Reality Steve Confirms Rumors That Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin Are Dating


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What time is Bachelor in Paradise 2021?

ABC says there is “a storm brewing” on the next episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.” The next episode airs at 8 tonight, Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021, on ABC. ABC says, “As the women prepare to hand out their roses, nerves are getting the better of the men. pennlive.comHow to watch ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ tonight (8/31/21): time, channel, free live stream

How old is grocery store Joe?

The 35-year-old finance guy-turned-grocery store manager (hence his famous nickname, “Grocery Store Joe”) is on his second go-round at the beach following his BiP Season 5 stint—and despite the early connection he's established on Season 7 with Serena P., it seems he just can't shake one very significant ghost from his ... ParadeBachelor in Paradise Joe and Kendall: When They Dated, Why They Split

We begin with some new intros, including this little bit of foreshadowing:

Day dawns on the beach, and Serena wants to know: Where are Maurissa and Riley? Right where we left them, silly — in the Boom Boom Room!

Though Connor's about to get his heart broken, Ivan — currently coupled up with Jessenia — thinks he has nothing to worry about when new guys arrive. "If I told her that I did kind of want to be more exclusive, I feel like she'd be on board with that instantly, to be honest," he tells Noah. Oh boy, Ivan, now you've done it. Here comes…

Chasen and Chris arrive together, with a double-date card (!) — so two women will be leaving the beach for the day. Though Chasen has a somewhat encouraging chat with Mari, he asks Deandra on the date. (Sorry, Karl! Might be time to give yourself a motivational speech.) Chris C., meanwhile, came to Paradise hoping to see Jessenia — and he doesn't care if she's "boo'd up" (?) with Ivan. He asks Jessenia on the date, and she says yes, much to Ivan's surprise and chagrin. "This is crazy!" he laments. "I've got a lot to be worried about right now." Correct!

For one thing, here's what's happening on the date right now:

After the intimacy exercises, Jessenia and Chris chat outside over glasses of champagne. "I feel good about [Ivan], but there's just one thing missing that I'm trying to figure out still," Jessenia tells him. "It's weird because you seem to fill that missing thing." Okay, but what is the thing? WHAT IS THE THING, JESSENIA? Don't keep us in suspense! Oh crap, too late — she and Chris are already sharing a strawberry/making out.

The boy-band manager handles it okay, but he's understandably a little confused. Is she breaking up with him? Is she saying he can go out on dates? Is she just expecting him to sit around while she goes and explores relationships with other guys? "You cannot have your cake and eat it too," he grouses in his confessional. "And that's what a lot of people want to do — especially when they have the rose." Kenny may be 40, but he's not wrong.

As soon as their conversation is over, Mari fills Demi in on the whole situation. "It was a hard conversation. It's not a fun conversation," she says with a sigh. "But I'd rather be upfront and be honest."

Demi, ever the pragmatist, doesn't see what the big deal is. "Proposals aren't happening tomorrow. We should all be dating each other!" And since Demi doesn't yet have a "connection" with anyone, she decides that Mari's talk with Kenny has left the door wide open. "It's my opportunity!" she exclaims. "Kenny's so sexy. I heard he likes to be naked. I like to be naked. I want to have some fun with that." Cut to:

Speaking of which, Maurissa still hasn't told Connor that she spent the night in the Boom Boom Room with Riley last night. But the good news is, at least he'll be wearing this ensemble when he does find out.

It doesn't take a medical examiner to see that this relationship is dead — but poor clueless Connor isn't getting the hint. He invites Maurissa on a date that night, with a homemade date card and everything. She giggles and fidgets and plays with her nails. "We'll see," she says. "We'll see how the day goes." Oh for God's sake, woman, just put him out of his misery!

No dice. Looks like it's Tahz who's going to have to break the news to Connor.

From deflation to disconnection: Natasha is still not feeling the love from Brendan, and she is 1-800-Over-It. "He will not initiate kissing me or anything like that," she says. "So, I'm like, 'Where is this going?'"

Producers send in guest host and temporary GBF Lance Bass to offer a sympathetic ear. "It sounds like the big hang-up here is the initial kiss," he says, adding that perhaps it's time for Natasha to stop waiting around and make the first move. "Maybe he's the type of guy who would like that!" Cut to:

Seems like it. But as you guys know, I'm a cynic. All that matters right now is that Natasha is pleased. "Things are going in a good direction," she says. "He's just very slow." (No comment.)

Awww, look — Serena and Grocery Joe are going on a date!

