Richard Branson says critics are 'not fully educated' on benefits of space travel


Fox News 14 July, 2021 - 02:10pm 22 views

When is Richard Branson space flight?

July 11, 2021: Richard Branson space flight news. CNNRichard Branson goes to space: Live updates

Did Branson go to space?

Richard Branson's historic flight into space was worth $841 million for Virgin Galactic. ... The 70-year-old billionaire and five employees completed a long-awaited test flight to space on Sunday, reaching an altitude of more than 50 miles during the hour-long journey. FortuneRichard Branson’s historic flight into space was worth $841 million for Virgin Galactic

Where is Virgin Galactic?

Located on 27 square miles of desert landscape in New Mexico, Spaceport America is Virgin Galactic's human spaceflight headquarters and center of flight operations. virgingalactic.comSpaceport America

Richard Branson Didn’t Ride A Bike Before He Didn’t Go To Space

Jalopnik 14 July, 2021 - 11:11am

Did you catch how that clip started? The host, Veronica McGowan with the cool VSS Unity spaceplane earrings and who is a structural design engineer for Virgin Galactic just comes out and says

“Let’s take a look at how they arrived to Spaceport America.”

The only problem is that’s not really what happened.

No, the reality is the bike footage was shot almost a week before the flight, because of course it was, as there’s no way anyone involved is going to let a 70-year-old-man, no matter how leathery and healthy he is, ride a bicycle to the launch of a spaceplane everyone there has so much riding on.

An anonymous Virgin Galactic official confirmed this to Reuters via text message:

“The footage of Sir Richard Branson shown during the event Sunday was prerecorded and misidentified in the broadcast. We regret the error and any confusion it may have caused.”

Misidentified? Motherfuckers, please. You “regret the error and any confusion?” Oh, come on. You all knew exactly what you were doing, and wanted people to think that the dude everyone calls “Sir Richard” or, more creepily “Our Founder,” is such a supple bag of dripping manstuff that of course he biked to his space launch, but only because there wasn’t a convenient bronco around for him to break and then ride to the spaceport.

From the “open sesame” to the weird James Bond-ish commentary with the “license to thrill” part. They keep at it, with the host then saying “what a way to start on your journey, first on a bike, then on a spaceship...” I mean come on, we get it, Richard can achieve and maintain powerful, functional erections. Got it. Making a note.

What’s so bonkers about all of this is the fact they felt they needed to do the bike bit at all. It’s not enough to be going up in a great-looking, highly advanced spaceplane and tickling the scrotum of the cosmos?

I know Branson has received his fair share of criticism about the flight and the whole silly competition with Jeff Bezos, who will be going on his own parabolic sub-orbital flight soon, but I’m actually very pro-human spaceflight, even for such ego-fellating tourism flights like these.

That said, the fake bike thing is still idiotic and actually harms the whole project. In a world where it’s already so hard to trust what one sees online, and for a population where there are still alarming numbers of morons who don’t think the NASA moon landings were real, why conflate fiction in a narrative like this, which could cause all of the real work to be needlessly questioned?

It’s positively insane we live in an era where there’s a video about a man riding a bike to go on a flight of a rocket-powered spaceplane, and it’s the fucking bike ride that was the fake part.

Man, billionaires. Why are they all such insecure dipshits?

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