, the Steam Deck isn't interesting enough. The Switch exclusives games are too good, you can't live without them.

@Dringo couldn't have said it better myself. They both are awesome and unique. I feel their differences increase each other's value as well.

If the deck were cheaper and had removable controllers Id be more interested. If my switch had as many computer functions as the steam deck will have Id like it more too.

You win some you lose some, but both are great adventures into somewhat affordable multiple purpose/function tech.

@jamesRainbowBoy well, the site could be renamed Valve Life, if you prefer?

The more competition the better though I don't think Steam Deck will affect Nintendo's strategy in any way.

@Magician. My hope is a real shared digital library across multiple switches without online connection. A real virtual console option for n64, Gamecube, and wii without premium or subscription prices. A real budget switch via well ventilated but low energy consumption non pro tv only option.

as much as i'd love the yakuza series portably i just brought the entire series on playstation and grabbed a switch oled since i play in handheld 90% of the time so it's gonna be a pass for me tbh

Steam Deck is only going to be used for the similar games they're already known for. Indies basically die there under the Flood of garbage.

@RadioHedgeFund touche..

The base model seems pretty useless out of the box, as storage will be an issue from the beginning. PC games are massive compared to the Switch. Even a 1tb micro SD card would fill up pretty quickly with high resolution assets that won't be utilized by the small 720p screen. The UI is also going to be a nightmare to read. It's obvious the base model was only created to make the Deck look more affordable. The Switch will be fine. The Deck seems like it will be a real headache to carry anything more than a few games at a time.

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Come on and slam, and yell at new Space Jam

Nintendo is just waiting for the "right time"

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Steam Deck gets a spec update, and it's good news for gamers

TechRadar 22 July, 2021 - 07:02pm

Spotted by Twitter user Locuza, the original listing showed the Steam Deck having dual-channel LPDDR5 RAM with 5,500MT/s transfer rate, which undersold the memory transfer speed of the Steam Deck. The updated specs show it with quad-channel memory, not dual-channel, which will make for even wider memory bandwidth.

A discussion and curiosity is resolved now.Van Gogh, which is used by Valve's Steam Deck, has 4 UMCs.I expected 4x 16-Bit (a memory channel under LPDDR5 is actually 16-Bit wide). The official spec claimed 5.5 Gbps (dual-channel), which didn't made sense to me.It got corrected pic.twitter.com/orgzMKJldEJuly 19, 2021

The updated spec sheet might seem like a small change, but in the case of the Steam Deck, it's a pretty important one. Quad-channel memory is going to make for speedier performance, which is going to be an important selling point for a handheld console like the Steam Deck, which is expected to play some pretty demanding PC games.

The difference between quad-channel memory and dual-channel memory might not seem like a huge deal, but as PC Gamer breaks it down, the distinction is going to be very important for the AMD APU at the heart of the Steam Deck.

This would essentially reduce the memory to a single channel for all the tasks of the CPU and GPU, so even with the incredibly fast transfer speeds, you would lose the benefit of having an additional channel. Having quad-channel memory removes this problem, so you will experience much better performance while gaming than you would otherwise. 

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Steam Deck UI will replace Valve's aging Big Picture Mode

Tom's Guide 22 July, 2021 - 07:02pm

Steam Deck's interface will get all the updates Steam gets, unlike Big Picture Mode

When the Steam Deck does begin shipping to customers — something Valve says will begin happening at the end of 2021 — it will have a new user interface aimed at making Steam easy to navigate on the handheld device and its 7-inch touchscreen. This week a Valve developer confirmed that the company also plans to replace its aging Big Picture Mode with the Steam Deck UI, though they refrained from specifying when that would happen.

That's significant because, according to a recent IGN chat with Valve designer Tucker Spofford, the Steam Deck UI is "just Steam" and will therefore get all the updates Steam gets, unlike Valve's Big Picture Mode, which is effectively a forked version of Steam.

"That means where Big Picture Mode didn’t get all of Steam’s recent improvements because development couldn’t necessarily be easily shared between the two versions, the Steam Deck will naturally be able to inherit everything," said Spofford. "And features Valve develops for the Deck will also go toward improving Steam in return."