Serena's a smart young woman, and this isn't her first reality TV rodeo. Hence, her next question: "If Kendall comes down, what's that gonna look like?" Joe assures her that "there's nothing romantic there anymore." Hmmm… jury's still out on that one. But he and Serena are very, very cute together, and they both seem genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship. In fact, Joe just told Serena that he hopes they can get to a place where they're "more exclusive" — and it's only their first real date! But enough with these feelings and emotions. It's time for some half-hearted lucha libre wrestling.

Meanwhile, Deandra and Chasen and Jessenia and Chris return to the beach after their double date. As Connor takes his place as "the douchebag at the campfire with the guitar," Ivan prepares to win Jessenia back by asking her to be exclusive. Before he can do that, though, Jessenia hits him with this truth bomb: "I feel so comfortable with you, but there's, like, this spark that I've been looking for and I'm not sure if it's there yet… But with Chris, like, I feel that spark." Even though Ivan checks off a lot of boxes on Jessenia's "must have in a husband" list, it doesn't mean much if there's no spark.

Hooo boy, Ivan is stunned. Did he just get Connor'd by Jessenia? "I definitely didn't expect this at all," he confesses to Noah. "As far as our romantic relationship, it's done for right now."

And things aren't looking much better for Karl. He pulls Deandra aside for a one-on-one chat, so he can make sure she knows that he missed her while she was gone and wants to do something special for her. But before he can get more than a few sentences out, up walks Chasen, looking to spend more time with Deandra.

"I need a couple minutes, bro," Karl tells him. "I need a couple minutes." Chasen walks away… for about 30 seconds. Karl brushes him off again, just long enough to give Deandra a charm bracelet that he brought with him from Miami. (Is it cute that he brought a gift just in case he met someone special? Or is it weird and a little calculating, like he thought it might make a good "TV moment" if he gave a woman a bracelet preloaded with a rose and a palm tree charm? Discuss.)

Anyhow, Deandra thanks Karl… and then walks away with Chasen.

Elsewhere on the beach, the Paradisians are sitting around the bonfire answering Riley's naughty ice-breaker questions: Craziest place you've had sex? Person here you most want to have sex with? And so on. Kenny, it should be noted, says he most wants to have sex with Mari, but she just sits there pouting about everything that went down with them during the day. Then up walks Demi with a chocolate cake, which she presents to Kenny. "I know you had to spend a very important birthday in quarantine, and I wanted to make it a little special for you," she chirps, before leading the group in a chorus of "Happy Birthday." Mari does NOT love it. "Who does she think she is?" she fumes. "It's kind of comical that she's trying so hard."

And she has help! Look what the Bachelor Interns made:

The tension is spreading. (Just ask Tahz, who's standing on the beach screaming into the roiling ocean waves.) Then Mari pulls in Demi for the inevitable confrontation. "I feel betrayed!" she says. "I'm hurt by you." She then goes on to deny that she told Demi and Kenny that she wanted to be open and see other people. "That's not what I said! I very specifically told him, 'I am about me and you. The only difference is, if someone came down and asked me on a date, I would like the opportunity to see what that's about.'" Right… and then Kenny said he would like the opportunity to do the same. In other words, you're both open to dating other people!

Demi is equally perplexed. "Dude, you literally are gonna date other people, so why can't I date him?" Mari doesn't like this at all, so she goes for the jugular: "Are you cool with being a second option? Because two minutes before you walked down, he said he wanted to f--- me. How does that sound?" Demi's response is absolutely GIF-worthy.

Things don't go any better for Mari when she goes to find Kenny. "Now you want to talk?" he sniffs. "I was around all day." In keeping with her revisionist history, Mari tries to tell Kenny that he "misunderstood" the purpose of her "I want the opportunity to date other people" message from earlier. (Apparently, she meant, "I want the opportunity to date other people while you wait for me.")

Kenny has no patience for this. "You created this!" he says. "What did you think would happen if you're gonna talk to other people?" Misunderstanding or not, the entire experience has left Kenny disheartened and unwilling to continue things with Mari. "It became too, like, toxic, and it needs to, like, go away," he says. "The healthy thing to do is just, let's be done."

At least everything is going smoothly with Tammy and Aaron, right? Right???

"Why do I deserve that?" groans Aaron. "This is the most insulting thing ever. We literally made out on that bed, and she told me how much she liked me on that same bed. Literally, it was like two days ago."

"The entire beach chose chaos," notes Noah, as we watch Demi and Kenny head into the Boom Boom Room. Aaaand scene!

