Richard Branson gives inside tour of Virgin Galactic's Unity spacecraft


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Is Richard Branson going to space?

Billionaire Richard Branson will be flying to the edge of space on July 11 on board the 'Unity' rocket ship his company, Virgin Galactic, has been developing for around 20 years. Moneycontrol.comRichard Branson, Virgin Galactic prepare for July 11 spaceflight: What we know about the mission

Who is sirisha bandla?

Sirisha Bandla who is part of six space travellers aboard 'VSS Unity' of Virgin Galactic will become the second India-born woman to fly into space after Kalpana Chawla. According to a report by the news agency, ANI Sirisha Bandla was born in Andhra Pradesh's Guntur district was brought up in Houston. LivemintSirisha Bandla: India-born woman who is part of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flight

The high stakes of Branson and Bezos' race to space

Axios 06 July, 2021 - 02:00pm

When Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson take flight aboard the rockets their companies built, the hopes and dreams of a burgeoning industry will be flying with them as well.

Why it matters: Accidents or errors on these high-profile flights from Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin could derail their plans — and possibly affect others' plans — for commercial space tourism and travel.

Driving the news: Last week, Virgin Galactic announced that it would push to fly Branson and others on a fully crewed test flight on July 11, just ahead of Blue Origin's first flight with Bezos, scheduled for July 20.

The big picture: Launching and building satellites is a big moneymaker in the space industry, but suborbital space tourism is seen as a means of getting more people interested in the space industry in the long term.

Flashback: An accident during a Virgin Galactic test flight in 2014 left one pilot dead.

Yes, but: The company did continue on, and public support for it has been steady.

What to watch: A major failure or problem could also put pressure on Congress to start pushing for more regulation of private human spaceflight, which some argue could stifle the space travel industry just as it is beginning.

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More than 90% of the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan has been completed, U.S. Central Command estimated in an update published Tuesday.

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Richard Branson gives TODAY exclusive look at Virgin spaceship 06 July, 2021 - 02:00pm

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The 70-year-old founder of Virgin Galactic showed off the company's VSS Unity spacecraft to Tom Costello on TODAY from its spaceport in the remote desert town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Branson announced last week that the ship will fly on July 11, which came after Bezos had announced that he would fly to space on July 20 in a ship produced by his own space company, Blue Origin. Branson insisted that he is not in competition with the Amazon founder despite beating him into space by nine days.

"I know nobody will believe me when I say it, but honestly, there isn't," he told Costello.

He added that he thinks there is room for multiple space tourism companies as he showed off the Unity spacecraft that is scheduled to blast off on Sunday.

Branson will be joined by Virgin Galactic chief astronaut instructor Beth Moses, lead operations engineer Colin Bennett, government affairs vice president Sirisha Bandla and pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci on the mission.

"And you know, at that moment, we will have become astronauts," he said. "I will pinch myself. And pinch myself again and again. I can't wait."

Virgin Galactic, which was formed in 2004 to create a space tourism business, is now targeting early next year to begin commercially flying civilians 50 miles high to the edge of space to experience weightlessness and get the view of a lifetime.

The company has already gotten approval by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly passengers on future commercial flights to suborbital space.

More than 700 people have signed up, including Tom Hanks, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga, paying $250,000 each for a trip to space, Costello reported.

"It's going to be a ride," Branson said.

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How Astroscale is working to remove debris from space

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UBS analyst Myles Walton downgraded stock in Virgin Galactic to Hold from Buy, even while increasing his price target on shares to $45 from $36. Shares are up more than 8%.

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