The silver lining is that Big Picture Mode also doesn't have any of the ads which now clutter up modern console interfaces. And based on IGN's early look at the device, neither will the Steam Deck, which will also offer access to a full Linux desktop for those who want to explore beyond the Deck's Steam UI. 

Still, it sounds as though Valve has put significant effort into designing the Steam Deck UI to make it easier for users to do things like search for games or quickly jump back into a game that was recently played. The UI is also designed to adapt to a variety of screen formats, from the small 7-inch touchscreen of the Steam Deck to a big 65-inch TV or a curved gaming monitor, as the Deck can connect to external displays via HDMI or DisplayPort when nestled in its official dock.

It all sounds like a much more modern and thoughtful take on what a gamepad-centric Steam could look like, meaning there's good reason to hope that playing Steam games on the big screen is going to get a whole lot smoother once Big Picture Mode is replaced by the Steam Deck UI. However, we'll have to wait and see how the project progresses — the Steam Deck looks great, but Valve’s hardware track record doesn’t, and we've learned to be leery of Valve promises that don't come with a firm deadline.

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How much does a Steam Deck weigh?

Dot Esports 22 July, 2021 - 07:02pm

Valve recently introduced its foray into the mobile console market with the Steam Deck, which is set to release at the end of this year. And while the device is mobile, it’ll be on the larger side.

With a 7-inch display, the Steam Deck will be 11.7 inches long, 4.6 inches tall, and about 2 inches thick, making it notably larger than a standard Nintendo Switch. This means that the expected weight of a Steam Deck will be almost twice as much as a Switch.

The Steam Deck is set to weigh about 1.47 pounds (669 grams), according to the specs listed on the console’s website. In comparison, the Switch weighs about 0.88 pounds with both of its Joy-Con controllers attached.

Though the Steam Deck design doesn’t have an emphasis on being compact, it has numerous appealing buttons and features that many portable consoles do not. Along with a D-pad, two thumbsticks, and a handful of buttons, the console has two trackpads and even a pair of bindable buttons on its back side.

Meanwhile, the 7-inch display is larger than the current Switch and will be about the same size as the Switch OLED model coming out in October.

The Steam Deck is supposed to be shipped to consumers starting in December, but you can reserve yours now to get put on the waiting list. The console will be sold in a range of prices from $399 to 649.

Ubisoft CEO says Steam Deck support depends on sales, lauds Netflix's game ambitions

Gamasutra 22 July, 2021 - 07:02pm

Gamasutra is part of the Informa Tech Division of Informa PLC

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Ubisoft will support Valve's new Steam Deck console if it becomes big enough. That's according to company founder and CEO Yves Guillemot, who asked for his opinion on the new device during an investor call.

Although Guillemot said Ubisoft was "happy" to see more hardware innovation, he suggested the Steam Deck's mere existence wouldn't be enough to garner the publisher's unwavering support. 

"We're happy to see Steam Deck coming to the industry," they commented. "It shows that there's a continuous flow of very innovative new hardware coming to the market. We'll look and see how big it becomes, but if it's big enough we'll be able to put our games on it." 

Guillemot was also specifically asked to weigh in on Netflix's video game machinations, and indicated the streaming giant is well positioned for success -- and might even help propel the wider industry forward.

"Netflix is also another big actor coming into the industry," Guillemot continued. "That's really good for the industry because it will put emphasis on the fact that content is the most important thing in the industry, and what we see is that Netflix is very dynamic so we expect them to have success."

The Ubisoft boss was discussing the company's Q1 fiscal results, which saw net bookings fall by 20.5 percent year-on-year to €320 million.

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Steam Deck’s UI is set to replace Big Picture

PCGamesN 21 July, 2021 - 04:06pm

The Steam Deck isn’t just the beginning of Valve’s foray into the handheld gaming PC market, it heralds the end for the platform’s Big Picture mode. Valve employee Austinp_valve confirmed that Steam Deck’s user interface will eventually make its way to desktop by replacing Big Picture, but while the device will be available in December, the desktop version of the UI could be a ways off yet without a clear launch date.

