Report: Ben Simmons return timeline fits that of unvaccinated player


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Is Ben Simmons still with the 76ers?

Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons has decided to finally end his holdout and report to the team as he returned to Philadelphia on Monday night. He took his COVID-19 test to fulfill his protocols for the NBA and now, it is a waiting game. Sixers WireSixers star Ben Simmons took physical, playing status to be determined

Ben Simmons-Doc Rivers meeting included F-bomb exchange: report

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The Sixers' relationship with Ben Simmons turned particularly icy this summer as the DPOY runner-up froze out his teammates and the organization in search of a trade.

One of the most pivotal parts of the summer saga was a reported meeting in Los Angeles between Simmons' camp and the Sixers' front office, in which Simmons said he intended to never play for the Sixers again. It was definitely a point of no return, and a meeting that sounded like it could've been contentious.

And a new report from Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer confirms those suspicions.

Fischer, an NBA insider with sources in many front offices around the league, wrote in a new story Wednesday some specific details from that L.A. meeting, including a spicy moment from Sixers head coach Doc Rivers:

He's not wrong: everything the Sixers are doing right now is being enforced through the wording of his contract, and if Simmons or his representation were surprised by his Oct. 1 money heading into escrow or the fines stacking up for not reporting, that means they weren't doing their jobs.

There's also a larger logic at work: You don't show up to work, you don't get paid. Pretty simple.

Apparently the contentious moment between Rivers and Simmons is emblematic of a relationship that never really developed last season during the coach's first year in Philadelphia.

Fischer reports that sources told him the two never gelled:

This is at least a little interesting, considering Rivers repeatedly defended Simmons last season as the All-Star's iffy offensive game was questioned by reporters. It seemed Rivers was perfectly fine with the way Simmons was playing, at least publicly.

But Rivers is also a no-nonsense guy, and Simmons can carry a fair amount of nonsense with him.

In any case, Simmons is back in Philadelphia and seems inexplicably ticketed for a reunion with the team, potentially practicing and maybe even playing actual basketball games for the organization he was so excited to leave. We'll see what kinds of interactions that births over the next days and weeks.

Simmons' agent and the 76ers have reportedly held discussions about Simmons ending his holdout.

The Brooklyn Nets guard was suspended by the team for vaccine refusal that would limit him to less than half of the games.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) The 76ers and representation for disgruntled All-Star Ben Simmons have neared a resolution of the guard's holdout that could potentially see him rejoin the team this week. The first step was in motion Monday night: Simmons was in Philadelphia and coach Doc Rivers did not rule out the possibility of a return to practice at some point this week. ''Clearly that's what we want, or we wouldn't be talking if that wasn't part of it,'' Rivers said.

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