The next night, everyone is prepping for the worst as they head into the rose ceremony — including God, who's summoned torrential rain to pour down upon His messy, messy children. "A storm's coming in, both literally and figuratively," says Serena with a smile. She is not wrong! As soon as the guys filter in, Kenny declares to the room (no doubt prompted by a producer) that he and Mari are over and that he's really liking where things are going with Demi. Mari, once again, does NOT love it. "What you told me last night was that we would cool off for now and then revisit," she tells Kenny. "Not that we were completely finished… so that's a surprise to me."

We interrupt this drama for an awwwww moment: Lance is back, and he says he and his husband fell in love on the beaches of Mexico. "We even came back here to spend our honeymoon," he tells the group. "I hope you all get to find love yourself." I repeat: Awwwwww!

Okay, back to the cutthroat battle for the roses!

Aaron pulls in Thomas to confront him about Tammy. "Tammy kissed me," Thomas says. "I also know that what I feel with Tammy is the reason why I'm here." Fair enough, but Aaron is still mad about being publicly humiliated by the woman he thought he was dating. Why is he venting this anger at Thomas and not Tammy? Unclear. "I spent a week building this [relationship], and now everyone's pitying me!" huffs Aaron. "I deserve some respect and communication." (LOLOLOL, all of this over a one-week "relationship"! God, I love this stupid show.)

While the men fight on the beach, Tammy watches them from the daybed. "I don't know what I'm gonna do," she frets. Yes, you do, toots. Go break it up! But just as she starts walking to the beach…

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Uh-Oh, Joe! Becca Kufrin and Kendall Long Arrive to Shake Up ‘BiP’ Couples

Us Weekly 31 August, 2021 - 09:33pm

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Ahead of the rose ceremony, Thomas Jacobs and Aaron Clancy continued their fight on the beach, with Thomas telling his foe that he was glad he made out with Tammy Ly. She then pulled aside Aaron to explain that she was trying to figure out her feelings, but he felt her behavior was “irredeemable,” so they called it quits. While Tammy decided to pursue Thomas, Aaron worried he would be eliminated.

Chasen Nick later tried to one-up Karl Smith by giving Deandra Kanu a necklace. The move seemed to work since she subsequently returned the bracelet Karl gifted her and told him to offer it to someone whom he was connecting with mutually. Karl confronted Chasen about the copycat gesture, as Deandra wondered whether Chasen was being genuine.

Amid all the drama, Tre Cooper realized that Tahzjuan Hawkins was not The One for him, so he decided to leave and let her focus on her journey. However, she believed there were no other options for her, so she departed too.

As the contestants awaited the rose ceremony, guest host Lance Bass left them with one final surprise before exiting the beach — Becca Kufrin arrived with a rose, becoming the only former lead to ever compete on the show. She hit it off with Aaron, who admitted to having a crush on her.

Deandra threw a curveball at the rose ceremony, deciding to keep Ivan Hall around because she thought he deserved to find love. Becca gave her rose to Aaron, Mari Pepin offered hers to James Bonsall and Chasen, Karl and Connor Brennan were sent home.

The next day, Tia Booth showed up with a date card. Kenny Braasch was her type and wanted to go out with her. Although Demi Burnett hoped he would turn Tia down, he didn’t, and Mari told Demi it was “payback” for the way she betrayed her with Kenny. Tia and Kenny kissed during their date after playing volleyball on a nude beach, and he said he wanted to keep getting to know her.

Meanwhile, Abigail Heringer feared that she and Noah Erb would be better off as friends because they were not as passionate as the other couples. She voiced her concerns to him, asking if they were delaying an inevitable split. Noah needed time to think and told the cameras that he planned to pull away from Abigail after being blindsided by the conversation.

Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, for their part, were in a good place before the arrival of his ex Kendall Long. Kendall wasn’t ready to completely let go of Joe and didn’t know if either of them had stopped loving each other. She confessed that she missed him and hoped he wasn’t already with someone else. Kendall immediately set her sights on Joe when she came in and pulled him aside to talk one-on-one.

Scroll through the gallery below to see where the couples stand after the fifth episode:

In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies

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'HFTRR': Jessenia Explains Pre-'BiP' Relationships With Chris and Ivan

Us Weekly 31 August, 2021 - 02:00pm

“Besides having been on the show before at one point, the only relation that we really have is Katie [Thurston]. Katie had just got back from filming The Bachelorette and she wanted to come spend some downtime in San Diego, so she invited whoever could go to go. I personally wanted to just go see Katie,” Jessenia, 28, exclusively told Us after the Monday, August 30, episode of BiP, noting she met some people “for the first time,” including costar Tammy Ly, at the May meet-up.