Taking cues from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Big Picture mode arrived in 2012 as an optional way to navigate Steam without the precision of a gaming mouse. Although it still does the trick if you’re playing with a controller, Big Picture has looked the same since 2015, so it’s no surprise that Valve has something fresh in the pipeline.

We’ve only seen snippets of the Steam Deck’s UI so far, but it already looks more intuitive and somewhat resembles the layout we’re familiar with on desktop. It’s unlikely to be the only effect the handheld has on its PC counterpart, too, as Valve founder Gabe Newell envisions the device will yield “long-term benefits” for Steam – whatever that means.

Our best guess is more frequent updates to keep up with the times as Valve maintains parity across both platforms, and possibly new features.

Damien Mason Hardware writer

Damien splits his time between tinkering with new hardware and gadgets, and Rainbow Six Siege. He’s previously written for KitGuru, Rock Paper Shotgun, and ProPrivacy.

Steam Deck vs. Switch: How the Specs Compare

GameRant 21 July, 2021 - 01:36pm

Despite their similarities in form, however, the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch are vastly different when it comes to specs. Fundamentally, they are different in their target audiences, and it's clear that the spec differences reflect that. Nonetheless, it's interesting to see how the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch match up to one another. Since its original release, the Nintendo Switch has dominated the handheld gaming market, but the Steam Deck has the potential to finally offer some competition thanks to its pricing.

In terms of hardware, however, the Nintendo Switch does beat the Steam Deck in one area and that's battery life. As a consequence of being able to run a variety of PC games at 720p with 60 FPS, it's likely that the Steam Deck's battery life will also vary depending on the game being played. As a benchmark, Valve announced that the Steam Deck can run Portal 2 for about 4 hours at 60 FPS. A typical charge for the Steam Deck can last anywhere from 2-8 hours, while the Nintendo Switch will typically last from 4-9 hours.

Compared to the Nintendo Switch OLED, which will retail at $349, the $50 increase is almost negligible in terms of the performance increase. Unlike the Steam Deck, the Nintendo Switch OLED won't have different storage tiers, but it will include 64GB of eMMC storage just like the base Steam Deck model. Both the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch OLED will also have support for microSD cards to increase storage. It should be obvious that a handheld gaming PC would beat the Nintendo Switch in terms of hardware, but the fact that the pricing is so similar means that the Steam Deck's performance stands out from the entire handheld gaming market.

In terms of the display, the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch OLED are fairly similar. Neither will support a 1080p resolution, as the Steam Deck will have a 800p display while the Nintendo Switch OLED will include a 720p display. Both resolutions can be increased when docked and they will both have a LAN port for Ethernet connections. Theoretically, the Steam Deck can output to 8K resolutions just like a PC, but realistically it'll likely be limited to traditional 1080p. The Nintendo Switch OLED will feature an upgraded OLED display, meaning that it'll have better contrast and deeper blacks than its predecessors. The Steam Deck features an LCD screen with the $649 tier, offering anti-glare etched glass.

The Steam Deck certainly isn't going to beat the Nintendo Switch given its first-party games and foothold in the market, but it does offer a unique alternative that's competitively priced. The Steam Deck seems to be targeted at PC gaming enthusiasts who have built up a library of Steam games, with it also appealing to fans who are looking to get into PC gaming for a reasonable price. The Nintendo Switch OLED relies on attracting its core audience as it's always done through first-party titles and being a household name. In the end, both systems have their unique advantages, but it's still interesting to see how Valve has created an affordable handheld gaming PC that can serve as real competition for the Nintendo Switch.

Valve's Steam Deck releases this holiday and the Nintendo Switch OLED releases October 8, 2021.

Ubisoft Is Looking To Steam Deck Performance To See If It Will Bring Its Games Back To Steam

TheGamer 21 July, 2021 - 10:22am

When asked by an investor what he thought of the Deck, Yves said: "We're happy to see Steam Deck coming to the industry, it shows that it continues a flow of very innovative new hardware coming to the market. So we will look and see how big it becomes, but if it's big we will be able to put our games on it."

