REVIEW: ‘Fear Street Part 2: 1978’ Is Awesome


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Where is Fear Street filmed?

In March 2019, filming began in Atlanta and East Point, Georgia. Several vacant storefronts in the North DeKalb Mall in Georgia were renovated so that they could be used for filming. wikipedia.orgFear Street Part One: 1994

How many Fear Street books are there?

Fear Street Saga Book Series (17 Books) amazon.comFear Street Saga Book Series

Fear Street Part 2: 1978 Review

IGN India 10 July, 2021 - 05:03pm

Where the first film rejected stereotypes, Fear Street Part 2: 1978 embraces them: the misfit, the virgin, the hot jock, the reckless teens whose love of sex and drugs will prove tawdry set-ups for slaughter. Thus, this sequel feels more homage and less groundbreaking than its sensational predecessor. But it’s easy to understand why such familiar figures were chosen. The screenplay by Zak Olkewicz and trilogy director Leigh Janiak uses the shorthand of stock characters to swiftly set up the world of Camp Nightwing, whereas in ’94—the rivalry between Shadyside and Sunnyvale results in class tensions that erupt into violent confrontations. And that’s before an ax-wielding slasher starts hacking up campers and counselors alike!

With a hard-R rating, Janiak spills not only blood but also sex scenes and four-letter words that bring a period-appropriate edge to her horror. However, she pulls her punches (or ax blows) when it comes to the kids killed. Campers are murdered off-camera, but the counselors are fair game for becoming grisly spectacles. Unfortunately, these slaughter scenes carry less emotional weight than those from Fear Street Part 1: 1994, because many of the characters axed felt thinly sketched from the start. Their deaths are horrid. But even as their heads are severed from their shoulders, you might be struggling to remember their names. A heart-wrenching kill that does not make.

Life feels cheaper in this sequel, which is strange considering its plotlines are all about loyalty in the face of death. While warring sisters Ziggy and Cindy drive each other nuts, they are resolute in braving dark woods and mysterious caves to rescue each other from the merciless murderer. Ziggy’s path steers her into the arms of Nick, while Cindy’s sticks her with angry former-bestie Alice (a charmingly snarky Ryan Simpkins). Within this, the former find dizzying—though ill-timed—romance, while the latter confronts a friend betrayed. Through the Bermans’ stories, Janiak continues themes of teen love, scapegoating drugs, female bonding, and the toxic tensions between Shadyside and Sunnyvale. However, being a bridge between Parts 1 and 3, Part 2 stretches too thin to reach all its goals.

Befitting C. Berman’s role as mangled mentor to the trilogy’s heroine, much lore is dropped in this second chapter. However, all these exposition dumps leave the relationship arcs feeling cramped. Thus, the teen romance between Ziggy and Nick doesn’t hit as effectively as Deena and Sam’s did, deadening the impact of what should be big moments. Blame might also be laid on Sink and Sutherland, who don’t share much in the way of chemistry. Still, Sink is as compelling a leading lady as Rudd, both boasting an undeniable charisma that has you rooting for them from their first scream. Still, this film is most alive when trusting in these two to be fighters, not lovers. Their eyes aflame with purpose and fury, they are thrilling to follow, even when the path gets rocky.

Here's How the Twisty Ending in Fear Street: 1978 Will Lead Us to the Trilogy's Final Film

POPSUGAR 09 July, 2021 - 11:33pm

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Fear Street Part 2: 1978 officially picks up where Fear Street Part 1: 1994 ends — or, rather, it brings us back 16 years prior. The second installation of the Fear Street trilogy starts with Deena and Josh lugging a possessed Sam to C. Berman's house to demand answers about the 300-year-old curse that's wreaking havoc over the town of Shadyside. While initially reluctant to help the kids, C. Berman eventually tells the story of how she survived the bloody massacre at Camp Nightwing in 1978. So how does Fear Street Part 2: 1978 end and pave the way for Fear Street Part 3: 1666? Let's break down the key events in the second movie.

Most of the film takes place in 1978 when Ziggy Berman and her sister Cindy attend Camp Nightwing. (At the beginning, it might seem safe to assume that the "C" in C. Berman stands for Cindy, but we'll talk more about that later.) We learn early on who the camp killer is — it's Tommy Slater, Cindy's boyfriend. While lurking around the campgrounds at night, Cindy, Tommy, Alice, and Alice's boyfriend, Arnie, end up trapped at the home of Sarah Fier, the witch at the center of the Shadyside curse. Possessed by Sarah, Tommy goes on an ax-wielding murder spree, claiming Arnie as his first victim. He then heads up to the main camp, where Ziggy and the other campers are.

Cindy eventually escapes the witch's house through Mess Hall, where she finds Ziggy hiding from Tommy. Cindy kills Tommy in the nick of time — or so she thinks. Soon after, Alice also makes her way back up to the camp with the witch's hand, which, when reunited with its body, is supposed to end the Shadyside curse. Ziggy, however, accidentally bleeds on the hand. This effectively causes Tommy and the other Shadyside Killers possessed by the witch to rise back to life and hunt her down.

Tommy kills Alice before she can get revenge for Arnie. After her death, the Bermans try to dig up Sarah Fier's body at the Hanging Tree, but they instead find a stone that reads, "The witch forever lives." Not long after, the resurrected Shadyside Killers seemingly murder the sisters. Ziggy, however, miraculously makes it out alive after a young Nick Goode — who, in 1994, is the sheriff of Shadyside — performs CPR on her.

