Rare "ring of fire" solar eclipse captured in spectacular photos from around the world


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Where is the solar eclipse visible 2021?

An annular solar eclipse rises over the skyline of Toronto, June 10, 2021. The eclipse could be seen in northeastern North America and northern regions of Europe and Asia. The sun is partially eclipsed as it rises over lower Manhattan in New York, June 10, 2021. ABC NewsSolar eclipse visible in US for 1st time since 2017

What is solar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse happens when the moon covers up the entire sun so that only a haze of light around the darkened moon is visible. NPRHow To See The 'Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse This Morning

Did the eclipse end already 2021?

Editor's note: The "ring of fire" solar eclipse of 2021 has ended. ... The eclipse will be visible will be partially visible from the United States, northern Canada, Europe, northern Asia, Russia and Greenland, according to Time and Date. Space.comThe 'ring of fire' solar eclipse of 2021: What time does it begin?

Where can I see the ring of fire solar eclipse?

The last annular solar eclipse occurred on June 21, 2020, and was visible in Africa, Asia and southeastern Europe. The next one after tomorrow's will occur on Oct. 14, 2023, and will be visible in Central and South America and the western U.S. The Wall Street JournalSolar Eclipse 2021: What Time Is the June ‘Ring of Fire’ and How to Watch

A 'ring of fire' solar eclipse will light up the sky this Thursday

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Viewing For The Partial Solar Eclipse At Sunrise Thursday Morning – Just In Weather

Just In Weather 10 June, 2021 - 03:00pm

A solar eclipse of sorts will be in progress at sunrise on Thursday morning. This will be a rare and special event, but will it be worth waking up early to view?

The problem may be the weather. A quick look below suggests we still may have some lucky breaks in the clouds across our region. But I also have included a video player to watch it all right her on this page.

Having a partial solar eclipse occur at sunrise can provide the best opportunity to view it. The angle through the longer length of the atmosphere helps enhance the impression of a crescent sun. It’s still strongly encouraged to use eye protection.

The last time we had an event like this was on November 4, 2013.   This view was captured by Ricky Matthews.  The coverage of the moon in front of the sun this time will be even more impressive.

A backdoor cold front will be moving through the region. It has been responsible for the storm increasing today and more Thursday afternoon. The debate is if there will be some breaks in the clouds Thursday morning.

Here is the HRRR show range model forecast for cloud cover percentage at 6 AM Thursday. It is not perfect, but does suggest some cloud breaks.

What you will need is just a break over the northeastern horizon between 5:39 AM and 6:29 AM.

I will post a new view of the clouds from space shortly after 5 AM. Check back here to see if it’s worth chasing it or staying for the online show

The path of the moon lines up perfectly to cast its shadow on Earth. Most orbits, the line up places the shadow in space and we do not see it.

Here is the down side of the Supermoon we have had lately.  This is when only part of the sun is blocked by the moon.  While the moon is closer to the Earth when full, it is farthest away and smaller when ‘new’. So it is just beyond the ability to completely block the sun.

In our region, we will be in the path of part of the sun being covered. It will rise similar to the  shape of a crescent moon, just a lot brighter.

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We have made a page for Maryland Weather which gives you the current conditions for 14 present area locations.

Annular Eclipse Set To Dazzle At Sunrise Thursday

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Partial solar eclipse underway over some of the US

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