Ubisoft’s back catalog is mostly still available on Steam with a few exceptions, but anything published after 2019 is only available from either Uplay or the Epic Games Store. That’s thanks to an exclusive deal that saw Ubisoft jump ship from Steam to Epic starting with The Division 2.

At the time, Ubisoft said that was mostly due to Epic’s generous 12% cut on sales as opposed to Steam’s 30%, but thanks to the Apple v Epic case, we’ve recently found out that Epic also promised Ubosisoft “minimum revenue guarantees.”

Steam is making no such offers to Ubisoft, but if the Deck brings back as many lapsed Steam users as some are expecting, the Deck might be too big a deal for the French publisher to pass up.

Yves also had some words for Netflix during this morning's investor call. The streaming service has plans to get into the games business with a focus on mobile titles--an area where Ubisoft is struggling to make inroads.

In other Ubisoft news, a Kotaku deep-dive revealed that Skull & Bones has been suffering 8 years of development hell thanks to constant employee turnover and new managers that have rebuilt the game from the ground up several times. Only "generous subsidies" from the Singapore government are keeping the game afloat.

Freelance writer and contributor at The Gamer, Sean hails from Toronto, Canada. If you ask Sean what he likes, he'll say, "Robots, Ninjas, donuts - in that order."

Steam Deck Specs Analysis: How Powerful Is It Compared To PS5 And Xbox Series X | S?

GamingBolt 21 July, 2021 - 12:00am

Following a long line of rumors and anticipation, Valve has finally unveiled the previously known Steam Pal – now confirmed to be named the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck is a handheld PC running on SteamOS, that claims to be capable of handling most of the games available on the Steam marketplace.

The Steam Deck’s form factor makes it an obvious target for drawing comparisons to the Nintendo Switch, whose popularity is part of the reason why Valve aims to enter this space at all. However, it’s a great deal more powerful than the Switch and should be able to stand on its own two feet against next-gen consoles – to an extent, of course.

Steam Deck uses a custom AMD APU – an accelerated processing unit, which contains both the CPU and GPU chips in a single die. As has already been revealed, the Steam Deck uses a CPU based off of AMD’s latest Zen 2 architecture and is equipped with a total of 4 cores running at anywhere from 2.4 to 3.5 GHz. The chip is also equipped with AMD’s Simultaneous Multi Threading technology, which bumps the logical core count upto 8.

Much like the Steam Deck, all next-gen consoles also utilize the same Zen 2 architecture with a custom AMD CPU. The only differences being in core counts – PS5/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S all have 8 cores/16 threads and operating frequency – PS5 up to 3.5 GHz, Xbox Series X up to 3.8 GHz, and Xbox Series S up to 3.4 GHz.

The Steam Deck has seemingly less than half the raw horsepower when compared to next-gen consoles, particularly more so given that the former cannot probably sustain peak performance over long periods of time – thanks to thermal and battery-life constraints. However, it’s quite smart that Valve went with what is essentially an 8-core chip with an architecture that boasts great single-core performance as well. Games running on engine that take advantage of more cores will perform a lot better than ones that aren’t designed around making full use of distributed horsepower, of course.

The Steam Deck’s GPU is also based on AMD’s latest RDNA 2 architecture, and sports a total of 8 Compute Units(CUs) running at a variable clock speed of 1 – 1.6 GHz. Valve touts the GPUs horsepower to be around 2 TFLOPs, which is obviously enough quite a bit lower than the PS5 and Xbox Series X which utilize the identical RDNA 2 architectured 36 CUs at 2.23 GHz and 52 CUs at 1.8 GHz to achieve 10 and 12 TFLOPs respectively.

Interestingly enough, the Steam Deck is quite comparable to Xbox Series S in this regard, which has 20 CUs running at 1.565 GHz to achieve a raw grunt of 4 TLOPs of power. While a measurement of GPU power solely by TFLOPs may be inaccurate in many cases, it’s quite self-explanatory here given that all of these platforms use the same architecture. Of course, the point remains that the Steam Deck is again, a handheld with a number of thermal constraints that cannot allow the chip to consistently soar at its highest.