It's at this point that we learn that the sole survivor of the massacre isn't Cindy. Nick tells a paramedic that Ziggy's real name is Christine, or C. Berman. (Told you we'd get back to that.) After the events of that night, Ziggy keeps a low profile, as she lives in constant fear of the witch.

After hearing Ziggy's story, Deena realizes that she and her friends found the witch's body out in the woods between Sunnyvale and Shadyside. Deena and Josh head to the mall (formerly the camp) to dig up the hand beneath the Hanging Tree. Deena's nose begins to bleed as she puts the hand next to the bones out in the woods. Immediately, she experiences a vision where she's inside of Sarah Fier's body in 1666. It doesn't seem like the curse is broken yet, so we'll have to tune in to Fear Street Part 3: 1666 to see how everything unfolds in this slasher trilogy!

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Fear Street Part 2: Who Is C Berman & What's Her Link to the 1978 Massacre?

CBR - Comic Book Resources 09 July, 2021 - 09:45pm

Fear Street Part 1: 1994 focuses on the attempts of Deena trying to save her girlfriend, brother and friends from the Shadyside Killers, yet she is barely successful, with her friends -- Simon and Kate -- dying and girlfriend, Sam, becoming possessed. Fear Street Part 2: 1978 looks to the past to provide Deena and her brother, Josh, clues into how to save Sam and end the curse once and for all. At the center of their investigation is C. Berman, the only other person to survive seeing the witch, and her experiences at Camp Nightwing possibly are the key to unraveling the entire mystery of Sarah Fier's curse.

The beginning of Fear Street Part 2: 1978 shows that C. Berman lives in a house filled with clocks, which remind her to do basic tasks, like eat, check the locks and feed her dog. When she does not respond when Deena and Josh arrive, they break into her house to try to get her to reveal more information to end the curse, and C. Berman reluctantly agrees to tell them about the 1978 massacre.

In Part 2, viewers learn that C. Berman actually is Christine "Ziggy" Berman, a Shadyside camper at Camp Nightwing and the younger sister of Cindy Berman, one of the camp's counselors. Since Ziggy's real first name is not revealed until the end, her sister serves as a red herring for C. Berman's identity. Fear Street Part 2: 1978 focuses on C. Berman's recollection of the massacre she survived, revealing who she is and how she is connected to the Shadyside curse.

Ziggy is also the last person to see Nurse Mary Lane before she tries to kill Tommy Slater, Cindy' boyfriend and the curse's next killer. Ziggy tries to tell Cindy about how upset Mary is and the curse, but Cindy is unwilling to listen until after the massacre begins. At first, Ziggy is unaware of the massacre, focusing on revenge and her own budding romance with Nick Goode; however, during Ziggy and Nick's first kiss, they hear Tommy's killing spree, and he eventually sets his sights on Ziggy, yet Cindy kills him, giving them some time to reconcile before he returns from the dead.

With Cindy and Alice learning more about the curse before reuniting with Ziggy, they think they know how to end the curse by returning the witch's severed hand to the rest of her buried remains. However, Ziggy gets a nosebleed, and her blood gets on the hand, giving her vision of Sarah Fier, similar to Sam's visions in the first film. The curse then resurrects the Shadyside Killers, including Tommy, and he kills Alice before pursuing the sisters, who run to the hanging tree. Sadly, Sarah Fier's body is not there, and with nowhere to go, the killers murder both sisters, but Nick resuscitates Ziggy, which is how C. Berman survives the massacre.

While C. Berman feels hopeless, she provides Deena and Josh the information they need to potentially end the curse. Since they found Sarah Fier's remains in the first film, they need to retrieve the hand from the hanging tree, which is now at the center of the Shadyside Mall. When Deena reunites the hand with the body, she seemingly enters into a flashback where she will see the events of 1666 through Sarah Fier's eyes, effectively setting up the trilogy's final film, and this is all thanks to C. Berman.

Netflix, Killer of Video Stores, Opens ‘Fear Street’ Video Rentals Pop-Up Experience

Collider 09 July, 2021 - 06:26pm

The store is described as “an immersive experience that takes you back in time and brings to life the horrors of Shadyside" by Netflix in a statement. Entering through the ultra-90’s storefront similar to the shops seen in Part One: 1994, guests might stumble upon a not-so-secret passageway that takes them even further back in time. On display are recreations of Camp Nightwing from Part Two: 1978 and a creepy church debuting in Part Three: 1666. Fear Street Rentals is a free, first-come-first-serve experience located in Melrose, Hollywood. Due to limited space for cars, guests are encouraged to use rideshare services or parking in non-residential surrounding areas.

It should come as no surprise that Netflix is pulling out all the stops when promoting Fear Street. Collider’s own Vinnie Mancuso and Carly Lane have praised 1994 and 1978 for their vicious kills, natural nostalgia, and surprisingly thoughtful story. Mancuso called the first entry “a razor-sharp, modern, and unapologetically queer” slasher, while Lane noted that its follow-up revisits “familiar tropes in ways that pay homage to the subgenre” in an effective way. With 1666 closing out the story next week, it’s safe to say that we are excited to see how the story of the Shadyside curse concludes.

The Fear Street Rentals exhibit runs from July 9th to 18th, operating from 5 to 11 PM every day except Sundays. Fear Street Part One: 1994 and Part Two: 1978 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

Netflix: The Best New TV Shows & Movies This Weekend (July 9)

Screen Rant 09 July, 2021 - 08:17am

As for original content, Netflix will bring an anime TV series based on a popular horror video game, the final season of a TV series about autism, season 2 of a German sci-fi TV show, and the second entry in the Fear Street movie trilogy. Here are the best movies and TV shows coming to Netflix this weekend - July 9.

Fear Street Part 2

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