Respawn confirms fix for no teammates in Apex Legends is coming in 9.1 update


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When is the apex collection event?

The Genesis Collection Event kicks off June 29, 2021 and runs until July 13th, 2021. ea.comGenesis Collection Event and Quality of Life Updates

After weeks of waiting, Respawn have finally confirmed that the next Apex Legends Collection Event will be known as Genesis, bring back Kings Canyon, and Revenant will get an heirloom.

On top of the retuning map and new cosmetics, there will also be changes to the current crop of legends.

Players have already made their feelings known about the Wattson ‘buff’ that has been lined up, calling it a “troll” and an “insult” to Wattson mains. Horizon mains also wanted changes, but the Scottish astrophysicist was absent from the list of buffs and nerfs.

While he didn’t say exactly what they’ve got planned, Respawn’s Josh Medina did confirm that they’re cooking up some changes for Horizon.

“She got stuff in the oven,” he said, replying to SoaR Gaming’s Andre ‘Draynilla’ Jospeh, attaching a timer clock emoji as well.

She got stuff in the oven ⏲

— Josh Medina (@lowkeydbjosh) June 24, 2021

There’s no telling exactly when these changes may drop into the battle royale, perhaps at the start of next season, seeing as they may have missed the cut for the Collection Event.

Respawn have already said that they’ve got “good” changes coming for Rampart in Season 10, but they’ll come during a mid-season update, rather than at the very start. Maybe Horizon is on a similar path as Rampart, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Best Apex Legends Genesis event landing spots: Kings Canyon & World’s Edge

Dexerto 27 June, 2021 - 11:24am

It’s not a place teams typically land, but when they do the abundance of weapons on offer at this location usually means you’ll have a decent chance of taking them out.

Starting out at Airbase also gives you and your team easy rotation options to other nearby points of interest like Runoff and Skull Town.

Players can grab weapons and gear up here before using the relaunch balloon on the outskirts of the compound to fly to Wetlands, Swamps, or even the Hydro Dam and join the fight.

A general rule of thumb for KC is that: the closer to the center of the map you get, the busier the landing zones will be. If you want to avoid a firefight right away, areas like Hydro Dam, Bunker, and Cascades are not your friends, as they’ll probably have a good number of players rushing there to try and get the best loot.

It’s a relatively small POI but comes packed with 25 Supply Bins, on top of a decent amount of floor loot, so your entire team can quickly fill out your inventories with everything that you need.

The only drawback, if you could even call it that, is that it can be far away from some initial rings that start at the lower left quadrant of the map. But even then, it’s inland enough where traveling from Refinery to another area shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

It’s not too big, but still has 26 Supply Bins, a good amount of floor loot, and relatively high-tier gear, making it ideal for stacking your inventory quickly and early.

Finally, the Train Yard is adjacent to other good locations. If the first ring placement allows it, you can travel to Lava Fissure, which also has good loot, and then all the way up to the secret Sniper’s Ridge, where you can shoot down on unsuspecting enemy teams in Skyhook.

There is potential for one or two pieces of high-tier loot to appear here, but the real appeal is how quiet it is, and how close it is to the very popular Sorting Factory POI, making it a great starting point for rotations.

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