The Steam Deck uses a total of 16 GB of LPDDR5 memory running at a frequency of 5500 MHz, which will act as a central resource pool to be used by both the CPU and GPU. It’s quite similar to consoles in this regard, since the PS5 and Xbox Series X have the same amount of memory albeit of the GDDR6 variant. Of course, the choice of GDDR memory in consoles allows for higher memory bandwidths which by extension, allows the GPU chips to reach its full potential. The choice of using an APU for a PC has this obvious disadvantage, but it’s not so grave as to be off-putting as all integrated GPUs (such as the Vega 8) share system RAM to great performance results.

With regards to secondary storage, the Steam Deck comes in 3 variants, all come with a 64 GB eMMC flash storage. The higher end models also feature SSDs of 256 and 512 GB, which Steam Deck’s official store page describes as being high speed NVMe SSDs. There’s not a whole lot of information about its speed, except the fact that they are of the PCIe Gen 3 variant, probably utilizing some form of 4x expansion slot in the motherboard. PCI-e 3.0 x4 has a theoretical max bandwidth of around 4 GB/s, however that number can be lower depending on the speed of the SSD.

The next-gen consoles on the other hand have advertised their SSDs as being “game-changing”, with games like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart basing their core mechanics around making full use of this technology. The PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S all have PCI-e 4.0 SSDs, which boast great transfer speeds. These SSDs are incredibly performant as well as expensive, with an expansion card for Xbox Series X/S costing over $200.

Keeping this in mind, it’s absolutely no surprise that the Switch Deck provides no competition to next-gen consoles in this very regard and to some extent, nor should it. Console games going forward will be made keeping these high-speed SSDs into consideration, allowing for more detailed and expansive worlds. The Steam Deck is a PC handheld after all, and while the platform does have advanced technology like DirectStorage, it isn’t so widely-adopted that developers consider it a given while designing games. In hindsight, it seems to be great judgement on Valve’s part as it tries to cram as much power and performance into facets which matter.

On the topic of performance, let’s talk about how the Steam Deck performs. It’s now been ascertained that the Steam Deck is a lot less performant than a PS5 or Xbox Series X, however the fact that Valve intends users to have a pleasant 720p experience makes the ordeal a lot more promising. Of course, it’s impossible to ascertain exact performance metrics without the original hardware and tools in hand. However, a baseline can speculatively be established using similarly specced PC hardware. That being said, as of the time of writing, there are no AMD APUs with the combination of a Zen 2 CPU and an RDNA 2 GPU.

The closest comparison for a baseline can be estabilished using a Vega 11 iGPU with a 4C/8T CPU, a shoe that the Ryzen 5 3400G should fill comfortably. Control sticks to a 30 fps cap at a resolution of 720p at low settings. Note that this tests was performed with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM (thanks Youtuber Christo Gevedjov).

In accordance with AMD’s claims, the shift to RDNA 2 GPU from GCN should provide more than a 1.25x boost in performance. That’s without mentioning that Vega 11 has well, 11 CUs while the Steam Deck has only 8 CUs which should ultimately provide a noticeable improvement in performance. Ryzen 5 3400G has also the luxury of being a desktop CPU, which enables it to sustain peak performance of up to 4.2 GHz, which should balance itself out with the jump to a more-efficient Zen 2 mobile processor as used in the Steam Deck.

Thus, it’s understandable that a lot of these results fall in line with what early previews of the Steam Deck seem to suggest. Without harping on the fact too much, running at a resolution of 720p allows the handheld to achieve some great performance numbers in a wide variety of titles. Furthermore, the ability to tweak settings further will also allow for a more personalized and fine-tuned experience.

Publisher:Square Enix

Developer:Eidos Montreal

Platforms:PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch


Developer:Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios

Platforms:PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One

Publisher:Bethesda Softworks

Developer:Arkane Studios

Platforms:PS5, PC

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