The Texas native added that she and Chris, 28, were “hanging out in group settings,” explaining, “We had dinner or lunch, that kind of thing, but it was never anything beyond that. I mean, the relationship didn’t go any further, besides what, like, following each other on Instagram, which everybody does. Just to set the record straight, there was absolutely no romantic relationship going on before the show even started. I had my first impression of him in San Diego and figured, you know, he seems cool.”

Katie, 30, for her part, defended Jessenia as the photos surfaced, writing via Instagram Stories, “We were all JUST FRIENDS hanging out.”

Tammy, 26, meanwhile, told Us that fans are “overreacting” to the pre-show pics.

“We all went down there after Katie filmed her season to support our friend. We all were down there as friends, flew in at different times during the week. And we just had lunch,” she told Us. “Katie had a Polaroid wanting to take pictures cause she can’t post them on Instagram at the time. So we all had these cute Polaroids of each other and that’s just what it was. We were just all taking pictures with each other.”

During Monday’s episode, Serena Pitt noted that both Chris and Ivan Hall were on Jessenia’s “list.” Prior to Chris’ arrival, she had developed a connection with the latter. However, Jessenia also denied having a pre-show relationship with Ivan.

“That was kind of, like, something that a lot of us girls would talk about randomly, especially early on once the show started filming. Like, ‘Well, who do you want to see?’” she told Us, noting that it was “still so early” despite the “impression” that the cast had been in Mexico for weeks as of Monday’s episode. “I wanted to just be open to it. I definitely felt really good about where I was at with Ivan, but regardless of whether Chris was coming or not, I was open to meeting whoever would want to take me on a date and get to know me a little bit.”

Jessenia continued: “I wanted to meet Riley, but obviously Riley and Maurissa hit it off. I also did want to meet Grocery Store Joe, but Joe and Serena P. hit it off pretty quickly.”

While she added that Ivan “checks a lot of boxes” and gave her “butterflies,” Jessenia hinted that she feels more secure with Chris.

“If there’s something that I learned recently actually, is you should always go for people who you really feel safe with,” she told Us. “You feel the most comfortable with that kind of thing. Cause that chaotic, like, butterfly feeling can really be too much. And it’s not necessarily the best foundation for a relationship.”

For more from Jessenia, Tammy and a full recap of Monday’s episode of BiP, watch the video above.

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, Episode 4: Best and worst moments

Accept this Rose 31 August, 2021 - 01:59pm

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - “702” – Knock, knock, Demi’s here! With a rose ceremony on the horizon and the men poised to hand out their stems, the ladies are feeling the pressure to find a potential match. Guest host David Spade continues to bring the funny, but even he can’t quell the tension when the one and only Demi Burnett arrives, setting her sights on one of the beach’s most popular men. Later, more couples are given their first dates, where important conversations lead to strengthened connections. Then, with a cocktail party looming, the competition heats up and a shocking rumor forces one beachgoer to face the others – and the truth – on “Bachelor in Paradise,” MONDAY, AUG. 23 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) SERENA P., JOE

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 saw some major shifts in couples, more romance advice from Lance Bass, and several cake-focused metaphors during this week’s first episode. I have to admit, I was pretty surprised by some of the coupling, most notably Tammy and Thomas–did anyone else think that came out of nowhere??

But in any case, there is quite a bit to discuss so let’s get to the best and worst moments from this week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7!

I truly felt super bad for how Connor was treated in this episode, but he demonstrated an important truth: if you look good, you feel good!

After Maurissa and Riley returned from the Boom Boom Room, Connor figured he’d prepare himself for the inevitable rejection by slipping into a very special outfit: a silk two-piece romper set that was described in the following ways:

“You woke up and chose chaos today.”

I have a mind to order this outfit for myself just in case I get my heart broken. It looks so comfortable! In any case, it’s always nice to see men’s fashion get appreciated. Well played, Connor.

Oh gosh. Natasha and Brendan finally had their first kiss after days of waiting, but unfortunately, it was… not fun to watch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more forced kiss on this show. I can’t believe I’m disagreeing with the amazing Lance Bass, but I don’t think kissing Brendan was the right move.

The chat with Lance Bass, the massage, the lead-up to the kiss…everything just felt so orchestrated. I admit I did have a true LOL at the words they exchanged right before they kissed:

Brendan: “I’m the sweatiest man in America right now.”

Hahaha. How are those words in any way a natural lead-up to a kiss? Sigh. They did their best.

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